Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Chapter 59 – The Church Moved
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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Author :Fuse
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Chapter 59 – The Church Moved

Translator’s Corner (Cast: Smoggy the bear, Yuuka and random passerby)

Smoggy: Ne,ne, Yuuka san, has running races between friends became a trend amongst humans lately?

Yuuka: Has it? I don’t think so, why?

Smoggy: Whether I visit the local fish markets, I always see the humans running the other direction, screaming:
“What’s the point?! We can’t outrun that thing!”

“As long as I can outrun you, I’m fine!”

While pointing at me. Any idea why?

Yuuka: Who knows, they did the same thing when I was at the hospital the other day.

Smoggy: Want to try running alongside them someday?

Yuuka: Sure, why not?

Several days later…

Smoggy: Yuuka san, are you seeing this? : ‘Psychopath and beast running amok at fish market, causing mass panic’. We were there the other day, thank god we didn’t run into them! By the way, the psychopath in the picture kinda looks like you…

Yuuka:No idea.



Life in the Royal Capital

Chapter 59: The Church Moved

The Devil Grucius was patrolling around the forest when a sudden incoming telepathic communication confused him.

「Hm? Is something wrong? 」

Several of his teammates from the frontier garrison who were worried about him asked him simultaneously.
These good-hearted fellows, not doubting that I’m a devil. Unaware about it himself, Grucius sees the illusion of real companions in them.

「Nothing, I’m fine」

I replied thus, and they were relieved.
Nothing’s wrong whatsoever, that’s outrageous.
I am now receiving the contents of the telepathic communication.
(Grucius! It’s an emergency. When the time comes, act in accordance to your judgement! We are currently at war. I’ll contact you again when we win. Until then, you’re free!)
There’s no doubt, something’s happening.
This is the first time I’ve heard panic in demon Karion’s voice. Just who is his opponent?
It was irritating and I can’t think of anything.
What should I do? He told me to make my own decisions, but I can’t think of any measures.
After that I tried to telepathically communicate just in case, but nothing came out of it.|
Grucius’s heart was gradually filled with anxiety while paying attention in order to prevent his teammates from realizing his unrest.

* * *

The face of demon lord Clayman was filled joy after receiving the report.
Karion was the one who tried to persuade Milim, but it somehow ended up as a battle.
That’s good. Indeed, there are few demon lords that will still be merciful after being annoyed.
According to the report, Milim triumphed over Karion with overwhelming combat prowess, and even blew away the royal castle, Morotomo.
Rapporteur Frey said so while elegantly drinking tea.
The other devils apart from Frey, who were spies, all reported the same thing.
There’s no doubt.
Demon lord Karion is dead. Even a strong demon lord such as Karion was no problem if you have “Absolute power” (Milim Nava) in your hands.

The 10 great demon lords who ruled over Makai.
Among them, 3 individuals including myself grouped as 1, now, 1 member has disappeared.
Moreover, to have tried to threaten the absolute strongest, the last moments of the demon lord Karion will be good publicity.

「Kukuku, everything is going on smoothly, just as planned. 」
「Ara? Is that so? I am glad that I was of use. 」

Frey stood up and gave words of agreement without having ulterior motives.

「I’ll be going back, but what about Milim? From the looks of the battle, any devil trying to settle the matter will be ripped to shreds? 」

Tsk. With a frown on her face, Frey looked at Clayman.

「It will probably be fine for you to take care of it. After all, you and her are friends right? I entrust it to you, please accept it. If my castle is destroyed, I wouldn’t be able to bear it. 」

Hearing such words, Frey goes「Yare, yare 」 while shaking her head.

「Even though I don’t want my house to be destroyed? Well, it’s useless no matter what I say right? 」
「It’s great you understand. You may go! 」

That attitude shows that he doesn’t even treat Frey as an equal anymore, but rather a subordinate under his rule.
Frey didn’t show any signs of discomfort in her expression, she sent a piercing gaze at Clayman and left.

