Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Chapter 40 – Orc Disaster
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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Author :Fuse
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Chapter 40 – Orc Disaster

Orc Disaster

The Chief of the Lizardmen had desperately tried to hold back the incoming attack from the orc soldiers.
He divided the troops and sends them forth to the 4 passageway, they will be supporting each other.
Since the passageway was not really that large, and the fact that only a few can fight, it was a relief.
If you considered the strength of the individuals, the small forces of Lizardmen had higher strength compared the Orc soldiers.
At the end of the chamber are the evacuated women and children, and those who can fight are protecting them in the front lines.
They were there in case that someone managed to break through from the passage.
The Chief observed the war situation and realized that they could not survive more than a day.
While he kept switching the troops to let them recover their fatigue, they are still managing to fight decently, even so, between the gap of switching the two teams, they were pushed back little by little.
Their current forces was less than 1,200.
Even without regrouping, he can see that there were some of the troops that died in battle.
Also, another nightmare struck the Chief. The Orc soldiers began to be shrouded in yellow aura.
What is this?
Was what he thought, but the answer was given immediately. The combat ability of the individual orc was increasing.
While they did not drastically grow stronger, they now posed the ability to win against a Lizardmen.
Until now, the individual ability of Lizardmen was able to hold them off, but now that advantage was lost.

This is it...The only fate remaining for them is a honorable death.
The Chief prepared his resolution.
Escaping would be useless, struggling any longer would be useless.
Even so.....

[ Listen!!! Women and children shall retreat from this place! Guards, Gather!
You guys shall escorts the women and children, keep protecting them to the very end, even if it’s just 1 more person! I will not tolerate anyone who gave up! To obtain the new world (Alt: or to see the future), as many people as possible are needed to survive!!! ]

With all of the dignity he had, he spoke in a loud voice.

[Chief, are you going to do it?]

The Vice captain of the Guards come asking.

[ I know! I won’t let the Orc do as they pleased!
I will show them the strength of Lizardmen !!! ]

Never show your weaknesses.
For him, it was the symbol of strength for the Lizardmens which bring him hope.

[Warriors! Prepare yourself to fight to the death against the Orc! Do not let a single one of them pass!
We will buy the woman and children the time they needed to escape!!! ]

And so, the warriors group becomes inspired.
There was no despair in the Lizardmen faces. Even if the opponent was stronger, if it possible for the women and children to escape, it’s their victory.
Their future will not cease.
After this, it would be a difficult time for them, but that doesn’t mean the end of their species.

[ [ [U~o o ooooo ! ! ! ] ] ]

They raise their voice to dispel their fear.
The cave interior was filled with the Lizardmen war cry and it reverberate with thunderous vibration.
Satisfied with the situation, a voice heard from the place where the women and children tried to escape.

[ That’s going to be troubling. Chief-dono, the promise was still not fulfilled yet. Weren’t you supposed to wait here?]

Quietly, there stood a man which nobody unawares of.
With darkish skin, bluish black hair. Blue eyes, a demon with height 190 cm.
Once, he and the demon had met, which he identified himself as Souei.
Have they arrived? No, the alliance was not formed yet. But....

[ Souei-dono... Have they arrived? But, we did not follow your advice, we have been disrespectful…]
[ Advice...? What you talking about? Such thing does not matter at all. All of you please stay in this place. The promise is tomorrow. Tomorrow, My Lord wish to come here personally.]

The promise for alliance, he doesn’t know if it can protect them. But...

[However, we cannot stay here, the Orcs are here!]

Hearing the words, Souei glanced at the passages with the noisy Orc soldiers.
He look at them as if he was looking at trash.

[Those guys noisy stomach certainly can’t calm down.... Very well. I suppose I have to clean them up first. Please wait here for a moment.]

After he said that, he started to calmly walk towards them.
Is it illusion? It’s looks as if Souei body start blurring and overlapping.....No! It has divided into four clones.
Each of them went into the passage, they reached the place where the Lizardmen were devoting themselves to defense.


Saying that word.
The 4 clones in each passage were facing the Orc soldiers.
Then the Lizardmen that were there saw the incredible spectacle.
The orcs, who have tormenting us as if hungry ghosts from hell, could not break through Souei’s stoic defense.
At each passage stand a single person.

[Misaitoayazanjin! (Beheading Formation of Restraining String!) ]
It was a slaughter dance of glittering string.
Steel thread spreading around the passage instantly, and it move freely according to Souei‘s command.
As soon as he executes the technique in the passage, the Orc soldier’s body was cut down.
For those who come to invade, they think it will be a massacre without any resistance.
It was unfortunate for those Orc soldiers. At each and every passage, every one of them got killed by the skill that Souei’s clones used.
Without their sense of self, only following simple order, therefore they cannot feel fear.
One by one, they march forward as if to let themselves be trapped in the stretched spider thread. However, this thread is terrible trap that instantly reap life itself.
They happily devoured the corpse that has been chopped to pieces, continuing their advance, and get killed.
The scene repeated endlessly, the Lizardman can’t let out any sounds.
The battlefield with structure like labyrinth is a stage for Souei.
The spread sharp trap had many varieties; he can change it according to the situation. This time, Souei focused his interest in elimination of the Orc soldiers.
He didn’t show any mercy, he carry out the slaughter without even batting an eyelids.
The Lizarmen didn’t let any sound in astonishment.
After witnessing the strength from a different dimension. It’s become the embodiment of fear.
Overwhelming and surpassing them all, it was the figure of the strong.

