Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Chapter 53 – Freedom Association
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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Author :Fuse
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Chapter 53 – Freedom Association

Translator’s Corner (Cast: an English Clown and a French Pierrot)

Clown: Pierrot, wait a second!

Pierrot: What? We’ve got things to do, people to entertain, books to translate!

Clown: The doctor mentioned something about an accident, what do you think it was?

Pierrot: Remember how we were playing with a frisbee last week?

Clown: Oh yeah, I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, and then it hit me.

Pierrot: He must have been talking about that head injury. Not the other one.

Clown: Other one?

Pierrot: The one where someone tried to kill you? You told me a bit about it, remember?

Clown: … What did I say? Where was this?

Pierrot: You seriously forgot? We were sharing a hospital room, both of us got hit by a car, it seemed.

Clown: And?

Pierrot: You told me a joke: The seven-year old girl told her mom, “A boy in my class asked me to play doctor.” “Oh, dear,” the mother nervously sighed. “What happened, honey?”
“Nothing, he made me wait 45 minutes and then double-billed the insurance company.

Clown: Not about that! About the accident!

Pierrot: I don’t remember…




Life in the Royal Capital

053. Freedom Association

We proceeded into Brumund’s Royal Capital.
The city appears old but sturdy.
The pedestrians appeared bright and cheerful with no gloominess in sight.
Probably due to the fact that there is no visible damage from powerful monsters or other threats.
And as you’d expect from such a remote country, there were many people geared up.
Based on my appraisal ability, most armors and weapons used are of inferior quality. Similarly, they also seemed rather weak.
However, smelling the air of a downtown area after so long was pretty exciting.
Buying some roasted meat on a stick, we continued onward.
I have no idea what meat this is, but it’s strangely delicious.
Actually, I can analyze the meat to find out where it came from, but I won’t do that. I have something else that needs to be analyzed.
The sauce. This sauce could come in handy for research. Though it is unfair to the chef, eating something lets me learn its recipe.
So I made a mental note of the required ingredients for this meal.

I am advancing further in, guided by the trio, with a specific store in mind.
Magic Tool Store.
Normal tool stores and magic tool stores are very different than what people from my world would imagine.
When adventurers, for example, refer to “tool stores” they typically mean magic ones.
And it is one of these magic tool stores – I’ll simply call it tool store from now on – that was our destination.
To learn current market prices.
I am planning to sell medium grade medicine today. However, even if I want to sell it at 15 silvers a piece, I need to first know the price of low grade medicine.

I also want to know if there is any product made from Illusion Flowers, or something related to them.
If we turn them in to the guild, we can make ten silvers per bouquet.
Though you’d think you could make a lot of money this way, but going into the forest to search for this elusive flower often proves pointless, so most people abstain.
So if you’re planning on becoming a permanent harvesting adventurer, you shouldn’t expect to become rich quick.
Thus, usually people find them while adventuring somewhere and come to sell them; the buyer then collects them and turns them over to whoever requests.
Which would mean that harvesting requests tend to stick around for years. It’s a lengthy process.
And since I have lots of such medical plants and flowers, I’d want to know their current prices.
So, we entered the store.
A peculiar smell filled the room and the store itself gave off a queer aura.
A store you’d expect to be run by some elderly witch.
Actually, the owner looks just like that.
I looked around, quickly evaluating the goods. Sadly, I didn’t see any rare items.
Low grade potions are in stock, and at a higher price.
Why? Simple: the neighboring Farmas Kingdom has stopped allowing goods to come from the Dwarf Kingdom.
Though I guess I over exaggerated; they are merely preventing any goods that could be used by the military to reach here.
And since high quality potions no longer arrive from the Dwarf Kingdom, they have no choice but to sell the inferior stuff made by the local pharmacists.
Besides, since they are making things by boiling medical herbs found in forests and caves, the medicine they produce is naturally inferior.
Hmm? Do I smell an opportunity…?
At the moment, low grade potion [Quality: Normal, Effect: 20%] is sold for 2 silver coin.
In comparison, abysmal potion [Quality: Low, Effect 15%] is sold for 1 silver coin.
So even a small change in effect can lead to such a drastic change in price. I guess considering that it could save your life, people are rarely stingy with medicine.
And with such shortage of material, adventurers who come across medical herbs will quickly find a buyer even if their guild doesn’t accept it.
It’s always in demand, it seems.

