Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Chapter 76 – Conference – Main ac
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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Author :Fuse
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Chapter 76 – Conference – Main ac

Translator’s Corner (cast: A certain uni-cycling bear and his diary)

The Bear’s Journal entry:

Dear Journal,

Life is good ever since I moved into the home of my Partner Yuuka san. The place had all sorts of weird human gadgets, talisman, and flowers, but I got used to this surprisingly fast. There was a box that replicated my Ice magic, despite it being much weaker, boxes and papers that illustrates events happening in other places, and a wooden hot pool (albeit a little cramped, with the word “donation” on the side)!

If I ever get hungry, there’s a fishpond in a local park, and the humans in the fish market always leave behind gifts for me before hurriedly leaving their shops. This is the life!

My Partner Yuuka san however…has a few problems. Her work speed is fine, and she smells nice, like flowers (most other humans smell weird, if not terrible). She was even able to keep up with me when we went on a jog! Is she even human? But occasionally she’d slip into her own world, and would stare at me with a strange look on her face. At one point I heard her mumbling about me transforming into an “Armpit Shrine Maiden(wtf?)”

…she’s not behind me is she?

-Journal entry end-


The Clown had a minute so the clown edited the formatting and some small things here and there

Birth of a Demon Lord Arc

076 Conference – Main act

At one point the conference area was in a state of uproar, but it had died down somehow.
Those who fell unconscious were taken care of, and those desperately asking about Veldora were soothed.
There were a bunch of problems involving this and that, but I somehow managed to settle them.
Everyone was in more of a panic than I thought they would have been. It was chaotic.
As expected of Veldora.
There is no single individual who doesn’t fear the “Storm Dragon”.
Well, if a “Disaster Class” monster suddenly appeared, it’s natural for people to start panicking.
Even so, it’s going to turn into a chaotic mess no matter what, so might as well introduce him earlier.
When making future plans from now on, I’ll also have to think about Veldora’s movements huh.
The humans, Fuze and Ellen, Youmu and the dwarves etc, already made me used to seeing their paled faces.
Even though I have suppressed it, they must have been affected by Veldora’s demonic aura.
Every executive was told to suppress their demonic auras, and they’re pretty experienced with this.
After analyzing a barrier and simplifying it, one was deployed in the room.
After all, even in his sealed state, an ordinary B ranked monster pales in comparison to Veldora emitting this demonic aura.
Even so, I have confidence that I can hold back his demonic aura.
I thought it would be fine because my abilities after evolution made such a feat possible…

「Is everyone ok? How are you all feeling? 」

What I heard was,

「……I didn’t hear anything about this, regarding this issue. 」

「Wait a second… Veldora san is a friend? Can you tell me more about this? 」
「……If I report this to the guild master……wait, I am the guild master! 」

I was suddenly pierced with complaints and resentment-filled gazes.
Even if you say such things, nee?

TN Note: The “Nee” here is something like the “Nee” in “Desu yo nee…” I guess.

Taking it all in, even if I said such a thing, it would be hard to believe me wouldn’t it?
Besides, I’m wasn’t even supposed to talk about this.
However, instead of being stunned by the demonic aura, they were simply scared stiff.
That Fuze, if I didn’t advise him to go to the toilet earlier, something would have leaked.
That’s wonderful! Right?
I was glared at after patting him on the shoulder.
Because I was the one who gave him that advice, I thought he would like to thank me, but that’s something he probably wouldn’t likely do.
Well whatever.

「Hm? I didn’t tell you? I thought I did, or maybe I didn’t……
Well, it’s all in the past, so we’re all fine now right?
Putting that aside, let’s start the conference! 」

I said that with a refreshing smile on my face, but it wasn’t received well.


They protested in unison.
Somehow, everyone calmed down and after another hour of delay, the conference continued.



Now then, about the opening topics of this conference.
Although there were a number of topics, talking about the small details as well when explaining something was a good way to save time.
With that said, this circumstance of explaining in detail was also a request from everyone.