The situation has changed; 2 hours has passed since then.
Until now, the Orc soldiers that had come to invade were easily killed and they suddenly begun to withdraw.
Has something occurred that it changed the war situation?
Souei intuitively think.
The amount of clones that he can use at the same time is 6. Because the first two clones went out, only four clones left to protect the chamber.
The main body was lurking in the shadow while controlling the clones.
Everything is all right now. He decides to entrust the rest to his clones.
Souei’s main body begun to move without anyone noticing.
He returned back to his Lord’s side, Rimuru.


The Demon Lord Orc Disaster had identifies himself as a Demon Lord. Moreover, the name was someone else’s. Or in this case, it would be correct if I say that hestole it?
The Demon Lord Orc Disaster fulfilled Gelmudo’s ambition to become a Demon Lord, but it just that.
The one who really desire to become Demon Lord was Gelmudo.
The Orc Lord without self-awareness wasloyal to him. Of course, I was not aware of such thing, it don’t have any relation with them.
Self-awareness begun to appear, his eyes become intelligent.
Declaring himself the Demon Lord, as the Demon Lord Orc Disaster Gelmudo, he has evolved with strength beyond comparison of an Orc Lord.

Behind me, Benimaru was in a battle stance.
He probably recognized the Demon Lord Orc Disaster Gelmudo as a threat.
The smile he showed up until now had disappeared, it has become a serious expression.
[Rimuru-sama! I will handle it!]

So he says, he used the Black Flame Prison (Hellflare).
I receive the signal by telepathy; I proceed to fly into the sky. It’s good to have the wings.
The Demon Lord Orc Disaster Gelmudo is in the center of the formed black sphere (dome). Inside it raged a high temperature storm that burn the Demon Lord. However....
After about ten seconds, the Demon Lord Orc Disaster calmly stands in the location of the disappeared sphere (Dome).
It’s not that it doesn’t effective. He doesn’t seem to have any heat resistance ability, his skin is completely burnt.
But it’s not a mortal wound, because he clad himself in his aura, it seems to had similar effect with Heat resistance (resist).
Moreover, the burnt skins are starting to regenerate.It’s the same as Gelmudo, he also had regeneration ability.
The magical energy is now overwhelmingly different from just. Heis now a self-proclaimed Demon Lord.
Rather, “Voice of the World” said it before; this guy had the “Demon Lord Quality”. He evolved, and truly become a Demon Lord.
This guy must be killed now, or he will become a real disaster. I’m convinced so.
Benimaru is frowning, because it managed to withstand his deadly attack.
Indeed, Black Flame Prison (Hellflare) is powerful. However, it is an AoE skill that weak if used against an individual.
The energy is scattered and not focused. To use it against an individual, more of the energy has to be focused.
If done that way, the resistance and the regeneration will not able to cope and he will be completely burned.

The one who attack next after Benimaru was Ranga.
He use the [Black Lighting] just like I suggest him to and converge it to a single point before shooting it.
Receiving a direct hit, the Demon Lord Orc Disaster Gelmudo body stiffened.
The aim is good; I will use it that way from now on.
The area of attack was adjusted for individual target, the optimum blow.
The black charred Demon Lord Orc Disaster, collapse in the place where he stands.
Of course that happens. Even I could not bear such attack.
Rather than one on one it’s a fight against many opponent, moreover defeatedby a surprise attack, please do not think badly of me.
Perhaps, any of the Oni would not win in one on one.
But, with this the war would finally end....... at the very moment I think that,

[Fuha~a! So this is pain! I even sawa glimpse of death!
But, it not enough to make the great me perish!!!]

Even though he is carbonized and seemed dead, the Demon Lord Orc Disaster rises up.
If you look at him, he pulls and torn his arm and eats it.
The Demon Lord Orc Disaster then ran to the Orc soldiers. He casually kills the Orc soldiers and eats them.
What a guy! Each time he eat, his carbonized skin peel off and a brand new skin appear.
Also, the arm that he torn off has regrown
Really, what a tremendous regeneration ability.

[Are you kidding me...]

Ranga murmured involuntary.
It goes beyond aridiculous monster, its way beyond reality.
It seems Ranga’s energy was empty after using that attack. He sat down and stops moving.
I wonder if he is entering the low activity state.
It can’t be helped. Energy consumption of [Black Lighting] was enormous.
With this, he will not able to use it any more.

A single flash.
Unnoticed, Shion swung her Ōdachi, she did a single slash.
The slash that she had put all her strength into. The Demon Lord Orc Disaster stops the slash with the Butcher knife “Meat Crusher” in his hand.
The slash didn’t connect. He takes some damage from the blow. But it’s not serious.

