Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Chapter 49 – Hurricane Milim
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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Author :Fuse
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Chapter 49 – Hurricane Milim

Translator’s Corner (Cast: an English Clown and a Mailman)

Clown: Mailman-san, thank you for your efforts.

Mailman: Oh… thank you. You are from… apartment 212, right? Name is…

Clown: How have you heard of me? Am I famous?!

Mailman: Huh? I’ve been delivering mail here every day for the past two years. So of course I would know someone who’s lived here that long.

Clown: Oh. By the way, have you heard this joke before? One day a mailman was greeted by a boy and a huge dog. The mailman said to the boy, “does your dog bite?” “No,” replied the boy. Just then the huge dog bit the mailman. The man yelled, “I thought your dog doesn’t bite!” “He doesn’t,” replied the boy, “that’s not my dog!”

Mailman: That’s a true story, lass.

Clown: … Somehow, I’m sorry.

Mailman: Oh by the way, here’s a letter addressed to you.

Clown: I don’t know anyone by that name…

Mailman: Eh?



Life in the Royal Capital

049. Hurricane Milim

Devil Grucius and Myulan were walking in the forest disguised as humans.
They expected to soon chance upon the human squad.

As any wolfman, Grucius’s appearance differed little from a human when not transformed.
It’s been five hundred years since Lycanthrope King Karion called himself a demon lord in search of power.
That was during a turbulent event where new demon lords replaced the old. Called the World War, this event would occur once every 500 years. And that’s when it happened.
At the same time as Karion three other demon lords were born. Frey is one of those.
Considered the youngest, with least experience in the war, are Demon Lord Karion, and the last to be born, Demon Lord Leon Cromwell.
The six new demon lords were thus the members of the new generation.
The old generation, on the other hand, has survived over two such wars; their strength far surpassing the rest.
Therefore, most of the new generation demon lords strive to expand their power.
Karion being one of these, it is natural for him to seek strong individuals.
Grucius became a devil only a hundred years ago.
The life span of lycanthropes is not much different than that of humans. The only difference being their longer youth–lasting from 30~50 years.
In fact, when they start to grow old, their bodies began to quickly weaken and they tend to die within two weeks.
The King of the Beast Country Yuurazania Karion possessed great power from the day he was born.
He became a devil through his own power, and even evolved into a demon lord. There is also a rumor that he exterminated a single demon lord himself, but whether that is true or not is open to debate.
Grucius did not possess enough power to evolve on his own; however, he did excel at stealth and combat.
But thanks to his abilities he gained a chance to evolve.
Through drinking the blood of the king.
The survival rate of this ceremony is only 10%. Being able to endure is in itself a mark of a hero.

Grucius endured this trial, like squeezing through the eye of a needle.
And thus, Grucius became the same species as his King, and acquired the same abilities and long lifespan.
Even now, a hundred years since his rebirth, his abilities have yet to wane.

Compared to Grucius, Myulan’s circumstances are far more complicated.
She was originally a witch. Persecuted by humans, she was on the run around 300 years ago. After uncovering the secrets of evolution, she bestowed its benefits unto herself.
That is, she gained eternal youth.
As for why she is currently serving Demon Lord Clayman, that would be because of a deal they made.
Around 400 years ago, Clayman succeeded the previous demon lord.
The moment he did, he began hunting down named devil and monsters to steal their hearts.
Making them swear loyalty to him, he inscribed a curse onto their hearts, making them his eternal servants.
Myulan met the same fate.
Even though she gained the power of a devil after evolving, she was far weaker than Demon Lord Clayman; and so, after being defeated, she had the curse of servitude engraved on her heart.
As a result, her status did increase, but she could hardly be happy about it.
And since then, she became one of Clayman’s marionettes.
She could understand devils like Gelmudo who yearned for their own servants.
Myulan was waiting for an opportunity. To dispel the curse and strike at Clayman.
Her long life, however, testified against such opportunity.
The difference in their abilities was too great.
So her servant life continued. She merely hoped to one day be released from the curse…
And so, until present day.
“The goal is information gathering; I will flawlessly complete the task!” She thought, thinking up a plan.
She would use whatever she could–whether it be Grucius or the human squad!
Anything goes as long as it led to her release.
She had no choice but to abide Clayman’s wishes.
Since she was originally a human, turning into one was hardly any effort.


