Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Chapter 54 – Business ~ The Start of a Trade
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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Author :Fuse
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Chapter 54 – Business ~ The Start of a Trade


Editor’s corner (cast: Yuuka, Smoggy and a certain Shrine Maiden)

Miko: Yuuka?! Why’re you here in the city?

Yuuka: Huh? Oh, it’s just you armpits. Can’t you see I’m performing in a circus?

Miko: Pffft. A circus?! A Youkai like you performing in a circus? BWAHAHAHAA~

Yuuka: *Veins appear on forehead*

Miko: You should go back and tend to your sunflower field instead~ Not like you can do anything else HOHOHO~

Yuuka: Leave me alone! Don’t blame me if your donation box goes missing tonight!

Miko: Oh you wouldn’t dare.



*A certain bear picks up a newspaper while nibbling on a fish*

Smoggy: Hey Yuuka, It says here that the Hakurei Shrine’s donation box is missing… Doesn’t the new bathtub you bought here look awfully similar to the donation box?

Yuuka: No idea.



Life in the Royal Capital

054. Business ~ The Start of a Trade

The meeting continued until late last night.
It can’t be helped since I arrived late.
Well, we were suppose to meet today, but apparently the noble wanted to meet me no matter what.
We exchanged information briefly during yesterday’s meeting.
Mainly, I heard about the towns and countries of humans.
I also learned about the Free Association, they even said they would introduce me to their leader Yuki Kagurazaka at their headquarters.
However, something felt amiss.
I heard the freedom association’s headquarters is located in the royal capital, but there’re a lot of royal capitals.
There’s the large neighboring Farmas Kingdom, and the terrifyingly strong neighboring kingdom of the Sorcery Dynasty of Sarion.
Even a small kingdom such as Brumund has a royal capital. In fact, we’re in it right now.
So in which country is the Freedom Association Headquarters located in?
The clusters of countries around the Great Jura forest joined together and formed the council.
Therefore, the gathering of councilors must be in an easily accessible location, and its headquarters is now set in the Ingracia Kingdom.
In terms of strength, the one boasting the strongest power amongst those that joined the council is the Farmas Kingdom. But due to the developed transportation system in the ingracia Kingdom, it became the heart of all the kingdoms instead.
That’s the most likely reason why the Farmas Kingdom and the Ingracia Kingdom are on bad terms.
However, there’s also another reason why the Ingracia Kingdom was selected.
The Ingracia Kingdom is the only kingdom not directly next to the Great Jura forest. Therefore, it’s less susceptible to monster attacks, granting it the blessing of being safe.
The Freedom Association’s headquarters will be located in the country which is blessed with safety and has advanced transportation networks.
That much is obvious.
That means, when they said the royal Capital they were referring to the royal Capital of the Ingracia Kingdom.

Another feature of the countries within the council is that fact they’re all countries that follow the Church.
In other words, the kingdoms surrounding the Great Jura Forest are within the Sphere of influence of the church.
Commerce and religion are the two main pillars that support the bonds between kingdoms.
Each country votes for a councilor, and all of the councilors embody equality due to their religion. I heard there’s a system where important decisions are discussed and decided in the council.
Surprisingly, this system is quite similar to the United Nations from my previous life.
Councilor election methods differ from country to country, but the majority of the councilors elected are from the royal family.
By the way, the Sorcery Dynasty of Sarion doesn’t have a national religion.
The king claims to be a descendant of god, and forbids all other religions. Thus, they were rejected from being a part of the council, making them a isolated superpower.
But I heard that they do have commercial relations with the other kingdom, most likely because it is a superpower.

I heard that the Freedom Association’s headquarters is located in the center of the Ingracia Kingdom.
So if I want to meet Yuuki Kagurazaka I’ll have to visit the Ingracia Kingdom.
Apparently, they were willing to write a letter, introducing me to him. But in exchange, I was told to meet Baron Beruyado, a noble of this nation.
Of course I agreed to the terms, and am currently riding towards my destination on a horse carriage with my current partner.
I parted with the three (idiots) last night.

