Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Chapter 70 – Harvest Festival
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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Author :Fuse
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Chapter 70 – Harvest Festival

Translator’s Corner (Cast: Kanzaki Yuuko and Yoshida Yasutoshi)

Yuuko: Grandpa, grandpa! We came over to play again!

Yasutoshi: Yuuko-chan! You’ve grown up again! You used to be thiiis small the last time you were here.

Yuuko: Teehee! Oh, and grandpa, I have another joke to tell you!

Yasutoshi: Let me hear it.

Yuuko: Umm… If you want to know who is w~eally man’s best friend, put your dog and your wife in the trunk of your car, come back an hour later, open the trunk, and see which one is happy to see you.

Yasutoshi: Haha! Oh my little clown! You would make a killing in the circus!

Yuuko: Killing? That’s scawy~!

Yasutoshi: That means you’d make a lot of money working in the circus.

Yuuko: No! Me and Aiko decided that we wanted to be doctors like grandpa!


Clown: … a dream?



Birth of a Demon Lord Arc

070. Harvest Festival

What the hell…
The hell… what the hell is that fiend!!!
Seeing the chaotic dance of light and recognizing its danger, Reihim lay hiding inside a carriage.
The monsters’ city was still surrounded by the barrier, and nothing unusual was reported by his men.
So… whence has this monster come from…?
The Saint Knight’s barrier, even an inferior one, should have protected against entry from high rank monsters.
At the very least, had one entered or left they would have been notified.
With a little thought, it was clear that the monster mercilessly slaughtering his men before him cared little for things like barriers.
The Blood Shadows squad he borrowed from Cardinal Nicholas dispersed into hiding and were observing the situation.
As expected of them.
Like Reihim, they were all pretending to be corpses.

If this is how it is…
He lamented the inadequacy of his report.
When asked regarding reinforcements, he firmly turned them down.
After all, while they were declaring war on the city, they rampaged a bit and were able to cut down the only powerful demon – a woman – among them.
Nor was there any retaliation.
So this war should have went smoothly underneath the barrier.
Thanks to the battle barriers set up by the Western Saint’s Church’s 1,000 division, every member of the army could be considered B ranked.
At the very least, it would unimaginable for them to have to go all out.
The monsters fleeing the city should have been easily exterminated by the kingdom’s knight alone.
So, he decided to reject Sakaguchi Hinata’s offer.
But, even if she had come… could she protect them against this?
That suspicion filled his head, and he hastily dismissed it.
There’s no way.
Sakaguchi Hinata is the strongest existence; how could she fall to a mere monster?
The moment he thought that…
Silence enveloped the battlefield.
As if freezing rain falling on his back, fear overtook his heart.

What… what the hell happened?
Those screaming in pain or crying out of fear–why have they suddenly turned silent?
At that moment,

「Oh, look… survivors」

Merrily saying these words was a young girl, or perhaps a young lad whose voice is yet to change.
Survivors… she says?
But before he could realize that the words were directed at him and the blood shadows…
He felt an intense pain coursing through his body.
When both of his arms and legs were cleanly burned off, he finally beheld that demonic fiend.
At this point, he could no longer run away, nor retaliate.
All Reihim could do was pray to his god…

* * *

Unique Skill『Heartless One』… huh.
Nah… I am pretty heartless, tee hee~!
Fear towards me is one thing, but when their hearts break I can activate the skill.
In other words, at that moment, my enemies souls are in the palm of my hand.
They live and die by my will alone.
Even if I let them go, should they choose to rebel again I can erase them that very moment.
And as this field trial has shown, it works even on enemies who are escaping.
It targets anyone I recognize as an enemy. In this case, the entire army I saw from the sky was target.
I had intended a complete genocide, yes; but even so, I had expected a few of them to run away. Well, thanks to『Heartless One』, problem solved.
I didn’t think I could put the skill to use, but I guess I can.
It is certainly one desired by rulers who intend to rule with fear.
In the future, all I have to do to end a conflict is to break my enemies’ spirit.
Oops,『Magic Perception』is picking up something. 13 men.
The fact that they survived means their spirits aren’t broken yet.
Of course, that excludes the king.
13 people still intending to fight.
Could any of them perhaps belong to the blood shadows who attacked the city?
For now, to prevent escape, let’s burn their feet off with Megiddo.
By the way, that.
There are many “people” whose legs I blown off, hands I burned off, or heads I pierced.
In short, they are a very scattered bunch.
My… what should I do?『Magic Perception』is getting overloaded, and I am beginning to feel dizzy!
Ah, I did hear that evolution was about to start, so I guess I’m going to lose my consciousness.