It was troublesome, but as if I was recapping, I started my talk from my encounter with Veldora.
I also briefly touched on the subject regarding me being a “World Traveler. Because, at this point, I don’t think there’s any point in hiding that anymore.
You don’t know where or when it would leak, so I wouldn’t be troubled by this anymore, now that it’s revealed.
The demon lord is a “World Traveler”, therefore it’s not something impossible anymore.
After all, the demon lord Leon Cromwell was also originally a “World Traveler”.
Then, I swiftly explained the fight against the Orc lord and also the reason why we built the town in this location.
Sharing information is important.
The ones on the receiving end broke off and displayed all sorts of different reactions.
Thus, I moved on to talk about my hopes when I went into the human city.
I skipped over my daily life in city, but I did talk about my fight with Hinata.
She’s a dangerous one.
If someone else apart from me was to be fighting her, they would have surely been killed.
Her “Purification barrier (Holy Barrier)” is a particularly dangerous skill.
Apart from the barrier, she might have something to use against single targets.
Amongst those whom I shared my knowledge with, I telepathically conveyed images to the executives in order to make sure they don’t forget.

「Hinata Sakaguchi huh. That women, she looks ruthless at first glance, she even gives off the strong impression of being a coldblooded murderer.
Helping those who grabbed her hand, ignoring advice,
That’s based off the information we gathered.
For example, for those who rely on her, I’m sure she lends them a helping hand.
Helping those who grabbed her hands, ignoring advice, and this person doesn’t seem to have a partner.
That’s why, the issue of her treatment towards children, I can’t believe it. 」

This is what Fuze said when he butted in.
Splendid, This old man is a well-informed person.
She helps those who grabbed her hands, but ones who ignored and didn’t listen to her advice never see her again, that’s the kind of girl she is.
There are many who come to seek her aid, and yet she ignored their pleas for help, She’s an idiot.
If her character is akin to that of a rationalist, then it’s no wonder if she would do such a thing.
That’s what it seemed like,

「Hmph. To be so good at manipulating information, as expected from the Free Association Branch guild master.
The accuracy of the information you gathered rivals that of the ANBU of my country.
The information perfectly matches the ones I have」

TN Note: http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Anbu

Saying that, the dwarf king Gazelle nodded.
What does this mean?

「However, that person wasn’t willing to listen to my story at all though? 」
「About that, it’s probably because the Church’s doctrine bans interaction with monsters.

And her ruthless behavior, her known cold actions, she never broke any rules.
In fact she is the most exemplary knight.
That’s why she was named “Captain of the knights guard division working directly under the pope”.
To name her with a derogatory term like Ruthless killer, you’re thinking of her true nature.
However, the information that I have obtained are based on her public appearance. 」
Fuze answered my question, and the dwarf king nodded.
Her widespread reputation was something unexpected.
No, information regarding the strongest knight of the western religion is of course a matter carried out by an entire country.
However, if that’s the case……
Raphael can find the answer.
Who was the one performing the act of summoning children.
I know about the matter, and I am in a position where I can tell her about this.
A relevant person, there’s only one person absent.
It’s unbelievable, I don’t want to believe it……
But according Raphael’s answer, there’s no doubt about it.
In any case, the issue is placed on hold.
We decided to proceed with the talks.


From the point where I fought with Hinata, I proceed to talk about the town being attacked.
At this point, Ellen intervened, and tried to stray away from the topic of my evolution to a demon lord……
But she ended up exposing it instead.

「Besides, Papa already found out about it right? 」

Being asked, Duke Elalude looked up after hearing this.

「Ellen chan……
Even though Papa has already found out about it, there’s no need to blurt it out to people from other countries……」

A sigh of defeat was also mixed in from Duke Elalude.
I understand how you feel.
Amongst the ones ignoring the work of adults, Ellen was the worse. But because of that, there’s no need to be cautious anymore.

After taking over the position, he was told about the original information on demon lord evolution.
Now then, a whole series of explanations had finished.
However, when I tried to shift the topic towards future plans and actions,

「I’ll say this beforehand.
Regarding the events this time, we of the Magic Dynasty of Sarion plan to wait and see.
Even so, regarding the cleaning up of my daughter’s well-executed civil actions, I will not push any further.
However, if it is determined that your course of action is determined to be disadvantageous to our country, we will crush you.
I would like you to consider your future actions based on this. 」

No longer having the face of an idiotic parent, but a high noble of the dynasty, he now has the look of a politician.
As expected of one with dignity.
His words has stirred up the executives. It all stopped when Shion stood up, and everyone hushed in a hurry.
Truly, what a hotheaded fellow.
She has become serious. I too have become serious, and decided to respond.