[This filthy pig is a Demon Lord? Stop being so conceited!]

She shout, and once again she clad her Ōdachi with her aura, she raise her sword over her head and then swings it down.
The Demon Lord Orc Disaster stood to his feet while staggering, this time he hold the Butcher knife “Meat Crusher” with both hands. The sword and the knife clash, resulting in fierce sparks.
The Demon Lord Orc Disaster won the pushing contest. His physical strength surpassed even Shion's, the one who has ridiculous strength and [Herculean Strength].
It seems his physical abilities is strengthened to an overwhelming level...., I heave a sigh at that.
Shion was sent flying, The Demon Lord Orc Disaster try to finished Shion off.
Perceiving the danger, Shion covered her body with her aura.
But it seems she receive considerable damage from that attack.
Her face filled with frustration, it seem it will take some time until she is able to move again.

Without noise, standing behind the Demon Lord Orc Disaster is a person, a samurai in his prime.
Even I, observing from the sky can recognize the speed of the slash, it will hit.
It can’t be stopped, it’s also impossible to avoid it. The sword slashes through the body of Demon Lord Orc Disaster, cutting him into 2 separate pieces, the head fall.
With this he should be dead. So I thought.
The separated body parts connected by a yellow aura that coiling into them like a tentacles
Then it bend down, picking up the head that fell down, and fixed the head back to the original location.
It looks like a sight from a horror movie, everyone lost their words.
Hakurou also opened his eyes in surprise.
I’m convinced now.
The Demon Lord Orc Disaster most formidable ability is his tremendous regeneration ability.
Up until now, it doesn’t have variety of resistance. However the problem is his recovery power. Also, added with his resistance, it would be impossible to kill him.
However, if we burn him together with Flame and [Black Lighting], it’s possible to surpass his defense and restoration ability.
But now it’s impossible......

Benimaru and Ranga have run out of Magic power. Shion is injured, right now Hakurou is exchanging blade against him one on one.
Hakurou’s attack did not hit its target, the Demon Lord Orc Disaster’s attack also doesn’t hit.
As expected from a master. However, how long will it continue, the situation is gradually getting worse.

At that time,

[ Beheading Formation of Restraining String! ]

At the same time as the voice heard, the Demon Lord Orc Disaster is captured by the “Sticky Steel Thread”.
It was Souei‘s doing. Quietly, lurking in Hakurou’s shadow, he is waiting for the right timing.
I see! I was impressed.
Like this, even if you have high regeneration ability it would be useless.
Hero always comes late. As expected of Souei.
The moment I feel relived, I sense something out place.
His yellow aura is coiling around the “Sticky Steel Thread”.

[Chaos Eater]

The Demon Lord Orc Disaster uses his skill. It is more heinous than when he uses it at the Orc General.
It corrodes every thing it touches.
That yellow aura thingies must be the essence of the Demon Lord Orc Disaster skill.
In fact, that skill is one of the ability of the Unique skill [Starving Ones].
Its effect is corroding and decomposing every material he come in contact with.
When the resistance failed to resist the corrosion, death will visit the living creature.
The Demon Lord Orc Disaster begin his pursuit.

[Die! Gaki no kōshinenbu!!! (Death March Dance)

It was the skill that Gelmudo used. But, the power level is different.
Sensing it, Hakurou and Souei retreat.
Benimaru’s black flame prison (Hell Flare), nothing remains on its surrounding. Although it power is not absolute, it didn’t give damage to the person touching it, instead it will give them corrosion effect.
Quality, power, range. If all of it combined it will become a certain kill attack. Fortunately the speed is slow.
If they receive it normally, the Oni will not stay unharmed.
[Fuhah~a! Good! Entertain me more! It’s a good exercise before the meal.
You guys must be very delicious. Fuhahaha! You all will become food for me. You guys happy?]

My subordinate, the main force of five people even if they work together, they are still unable to win.
This is...

I’m no longer able to stop my body tremble.
This trembling is, a trembling that comes from my instinct.
This bad. I can’t stop trembling

Was it, fear?

No, it’s different

This was...

Joy. Yes. I was feeling joyful!

I, from the bottom of my body, can no longer stop my instinct from going crazy and making noises from joy
My subordinate, the main force of five people fighting together were not able to win against this opponent.
Yet, in my mind there was no fear.
The feeling of depression that appear on the beginning, at this point it has all been blown away
That’s right, I recognize this guy as an enemy.
Sorry for thinking of you as troublesome.
I stop flying and descend to the ground.
When I come closer, the yellow aura, Chaos Eater rushed towards me.
I feel it coiling around me and stick to my body. This is unpleasant.
I see, so he trying to eat me?
Nice, if you think you can do it, then do it!
Feeling highly excited from my instinct, smile began to float on my face.
Before you eat me, I will eat you first!

And thus the time comes for the clash between me and the Demon Lord Orc Disaster Gelmudo.
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