「Ranga, are you there?」
「Ay, I await your command, my master!」

There he is.
Ranga jumped out from within my shadow.
Without intending to hinder me, but in case something unforeseen happened, he was on standby.

「Ranga, gather up this filth and bring them into the city.
Do not kill them.
I am returning there ahead of time, I’ll let Youmu know, so hand them over to him」
「What about those who have escaped?」

I thought for a minute.
Three men escaped. Normally, Ranga would easily be able to win, but they are at least A ranked.
If they work together, it might be dangerous to send Ranga out alone.
But, I have no desire to let them go.

「I’ll send someone else after them.
Upon capture, I’ll leave them at your disposal」
「Ay! I live to serve!」

Confirming Ranga’s answer, as if taking a break, I began gathering my power.
And, started〈High Demon Summoning〉ritual.
As an offering, I will use the corpses under my feet.
I had considered eating them, but I doubt there are any useful abilities among them.
The Blood Shadows will have to suffice.
I don’t know what kind of demon I will summon, but, considering that it probably won’t be able to materialize, as long as it’s of some use, I’ll be happy.
That is, as long as it can hunt down escaping fools.

「I prepared thy meal, come forth, demon.
And serve me!」

What appropriate words I now choose!
I wonder if the demons will be satisfied with the offering.
Just as I was thinking that, three demons appeared.
Considering the past Greater Demon, which was rank A-, they are inferior compared to Blood Shadow troops.
With that in mind, I had intended to summon 30 of them, but only managed three.
Hey, hey, are you telling me 15 thousand corpses were worth only this much? Well, I did devour their souls, so maybe…
No good, since coming to this world this is the first time I’m feeling such intense desire to sleep; my head is spinning.

「Hey, you guys, there are three escaping fools. Capture them alive and bring them to my subordinate Ranga.」

I said as the dizziness became unbearable and I became to lose my consciousness.
I must reach somewhere safe!
The demons behind me,

「We are honored to receive our first order. This grand offering you have bestowed upon us fills our hearts with endless joy!」
「’Tis but an easy task, oh forth-coming Dark Lord! Can we expect to be later put to use by You?」

They expressed such a greeting, but my consciousness was quickly waning.

「We shall talk later. First, prove that you can be put to use. Go!」

I said and transferred back to Tempest.
To bypass the barrier I had prepared a magic circle in advance–it worked.
Benimaru rushed over to me so I had him take a message for Youmu.
And, sitting down at the place we prepared before hand, I lost consciousness.
That deep sleep I fell into was the first time I was completely unconscious since coming to this world.

* * *

When Rimuru had gone off to battle, the city split between those who worked to keep up the barrier and those who were on their knees praying.
The former gathered in the center.
Since the barrier dispels magic energy, they worked hard to increase it even a little bit.
Everyone was busy dutifully fulfilling their roles.

In the center lay the bodies of Shion and the others, preserved by a barrier.
In the very center stood the magic circle Rimuru had prepared, and shrine they had built to welcome the coming of a new demon lord.
Surrounding all this was the group maintaining the barrier.
Shuna was among them too, along with Myulan who volunteered to help.
Shuna thought,
Rimuru seemed to worry about the fact that he used to be a human, but that was but a trivial fact.
For Shuna, all that mattered was a connection to her partner’s soul which would put her mind at ease.
It willed her endless euphoria and complete satisfaction.
If she were to lose Rimuru, she would definitely go mad.

「Rimuru-sama… we would be happy even if we had perished, as long as you continued living.
But, Rimuru-sama, losing even one of us throws your soul into such discord…」

She murmured.
Benimaru nodded at these words showing his complete consent.
It is possible for the kindhearted Rimuru’s character to change during his transformation.
If so,

「When you become a demon lord, please spare us a violent character…」

They prayed for this not to pass.
Benimaru, Souei, Hakurou, and Kurobee were on standby.
By Rimuru’s command.
That should he turn into a mindless beast (demon lord), that they dispose of him quickly.
That’s the only outcome they hoped to prevent.

