Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Chapter 51 – To the Human City
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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Author :Fuse
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Chapter 51 – To the Human City

Translator’s Corner (Cast an English Clown, a French Pierrot, and a Doctor)

Doctor: So we got the results of your recent MRI. I’m pleased to say that we found no abnormalities.

Clown: Doctor! How do you tell a difference between an oral thermometer and a rectal one?

Doctor: Hmm? Oh, well the simplest method would be–

Clown: By the taste!

Doctor: … Were you listening to what I was saying before?

Clown: About what?

Doctor: Your recovery from that accident. Could I ask you a few questions?

Clown: How many is a few?

Doctor: A three or four, maybe. Have you been feeling stressed lately?

Pierrot: No! I didn’t give you my permission to ask questions!

Doctor: Oh, I apologize. May I ask a question?

Pierrot: That is in itself a question! But fine, go ahead.

Doctor: So, are you feeling okay?

Clown: Yes, absolutely. No problems at all.

Doctor: Have you been able to remember anything since before the accident?

Clown: … what?

Doctor: You haven’t forgotten about it, have you?

Pierrot: Doctor, I’m getting a headache listening to you. Can we leave now?

Doctor: We?

Clown: Oh, since we’re leaving now, let me tell you one more joke. Did you know? A doctor is the only man who can tell a woman to take off all her clothes and then send a bill to her husband!



Life in the Royal Capital

051. To the Human City

Two weeks have passed since we let Youmu’s group in.
The highway plan is continuing smoothly.
Contrary to what you’d think, the frontier garrison members are rather hardworking.
They’ve also gotten very friendly with the hobgoblin guardians.
The city’s monsters are dutifully upholding the rules, and are unexpectedly friendly towards the humans.
I was expecting the guardians and the garrison to look down on each other due to monster-human animosity and all, but I guess I was wrong.
Probably, since they used to be ruffians and hooligans, they are trying to change.
As for Youmu, he might be the kind of person who attracts people.
He has an aura of charisma about him.
So even dividing up the responsibilities he was handed was quite smooth–whether or not his desire to cooperate with us affected his efficiency.
We have goblin riders on guard and lookout duty around the city, but there’s simply too many of them.
Therefore, we decided to have ten riders support the frontier garrison when they answered distress calls.
For the humans that assistance was something they wouldn’t even dare to ask for, so they happily accepted.
However, they insisted to return to the favor, so they decided to teach us formation tactics, sword skills, and other professions they knew.
Among those was a rather popular survival skills that were bound to increase our food variety.
While it wouldn’t lead to abundance, it is something we can be grateful for.

Thus our relationship kept improving.

And once we more or less came to trust each other, the garrison had a proposal… no, a favor to ask.
They asked whether we could maintain their equipment. It seems the fact that our equipment is far superior to theirs has been bothering them.

「In the first place, it’s plain cheating for monsters to use high level equipment!」

One of their members said, speaking on behalf of the entire group.
Frankly, I agree.
Since getting the Dwarfs’ technological assistance we’ve been able to create equipment far above what I would consider ideal.

「Fufun! Well, hey. Dwarf armor is the best in the world!」

Kaijin merrily replied,

「No, no… that being so, why is even master Garm in this city? That I find strange!」

Cabal also expressed disbelief.
The elite among the dwarfs–Garm. Kaijin is also a master of his craft, and we also have the expert Kurobee.
Our city’s smithy would easily match that of any capital city.
Moreover, we have Gabil bringing raw materials from the cave once in a while; so we have an abundance of high ranking ingredients.
If people learned of this, there would bound to be plenty of buyers; however, we don’t plan to sell any.
There are still hobgoblins without a complete set of equipment. Our numbers are so large that we are having hard time meeting demand.
Even with Kurobee’s copy skill – the one he got from『Researcher』- it takes a while to finish an item since its not accelerated by『Great Sage』like mine.
It’s certainly faster than if making the item by hand, but he’s still just a single person.
Thus, he’s been employing artisan-wannabees from among the young men and women to become his disciples; and has been producing all items at the factories for them to see.
Perhaps one of these young ones may become a true artisan someday.
So, considering the possibility of future experts, Kurobee’s current actions are for the best in the long term.

「Whatever, it’s fine–your request! Ask me to look at your equipment any time I’m free!」

Kaijin lightly accepted.
He’s probably planning on using them to have his students practice.
He might look like a big softy, but he’s actually an extremely prudent old man.

「Uooooooo! As expected of Kaijin-san! Look at him talk!」
「Oi oi, you sure?!」
「In that case, look at mine too!!!」

He was surrounded in other similar joyous shouts.
I guess I should feel relieved at his kindness.


*Dosu, Zusha, Boko, Bokon!*

That was the sound that accompanied our fall.
By “our fall” I mean mine, Benimaru’s, Souei’s, and Shion’s.

