Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Chapter 63 – Children and Spirits
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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Author :Fuse
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Chapter 63 – Children and Spirits

Translator’s Corner (Cast: an English Clown and a French Pierrot)

Pierrot: Clown, I can’t move!

Clown: I told you the exact same thing yesterday.

Pierrot: And what did I say?

Clown: You were rude to my grandfather.

Pierrot: Yoshida-jiisan? Why would I be mean to Yoshida-jiisan?

Clown: I wouldn’t know.

Pierrot: I mean, he would play with you and me when I came over to hang out.

Clown: Did you hang well?

Pierrot: Once on a tree, yes.

Clown: With a rope?

Pierrot: Yes, why?

Clown: And you didn’t break your neck?

Pierrot: Why would you break your neck by hanging? We turned it into a swing… what a silly pun!

Clown: Not as silly as a joke I know! A husband and wife are moving out of their house and are starting to box everything up. The husband finds a box under the bed, pulls it out, and looks inside, where he finds two eggs and about $8,000. He approaches the wife and asks, “What are the eggs for?” She replies, “Every time I cheat on you, I put an egg in the box.” He says, “That’s alright, you’ve only cheated on me twice. What’s the money for?” The wife replies, “Every time I get a dozen, I sell them!”

Pierrot: You do remember that my parents divorced, right?



Life in the Royal Capital

063. Children and Spirits

We moved to a different place.
To the deepest room in the labyrinth–the oracle room.
Prior to arriving through to this room we first passed a large empty room before it.
A path that is one meter wide and twenty meters long leads from this room to a five meter in diameter circular scaffold.
What the scaffold is made of I do not know; it looks as if its spreading through the room.

「Okay? Step on top of that floor and call out to a spirit!」
「What should we say?」
「Whatever you like, really. Help me! Or, Let’s play!
An interested spirit will definitely appear before you」
「… will they really come?」
「They will! Sensei, they will, right?」
「Will they?」

The children look at me with a worried face.
Well, I think it will be fine. If no spirits show, I’ll make them appear.

「…Hey, you! You’re making a scary face!」
「Hmm? No problem, no problem.
Hey, brats! Don’t worry. It’ll work out!」

If they don’t show up, all I need to do is call them out myself.
While I wouldn’t mind spirits capable of thinking to appear–we could talk to them in that case, I would prefer non-sentient ones.
That is, in that case they could obey me without hesitation.

「Since I’m coming along.」
「… Well, I guess that’s fine. Doesn’t matter to me how many people go, but it is narrow. So, since you’re coming, it’s probably best to bring one child at a time.」

Hmph. It’s probably also a good idea to summon a spirit for each one of them.
Why? There might be some grown-up negotiations involved.
But anything goes as long as we can avoid negotiating with our fists…

「Alright! One person at a time will go. Who’s first?」

Then, we decided the order.
First will be the eldest Gale.
Then Alice.
Followed by Kenya and Ryouta.
And concluded with Chloe.
They did quarrel about it, but in the end were satisfied with this order.
Let’s get this over with.

A tranquil room.
Without a sound to be heard, enveloped by a dim light.
Only our footsteps reverberated throughout it.

「Sensei, if anything happens to me, please take care of them.」

Don’t be so formal.
He’s too tense. Without a word, I rub his head.
We have reached the circular room.
It’s designed with an optical illusion that makes you feel as if you are falling.
But,『Magic Perception』clearly sees a scaffold in there. Transparent glass? Acrylic fibers or something?
I step onto it while a little surprised.
But Gale is trembling in fear,

「Don’t worry, there’s a platform here. If anything happens, I’ll save you.」

I said, having long resolved myself.
Timidly and carefully,
He proceeds into the center

「Okay, there’s fine! I’m looking forward to the phrase you choose!」

Ramiris told him.
And after she tapped his head, he closed his eyes and began to pray.
Kneeling, as if praying to the gods.
I crossed my arms while observing this.
After some time has passed, drops of light began to fall from the sky.
Like snow.
And, before us on the altar a single person… no, a single spirit appeared.
Gale noticed this and continued to pray.
Good job! It’s a success.
A non-sentient mass of natural energy. Appearing like a mass of magical energy, but a mere counterfeit.
Will it be able to acquire an ego? Like Veldora’s cave, this place is filled with natural energy.
If it’s not self-aware it will probably disperse, then come together again to give birth to a new spirit.
Then, without any hesitation, I ate the spirit.