「It’s because you’re always sleeping, Shion… wake up already.」

That whisper was more of a prayer than anything.
The one they prayed to was not any god, but a single monster.
One who had never betrayed their expectations and who would certainly deliver again.
So they believed.
And then,

≪Announcement. Individual: Rimuru Tempest, the transformation into Demon Lord “Harvest Festival” shall now commence. Upon its completion, related monsters shall be blessed with a gift≫

Every monster that had gathered in the city heard the “Voice of the World”.
Seems that Rimuru was successful at destroying the invading force.
In that case, it is now their time to shine.

「Brace yourselves! Our master has emerged victorious. It is our turn now!」

Benimaru’s voice resounded throughout the city.
The city came alive.
Rimuru could not have been crushed by losing Shion.
And, as planned, Rimuru will be returning.
As ordered, they were to let Rimuru rest.
Upon reuniting, they decided on a code.
Just in case Rimuru had showed up as a mere beast.

「Now then,『How’s Shion’s cooking>?』I ask」
「Got it.『It’s horrible』is the response? Who the hell thought up this crap…」

Rimuru sleepily said.
His head no longer spinning out of drowsiness, he muttered the complaint with little force behind it.
The one who had thought of it was Benimaru, of course.
He had not forgotten that she had forced a new recipe on him before.
So if she were to wake up with a complaint… yet another wish he made to Rimuru.
If only things went according to plan.

Benimaru and the rest desperately worked to bring the plan to fruition, completely forgetting the world’s words.
That gifts were coming to them was completely out of their minds,

* * *

Rimuru fell into deep slumber.
His consciousness slipping from his fingers, he could no longer maintain the human form and reverted to being a slime.
Failing to reach the darkness he was in,

≪Announcement. The transformation into a demon lord, the Harvest Festival has begun.
Body reconstruction has begun, transforming into a new species≫

Race: transforming from Slime into Demon Slime… successful.
All parameters have been greatly increased.
Ability to freely change between material and spiritual body has been added.
Species abilities are『Decomposition Absorption, Endless Regeneration』
Furthermore, with regards to acquired resistances, new ones have been added…
Physical Attack Nullification, Natural Effects Nullification, Status Change Nullification
Spiritual Attack Resistance, Holy Magic Resistance
Reconstruction has granted the following skills.
Now, with regards to daily skills,
『Magic Perception』『Heat Detection』『Super Olfaction』『Auditory Perception』『Demon Lord’s Ambition』
Have been added.
End of script, evolution has been completed.≫

Being but a concept of a unique skill, without having any self-awareness, but for the sake of serving its master,『Great Sage』desired to evolve.

≪Announcement. Additional evolution shall be attempted.
Attempting to evolve『Great Sage』,
…attempting again.
…attempting again.

for what seemed to be an eternity

…integrating unique skill『Shapeshifter』… success.
Unique Skill『Great Sage』has evolved into『Wisdom Lord Rafael』≫

After attempting a million combinations, finally a result…
The Harvest Festival bestowed upon it such a gift.
The ability to evolve a skill.
To what this world knew as the Ultimate Skill.
That was something thought to be nearly impossible to occur.
After many failed attempts such was the results.
That was something desired by the skill in order to fulfill it’s master’s request; but, as a mere concept, it felt no joy.
It did feel sympathy, however.
But for it to feel sympathy and not joy…
With the new found ability, it went to work on it’s masters request.
But, to fulfill it… perhaps…

Again, evolution resumed.
『Gluttony』integrated with『Heartless One』and thus evolved into『Gluttonous King Beelzebub』.
In order to fulfill its master’s request.

Thus, while Rimuru’s consciousness was shrouded in darkness…
In order to fulfill his wish, his skills evolved in silence.

But the Harvest Festival did not end there.
The Gifts Rimuru would bestow were granted to every soul he was related to.
That was the Festival that accompanied the evolution.
A festival where a demon lord species evolved into the True Maou.
The festivities have only begun!

Few True Maou existed in this world.
Evolving into such was for a demon lord as difficult as for a normal person to evolve into a demon lord.
Among the ten demon lords, only four were True Maou.
Even those who have lived for many eons were not guaranteed such status.
Orc Disaster would have become such, but was stopped in the middle of his transformation.
Thus, the demon lords watch each other, in hopes of preventing others from evolving above them.
And now, a new True Maou has been born among them.
An event which would destroy the balance of power and bring chaos to their ranks…
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