First, we discussed about the matters regarding the captured King of Farmas and the church’s messengers.
And so, for the future, we will crown Youmu as king, and descriptions of a plan that aims to establish a new kingdom have been given.
While listening to the explanation, Fuze grumbled.
I remained silent for a brief moment, thinking over what I just said, collecting my thoughts.
The dwarf king remained silent, and I closed my eyes.
The ministers around the king seem to actively giving their own opinions, however their voices did not reach here.
Duke Elalude remained silent and uttered no words.
The explanation continued.
First we release the current king, to make him compensate for his attempt of invading tempest.
It is only nominal, but using this compensation, we will allow the Farmas kingdom to fall into a state of civil war.
In fact, if the king gathers his nobles and tries to resist, his life is forfeit at that point.
Keeping his promise, abdicating himself from the throne, only the problem about compensation will be left in the end. It’s unlikely for the nobles to pay obediently.
I can imagine the son of the current king being the nobles’ puppet as he isn’t an adult yet.
There is no unity within the faction, as soon as the king’s influence is lost, strife for succession will definitely ensue.
Here, if they did decide to pay the compensation, Youmu will be the one to escort them, but this is unlikely.
I have the feeling they are going to ignore the compensation.
When this happens, Youmu can oppose to it, and due to their beliefs, this flow of events will lead to a coup d’état.
Since the king has broken his promise, that will be the standpoint of Youmu.
The only difference is on what stage will Youmu perform his uprising
After Youmu has established his new kingdom, his kingdom and us Tempest will establish official diplomatic relations.
Then, we expect to have to deter the nobles from banding together to resist.
After some time has passed, he will announce a policy that will gain the trust of the people. When Youmu’s popularity is high, he will destroy the nobles with one fell swoop, it’s this sort of strategy.
You mustn’t think about short terms strategies when founding a country.
You would want to be thinking 2 ~ 3 years ahead.
Oh well, if the king is foolish enough to think about rebellion once more, Youmu will ascend to the throne immediately.
When I was explaining this,

「I see. Then, why don’t we put this plan into action. Marquis Muller and Count Hermann are on friendly terms with Burmund.
If you get involved with the plan, you would want to rely on them.
During Youmu Dono’s uprising, let’s negotiate to get them to turn around and support us. 」

That’s what fuze said.
I wonder does the guild master of the Freedom Association branch have such authority?
Sensing my speculation, he gave an explanation.
In a word, both Marquis Muller and Count Hermann are under the patronage of the King of Burmund.
Marquis Muller is a distant relative of the King of Burmund, the two actually on good terms
In addition, Count Hermann is a protégé of Marquis Muller, so apparently betrayal is out of the question.
Due to the fact he was a Marquis of a big country, they apparently don’t show intimacy when in contact with each other, but behind all this they’re actually close friends.
Is it fine to expose such a secret?

「Hahaha. Even if you call this a secret, I’ve already leaked this secret to a subordinate of the dwarf king in the ANBU. My Kingdom, the Burmund Kingdom is a kingdom of information, where Intel is up for sale.
It’s because we’re such a small country, we would be immediately destroyed if we don’t regulate such information.
However, based on the Dwarf king’s ANBU alone, we have yet to grasp the full picture.
Isn’t that right? Your Highness Gazelle. 」

The Dwarf King Gazelle simply raised his eye brows and showed no further reaction.
However, this allowed me to realize that they do indeed have information on such matters.
But even so,

「Even so, Fuze. Is it alright to share such information so easily?
Even if they’re not on the level of a state secret, isn’t this still important information? 」
「Hm? I don’t mind you know. I’m the one who examines it, and more than anything, I can choose to share it with whoever I want. 」

That’s what he said.
That was quite a surprise, this was something that happened before the break and he seemed prepared.
This small kingdom is very careful about their footsteps, and this is proof of how much they trust Fuze.
He himself said that he has in his hands, several information that could bring an end to Burmund and whatnot.
I’ll kidnap this guy and obtain information, was a secret thought that crossed my mind for an instant.
Duke Elalude who has been listening to our entire conversation suddenly said,

