Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Chapter 42 – The Great Jura Forest Coalition
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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Author :Fuse
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Chapter 42 – The Great Jura Forest Coalition

Translator’s Corner (Cast an English Clown and Police Officer)

*Knocking on the door*

Clown: One second! Let me finish the balloon animal!

*Opens the door*

Police: Good Evening, would Kanzaki Yuuko be available?

Clown: Who? I am sorry, I know no one by that name.

Police: Hmm? According to our records she should be living at this address… who might you be?

Clown: I am a clown!

Police: … And what are you doing here?

Clown: I live here!

Police: *Sigh* If you happen to remember or meet Kanzaki-san, could you please call me at this number?

Clown: Oh! A business card! So is being a police officer your business?

Police: It’s my job…

Clown: Don’t worry, officer! Leave it to me. By the way, would you like to hear a joke?

Police: Umm… sure?

Clown: What do you call a clairvoyant midget who escaped from prison?

Police: What?

Clown: A small medium at large!

Police: Hah… that’s pretty good.

Clown: By the way, if you don’t mind me asking, why are you looking for Kaizaki-san?

Police: It’s Kanzaki… there have been a few unexplained incidents at a hospital she worked at, and we need to bring her in for questioning.



Forest Disturbance Arc

Chapter 42 – The Great Jura Forest Coalition

The war ended.
I fought a truly strong opponent.
Perhaps, if he had finished his evolution… I probably would not have a method to defeat him.
It’s because we had fought now that I could win.
I’d much rather had fought him before he had evolved!
Though he had evolved, I am rather fortunate that I defeated him.
But more importantly!
Right. I’ve gotten another unique skill!
Well, though I actually haven’t gotten the unique skill [Starving Ones], I did absorb its potential.
That is, my [Predator] has changed into [Gluttony].
Analyzing the skill made me want to seal it away.
Nope. It’s too dangerous of a skill.
And while I was thinking these things,

「Mu? Somehow my power feels as if though it’s boiling…」
「My wounds are healing faster! Have all been restored already?」

I heard such voices.
Hmm. As I had thought.
It’s the effect of [Gluttony].
Its effects are,

≪Solution. Changing into unique skill [Gluttony] has added the following effects…

Decay: The ability to decompose the target. Ability to add decomposition status effect.
There is now a chance of acquiring an ability after consuming only a part of a monster’s corpse (※ Random)

Supply: Whether a subordinate or not, you can now grant an ability unto a monster with whom you have a relationship. (※ Limited by the target’s inherent magical energy)

Food Chain: It is now possible to acquire skills from your subordinates (※ All of them)

These three have become your power.≫

Is what it said. The five original abilities of predator stayed the same, and these three were added.

And along with that, my stomach capacity seems to have doubled.
So does this mean that I can now use Benimaru and Ranga’s skills that they’ve gotten from evolution?

≪Solution. It is possible.≫

So whenever they get stronger I get stronger, and the opposite is also true.
How terrifying this power had become!
Though as you’d expect, I can’t share knowledge this way or transmit magic.
Of course, proficiency I also need to raise on my own. Daily effort is important, after all.
But seriously, what an absurd power I got my hands on.
As expected of Orc Disaster.
It’s a shame I couldn’t eat the clown earlier, but I did get some spare change from him.
Particularly, through pure luck, I have gotten 〈Flight Magic〉!
I don’t need incantations to use it. I can fly around just by willing to do so.
Well, I’ll slowly practice with it, and along the way learn to fly at supersonic speeds.
But more than getting my hands on unique skills and such, I was able to optimize [Great Sage] and further integrate all my skills.
For example, I had thought that I can’t mimic all monsters at a time… but I was wrong.
And if you’re wondering about 『Devil Transformation』, my human version has acquired a new strongest form.
This too I will carefully research later.
This all aside, I did just mention that the war has ended.
The battlefield was filled with happiness, sadness, and despair.
Now then.
I think it every time after a battle, but more troublesome than the war itself are the reparations afterwards.

The day after the Orc Disaster was exterminated.
In the center of the marshes, in a temporary tent, the representative of every race has gathered.