A smile appeared on Clayman’s face after making sure that Frey left.
Everything is going well.
Everything is going according to the plan of “that person”
Unlike a prophecy, things don’t always go as predicted, but progress is smoothly made.
In the original plan, the Orc lord was designated as the new demon lord. The reason for backing this plan was in order to manipulate the said demon lord.
Since our interest met, we both decided to work together. Even if the plan fails, there are no losses.
But then, a suspicious monster appeared, and it created a monster town. As soon as this was known, the plan was modified to utilize the town.
To use our common interest as bait, using the monsters in that town as bait.
The bait was bit, and luckily the one who bit it was the strongest demon lord.
Clayman started his plan, first, by intercepting a multi-layered barrier.
Then, as usual, he carries out his periodic report.
A trustworthy partner.
He has sworn his allegiance to the true master……

* * *

Ever since Myulan joined the Frontier Garrison, every day was an extremely busy day.
Just because she took up the duty of a shaman, doesn’t mean she’d be any less busy. Sometimes an individual curious about the dark arts would come along, and she would teach them.
If they were simple curses, she could teach them. Before she became a devil she was originally a witch. Teaching curses used by humans is a simple task.
What she was busy with was as a staff officer, another one of her positions.
In the first place, asking a newcomer to take up the position as the staff officer is not a good idea…
(To put trust in a devil, these people are overly good-natured!)
That’s probably the impression she had if she were to put it in words.
Giving commands for the platoon to meet up in the monster’s city, and reporting to the captain. She’s been handling all that.
To think of her as irresponsible is virtually impossible.
Even so, in the midst of all the discomfort, there were also a lot of thoughts.
After interacting with people for a while, long- forgotten feelings started to resurface.

「Myulan, is it fine? Please tell me your response soon! 」

Said by a man courting her, she looked back at Youmu.
From the start, I felt his gaze when I infiltrated the Frontier garrison.
I was on alert whether we were discovered, but Grucius said he didn’t fell anything.
What is happening? When I was thinking about that, Youmu gazed over here. When our eyes met, he looked away in embarrassment.
But recently, not only his attitude but even his words contain hints of courtship.
He said,

「I love you. Please date me! You will definitely be happy, I promise! 」

ED: That’s not a hint 😄
He threw a straight ball.
Even though he usually has a frivolous attitude, he was actually serious. He hasn’t made any moves until now.
The times when I was just a young girl, which would have been 700 years ago. I can’t remember much from back then, I don’t have any memories of interacting with other people.
To be honest, the experience called love is something that girl has no experience with whatsoever.
There was more joy than anxiety. Moreover…

(He said he promises happiness…
Even though my heart is held in the hands of Clayman. I can’t, No it can’t! Besides……
How could a human fall in love with me?)

In the end, she postponed the reply.
I refuse! Her reasons tell her so, but for some reason she couldn’t muster the courage to say it.
She’s been a devil for 400 years, but this is the first time she felt such insecurity.
In such a state, Myulan was contacted by Clayman.

For the devil Myulan, Clayman isn’t the target of her loyalty.
If it’s possible she wouldn’t hesitate to pull off a dirty trick. However, against that sly demon lord, such a chance will probably never appear.
The last time she reported, she rememebed that Clayman was in a strangely good mood, and felt uncomfortable.
He probably came up with something devious, she thought.
Unfortunately, she has no countermeasures. It’s not something she can openly go up against.
Even if someone is feeling unhappy, there is no way for them to save themselves. Having unpleasant feelings about this is natural.
And suddenly she received contact.

(You appear healthy. Thanks to the information you bought, everything is going smoothly here. Good job. Even though I have been keeping your heart for you, I think I might return it soon.)

A sudden offer.
Myulan suddenly felt exhilarated. But panicking wouldn’t do.
Her opponent is a Demon lord. To even trick those working under him without shame, he is certainly the wicked Marionette Master.

(Wow! Thank you very much!)

That would be the safe answer.

(There’s no need for you to be cautious. What? I just have one last thing I want you to do. Until then, keep enjoying your leisurely life. Now then, see ya)

She was spoken to without being able to reply, and the connection was cut.
Is this a trap? There’s no way to confirm it.
Doing what she has done so far, she simply followed orders.
However, if I really was released……

(I wonder would I have accepted him?)

With a uneasy feeling in her chest, Myulan resumed and acted as if nothing has happened.