A man and a woman walked in front of Youmu’s group.
And they quickly joined his party.
Siblings, they said; an older sister and her brother. But extraordinary no matter how you looked at them.
Youmu observed the two, who were happily conversing with the rest of the garrison.
They were dressed in Empire’s clothing; with an appearance pleasing to the eye.
While they weren’t particularly suspicious, if they possessed even a bit of strength they would certainly be able to walk through the forest.
Jura Forest’s monsters are not particularly strong individually. That is, that statement would be true if the monsters had not become active some time ago.
Currently, entering the forest is truly dangerous. Traveling through the Dwarf Kingdom is far safer.
“They are indeed suspicious… can’t let my guard down around them.”
Youmu reasoned to himself.
There was nothing strange about their tale, and they opened themselves quickly to the rest of the garrison. At first glance, no problem, right?
However, his intuition said otherwise. And in such cases he should trust his gut. That’s the way of life that let Youmu live till this day.
“Well, they do seem capable, so let’s put them to use!”
He simply decided. Whatever their intentions were, Youmu would only have to make sure he used them himself in return.
There were simply too few people in the garrison, and only a few of them were particularly skillful.
So welcoming two strong individuals into their group would only benefit them.

The suspicious ones are the three captured adventurers.
He ordered them to lead the way to this mysterious city, and they don’t show any signs of lying. Therefore, the city must truly exist.
They don’t seem keen on escaping, so he had them untied.
The three, as well, have gotten friendly with the squad, and are boasting about their achievements.
Seems like they really are adventurers.
But because they came from a different country, he has never heard of them. And being only at B rank, they aren’t famous enough to be known outside their borders.
They are capable veterans, nonetheless.

「Oh, so there’s a city ahead of here? One made by monsters?」
「Yeah, yeah! The first time we went there, they brought us yakiniku! It was delicious!」
「At that time we were pursued by by a stampede of giant ants. My life was flashing before my eyes!」
「But as a result, we got to meet Rimuru-danna, so I’m happy that happened.」
「Who would Rimuru-danna be?」
「Ah, the head of the city! The city is mostly populated by hobgoblins.
And the one who rules them all is the slime Rimuru-danna!」
「What? A slime has followers?」
「Yeah! Rimuru is a very cute slime!」
「… actually, guys, are you sure we can reveal all of this? Keep me out of it, okay?」
「…, considering we are bringing them there, I don’t see a reason to hide it.
In fact, wouldn’t it be worse if they get the wrong idea and cause trouble?」
「Yeah… “Don’t come back again!” If they say that, I’ll cry…」
「We haven’t even entered the baths yet…」

Whether due to carelessness or some ploy, they are answering any question you ask.
Youmu could not imagine any ulterior motive.
But the city was such a bizarre concept; how could it possibly exist?
For a delusion, however, it was far too detailed.

「Ah! We’ve reached it!」

The Thief Class Gido exclaimed.
Youmu stepped forward to confirm. Far ahead, under the shadows of trees, he could see a silhouette of a city’s walls.
it was true. Yet that thought only increased his tension.
A city made by monsters. A concept difficult to quickly accept. But there it was.
Would he be greeted by snakes or demons…?
Youmu flashed a fearless smile and proceeded towards the city.

* * *

Showing Milim around the city,
Was a far harder task than I originally thought.
If you’ve ever brought a small kid to an amusement park you know how I feel.
If you look away for a second, she’s gone. That’s exactly what it’s like.

「Oii! Didn’t I tell you not take off running!」
「Wahahahaha! Over here! What’s this?!」
「Listen! Just listen to what I’m saying!」
「Wahahahaha! What’s wrong? I’m listening?」

No you aren’t.
She was strangely excited, running around all over the place.
When she met Gabil a moment ago,

「Ooooh!!! A Dragonewt!
Wahahaha! Working hard?」
「Yeah! I am the Dragonewt Gabil!
Who would you be? Shorty!」


「Huh? Did you say something? Would you like to try dying once?」

She lightly kicked Gabil in the knee, and, after he lost his balance and fell, she drove her fist into his stomach.
Letting out a single “Gofu!”, Gabil was on the brink of death.
H-hey, wait a second… didn’t she promise not to rampage…?

「Listen, fool! I’m in a very good mood right now, so I’ll let you off with this.
Don’t ever look down on me again! Seriously, who’s a shorty, who…」

She said. Any more and death, huh?
What a frightening girl Milim is! Or should I just call her plain scary?
To Gabil’s good luck, he was carrying a test product restoration pill. Probably heading to Kurobee for a request.
But even with a medium grade pill, his body didn’t completely heal.
Truly a fist that can one-shot anyone. She probably held herself back, too.
But now that it has come to this, I’m pretty sure the promise not to rampage no longer applies.

Gabil limped away.
With a benevolent nod, Milim waved him goodbye.
And as if nothing had happened,

「That guys is really sturdy! How about I strengthen him a bit more?」

Please don’t ask me that. I thought.

「Nope, never! It’s bad to bully the weak!」
「Mu? I see… bullying the weak is bad! I know that!」
「O-oh. If you knew that, then from now on…」

I could only ask that much.
That is, I don’t have any way to stop her.
With her explosive temper, I can only pray that Gabil would be the only victim.