From our side came I, Benimaru, Shion, Hakurou, and Souei. Ranga is lurking within my shadow as always.
I am in my slime form, sitting on Shion’s knees.
Since I had shown them my true form when I defeated Orc Disaster there is no need to conceal it now.
From the lizardmen–the Head, Guard Captain, and Guard Vice Captain.
Gabil is imprisoned for treason. Even if they are parent and child, insubordination is bad.
Though he’s an idiot, he does have some amusing points. And since it’s not the time to discuss his sentence, we’ll just leave him there for now.
The orcs sent the one remaining Orc General and ten clan chief representatives.
They were all pale, depression visible on their faces.
The reason for the previous chaos was, indubitably, the orcs.
No matter how hard anyone tries to pin all the blame on the Orc Lord’s manipulation, they were clearly not blameless.
And it is because they understand this fact, that their expressions are so dark.
According to what Souei had gathered, they didn’t prepare that much food.
Through cannibalism and the effects of the unique skill, they were able to advance while starving. Now that they have lost the skill’s effects they can’t possibly eat their brethren.
Their rather unfortunate situation made the atmosphere in the room even heavier.
They are fully expecting to be demanded to take responsibility for the war, but they also know that they can’t possibly pay reparations.
As in the first place, the main cause for the war was the perpetually starving orcs and their leaders who could do naught about it.
Even considering that their numbers have decreased, there are still 150 thousand of them. There’s not enough food to feed them all.
And the fact that even with this many troops they can’t continue combat simply emphasizes just how cornered the orcs are.
If they did not have the [Starving Ones] skill, they would have all perished from hunger.
Though there are 150 thousand of them, that also includes women, children and the young. It was a mass exodus of the orc race.

* * *

The cause was a severe famine.
The Magic Continent is a land with fertile soil under the protection of the demon lords.
Many powerful demonic beasts and demons inhabit it, but thanks to the demon lords, it is safe.
However, there was a price for safety. A steep tax.
Those who wanted to live on fertile lands had to provide a large amount of crop.
Orc, who reproduced quickly, worked in the mines and toiled the fields, and were necessary to the demon lords.
However. Those who could not pay the tax were immediately killed.
The demon lord never lends a helping hand.
Aiming for the abundant resources, many monsters attack.
Those that have not paid a protection tax are not protected.
Thus that land inevitably becomes dangerous.
The fertile orcs, even if the majority of them were killed, would soon enough restore their population to needed levels.
Though there was a need to control their number, the demon lords decided that the extras would die anyways.
Now, thanks to a great famine, they could not pay their tax.
Thus, losing the protection of the demon lords, they decided to flee those lands in search of a safe haven.
While beset by hunger, the orc lord was born among them, but until then they would never fight anyone stronger than themselves.
And thus wandering, they have made their way to Jura Forest’s outskirts.

Around that time, a devil named Gelmudo offered them a hand.
Oblivious to his machinations, they decided to accept his offer.
And thus, following his directions, they plunged Jura Forest into chaos.

* * *

The conference began with a heavy atmosphere.
Hakurou presided over it.
I had originally asked the Lizardmen’s Guard Captain to do it, but he refused.

「That role is too much for one such as I!」

He said, and turned me down.
And since this wasn’t something I could delegate to the defeated, I imposed… asked the most fitting man–Hakurou to do it.
Hakurou had declared the conference open, but no one said anything.
Everyone was looking at me.
How annoying. I seriously hate conferences.
Well, it can’t be helped.

「Before we begin the conference, I wish to share the information I have gathered. Listen!」

I exclaimed. At my words, everyone’s expressions hardened, and they fixated their gazes on me.
And then I conveyed the information I have gotten from Souei and Orc Disaster.
The cause for the Orc uprising, and their current situation.
The orc representatives, not expecting me to bring these things up, stared at me with wonder.
There a few who shed tears listening to me. They were fully convinced that they’d all be executed without a chance to explain themselves.
Then my story ended.
And giving Hakurou the signal, I continued the conference.

「Ahem! Now then, the first let’s confirm the casualties!」

And thus the discussion started.
Lizardmen’s head discussed their casualties.
Listening to his report, the Orcs hid their faces and stayed silent.

「Now then, Head-dono, do you have any demands for the orcs?」

After discussing the losses, the discussion proceeded to discuss appropriate payment.
Though I’ve never experienced an actual war before so I wouldn’t know, but they probably have the winner demand things from the loser.
I couldn’t prevent the conversation from going this way.