* * *

Sakaguchi Hinata awakened from her light nap in a sleepy state.
Diligently serving her, Nicolas had brought her a cup of coffee.

「Oh, have you awakened? 」

Cardinal Nicolas Spertus.
He is the man who sits at the pinnacle of the western religion, the sacred, inviolable, confidant pope of the holy kingdom Ruberios.
To Hinata, that man is as faithful as a tamed puppy.
They shared a bed yesterday, and even allowed him to be her companion overnight.
Without getting tired, she looked at him who licked her body clean.
TN Note:…that’s what the translations are saying… It’s turning into an ero novel.
(Really, just like a dog…)
That was what Hinata though.
He worships Hinata, as if she was a goddess or a saint. An idiotic man, Hinata though.
(Even I would excrete after I eat. After a year, it’s natural for me to age. It’s not like my body would remain beautiful forever. All this man is looking at is a mere fantasy)
He desires her body. It’s cheap. Even though I don’t think this body is worth that much, he can do whatever he wants with it.
To her, her body is merely a mean of winning somebody other. There are no other values.
Of course, that girl also has carnal desires. She’s not sexually frigid. Even so, what then?
Only a few man I like is allowed to do as they wish to my body. However, men I hate will not be forgiven if they do the same.
That means,
(In the end, I don’t dislike Nicolas, is that it?)
The reality is that people around her can’t understand her.

「Now, breakfast is ready. What would you like to eat? 」

Sweets were suddenly brought fourth.
Nicolas, preparing and carrying out breakfast for someone else, that is something nobody could possibly imagine.
Because anybody who knew Nicolas would describe him has an arrogant egotistical, cold-blooded man with the mask of a saint.

「Ah, I got it. Thank you」

When Hinata calls out casually, Nicolas nods his head with glee.
And the two had breakfast.
After a long time, the meal tasted delicious.

「Oh yes. I had something to report to you, this is something a spy brought earlier. 」

After finishing their meal and being relaxed, Nicolas talked to Hinata.
It can’t be helped if he want to gain her favor.
Hinata, while combing her prized black hair left and right with her comb, stared at Nicolas.
Picking up her circular glasses off the table and putting them on,

「Let’s hear it.」

She asked briefly.
Inside there is the beauty amongst beauties who held was the captain of the “Knights guard division working directly under the pope”.
On her the usual calm, cold expression.
The time to relax has come to an end.

Nicolas began sharing his information.
About the turbulence of the monsters within the Great Jura forest, and the monsters building a town.
In addition, certain countries had already started trading with the monsters, that was what information were shared.

「What did you say? These monsters overturned the churches’ religious belief that monsters are common enemies of mankind……」

Hinata mutters, to which Nicolas nods.

「That’s right, what will you do? 」
「Fumu… That’s right…」

Hinata is in deep though.
Crushing them is easy. However, it is human nature to leave them alone if there are no problems.
At the very least, as long as they are crushed before they make contact with humans, everything will be over.

「We can only wait and see now. However, investigate the war potential of that town, and ensure this is a force we can crush! As the church, we cannot move unless there is a request from somewhere. Well, if nothing turns up we can simply force one out…」

TN Note: I’ve already lost count how many fantasy novels have a human supremacy religion as their main antagonist…

Thus a conclusion was made.
After hearing this remark, Nicolas nodded.

「Let someone check it out!
We’ll mobilize the “Blood Shadow” of the church! 」

The Blood Shadow is a fallen knight. With high combat prowess, he was a serial killer who murdered commoners.
To god, the church and pope, there are a number of extremist who sworn allegiance.
However, his abilities are top-notch, not someone the church could just simply disposed of.
To Hinata who had a strong sense of disgust, the head is a funny existence. For the rationalist Hinata, god’s blind acceptance was a symbol of stupidity.
It was ironic considering Hinata’s position as God’s guardian of justice.

「Is that so? Then, I’m leaving it to you. It’s best if you don’t forget about the church’s discipline. 」

This isn’t the stage to take action.
I leave the information gathering to you. Besides, there might be something to gain from this.
That’s what she decided.

As a result, the bloodthirsty mad hound was released.
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