Next, Illusion Flowers.
From this flower you can make Hallucinogens and Bewitching Perfume.
The effects of these items are,

Hallucinogens: Used to amplify〈Hypnotism-type Magic〉. Taking it normally will induce hallucinations. Leads to addiction.
Bewitching Perfume: Amplifies the effects of〈Hypnotism-type Magic〉by up to 30%. Increases resistance to〈Hypnotism-type Magic〉by up to 30%.

That would be for quality item, of course; normal one would increase the effects by only 20%.
What is amplified? The success rate of the skill, the extent of control, and the duration. It is an item coveted by most practitioners of this type of magic.
However, addiction is bad. It’s probably similar to our world’s hallucinogens. Though I doubt they sell it to just anybody.
By the way, while I was analyzing the poison, I happened to have acquired some resistance to it. At this rate, I might get a new skill soon.
If I harvest and analyze some more poisonous plants, of course. Eating the plant would be a bad idea, but I wouldn’t get poisoned if I absorbed it into my stomach.
So, I can’t die from poison. And since I wouldn’t get food poisoning either, I taste tested most dishes during the trip.
But I digress.
The effects of these items is easy to dispel, but surely they cost a lot?

「Haah? Hallucinogens and Bewitching Perfume? You can’t get such amazing items here.
Rather than in a small country like ours, you should be looking elsewhere!」

The store’s granny told me.
Did she think that I was ridiculing her?
Chances are the fact that she has even heard of such medicines is impressive.
In fact, the medicine sold here is made by her. She’s pretty learned, it seems.

「Ah, my bad. The thing is, I happen to have gotten my hands on some of those, but aren’t sure if it’s actually the real deal.
I even borrowed a gold coin to buy it, so I’m curious!」

I said, trying to deceive her.

「What did you say? Show me. I’ll check if for you.
I won’t charge you, so rest easy!」

The granny replied.
Since she asked, I had no choice but to take out a small bag with a hallucinogen I made prior.
I have quite a few more bags like this. The hallucinogen is fine like sugar, but red in color.
The granny took it from my hands and used〈Identification Magic〉on it.

「Oh my! It’s real! Aren’t you lucky.
With this much, you can easily make 2 golds coins.
But production and sales of this item is forbidden to amateurs.
It can only be sold by magicians with a special license, so beware!
If you want to pawn it, however, I’d be happy to buy it from you for two gold coins!」

She said, surprised.
Turning a bouquet in to the guild would earn you 10 silvers. Whereas processing it would yield you 2 gold coins. That’s 20 times higher.
Moreover, you can also make some Bewitching Perfume from it. All you need is to dilute the extract with water.
So this is another product that will sell well; I’m glad we picked it.
I mean, I knew magic items were expensive, but for them to be so expensive! Well, it’s my profit, so I don’t complain.
But now that she had evaluated it for me, I can’t just leave without buying anything.
Doesn’t she have any good items…?
Seeing a complete lack of rare items, I started searching for anything I might need.
And then I found it, 『Dummy’s Guide! Easy to understand 〈Elemental Magic〉theories!』– a magic book titled thus.
Seems like its a part of a popular publication, but to think that it is even sold out here?
Well, I can read some, and even simply reading letters is practice. So let’s buy the book.