「Nothing specific. This victory was not wrought by our strength. We were saved by Rimuru-dono!」

Abandoning the right to reparations, the Head thus replied.
Not like they could do much in the first place, though.
Alright. Let’s let theorcs speak now, but when I had just looked at them

「Please pardon my interruption! Please allow me to compensate for this incident with my life! Of course, I understand that it is not enough, but I have no followers to add!」

Orc Generals calls out, falling prostrate before me.
He desperately pleads\
“I have become a B rank monster, and gained quite a lot of magical energy, so please forgive the rest with my death!” Is what he says.
Not that I’m planning on that, but that’s not the problematic point.
Damn it, conferences are annoying.
Let’s just do this my way.

「Wait. Rimuru-sama has something to say!」

Hakurou intervened.
The Orc General shut up, and looked at me.
The rest, as well, quietly waited for me to speak. Just the atmosphere that I hate.

「Umm, so this is my first conference, so I’m not sure I can handle this well. Thus, I’ll just say what I think. After that, I want you all to discuss my words.」

Having said that I proceeded to discuss my thoughts.
First, that I thought that we should not pursue the discussion about the orcs’ sins.
Next, that I wanted to continue the alliance with the Lizardmen.
And finally, that I wanted the orcs to join that alliance.

「And those are my thoughts. I bet you have many things you want to say, but know this: I will not permit any punishment to befall the orcs. That is because I have thus promised to Orc Disaster. I will bear all their sins. If you got something to complain about, let me hear it!」

So I declared.
The orcs stared at me amazed.
In contrast to them, the Head asked a question.

「We are completely satisfied with what you have said. However, we do have a question…」
「What is it?」
「Now that the war has ended, why do we need an alliance?」
「About that, huh. To explain…」

And thus I explained that point further. My plan to create the Great Jura Forest Coalition.
In the first place, if we ended the conversation with “No punishment! Dismissed!” the orcs would simply die from hunger.
Lacking in discipline, some would attack lizardmen and goblin villages.
Their hunger was the cause for this mess in the first place. It’s meaningless if we don’t solve it.
And that’s why we’ll form a coalition.
The Lizardmen can offer fertile fishing grounds and fish.
The goblins… can’t expect much from them.
My city can provide processed goods.
And the orcs excel at manual labor.
They can inhabit the lands away from the marshes. Those originally owned by the ogres.
That place is also by a foot of a mountain with abundant resources.
Speaking of area alone, all 150 thousand couldn’t possibly all live on the same land, but they could split into Mountain district, Mountain-base district, River-district, and the Forest district and thus live.
If the particularly large clans split into individual districts, this’ll work… somehow.
We’ll provide the technical support about constructing housing and such. However, we’ll work the orcs hard in return.
After all, our village’s population is too small and many things are left undone.
That I want to finish all in one go.
That much I explained to them.
Everyone heard the same explanation.
Unlike last time, this declaration left everybody greatly excited.
Their fears wiped away, a fire of hope was lit in their hearts.
For some reason, Shion, who had been holding me, bent her back and haughtily laughed *Fufun!*. That, of course, I could not permit.
However, then her breasts touched me with a puyooon!
Ah, whatever, I permit it. I am a gracious lord!

「Y-y-you’d permit us… to join your coalition…?」

The orc general fearfully asked.

「You can work, right? I won’t let you slack off」
「O-of course! We’ll work as if our lives depended on it!!!」

The orcs trembled, tears falling from their eyes.

「We have no objections. Rather, we’d like to aid you!」

The Lizardmen’s Head also voiced his agreement. Seems like they’ve all accepted my plan.
Now that we have everyone’s consent, the Great Jura Forest Coalition is born.
However, a problem remains.
An unnaturally troubling, worrisome problem!
I’m sorry for bringing this up while you’re rejoicing, but…

「Quiet. Now that everyone has agreed, I want us to tackle the largest problem!
That is… provision!
How do we prevent 150 thousand orcs from starving?
I want everyone to lend me their wisdom in this!」

The last great perplexity.
Provision, or rather–the lack of thereof, is the problem. The orcs have enough for three days.
Even if we plant crops now, we won’t make it in time; if we fish for food, we’ll clean the lake dry.
A troubling dilemma is upon us.
The lizardmen have enough food to feed ten thousand for half a year.
Even if we gave all of that up, 150 thousand would eat it in twelve days.
So what can we do…
Everyone was scratching their heads thinking about it.
And then,