「Gale, continue praying!」
「Wh-what was that! You… what have you done?!」
「Ramiris, shut up for a second. I’ve got a plan.」

Calmly, I call forth『Great Sage』
After reading my intentions, it began the calculation. And after completing them, it began transforming the spirit.

≪Announcement. Transformation of the spirit using『Great Sage』has been completed.
The contents are now mostly of『Earth Attribute Abilities』
Furthermore, after analyzing flame giant Ifrit, a pseudo-human personality has been created.
Corrective ability from the unique skill『Great Sage』has been added.
Will you bestow this power on Gale Gibson? [YES]/[NO]≫

I place my hand on Gale’s head, select YES, and grant him the power.
Through this, the contract with the spirit will be completed within a single moment.
After analyzing Gale’s condition I confirmed that the rampaging magical energy was now at peace.
Of course, his aggregate energy is still far higher than that of normal children.
That is the result of spiritual energy and magical energy offsetting each other. Now, as he continues to grow he will probably be able to acquire many abilities.
“Surgery was successful!” I thought in my mind, and shook hands with the『Great Sage』- mentally, of course.
I mean, I haven’t ever seen what it looks like and have no idea if it even has a form.

「Yup, all done! Good job!」

I say to Gale.
Doesn’t look like he was in pain or anything; he just quickly looked up at me.
I gave a big nod.

「You’re okay now. The collapse has stopped, I guarantee it!」

With a face full of tears,

「Sensei, thank you very much!!!」

He bowed.
While hiding my embarrassment I patted his head, and so we rejoined the other kids.
Everyone was very happy to find out that we had succeeded. But, we have just begun.
It’s meaningless unless everyone is saved.

「Steel yourselves. We’ll celebrate when everyone is saved!」

They were reminded by my words and nodded.
Let’s move on to the second one.

Next was Alice.
She said that she was scared walking down the path, so I carried her instead.
Chloe and Alice seemed to bickering about something before, but it’s probably just children’s dispute.
Without a care in the world, I picked Alice up and proceeded towards the room.
I hope things go just as good this time.
Under my watchful eye, Alice bowed down to pray. Holding her hands together tightly, holding onto her skirt.
After waiting for a while, light began to fall from the sky just as before.
The moment the spirit appeared on the Altar, I ate it.
Ramiris looked as if she had something to say, but I completely ignored her.
I’ve gotten used to this the second time around.

≪Announcement. Transformation of the spirit using『Great Sage』has been completed.
The contents are now mostly of『Sky Attribute Abilities』
Furthermore, after analyzing flame giant Ifrit, a pseudo-human personality has been created.
Corrective ability from the unique skill『Great Sage』has been added.
Due to excellent affinity, it has fused with『Shadow Step』and evolved into『Spatial Transfer』.
Will you bestow this power on Alice Rondo? [YES]/[NO] ≫

Seems like my ability has evolved after coming in contact with a spirit.
What an unexpected occurrence.
I granted the ability to Alice.
Oh by the way,『Barrier』has changed into Spacial Barrier, but I cannot give it to Alice. I wonder if her affinity with it is just bad or something?
Well, it’s a skill she can just acquire on her own someday.

「Alice, well done! You’re fine now!」

I held her up in my arms and said.
She smiled widely and kissed me on the cheek.
Oi oi, what a precocious child. I mean, should I even be happy to be popular with seven year olds?
Nah, I’m happy.
Just remember–I’m a gentleman, not some perverted lolicon.


She bowed in thanks, and we returned to the rest of the group.
The moment I put her down she began to quarrel with the furious Chloe, but I guess that just shows how close they are.

I returned to the circular room with Kenya.
Now I feel confident. Things are going smoothly.
Just three left. In worst case scenario, I had planned to summon the spirits myself and grant them to children, but there was no need for that.
But, I am glad there’s only three left. Transforming the spirits takes up a surprising amount of energy.
I should be able to manage three more.
The moment Kenya started praying – I mean, he hasn’t even closed his eyes yet – light began falling from the sky.
What? That’s a mass of energy far larger than the ones that appeared for the other two.
And there stood a human shaped spirit–a boy.

