Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Chapter 48 – Demon Lords’ Invasion
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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Author :Fuse
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Chapter 48 – Demon Lords’ Invasion

Translator’s Corner (Cast an English Clown and a French Pierrot)

Pierrot: So depressed…

Clown: Again?! Why?

Pierrot: AK is still looking for people to join the Slime World’s Team.

Clown: What’s that?

Pierrot: Look on the recruitment page, fool.

Clown: I’m a clown! Fool was my grandfather!

Pierrot: And your grandmother was a juggling bear, right?

Clown: No! That’s our new translator! My grandmother was a bearded lady!

Pierrot: … Are you sure that wasn’t your grandfather?

Clown: Yes! … No! … I don’t know!

Pierrot: Did you know? Bearded men can obtain the appearance of an upper class Arctic explorer by simply applying Tippex to their beards, painting their noses blue and cutting off a couple of toes. It never fails to impress the girls.

Clown: I don’t even know what’s going on anymore!

Pierrot: Certainly not your employment.



Life in the Royal Capital

Chapter 48. Demon Lords’ Invasion

Demon Lord Milim Nava, Devil Grucius, and Devil Myulan observed the city Tempest from above while discussing their next move.

Devil Grucius sighed mentally.
After running without a moment of rest, they finally reached the city.
“What a terrible person Milim is! Any mistake while interacting with her could lead to a great disaster.” He believed this fact with his entire being.
So how should he converse with her from now…?
After staying with her for a while, he realized her complete lack of dishonesty. She is honest to an extreme.
Of course, monsters are not good with lies, but they are not as restrained as the world tends to believe.
While this doesn’t apply to high ranking demons, most other monsters have no problem telling small lies.
And if such a monster also happens to omit the the truth, they would have no problem conducting successful negotiations.
However, Demon Lord Milim probably hasn’t even heard the word “negotiation”.
She boldly declares her demands and rampages if they are rejected. That’s the kind of image she gives off.
Originally, Grucius had intended to observe the situation while hiding his identity as a high ranking devil.
However, Milim would never even consider such secrecy. She unfortunately believes that if you are working, there is no need to hide anything.
Now then, how should he proceed..?
What could he say to continue working on his own…?
Devil Grucius was desperately thinking of a way out.

Devil Myulan did not see any chance of this mission succeeding.
Because suddenly, they were plagued by Demon Lord Milim.
She is, after all, a demon lord who focused on strength, so her complete incompetency in espionage makes her a hindrance.
However, she can’t just say that to her face…
And besides, since Demon Lord Clayman failed to hold her back in the first place, he has no right to complain! She thought.

Marionette Master, what a joke! Pushing this baggage of a demon lord on them and demanding secrecy! Impossible much?!
He should have lived up to his nickname and manipulated her despite the fact that she is a fellow demon lord.
Hiding her complaints in the dark corners of her mind, Myulan considered her next steps.
She noticed the identically troubled look on Grucius face, and they locked eyes for a second.
Perhaps it would be best for them to work together.
At the very least, unless they had Milim work independently, she would definitely impact their mission.
From what Demon Lord Clayman gathered, Demon Lord Karion intended to hire new subordinates.
Seems like a number of oni served the mysterious masked monster.
Karion probably hoped to win over the masked monster, or, in worst case scenario, try to lure away a few of its subordinates.
Since Grucius would probably be moving with this objective in mind, Myulan decided to offer her support.
She wouldn’t be able to learn their weaknesses if nothing happened, that is.
Let Grucius do as he please and observe the situation. So she decided.
Couldn’t expect much from Milim, after all; it’s like throwing a boulder into a pond.
If the ripples are too great, the devils will also stand out.
Thus, Myulan decided her plan. Now, to realize it…