「Please, let’s keep in touch! 」
「As I thought, let’s adventure together forever……」
「It sure will get lonely without you. Lets play together again in Tempest! 」

Saying these words, they departed unwillingly.
But, that’s their own problem.
I, for one, don’t feel anything at the moment.
Strangely, I don’t feel lonely at all.
While I was thinking of such things, the carriage came to a halt.
It appears we have arrived.


It is a district lined with beautiful structures.
Feeling composed, Fuse guided me towards a building, slightly smaller compared to the others.

「By the way, is it fine that I don’t know anything about the honorific etiquette and manners of nobility? 」
「Hm? Ah…. That’s right, that’s going to be troublesome……」

Is everything going to be alright?
About Fuse’s old man, I heard he’s going to be quite the handful.
Yesterday, Fuse asked about the current situation of the Great Jura Forest.
After that, he asked about Shizu’s and whether do I know about Veldora.
When it came to Veldora, I played the fool and feigned ignorance.
As for the situation in the Great Jura Forest, I said our town was doing well in its own way while being as vague as possible.
Naturally, I was asked to explain my subjugation of the local monsters, in detail.
I understood that even they wanted to know the reason as to why there was so little damage caused by the monsters.
As for Shizu San’s story, it was kind of hard to talk about it, much less explain it.
In the end, I stopped explaining when it reached a certain promise with Shizu san.

「I see…… I’m counting on you」

After muttering that, nothing more was spoken.
Shizu San, renowned as the “Explosive Monarch, seemed to have been an A rank adventure that belonged to the headquarters.
At the headquarters, she worked hard as an instructor, but she probably realized that her death drew near. Refusing to be confined in the headquarters, she suddenly disappeared.
And that’s how the story goes, but, thanks to her, I was able to make many new friends.

I trusted Fuze and came all this way, but is it really alright?
With all these etiquette and formality, this is going to be one troublesome talk.
While worrying about such things, I then entered the building.
After entering the building, an old man who introduced himself as the butler guided us.
Anyway, there are also maids here, which is always nice.
I remember going to maid cafes in my previous life.
Just sitting down cost thousands of Yen, it’s a complete rip-off. This factor makes qualifying this as a good memory a problem.
However, this is a different world. A guy like me can see the difference in quality when compared to the genuine thing.
There are only fake old maids in real life!
Guided by the butler, we entered a room.
There’re even more doors in the room.
The Butler knocked on one of the doors.
There was a reply,

「Enter! 」

Honestly, these kinds of exchanges are just annoying.
Going straight through a magic circle, the interior is completely different.
Once inside, a tall slim man who looked like he was very hardworking with a parsimonious beard and silted eyes, greeted me.

「You have arrived. My name is Baron Beloard, I am one of Brumund’s ministers, pleased to be your acquaintance. 」

The other party has greeted me before I managed to give my greetings.

「Nice to meet you. My name is Rimuru Tempest.

I am a monster, but I wish to form amicable relations with humans.

I may be ignorant when it comes to manners and etiquette, but I hope you can overlook that. 」
I returned the greeting and shook hands with him.

This place’s practices are quite similar to my previous life.

「Do be at ease. I am but a landless baron.
It’s fine even without the formality.
Now then, the time we have isn’t infinite. Let’s talk briefly.
I’ll get straight to the point. About your town, Tempest, I would like to form a cooperative relation with there.
We propose to cooperate to support adventurers on their adventure and assist them when they’re having problems facing powerful monsters.
I only ask these 2 points of you. 」

Well well.
To summarize what he said, since Brumund is a small country without much national power, their counter-measures against monsters are insufficient.
They somehow cooperated with the Freedom Association, but the freedom association can’t be their only means of defense against monsters.
Fortunately, there aren’t any major damage caused by monsters to date, but in preparation for the future, they wished to form bilateral relations with Tempest.
Assistance for adventurers, that’s a topic that Fuse touched upon yesterday.
He’s probably thinking that in order for the adventurers to succeed, and to reduce the threat the forest poses, I’ll need to provide necessities such as beds and supplies for those working in the forest.
However, his partner is a country of monsters, I wonder why did he approach and trusted us so easily?
That’s something to worry about.

