Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Chapter 75 – Conference
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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Author :Fuse
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Chapter 75 – Conference

Translator’s Corner (Cast: Clown and Pierrot

Pierrot: Clown, you are depressed.

Clown: More memories have been flooding my mind.

Pierrot: A continuation of yesterday’s?

Clown: No. Report cards. Admission letters. Acceptance letters. Rewards. Various documents, with my name blurred out. I can’t seem to remember it.

Pierrot: Didn’t the doctor address you somehow?

Clown: I wasn’t listening.

Pierrot: You addressed me as Aiko, your sister. What was her last name?

Clown: Kanzaki.

Pierrot: So wouldn’t that be your last name?

Clown: Perhaps it would?

Pierrot: And remember that police came to see some Kanzaki… what was the name?

Clown: Kanzaki… I don’t remember!

Pierrot: Well, at times like this…

Clown: At times like this…?

Pierrot: Tell a joke!

Clown: My existence.

Pierrot: That’s not very funny.

Clown: Fine…A man who worked in a cruise liner as a magician had a parrot and every time the man did a trick the parrot yelled, “it’s in the pocket,” “it’s in the pocket,” the magician would do another trick and the parrot yelled, “it’s in the hat”, “it’s in the hat.”
One day during his act the cruise liner had a problem and the ship sunk. The parrot came up from the water and looking confused said; “NOW WHERE DID HE HIDE THE SHIP.”

Birth of a Demon Lord

075. Conference

Every member of every department assembled in the large meeting hall.
As for Ranga, I had forgotten that he was sleeping within my shadow.
He’s in sleep-mode–conscious but unable to move.
I couldn’t measure his abilities, but it is clear that he’s undergoing some kind of evolution.
Well, he’ll probably come running out if I wind up in some perilous situation.
He’s rather uninterested in the conference but is nonetheless listening.

I guess it’s time to begin.
The moment I thought to declare that the meeting has begun,

「I apologize for the intrusion in the middle of the meeting!
Ladies and Gentlemen, a guest has arrived.
Here on an urgent matter and requests immediate audience with you…」

A soldier on look-out ran in and so reported.
Rigurdo was about to reprimand the soldier, but Kaijin calmed him down.
We haven’t begun yet, so it’s fine. However, it is troubling that people can so easily enter here.

「Rigurdo, we need to look into this later」
「Ay. I am truly ashamed of myself.」
「Nah, we just got the idea and everyone’s working hard as is」

I replied, comforting him.
In fact, even if we find something lacking we only need to improve for later.
So it’s probably best to think of the long-term benefit.
I had that guest escorted here.

「It’s been a long time, Rimuru-dono.
We have come to aid you during your time of need. We hope it is not too late」

With these words, the Brumund Kingdom’s Freedom Association Guild Master Fuze came in.

Fully armed, prepared for battle.
Hmm? Hmmmmm?
If I think about it, it’s been what, 10 days since we had the 50 adventurers and merchants go?
And we had them deliver the information and request assistance, I think.
I am truly grateful, but are they okay associating with us?

「I apologize for disturbing you during your busy war preparations.
However, we found your defenses lacking. The Farmas Kingdom’s main force has yet to arrive, right?
According to our intel, a total of 15 thousand troops are coming.
Though it may improve your morale, I hardly see this as a right time to be merry.
Though we may lack in ability, we will support you to the best of our ability」

Clearly prepared to die, he delivered this heated address.
Yup. It’s really hard to tell him that the war’s already over.
And continuing,

「This is a good city.
Carefully built houses decorate your well planned streets.
The paved roads wouldn’t lose even to the Royal Capital.
I was surprised.
Hardly would I want to turn it into a field off battle. I suggest we launch a surprise attack to quickly destroy the enemy’s head.
We have heard the church backs the enemy.
So, we have brought over 50 B rank and above adventurers.
The country cannot openly support you. I hope you understand…
But the fifty of us will cut deep into the enemy ranks and slaughter… 」

The department members are staring blankly at Fuze, who is continuing the passionate speech.
To us it’s all… been there, done that type of thing.
But I had expected Brumund to abandon us. To think they really sent reinforcements…
Though we do have an agreement with them, surely there was a way out…
This makes me kind of happy.
But that being so.

「Yeah. I appreciate the sentiment, but it’s already over」
「Over? What do you mean?」
「How should I say this…
In other words. In a few words, I annihilated them!」

Although he was speechless, his face was clearly saying “Huuuh?”
Youmu came up to pat him on the shoulder and Cabal was saying something to comfort him.
Ellen and Gido were saying things like “Unbelievable, right!”
Well, I guess it is
I mean, not even two weeks have passed since they declared war.
They were probably expecting the army to take a week to reach here, us to buy two or three days fighting in the fields, and, if worst came to worst, hole up in the fort.
So when they arrive and saw us carefree, they seem to have convinced themselves that the army was running late.
Though we were so merry that they did suspect that something was off…
Anyways, thanks to Ellen’s and Cabal’s explanation, they seemed to have understood the situation.
So we had our soldiers escort the fifty men waiting outside to the inn–to relax.
Since it came to this, I might as well have Fuze participate in the conference.
Though he can’t represent Brumund Kingdom’s official position, he can at least offer a human opinion.