「Pardon the interruption during the conference! There is an emissary that desperately seeks your audience!」

A Lizardman had run in saying.
Seems to be very flustered.
After I nodded to Hakurou,

「Show them in!」

Hakurou responded, sending the soldier away.
An emissary? From whom?
As if answering my question, a single “person” had entered the tent.
A Dryad.
A beautiful girl with green hair. Like the people of Europe, her skin was white with well defined facial features.
Plump lips, and blue eyes that suit her well. If measured in human years, she’d look about 16-18 years old.
A guardian spirit of the Treants. Among the monsters, she would rank among the top of A rank.
Many voiced their surprise when she entered.
Well duh, you’d be surprised. As I heard later, it’s been many hundreds of years since a Dryad “Layato” has last been seen.
With long life spans (immortal, actually) these women rarely leave their sacred dwellings.
You would normally be happy if they had sent a messenger.
Dryad “Layato” looked around the room and focused her eyes on me.

「Please to meet you, everyone!
I am a Dryad “Layato” trainee. Pleased to make your acquaintance.
I had come today to exterminate the orc lord…
But that seems to have been done already.
I was planning to leave a second ago, but decided to at least greet everyone.
And then I found that you are troubled over a certain problem. I ask that you listen to what I have to say!」

She said with a bright smile.
But she also seemed perfectly calm.
And immediately continued her speech.

「It seem you lack provisions, correct? I believe we could assist with that.
We ask that our beneficiaries, the Treants, are allowed to join your coalition!」

We have no reason to reject. Actually, we would gladly accept.

「Umm, we are grateful for the offer, but why would you want to join the coalition?」

I asked on everyone’s behalf.
And when I did,

「The Treants are a race that hardly move.
Thus, they have little interaction with other races.
Should they be attacked by a powerful opponent or face some natural disaster, they would be helpless.
We the Dryads could escape on our own, but we are few in number…
If we were to join an alliance, we could receive help when needed, right?」

She responded with a pure smile.
Could she be willing to put her trust in a our good will?
Do you honestly believe strangers’ words? Since you haven’t met that many, you aren’t even doubting them, right?
I can’t read any hidden intentions from her smile.
Of course, I have no intention of betraying her.
However, a girl like her would find herself in danger due to her trust…

「Of course! When troubled, our lord Rimuru-sama would help somehow!」

With a Fufun! Shion selfishly replied.
Don’t forget to mention that there are also things I can’t do, lass!
I wanted to interject, but it was too late.

「Maa! So it was as I thought!
In that case, please take care of us from now on.」

She ended the conversation with a smile.
Umm… my opinion was completely ignored the moment it mattered… but whatever.
I guess I must concede here.

Thus, the Great Jura Forest Coalition was established.
Its members,

Rimuru’s Happy Bunch.

And leading this coalition, (hopefully temporarily) is me.

This day, my name was for the first time etched into the history of this world.


Name: Rimuru (Disaster) Tempest
Species: Slime (Human Form Possible)
Divine Protection: The Storm Crest
Title: One who leads Demons
Magic: 〈Thought Battle Magic〉〈Flight Magic〉
Skills: Slime Specific Skills 『Absorb, Dissolve, Regenerate EX』
Unique Skill 『Great Sage』Thought Acceleration, Analysis, Parallel Processing, Incantation Nullification, All of Creation
Unique Skill 『Gluttony』 Stomach, Mimicry, Separation, Decay, Supply, Food
『Shapeshifter』Fusion, Separation

Extra Skills『Segmenting』『Black Flame』『Black Lightning』『Barrier』
『Shadow Step』
Daily skills 『Magic Perception』『Heat detection』『Auditory Perception』
『Supreme Olfaction』『Intimidation』『Herculean Strength』
Battle Skills 『Noxious and Paralysis Breath』『Full Body Armor』
『Sticky Thread』『Telepathic Communication』『Cloning』
『Devil Transformation』『Flame Transformation』
Mimicking: Flame Giant, Black Wolf, Black Snake, Lizard, Giant Spider, Giant Bat, Centipede, Goblin, Orc

Resistances: Thermal Fluctuation Resistance EX, Physical Damage Resistance, Pain Resistance, Heat Attack Resistance, Paralysis Resistance, Corrosion Resistance, Electricity Resistance
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