「Wahahaha! You suck, you suck, you suck, you suck!!!」

Our opponent exclaimed while laughing loudly. Who? Demon Lord Milim of course.
We had a mock battle with her, four versus one, but that didn’t go over well.
And she’s even using her dragon knuckles. She always wears them. Once at mealtime I made her take them off causing her to sulk the rest of the day.
I shouldn’t have? No, that was clearly a breach of etiquette.
I’m glad I had her wear them this time.
She should always wear them during practice. But that doesn’t apply to mealtime.
As if receiving a lesson, I spar daily with Milim.
But she’s so strong – to the point that it’s funny! – that dueling her is out of the question. So, we decided on this four versus one.
Ridiculous power. A cheat-like ability. Bottomless stamina.
I’m glad we’re not enemies.
We also had Hakurou spar with her once. Unfortunately, not even his attacks reach her. However he can put up a fight, which is impressive in itself.
The overwhelming power I felt from the Dwarf King, and the overwhelming power from Milim.
The difference between them is far too great. That much I understood after being beaten down in succession here.
Had I, during the match with the dwarf king, used『Great Sage』battle mode, there’s a chance I could have won.
But that kind of thing is meaningless before Milim. It’s not a match of skill or trick.
There’s various kinds of strength, huh…?
Thus thrice a day. As a result, we’ve all gotten much stronger compared to two weeks ago.
Hakurou observes the matches. He’s perfected his skills, so he won’t benefit much from these.
As for us, our skills were so lacking, that we managed to improve greatly these past two weeks.

「You’ve gotten pretty good! If Rimuru decided to become a demon lord now, I would be totally for it!」

Milim happily exclaimed.
I am not planning on becoming a demon lord!
Besides, we didn’t even last twenty minutes today. Complete failures.
Even if I called myself a demon lord, I wouldn’t live long enough to see it recorded.
Benimaru, Souei, and Shion return to practice after getting instructions from Hakurou.
What a lively bunch they are.
While watching them spar,

「By the way, Milim, why did you become a demon lord?」

I suddenly got curious and asked,

「Yeaaaah, about that… what was the reason again? There was a bunch of sad things and messed up things, right?」
「Why are you asking me?」
「No reason. Can’t remember it well. It’s been too long ago; I forgot!」

Milim looked as if she didn’t want to remember the grief and horror.

「I see. Well, if you forgot, there’s no need to remember!」

Though she looks like a child, she is an ancient demon lord.
From what I heard, the youngest of demon lords is at least 200 years old.
That would be my enemy Leon Cromwell. My prey.
There are other young demon lords; they are around five hundred years old and have experienced the great war.
Milim belongs to the old generation.
In other words, she’s been living for an insane amount of time.
Chances are, she doesn’t have many friends. She’s been living for so long that she must have lost many good friends by now…

「Hey, do you have family or someone who worries about you?
Is it okay to stay here without letting anyone know?」

Suddenly growing worried, I asked her.
When I did,

「Ah!!! I forgot. Right… I’ll be right back!
Though this might take a while. But, I’ll be gone for 2~3 years at the longest. I’ll be back!」

She suddenly exclaimed.

「What? So suddenly. Hey. Right now?」
「Mu, yeah. Well, it’s not like we won’t meet again!So I’m off!」

She said, and immediately changed into her Gothic Dress.
That’s with the Dress Change magic–a very useful skill.
I would have asked her to teach me, but I can do that naturally myself, so there’s no need.
It’s usually recommended to people with lots of equipment. Though you have to learn〈Spacial Magic〉before this one, and it is far harder to learn.
After she finished changing, she looked at me with a smile,

「Well, be right back!」

She flew off after saying just a few words.
And without making a sound she flew away at a speed faster than the speed of sound.
She left as suddenly as she had arrived.

「Hmm? Has Milim-sama gone off somewhere?」

Shion asked.

「Yeah. She had remembered some unfinished business. She’ll be back in 2~3 years at the latest, she said.」
「2~3 years? How easily she went on such an arduous journey, and for such a long time, no?」
「But, to someone with her lifespan, surely it’s but 2~3 days?」
「I guess it is!」
「Maybe she’s gone off to show off her clothing and dragon knuckles to her friends…」

Shion muttered that last line much to the approval of the other oni.
That just might be the case.
If she went showing off her gifts to her friends around the world, she might just need 2~3 years for that.
Though our imagination was probably just running wild imagining such a scene, we somehow became convinced that she is in fact out boasting to friends.
Solemn expressions don’t suit Milim.
And now that she’s gone, I’m feeling kind of lonely. We’ve gotten that close during these two measly weeks.
What a strange demon lord she is.

But there’s no time to feel sorry for ourselves.
Her departure is also a chance.
We must go to a human village right now. After checking it out, if there are no problems, I’ll take Milim there next time.
Previewing content is important before a public release.
The three idiots were planning to stay for two weeks, secretly gathering monster body parts.
They are using it to fulfill a subjugation request, aren’t they? But are they allowed to cheat like that?
Well, it’s not really my problem, but I’ll have them buy my silence by guiding me to a human city.