Now then, let’s begin the conference! I wanted to say, but

「Umm, would you have a moment?」

Bester asked, raising his hand.
Did something happen?

「What? Is there a problem?」

I asked,

「Yes. The thing is, we finished developing the magic item long distance communication ball…
It is now possible to converse while seeing the other party」

A wonderful invention, but why bring it up now?
I thought, but

「When I reported the event to the Dwarf King, he told me that he had some things he wanted to say…
So since we are all gathered here, I kind of figured this might be a good time」

I see.
If that’s it, I don’t see a problem.

「Bester. I don’t mind, but shouldn’t the conversation be held in secrecy?
We have Youmu and Association’s Chief over here, so is it fine?
If it’s a private conversation, shouldn’t we hold it later?」
「Ah, not at all. The Dwarf King also wishes to mention some things regarding future international relations…
When I told him about today’s conference, he said that he’ll assemble his Ministers as well」
「So they are currently waiting over there?」
「Yes. That’s how it is」

I see… we never did announce the establishment of diplomatic relations with the Dwarf Kingdom.
The two contracts that we have are the non-aggression treaty and the technological cooperation treaty.
Though those would be meaningless if our country ceases to exist. However, we now have the advantage.
I believe that the previous events are of a magnitude that they cannot ignore.
If anything, we proved to be a country that can destroy and army of 15 thousand men.
Will they officially declare diplomatic relations between us or perhaps seek to destroy us as humanity’s enemy?

「Bester, I have to ask, did you tell him that I have become a demon lord?」
「Ah, yes. I told him everything」

Ah, as expected.
He should have only confirmed it this morning so for him to so quickly assemble the ministers only evinces how gravely he views the situation.
Well, if you were told that demon lord class monster created a city and evolved into a demon lord, surely you’d sweat a bit.
He would learn of this sooner or later though. So this might be a good chance.
So at this point, continuing the conversation as is will probably not cause any further problems.
I mean, while planning our next steps I did want to hear his opinion.

「Got it. Then bring the communication equipment and set it up.
We’ll wait for you and prepare for the emergency council」

I declared.
This is a sudden development, but also a good opportunity.
We’re deciding our future here, after all.
Thus, we decided to hold a global conference instead of meeting right now, scheduling it an hour away.

Right after relaxing, Fuze heard our conversation and with an amazing look on his face ran up to me.

「Hey, didn’t you just say something really important right now?
I might be wrong, but did you just say that you became a demon lord?」

He said, trembling.
Does he need to pee? No need to hold back man, we have bathrooms around.

「Hmm? Ah, demon lord, right?
I did become one, what of it?
But more importantly, before you piss yourself, shouldn’t you use a restroom? 」
「Are you an idiot?! There’s no time for that!
Became a demon lord, yo! What’s up with that?」

Eh~. What a pain.
From the beginning? No good if I don’t explain it from the beginning?
Well, I did tell him I annihilated an army but I guess I can’t expect him to guess the rest.
I decided to summarize the events and explain.
And so, I explained it all to Fuze.

「Pardon the intrusion! Another guest seeks audience with Rimuru-sama.
How should we proceed?」

The same soldier as last time asked.
What’s with that. So many guests these days.
Leaving Fuze, who was saying something (grumbling) at the sky, I decided to meet this guest.

I headed for the room where the guest was waiting for me.
When I entered, I saw an exquisitely dressed gentleman and five men who had an air of experienced officers about them.
The gentleman was sitting on the sofa with the five officers standing behind him.
I could easily see that they were well trained.
The gentleman sitting on the sofa had a good face and could easily had been a model in his younger days.
His narrow eyes would be his distinguishing feature.

「Ah, good day. Sorry for the wait.
Pleased to meet you, I am Rimuru, currently working as this city’s King.
I hope we get along!」

I greeted them in a way I thought appropriate.
Though I became a demon lord, I have no clue about manners or formalities.
Nor does anyone around here know much about it…
Well, I do think that it would be nice to be taught these things, though.
Upon hearing my greeting, the narrow eyed man stood up.
And opening his eye wide with a Kuwa!,

「So thou art the demon who hath bewitched my daughter?
Hast thou said thy prayers!」

He said, beginning to chant an extremely high combustion spell.
Hey! This geezer is nuts.
From what I see, that’s the highest tier spell he got going there.
At this power level it would certainly cause some damage to the city.
Clearly a spell used against armies.
What’s this guy on? I have no idea what he’s saying.
I tricked his daughter? What’s that about?
Right as I was completely at a loss,

「Wait, Papa! Why did you come here?!!!」

Ellen came flying in.
And perhaps after realizing the spell from a single glance, she hit the gentleman squarely on the head.
A beautiful “Suppaaaa!” sound resounded through the room, and the gentleman regained his sanity.
It seems that this gentleman geezer is Ellen’s father.
And after hearing Ellen’s explanation, he finally calmed down.
What an annoying guy he is.