「Yo! How’s life? I’m good.
I felt like coming over, so I did!」

And extended a casual greeting.

「Ah, ahhhhh!!! You, why did you just come to someone’s house uninvited!」

Ramiris, her eyes wide, asked that of the child spirit.
Seems like they know each other.

「Yo, who’s that?」

To my question, without waiting for Ramiris’ introduction,

「O~su! I am the spirit of light!
Unlike that depressing and fallen descendant of darkness spirit, I am a pure spirit!」

He said.
After thus introducing ourselves we continued the discussion.
Kenya, in a panic, was staring at us. Stop it, already.
After listening to our story, and perhaps maybe because Kenya had a good disposition towards light…

「So, I decided to help Kenya!」

Is how it happened.
Generally, light and darkness spirits have the highest social standing, and are the highest grade of spirits.
Seems like he’s also capable of bestowing divine protection onto heroes. In the first place, Ramiris and him are supposed to do that together, but that rarely happens.

「The last time we blessed a hero together was… what? Two thousand years ago?」

Is what he said.
After Ramiris got really bored and decided to become an evil spirit, bestowing divine protection became his job.
A pointless discussion, but it seems that Ramiris has inherited her “self” from previous generations.
She used to reign as the queen of fairies, but after reaching the pinnacle of power beyond which she could not progress she decided to split herself.
And to each one of these clone-children she gave a sense of self.
Thus, when they would grow up they could perhaps surpass the original. The flaw being–their weakness during childhood.
A race that continuously strove to grow out of weakness.
Among all the demon lords, only she possesses such hereditary abilities.
Random outbursts of anger are expected from the selfish Ramiris, but their relationship can be described in only one word–terrible.
Doesn’t it seem like most of demon lords are selfish? Can’t say that all of them are like that, but so far…

「So, until Ken-chan grows up, I’ll be protecting you.
Maybe, Ken-chan, you can even become a hero!」

Saying so, and without waiting for permission, he entered Kenya.
Much too quickly Kenya’s body completely stabilized.

「Hmm? It’s okay. All according to plan!」

Whose plan! I retort to myself; just remember, me: if you let it get to you, you lose.
Things are going smoothly.
Though Kenya seemed to doubt my words he did believe the fact that his condition stabilized.
After returning to the rest of the group he explained the situation himself.
Somehow, he seems to have matured a bit.

Next would be Ryouta.
What spirit would the weak willed Ryouta summon? It’d be bad if he doesn’t appear, I worry.
Just as previously, he bowed to pray before the altar.
He walked down the narrow path by himself. Seemed spirited enough.
Now, what will happen?
Immediately, an emerald light fell from the sky drawing thousands of helices.
Before anything strange could happen, I ate it.
According to the analysis it’s water and wind. A two-element spirit! You’ve done well, Ryouta.
The rest is up to『Great Sage』.

≪Announcement. Transformation of the spirit using『Great Sage』has been completed.
The contents are now mostly of『Heat Manipulation Ability』and『Transformation Ability』
Furthermore, after analyzing flame giant Ifrit, a pseudo-human personality has been created.
Corrective ability from the unique skill『Great Sage』has been added.
Due to excellent affinity, it has fused with『Cloning』.
Attempted to evolve into『Quantum Manipulation』. Failed.
Will you bestow this power on Sekiguchi Ryouta? [YES]/[NO] ≫

Cloning is something that is very difficult to use without『Great Sage』support.
So even if I grant it to him he probably won’t be able to use it. Well, whatever.
On that note,『Quantum Manipulation』huh? I have no idea what such a skill could do.
In the first place, can it teach me the basic concepts of the skill? I’d be happy if it could! If I investigated its concepts I might be able to replicate its effects.
Unlike the system of this world that people ardently study–magic, my abilities are far more unreasonable.
That is, if I explain the concept behind a skill in depth to the『Great Sage』it could create a system to make it usable; well, what’s impossible is impossible, however.
Perhaps that’s why the evolution had failed.
In any case, I was able to successfully bestow the spirit onto Ryouta.
And so, only one person left.