「And so, you’re showing the way.」

I said in response to their troubled expressions,

「We understand, danna!」
「We shall lead the way! Should we also stop by the royal capital on the way?」
「I know how to get around the back alleys, you know?」

They accepted.
I’ll leave it to them.
I decided to leave in two days.
When I had gone to notify Rigurdo of the fact, I found out that he had already prepared the bags for departure. How diligent.
And after using the magic circle to get to the cave, I had Gabil show me to our medium grade medicine stash.

「Oh, Rimuru-sama! We have been waiting!」
「My, Rimuru-dono! I am ecstatic that you let me work in such a wonderful environment!」

While on our way there we ran into Bester’s laboratory.
Unlike Kaijin who has to supervise lots of people, Bester can devote himself wholeheartedly to research.
So this must feel like heaven to him.

「You are eating properly, right? Not forgetting to sleep?」

I asked, worried.

「Of course. While the meals are not very diverse, they are very delicious.
So I never miss a meal.
As for sleep: I am frugal with it, but had a bed prepared here.
Besides, it’s good for your body not to sleep for a while!」

No it’s not…
I thought, but he’s doing what he really likes. So I decided to leave him with a “don’t over do it” line.

「Oh by the way, between Kurobee copying them and being produced here, which is more efficient?」

I asked,

「We are getting faster here.
Once we get more workers and proper equipment, we’ll be able to continue production without relying on Kurobee-dono.」

Is what he said.
Since it takes some time to grow Hipokte grass, we don’t need production speed to increase too much.

「In that case, should I have five people or so come as lab members?」
「Hmm… I need to teach them the basics too, so I’d like about ten.
Since I want to be rearing successors as well, you see.」

Current production speed is three hours to dilute one pill. Kurobee can manage the same in a single hour.
I can make one immediately, but I refrain from doing so. They need to be able to make it without my involvement.
Thus, they’ll be able to manage without me in emergency situations.
However, they do currently focus on diluting my restorative pills to create twenty medium grade pills. Doing so, using 〈Membrane Creation〉, is Bester’s job.
Along that would be very difficult, so he has Gabil’s men help him. After evolving into Dragonewts they learned to use some simple magic, it seems.
If three people other than Bester learn to use it, the speed triples.
Working on a single pill every hour. In other words, they’ll be able to create twenty medium grade ones. So in a single 8 hour working day, they’ll add 160 pills to our stock.
An excellent production line we’ve made here.
If they fail at growing more, they’ll be stuck with other chores while Bester will continue his research. Which makes sense.
Approving of their plans, I left to let Rigurdo know.

Until now Bester has been working without sleep, producing more than eighty pieces a day.
Probably preparing the city for the future. Taking 500 pieces from our stash, I deposited them into my stomach.
These I plan to sell in human city and purchase some magic stones.
We’ll figure out the price with Kaijin later.

「Well then, continue as you have. As for Bester-dono, please do not overexert yourself!」
「Please leave it to me! I will work myself to the bone for you!」
「I’ll leave the matter about ten people to you!」

They saw me off.
Afterwards, I went to see Kaijin to decide the lowest price we’d sell these at.
Low quality medicine is called potions here and sells for about 3 silver coins a piece.
Which is actually pretty high. It’s not hard to imagine one’s earnings for the day being spent on medicine.
However, this medicine can treat 20% of most injuries and even grave ones.
In comparison, restorative magic such as〈Heal〉will only restore 10% of injuries and hard to use in emergency situations.
So our medicine is twice as effective. High grade medicine can restore 50%, but I digress. What should we set the price at?

「Listen, danna. Don’t set the price twice as high. Sell no lower than 15 silver coins a piece.
This isn’t something a beginner would buy. It’s meant for B rank and above adventurers.
It’s alright to raise the price even more! Aim to sell at about 20 silvers.」

Kaijin fervently explained.
As he says. This medicine is very useful, so we’d be in trouble if we set the price too low and get too large of an order.
If we don’t make a profit we can’t buy magic stones. So aiming for 20 silvers a piece is smart.
Perhaps I should also sell one or two of my personal pills.
After I acknowledged his words, we ended the meeting.
And thus finished our preparations.

The next day, I met up with the three idiots.
After finishing their preparations, the trio was waiting for me.
If we take the highway we’ll run straight into Farmas Kingdom. The Count’s domain that Youmu has spoken so much about.
And that would mean meeting the greedy count, so no thanks.
So, we’ll be walking through the forest.
We are aiming for the small country Brumund.
To meet with Freedom Association’s guild master and decide on a course of action.
A year has passed since I was reincarnated into this world.
And I am finally heading towards a human city.
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