「My~, A ha ha ha. My bad.
I had heard that my daughter was captured by some demon lord so I was quite panicked!」

He said with a bright smile.
Even so, what point was there in preparing the highest tier combustion spell? What a ridiculous father.

「No, Your Excellency. The received report was correct but you jumped to a wrong conclusion」
「I knew it, Papa’s at fault here!」

A secretary-like person and Ellen ganged up on him.
That is kind of pitiful, but I don’t feel any sympathy towards him. He’s just paying for his own stupidity.
After things calmed down, he introduced himself again.
Ellen’s father, the narrow eyed gentlemen, is a high noble of Sorcerer’s Dynasty Sarion, Duke Elalude.
He’s related to the emperor, his uncle to be precise.
In short, he’s one of the three bigwigs of Sarion.
I can’t hide my surprise.
E-Ellen is a true ojou-sama?!
She can even be called a princess. To become an adventurer at that social status; she’s too free-willed.
I do think that those stopping her are correct, but I won’t do it myself.
I mean, she herself doesn’t seem to care. There’s probably people protecting her from the shadows as well.
They’ve done well not to let information slip.
Though that’s probably the result of Cabal’s and Gido’s hard work. Let’s thank them for it later.
But, now.

「So is the purpose of your visit limited to Ellen only?」

That wouldn’t be funny.
I glance at Duke Elalude,

「Fufufu. Of course, that’s not the case.
We are in considering how we should treat your country from now on, so I came to see it myself.
No need to worry believing I was careless. This body is only a homunculus.」

I noticed upon his words.
For someone important from the Sorcerer’s Dynasty, his body houses very little magical energy.
Though the officers seem to be real, the gentleman’s body is not.
As expected of a high noble. He’s careful.
But more importantly.
I want to learn how to make homunculi later.
And that brings us to the next point.
We’ll have Duke Elalude participate in the conference as well.
An hour has passed by now.
It’s time to start the conference.

Returning to the large conference room I found everyone waiting for me.
I had the Duke’s group escorted to a set of empty seats.
It’s probably best to start with a self introduction. That is, there are many people here who have connections to large countries.
So, let’s start it thus.
First, we’ll have everyone not from Tempest introduce themselves.

Dwarf Kingdom, military nation Dwargon.
Representing them: their king himself. Gazelle Dwargo. Though only projected as in image, his dignity is impossible to hide.

Small country Brumund.
Unfortunately, we don’t have anyone representing them.
However, we do have Fuze, the Freedom Association’s Branch Guild Master.
And, he’s rather friendly with Baron Belouard.
Though he doesn’t have decisive say, his opinion should have some weight.

A sudden addition to our table, a high noble from Sorcerer’s Dynasty Sarion.
Duke Elalude is a no-good doting father, but his current face is that of a stoic noble.
And, via his position in the council, he holds sway over the whole country.
So no disrespecting him.

So looking over the guests, it’s clear that many distinguished individuals have shown up.
A monster only meeting may lead us to fall into some mistaken conclusion. Thus, I am rather thankful that we have so many participants from the human side.
Next, we introduced all the members from Tempest.
And, it was finally my turn.

「Ah, right.
There’s one person I want to introduce to you.
Though you have probably have heard his name already.
So please don’t be surprised.
Now then, come forth!」

I thus began the introduction.
Knowing what was to come, Gabil swallowed his saliva and tensed up.
The air in the room changed, and everyone turned silent.

「Kuahahahaha! I have been called and here I am!!!」

I called Veldora out via “Storm Dragon Release”.
Using my clone as a base, he appeared as a beautiful young man.
Giving everyone a sidelong glance,

「This is my best friend, Veldora. Please be kind to him!」

I introduced him,

「Veldora’s the name, though I’m called “Storm Dragon”. Pleased to meet you!」

Veldora greeted everyone.
Dead silence enveloped the room.
No one moved.
And, with a flop, Fuze and Ellen fainted, screaming “Ay!!” Rigurdo’s group and the hobgoblins fell prostrate before him…
It all turned very chaotic.
Of course, the conference was temporarily suspended for a break.
…We hadn’t started yet, had we… I couldn’t help but think.
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