「Indeed…What benefits will I gain if I accept this? Rather than a collaborative relationship, don’t you think this is only one-sided?”
Of course, we’ll also try to guarantee certain benefits to there. We’ll legitimize your identity as a nation.
In other words, you, and your country “Tempest”, we promise to recognize it as a legitimate nation of monsters.
We have even obtained permission from the King of Brumund.
If your side cooperates with us, we’ll recognize you guys as a nation, and promise decent correspondence. 」

In other words, we’ll mutually stay vigilant about monsters and help each other in times of emergencies.
Either way, we’re supposed to be on guard, but with this, we would not have to worry about Brumund.
We will notify and help each other when faced with assaults by powerful monsters.
I don’t think there’ll any problems.
If we accept this offer, we’ll be recognized as a legitimate country, this doesn’t seem like a bad deal.
Well, I’ll admit it though, the council that was previously mentioned may not necessarily acknowledge this, as Brumund is the only country in the council that does.
Still, getting the approval of two countries, after the Dwarven kingdom is a major achievement.

「Very well, I will accept this offer. 」

After I said this, the atmosphere felt significantly less tense than before. I will probably have been cornered if it were to continue anyway.

「I see, that’s great. Now then, this is the certificate of approval from the king of Brumund.

And this is proof that it is a legitimate document. 」
While saying this, he took out a stamp from his pocket.

The stamp emitted light in response to the spirit pledge magic, this shows that it is indeed a legitimate document from the king.
My skill 「Analyze」 also show the same results.
Unexpectedly, contractual relationship frauds can’t be performed in this world. Compared to my previous life, such procedures are much more simplified.
This really helped me since I don’t have to take my time to meet the king directly.
Besides, they probably aren’t going to allow the king to meet a monster.
It also simplified the process in that aspect as well.
And with my signature on the treaty, the treaty between Brumund and Tempest has been established.
During this event, a third party bears witness that the transaction is carried out justly.

After that, we made a few arrangements, and conducted another meeting in going into details of the treaty.
And for the first time, I remembered about the flaws of the contracts in this world.

「So, in the event where we have to move a force through the forest, we’ll be counting on your cooperation. 」

That’s what he said.
A force. This isn’t something related to monsters. Because we were to cooperate during emergencies, that also includes when the nation is being attacked.
For example, the eastern empire.
I were deceived! How dare you deceive me!
GUO————–!!! I wanted to faint in agony. Idiot Idiot Idiot Idiot Idiot. Stupid me!
I remembered that sweet talk.
If you think about it from Brumund’s side, they now have a reason to get me to cooperate even without my consent.
Look at the trio (idiots), I can’t even chase away adventurers.
If we were to get the country’s approval, there’s no need for that.
But there’s a reason he daringly says that.
Brumund was really afraid that the eastern empire will invade through the forest.
In preparation for when that happens, they probably wanted me to become the buffer state.
Certainly, he didn’t lie. If we’re having problems, he’ll also come help. After all, it’s our turn next.
Even if the empire does ignore us, we’re going to have to send in reinforcements from Brumund.
Anyway, we have been successfully deceived.

「You noticed? You are certainly quick. However, you have already signed the treaty, so when the time comes, we’re counting on you! 」

With a grin, I was laughed at with a beaming smile.
Baron Beloard.
A man who handles work very well.
That sly old dog of a noble, tricking people like me is probably like taking candy from a baby.
Tsk. It can’t be helped, I’ll let it slip for now…
Strangely, I don’t feel angry even after I’ve been deceived.
Apart from the shallow feeling of regret, I feel like praising the adversary. Ah~ I’ve been had! Kind of moment.
Well, this is also a form of experience. I’ll think about it when the empire does move.
And again, you can’t let your guard down around humans.
Monsters are unexpectedly straightforward.
I made a vow in my heart that from now own, when negotiating with humans, I’ll have to think more deeply before making any decisions.


It’s not fun to be deceived.
Even after all the trouble, I still benefited from the experience.
I took out a medium healing potion, and placed it on the table.

「This is? 」

Baron Beloard questioned,

「It’s a recovery potion made in my town. I wanted to sell it in the local markets. 」

I answered.
Fuse and Beloard held the potion in their hand and examined at it.
Fuse can definitely perform analytical magic.