Milim observed the city that spread beneath her.
It is well made. The citizens all possess strong magical energy. All seem to be high ranking monsters.
The term High ranking monsters refers to those that have developed intelligence, and depends not on their strength. She understood the extent of their cooperation with a single glance.
Via her “Dragon Eye” she could measure each of their abilities.
How wonderful. Though it’s hard to believe, but they are all named monsters.
Who could have named them all?!
She felt her amazement and astonishment overtake her.
She certainly could not replicate such a troublesome feat. Especially considering the chance that the energy you bestow on someone may never return to you.
Demon Lords like her tend to hate seeing their power disappear like that.
This time she only showed up to kill some time.
If she seriously made her move, not just Frey, but also Karion and Clayman would answer with great indignation.
Fending off both of them at once would be troublesome, she figured; not intending to lose, of course…
But she was truly glad that she had come.
The very fact that monsters built this city themselves was amusing.
The castle that Milim resides in, in comparison, was built by humans. Who worship her as some deity.
Her dominion’s human villages were attacked by high magic beasts. And Milim, who just happened to be walking by, killed it; the humans seemed to have misunderstood her somehow.
And thus, the land became hers.
The other demon lords didn’t complain, nor did Milim have any particular reason to complain.
This time as well, she didn’t come searching for new subordinates. Rather, she came to kill some time and to later see Clayman and Karion’s upset faces.
That’s the only reason for her journey.
She had intended to let them have whoever once she finished teasing them, but…
For it to be like this!
The monsters living here were of such high quality. Their abilities so great.
And someone rules over them! How amusing!
Her simple mind has by now completely forgotten about Clayman and Karion.
She had found her target!
Someone who’s magic energy rivaled that of a demon lord!
And thus, she made her move.

* * *

After deciding to sell medium grade medicine as the city’s specialty, we continued researching towards mass production.
In order to produce some, I handed over some medicine that I had made myself.
And then I got an idea, could the difference in purity be due to oxidization?
That is, there is little between production through my skill and normal manufacturing.
The only difference is that one occurs in an oxygen rich environment whereas the other is inside me.
Bester listened seriously to my hypothesis.
It seems that this world knows of chemical elements. Though, included among the different types of magic, in opposition to spirit magic, it is called chemical elements magic.
I am personally not well versed in the concepts of magic, but Bester seemed to have understood my explanation.
“Is it affected by oxygen?” He said he’ll consider my hypothesis.
In any case, I just mentioned whatever first came to mind, so it’s not my fault if this is wrong.
Success is built upon many failures. A mistake can also be considered progress.
Since I’m only in charge of HR, I passed on this job to him with and left.
Kaijin is busy discussing something with Bester. They are so friendly right now that it is hard to believe their earlier animosity.
That’s because their hobbies match. But this is for the best.
I returned to the city using a magic circle.

We set up the city’s magic circle near the gates.
At the vacant lot near the guardhouse, to be precise. So that in a one in a million chance that monsters do pass through the circle, we can quickly deal with them.
Bester, however, insists that it is impossible.
That is, since you need to recite an incantation to transfer, it is impossible for monsters to use it.
So I’m probably just worrying too much. Just using something I know nothing about, albeit hesitantly.
I should learn magic soon…

Then, the moment I had intended to head over to Rigurdo’s place to let him know about our success,
My 『Magic Perception』noticed a large mass of magical energy flying in our direction.
Dangerous! I made the split second decision and ran beyond the gate towards it.
As expected, the lump changed direction mid-air and pursued me.
Extremely quickly, too.
Seems like we’ll be meeting each other at the clearing outside the village. Good thing I didn’t run into the village–spared the buildings from some unnecessary damage.
Steeling myself, I observed the opponent.
The distance between us shortened greatly with every passing moment. That much could be understood with eyes alone.
A beautiful girl. Blond hair tied into twin tails with a black Gothic dress covering her body.
Her appearance was that of a lovely human girl. The air around her, however, screamed the exact opposite…
The lump of magical energy, or rather, the girl landed right in front of me.
And frighteningly, she didn’t cause a single ripple with her landing.
Though she was flying at such terrifying speed she was able to erase it completely before landing.
Could she perhaps manipulated the law of inertia itself?
Now, however, was not the time to consider such things.

「Pleased to meet you! I am the Demon Lord Milim Nava!
I came to greet the strongest being in this city!」

The beautiful demon lord told me.

A demon lord!
Why the hell would one of those show up now…
Shouldn’t your subordinates or some four heavenly kings to show up before you!
I somehow managed to hold back that retort; good job, me.
However… how should I respond.
I am currently in my slime form, and I am not revealing any of my aura.
I’ve gotten pretty good at magic energy manipulation recently, so I can subconsciously prevent any leaks.
In other words, I should appear as some lowly slime to the ignorant eyes.
Whether I check with a clone or through 『Magic Perception』I don’t seem any different than a normal slime, that’s how well I’ve hid my aura.
Even then… I wonder how she saw through me.

「The pleasure is mine… I am the lord of the city, Rimuru.
You seem to have seen through to my true strength, huh?」

Though perhaps the strongest one around here is actually Hakurou. Though I won’t say that.
While observing her, I asked that question.