The last person, Chloe was very afraid to walk there, so I carried her over.
She was very happy.
Seems like she lied about her fear.

「Umm, sensei,.. I… I l-love you!!!」

Red to her ears she so told me.
I also like her. If she chooses, of course, to say the same after eight… no ten years.
I wish I had such a problem in my past life…
A pitiful existence, not a day together with a girlfriend, a pitiful man.
However, as a result I was able to acquire the wonderful『Great Sage』skill. So it’s a fair trade… probably not.
But how nice. Children are so honest.
That’s something they can only do when they are in school.
Well, past middle school they are often too embarrassed to say anything though.
But it was never too late for me. I mean, if something never even started, it can’t be too late.
But let’s forget about me for a second. Unfortunately, I became a little flustered upon hearing her words.
Now, what kind of spirit will she summon.
She’s the last one. Not a time for failure.

Like everyone else, she bowed to pray.
That’s when things started to change.

Should I call it that…? For example, something did fall from the sky.
An oppressive aura, and a beautiful girl with silver-black hair.
It had the vitality unbefitting a spirit.
Is she some astral existence? Abandoned her flesh and lives as a mass of energy.
Rather than a spirit, she radiates some form of soul energy. At this rate, she will dissipate.
To prevent her dissipation, she either needs something to bind her soul, or to reincarnate into some body.
Without a body, we’d need to create some system for keeping her here.
Which isn’t simple even for a high level spirit…
That girl (?)… celestial maiden suddenly saw me and grabbed on to me. And locked her lips around mine.
Unfortunately, as a ghost, she has no texture. A real shame.
Such a beautiful girl, even if she was a ghost… I would never! I mean, what’s going on?!
The celestial maiden, with a look full of disappointment, moved to touch Chloe.

「Stop!!! I won’t let you! I won’t let you do as you please!」

Suddenly, Ramiris held up both of her hands, prepared for combat.
Unlike her usual frivolous appearance, her eyes were completely serious thsi time.
A black light covered her hands which she shot out at Chloe. I jumped in front of Chloe to protect her, and it absorbed into my body.
〈Annihilation〉magic of instant death… It’s hard to believe, but she seriously intended to kill her.

「H-hey! What was that for!」
「Shut up!!! She’s dangerous! Don’t you see?!」
「I don’t?! What’s dangerous?」

While we were busy arguing, the celestial maiden overlapped with Chloe and disappeared.
Quickly, I verify Chloe’s status. The collapse has stopped.
No problem, right…?

「Ooooo! Mou! Too late. I give up… I don’t even care anymore!」

Puffing her cheeks, Ramiris shouted.
No idea what just happened.

「That’s why I’m asking… what was that?」

Ramiris did not respond to my question.
Chloe opened her eyes and appeared completely oblivious to our worries.
When I asked her again,

「I don’t know! I have absolutely no idea,
But, that was probably something born in the future.
Something that came from the future, and not a spirit.
Did she possess that girl to give birth to herself?
Ahh….. I don’t know!!!
But, that was something truly powerful.
If that is born in the future, it’ll cause many problems.
That’s the first time I’ve seen such a being. That… maybe that was the spirit of time…」

Don’t look at me. I gave up trying to understand.
Well, whatever. Chloe is perfectly fine.
It’s pointless to consider the future we have no control over right now.

「Good for you, Chloe! You too were able to avoid danger!」

I said, lifting her up in the air.
Chloe smiled happily.
Ramiris, looking at us, could only sigh.

「Well, I guess it’s fine. There was nothing more I could do since the moment it possessed the girl…」

She said, and turned away from us.

「I think everything will be fine. Chloe is fine and all.
By the way, thanks. Thanks to you, the children are safe!」

When we returned to the group I thanked Ramiris.
The children showered her in thanks.

「Ba! That’s enough, already!」

Her face red, she tried to shake off the embarrassment.
This is a demon lord… what’s the world coming to?
The other fairies flew next to Ramiris creating a beautiful sight.
In order to bless the children who avoided that dreaded fate…
To light the fire of happiness in their hearts.
And naturally, a smile formed on the kids’ faces.

And so, I was able to save the kids.
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