「What is this! T-this isn’t some cheap stuff sold in the town. U—mu, this is a high class goods similar to those sold in the royal Capital. The Pharmas Kingdom taxes it when they distribute it, but it doesn’t come into these markets… just how many do you have? 」

I told them that I currently have 500.
If they’re willing to buy on a regular basis, I can probably supply them 2000~3000 monthly if I take it out of the storage.
In this country, adventures are at the front lines, and there’s a demand for the potions.
There’s a branch of the Freedom Association at the Pharmas kingdom, but adventurers that affiliated with them are few.
There are several reasons, the biggest reason being that there’s a trend of looking down upon adventurers.
However, it’s also a fact that adventurers tend to be generous with their money. And, they also help thin the number of demons.
Due to this reason, there have been recent desperate attempts of trying to attract adventurers, but there aren’t any results to show.
That’s why, goods like high quality recovery potions are vital, luring adventurers while imposing high taxes on dwarf-made weapons? I’ve thought about it this much.
If it’s armor, a bit of adjustment is all it needs.
We might even be able to sell off the gear of monsters.
If that’s the case, people will be eager to buy it.
At the very least, if I sell a product I will be able to attain some profit.
Hopefully, I will be able to make up for my previous blunder.

We were introduced to the merchant Garde-Myourmiles.
I left the office of Baron Beloard, and proceeded to visit the merchant Garde-Myourmiles.
At the corner of the shopping street, there was a large store called the Miles Firm.
The chairman of the shopping street seems to be the owner of the store.
He has joined the Freedom Association Merchant Guild, but is a formal Brumund merchant with the country’s permission.
It’s quite rare for a person to have the license of both the country and the Freedom Association.
I was told that Garde-Myourmiles was one of the rare individuals.

「Weeeeelco…?! Ahem, Welcome, please come here Danna, what kind of order do you have today? 」

I came with Fuse today, and I replied with a humble bow.
When you think about it, this old man Fuse is also an authoritative figure in this kingdom.

「Today I came to introduce this person. Show Respect! I must return since I still have some errands, please excuse my rudeness. 」
「This person, what kind of person is it? 」
「In short, a state guest. I’m leaving it to you! 」

Saying these parting words, fuse left.
I’ve been left behind after being referred to as a state guest. How should I act if I got lost?
Well, it’s fine I guess.

「My name is Rimuru, please take care of me! I came to make a business transaction, and my product is this. 」

Thus we started negotiating.
As expected of the merchant Myourmiles. He quickly appraised the good to ascertain its value.
Negotiations began.



At the end, I decided to sell them here, it was decided that the price will be 22 sliver coins each.
And the retail price set here was 25 silver coins.
After telling him the location of our town, he plans to go stock up.
If Myourmiles is going to buy more, then the selling price at tempest is 20 silver coins.
In addition, due to the matter of assisting adventurers, it was decided that the selling price to adventurers at tempest will also be 22 silver coins.
In this fashion, we shook hands with each other, and signed the contract.
This time without any fine prints, we were able to form a satisfactory agreement with each other.

「But Danna, I can’t use a horse-drawn carriage to arrive at Danna’s town. If it’s restocking on recovery potions, I can manage it somehow, but it’s going to be rather inconvenient…」

Of course that’s something we must discuss.
It would have been nice if I established a highway.

「I understand. Then I’ll build a highway that connects Tempest to Burmund. 」
「Eh? NANI?! 」
「You’ll be able to use a carriage if I made a road right?

I think it’ll take two months for a horse carriage to finish the journey. If we cut down some trees we’ll be able to make a direct path.
Although, I think it’s going to take six months to finish. Is that fine? 」

「Of course! I also want to see the 500 you’re selling too!」

Myourmiles answered while smiling Ear-to-ear whilst rubbing his hands together.
The highway towards the dwarf kingdom is complete. Now, we’ll move on and establish a highway that connects towards Brumund.
This way, trade between Tempest and Brumund has supposedly started.

When the highway that connects Tempest and Brumund is competed, the merchants of Brumund will have no need to go through the Farmas Kingdom to reach the Dwarf Kingdom.
And thus, tempest is becoming the new center of trade routes.


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