「Fufun! That kind of thing is simple for me.
Using this eye, the dragon eye, I can see the target’s magical energy even if they try to hide it!
So no one can pretend to be weak before me!」

So eyes with analytical abilities?
What an annoying opponent. Compared to my analysis, hers seems to be stronger.
Her proficiency level is beyond question higher.
This I can’t win.
If we fight, I might have to use all my skills and tactics just to create an opening.
Her level is completely different from the pseudo-demon lord that Orc Disaster was.

「What amazing eyes, you have. Now, what would be the purpose of your greetings?」

Let’s hear her intentions.
Knowing your opponents goal is absolutely necessary, after all.

「Mu? Purpose… you say? Just to greet you, though?」

She’s hopeless.
I had intended to eloquently convince her to go back, but stumbled at the first step.
Just a greeting, she says! I’m honestly at a loss here.

「Ah! Right, right, I remembered!
You, how about calling yourself a demon lord, and becoming one?」

She suddenly added.
The hell she saying…

「Eh? Why would I want to do such a troublesome thing?」

She was the one to be surprised now.

「Eh, I mean, a demon lord! Sounds cool, right? You long for it, right?」
「I don’t?」
「… Eh?」

Seems like there’s a fundamental difference in our thought process.
We’re just staring at each other faces without having our opinions reach the other. Well, a slime doesn’t have a face, though.

「Well, then, let me ask. What’s so good about becoming a demon lord?」
「Eh? That’s… a bunch of strong people aim to fight you? It’s fun, you know?」
「Nah… I have no need for that. Not interested.」
「EEHH? Then how do you enjoy your life?」
「In a bunch of ways… if I were to become a demon lord, are there other ways to have fun other than to fight?」
「Not really…」
「Then isn’t it really boring?」

The moment I said that, Milim appeared as if she were struck by lightning, and looked as if she took serious damage.
She was bored, huh.
My words were so accurate that she can’t say anything in response.
Any further conversation would prove meaningless.
I should take advantage of her shock to take my leave.

「Well then, since we got that out of the way, could I ask you to leave!」

I handled that pretty well, I thought…

「Wait! Y-you! You’re doing something more fun than being a demon lord, aren’t you!
No fair! No fair, no fair!!!
I’ m mad. Teach me! I won’t forgive you if you don’t!」

I should be the angry one!
Just a brat! I had wanted to exclaim, but desperately held it back.
The opponent is a demon lord, angering her would be bad.
Rather, maybe if I treat her like a kid handling her will be so much easier.
At times like this, just have to be straight with her.
Let’s imagine her as a relative’s kid.

「I got it, I got it. I’ll teach you!
But, I’ve got a condition.
From now on you’ll call me Rimuru-san!」
「What? Don’t screw with me! The other way around!
You should be calling me Milim-sama!」
「Alright, then I will call you Milim.
And you will call me Rimuru. How about it?」
「Mu mu mu… alright. Got it!
I allow you to call me Milim.
Be thankful! Only demon lords can call me that!」
「Ah, is that so. Then let’s drop formalities from now on!」

Some sparks flew between us during the conversation,
But we seem to have settled on dropping formalities entirely between us.

「Okay, I’ll guide you in, then. But don’t go wandering on your own, okay?」
「Got it! Rimuru!」
「Good good! Aren’t you obedient. Also, don’t go rampaging in the city without my permission, okay? If you can promise me that, I’ll consider you my friend!」
「That’s easy! I promise, Rimuru!」

So far so good.
She’s easier than I thought. Just like a kid who’d listen to anyone that would give them a candy.
Monsters have to keep their promises, right?
Should be fine then. Thinking that, I led Milim into the city.

* * *

Accompanied by a slime, Demon Lord Milim entered the city.
Devil Grucius saw it happen using “Far Sight”.
And bewildered by this fact,

「Hey, is Milim getting a head start on us?
After taming some lowly slime…」
「So it seems. But this is for the best.
We could never continue in secrecy with Milim around.」
「Right. Let’s just pretend we got rid of a bothersome person.」

They said nodding to each other.
If they moved together, they couldn’t imagine a scenario where their plan wouldn’t go down the drain.
And now that this happened, they can move freely.

「So, what will we do? How are we going to infiltrate?」

While the two were busy considering this, Grucius’s “Far Sight” picked up a human squad approaching the city.

「Yo, a human squad! Are they here on monster extermination?」
「Probably… but do they know that monsters built a city here?」

And looking at each other,

「Let’s mix in with them?」
「That’s a good idea. We’ll disguise ourselves as humans and infiltrate the city!」

They decided.
As two high devils, they could easily transform into a human.
And after some light preparations, they mixed in with the squad moving towards the city.
The Monsters’ City “Tempest”,
And thus, the two were able to meet the human named Youmu.
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