「Aha. So, little girl, you’re aspiring to be a magician?
That’s a beginner’s book.
Kids who want to enroll in an academy study from this book.
But you know, you can’t become a magician just from reading this book, are you sure you want to buy it?」

A magic academy! How wonderful. I want to go check it out someday.
Someday, I’ll use『Great Sage』to get all the magic in the world…

「Yeah, no problem. How much is it?」
「Child, your face is pretty but you’ve got the tongue of a middle-aged man…
Ah, well. Unfortunately, it isn’t cheap. Magic is a rich-man’s hobby.
The masses, without connections or something, can never learn magic.
Just this book costs a single gold coin; too much, right?」

I wonder… since I’m wearing the mask, is the granny guessing by my voice?
I don’t really care, either way. Maybe I should change my voice to seem older…?
Well, it’s too late now. And since it’s a pain, I’ll leave it as is for now.
Since I’m around 150 cm tall right now, should I claim to be a young boy?
It’s been a year since I was born, but my soul is at least 38 years old; in other words, it’s hard to figure out my age. In any case, I’m a child at heart.
So if I look young, that isn’t a problem.
An enigmatic boy wearing a mask. Don’t fret, there’s plenty of delusional idiots calling themselves heroes and demon lords, so I’d fit right in.
So let’s introduce myself thus from now on.
Magic is for the rich, huh. There’s probably plenty among them that are incapable of learning magic, too.
A single gold coin is about a hundred thousand yen.
Though they do seem to have a printing press, I wonder why there’s so few printed books?

「No problem. I’ll buy the book for 1 gold. However, I wonder why it’s so expensive?」
「Ah, that’s simple. Magic books, you see, can only be written down by hand.
Though the Ghost Researchers have the copying machine, it rejects magic manuscripts.
So, any magic book on the market has been written by hand.
By the way, this book I wrote myself when I was younger, so please take care of it!」
「I see. I didn’t know, so thank you. I’ll treat it with care.」

I said, handing over a single gold coin. Transaction complete.

「Doesn’t look it, but she’s rich, huh… but still a child, right?
What are parents doing handing their kids this much money…」

She grumbled to herself, while handing over the book.
Magic books are handwritten, so I should expect them to be expensive.
From now on, whether I stop by the magic academy or another royal capital, I will buy every magic book in sight! So I decided.
The trio have also purchased whatever they came for. Well, so I say, but they only came to restock on potions and other herbs, so they’ve been waiting for me.
After thanking the owner, I left the store. It was a time well spent.

After leaving the store, I stop the trio.

「You guys… you understand, right?」

The trio each handed me 10 Illusion Flower bouquets.
And to each I handed a gold coin. Thus I have 16 gold coins left; so lots more to spend.
I’d much rather process the Illusion Flowers myself. It would be wasteful to hand them over to the guild.
During my conversation with the trio, they looked as if they wanted to ask something.

「Wait a minute! Rimuru-san, when had you processed the Illusion Flowers?
Actually, it’s considered really difficult to do!
There have been people who died from the poisonous gasses that the plants let out!」

I see. So it really was such a dangerous plant. I guess the price is fitting.

「Fufufu. Processing such a weed is simple for someone like I!」
「No fair! I can’t even do it…」
「As expected of danna. I wouldn’t be surprised at anything now.」
「Me too. Danna is someone who can do anything.」

Three jealous idiots.
But other then Ellen, the other two have already accepted the facts.
And, considering that we have researched the cost as desired, we headed for the Freedom Association.

We reached Brumund’s Freedom Association Branch.
The guild was at the end of road leading out of the commercial district where the magic store was.
It’s a stately building made of stone.
The Dwarf Kingdom often dug down into the stone, so most buildings were at most 3 floors tall.
The Lizardmen would make use of windows designated with magic to light their houses, but this is different. It depends on natural light.
So I was under the impression that people didn’t build high-rise houses in this world. Well, whether you can consider 5 stories “high-rise” is a different story.

When we entered, I noticed that they are somehow regulating the temperature; it was pleasant inside.
While I actually can’t feel the change in temperature due to my resistances, I could tell the difference using heat detection ability.
I guess they are keeping the temperature constant with magic. Surprisingly advanced, I must say.
I had thought that the world travelers kept the world relatively primitive, but I guess they’ve been trying to develop it in a direction different than ours.
Maybe if there were no monsters or demon lords, this world would be a true magic society.
However, it can also be said that all the current knowledge has been researched to counter monsters.
Since the demon lords exercised restraint, the humans bought them off by handing over fertile land; so when power shifts in favor of humans, an invasion into their realms is a legitimate possibility.
That thought has been preached by the Western Saints Church, I heard.
True, monsters are stronger right now; but no one knows what the future will hold. I guess I need to implement some real foreign policy to protect the rights of my city.
I’m glad I came here.
By seeing a human city, by learning something about humans, I can better prepare against possible future threats.
Thus, I decided to see more and more things.