And like this I continued to show her around.
She observed the making of armor, and requested a set.
She observed the sewing of clothing, and became Goblinas’ dress up doll.
She observed the farming, and helped plow the fields. I’ve never seen someone plow a field that quickly.
And thus the day passed.

By the time the night came, everyone in the city has heard of the small despot.
Assembling the leaders in the dining hall, she introduced herself.

「I’m Milim Nava! It’s a pleasure!」

That’s what she said.

「Hmm? Isn’t Milim a name of a demon lord?」

Having spent the day practicing with Benimaru, Souei, and Hakurou, Shion muttered that question.

「Haha, what they hell are you saying? There’s no way a demon lord could be here!」

Benimaru laughed rejecting her question.
This is bad. At this rate, we’ll have another Gabil-style tragedy.
I wanted to salvage the situation, but

「What kind of relationship do you have with Rimuru-sama? Have you become friends?」

Souei asked.
Milim, who seemed about to explode a moment ago, now fidgeted bashfully.
With her face bright red,

「Um, well… rather than friends… we’re close friends!」
「Is that how it was, forgive my rudeness. I am Souei. I am Rimuru-sama’s faithful servant. Please take care of me!」

As expected of Souei. Good looks and an eloquent tongue to match.
Actually, Milim-kun. Since when did we become close friends?

「Umm, since when are we close friends?」

I asked timidly,

「Eh? We aren’t!?」

A tear began to form in her eyes. Faster than the tear, however, energy began gathering in her fist!!!

「Just kidding! We’re really close friends! Best friends for ever!」

I quickly added, evading danger.
Almost hit a landmine myself. Not letting a gabil happen again.

「I see! You’re good at surprising people!」

She grinned broadly.
A simply fellow. Simple, but hard to deal with.
Carelessness is forbidden from now on. I thought, reaching a new step of enlightenment.
Benimaru still hasn’t realized the situation. Need to warn him later.
Unlike Souei, he doesn’t understand a woman’s heart at all. He’s even worse at it than I am.
If he wasn’t a handsome guy, he would surely be hated by everyone.
Stupid people always end up suffering.
The problem is, he won’t survive suffering caused by Milim.
The conversation ended thus as food was brought out.
Milim happily began eating.
I, too, changed into my human form and removed the mask.
When Milim saw that,

「Ah! So you’re the one who killed Gelmudo! I see!」

She said.
With a huge smile on her face.
The other people present reacted differently. They looked at me, pressing for an explanation.
I won’t be able to fool them, it seems.

When dinner ended, Milim looked ready to fall asleep.
So I had Shuna escort her to a guest house. I wonder if she’ll be complaining about the bed and such…
Saying something like: “Not a bed, I want tatami mat with a futon!”
Well, can’t give her what we don’t have. I’ll just leave it to Shuna.
Then, I explained today’s events to everyone.

「I see… That was truly a powerful hit I took.
I saw my father beckoning to me from heaven!」
「What? Seems like you’re still out of it. Your father is still alive!」
「Ah! Right. How rude of me!」

Gabil’s response aside, everyone else was surprised.
Well, duh. A demon lord had showed up.

「But, just as a note, I had her promise not to rampage, so we should be fine, right?」

When I asked,

「Actually, it’s not like all monsters can’t break promises, you know?
While the Dwarf King did say a part of the truth, that isn’t the whole of it.」

Kaijin replied.
Hakurou and the other oni nodded to this.

「Rimuru-sama, for example, I have no problem telling lies.」
「Me too. Actually, I’m pretty good at it!」

Souei and Benimaru added.
That means?

「In other words…」

According to their explanation, only monsters of spontaneous birth have trouble lying.
Those born of parents are not as restricted. Besides, what the Dwarf King was referring to was a case of “Pledge Magic on top of swearing upon your very existence”.
I shouldn’t have ignored to inquire about it from the『Great Sage』.
While the demons are truly restricted, the normal monsters aren’t so.
Which is why…

「Milim can go lying all she want?」
「That’s what it would mean…」

Hakurou nodded.
In that case, what should we do?

「However, she doesn’t seem to intend to cause trouble, and, even if she did, we couldn’t stop her, can we?」

I agreed with that analysis. Even with all of us working together, we’d fail.

「Right. Let’s let her do what she wants, and if worst comes to worst, we’ll have Rimuru-sama stop her. They are close friends, after all!」
「「「No objections!!!」」」

WHAT!!! Benimaru you bastard!
By the time I thought that it was already too late. My usual “leave it to others” policy seems to have come back to haunt me.
Can’t be helped, I thought and let out a sigh.
And thus, everyone came to believe that I was in charge of supervising Demon Lord Milim.

So ended the first day of Hurricane Milim.
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