Now then, I shouldn’t stand in the doorway.
I was guided further in by the trio. The inside reminded me of a municipal building’s reception room.
There’s a desk like one you’d see at an airport–where you surrender your baggage, with a plate that reads: Sales Counter.
All in all, there are three counters separated from each other.

The Sales Counter I just mentioned.
Counter for visitors and other general users.
Counter specific for adventurers.

The room is separated into these three sectors.
The sales counter is exactly what it sounds like; items that you found or went to obtain on request are brought over here.
The general counter is used by beginners and Freedom Association members who live in the city. That’s where you go to register or retire from the guild.
The adventurer’s counter can only be used by authorized adventurers.
An adventurer is a Freedom Association member who either goes foraging, subjugating, or hunting on request. Some take on different types of tasks, but most people still refer to them by the generic term–adventurer.
Furthermore, an adventurer is someone who has to have some basic combat ability.
For example, there’s a specialized division called the Magicians Guild. To be affiliated with them, you need to be able to use some kind of magic; however, affiliation with them does not guarantee usefulness to the Freedom Association.
It’s no good if all you can do is use some magic. Only after you have lived by foraging, subjugating, or hunting are you recognized as an adventurer.
So, what are the merits to becoming an adventurer?
While every Freedom Association Branch is affiliated with a specific country, its members are able to change countries easily.
Leaving the city or even crossing the border is far easier for an adventurer. Of course, this may not apply during wartime, but this allows for greater mobility.
In other words, compared to people with clear allegiances, Guild Members are able to freely select a country where they want to live. Well, not like there’s a big difference other than the tax you’d have to pay.
The origin of the name “Freedom Association” comes from adventurers who wanted to be able to freely move between countries.
Well, even so, there’s not that many people who constantly switch countries.
This was explained to me by the three idiots on our way to the counters.
After receiving this explanation, we proceeded to the back.

「Hey, we’re leading our guest to the backrooms, so let us pass.」
「Ah, Cabal-san. You have returned. Who might this be?」
「Yeah, Guild Master’s guest. Treat him with respect, please.」

After that exchange, we were let through.
And in the background,

「Cabal-san is so cool~!」
「Ellen-san is so gorgeous… Always so beautiful!」
「Fools! To not understand Gido-san’s greatness…」
「「「But, who is that kid? Why treat her with respect?」」」

I heard the people in the background say this, but couldn’t really understand them.
Why are the three idiots idolized here? Even in the first village we stopped by they were famous.
We stopped in front of a room in the back. The room was guarded by two soldiers, who opened the door on Cabal’s signal.
In the middle of the room is a magic circle.
Similar to the one that Bester drew. One that allows travel both ways.
I was guided to the magic circle, and used it to teleport.
It can be used to travel up to the fourth floor; the fifth floor is accessible via a different circle.
To prevent infiltration from spies and such. How prudent.
Now that I think about it, there are no windows passed the fourth floor. Probably to prevent break-in.
The magic circle to the fifth floor lies directly beyond the guild master’s room.
We entered the room.

「Welcome, “One who commands monsters”!
I am this Branch’s Guild Master Fuze.」

A short man with a vigilant face extended his greetings.
I see, he definitely fits the description of a Guild Master.
He’s plenty strong and seems rather capable. But if anything, it’s the aura about him.
He seems to be a rather gutsy individual.

「I am Rimuru Tempest. Ruler of the new Monster Country “Tempest” of the Jura Forest. Pleased to make your acquaintance.」

After finishing our introductions, we started our questioning.
Since our meeting lasted long into the night, I decided to stay in one of the Freedom Association’s rooms.

P.S. Sadly, although I had plenty of money left and finally arrived at a human city, I couldn’t venture into a new “frontier” for now.
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