「You sire, are you an idiot? To start blurting our state secrets!
Saying that you are vigilant…… Don’t be ridiculous! 」

I was quite angry with him.
But on the contrary Fuze said,

「To tell the truth, Duke Elalude.
If our country went to war against Rimuru-dono’s country Tempest, we would be annihilated instantly. We have concluded that resistance is futile. Then what should we do?
We avoid a war. For the sake of that purpose, we’re not reluctant and will cooperate to our fullest abilities.
This is the conclusion of the higher ups of my country.
Originally, I am a freedom association member and do not belong to the country, so what you said was quite funny.
Well, it was out of luck I was also seated in the department sorting information outside of my position as an association member. 」

I swore while muttering, why such a person has undertaken this role.

But speaking truthfully, um, well, maybe they understaffed?

I alone rivaled an entire army, so they took the threat of a demon lord very seriously. Rather than fighting one with one another, join forces instead.

This is logical.

Gathering information may be the strategy of small countries living in the shadows of big countries.

「In addition.
The fact that Rimuru-dono evolved into a demon lord has caused quite a commotion amongst the higher ups. If they were to hear about the revival of the “Storm Dragon”……
Even if they didn’t ask about it, this being brought up is predictable. 」

This is what Elalude explained to Fuze.
In short, revealing his hand won’t cause pain him in the slightest.
Rather, he told us everything, probably judging that doing this will help gain our trust.
Is this good or bad. Correct or wrong.
Such things aren’t important here, it seems Fuze’s intuitions are all aggressively pointed towards getting along with me.
Even though this may backfire and destroy their country, they concluded this was the only card in their hand they can deal in order to survive.
They’re a little too afraid of me, but when you think about it, I’m an opponent who has obliterated an army of 15,000 elites. There is nothing a small country can do against that no matter what strategy they employ.
It’s certainly outrageous, but in a sense, this is the only valid choice they had.
It’s effective for me at least.
As such, further explanation continued.

「At the same time, we’re also interacting with the church.
We’ve judged that for the sake of our own defence, it is impossible for us to formally acknowledge the monster country “Tempest”.
Doing this would be something unacceptable according to the teachings of the church.
However, it’s obvious that a small country cannot hope to have enough fighting force to subdue a demon lord.
The church has no rights to criticize us, rather they should be obligated to aid us.
Even if we did formally recognize the monster country “Tempest”, diplomatic relations aren’t solid.
This point will be emphasized during the conference to hold back the church.
In any case, should the church attempt to lead a crusade……
Even if we to be referred to as cowardly, we would simply wait and see.
We would stand with the winning side.
Oh, and this is what the higher ups are thinking, please don’t think badly of this. 」

I see.
Then there are no problems.
On the surface he stands neutral, but he’s actually secretly supporting Youmu.
The struggle of a small nation.

「However, as the Dwarven kingdom, we have decided on a bold policy.
Our country, has decided to formally establish diplomatic ties with “Tempest. 」

With these words, the area was filled with uproar
If the armed Dwarven superpower officially acknowledges this nation, it would greatly impact the world.

「Are you serious……?!」

Fuze also seemed speechless.
Dwarves were thought to stick to being neutral.
That’s what I thought as well.

「Hm. This is a decision that also has its merits.
The Farmas Kingdom was the only country to sell our goods legally.
A good customer where we earned a large portion of our tax revenue from, but I had no idea which country they sold their goods to.
At this point, a highway had already been developed between our country and Tempest.
On foot the journey would have taken 1-2 months, by carriage it only takes 2 weeks.
The new trade route has already been completed.
There’s no reason not to use it.
In addition, if you think about this on a military standpoint, their military might are in no way inferior to the eastern empire.
Furthermore, damages from monster attacks are gone.
And, most importantly……
This is my judgment as a king.
I have trust in the demon lord Rimuru, that’s that. 」

At that moment Fuze looked like he had taken a direct hit.
With the entire area shrouded in silence, the only sound was the flipping of pages as Veldora reads his comic.

TN Note: Veldora, feared storm dragon of Great Jura Forest, reading a comic during a conference…where did he even get that comic anyway?

Huh, wait! Old man, what are you doing!!!
Well whatever, besides, he can’t hear us anyway.
If you leave us at peace, we wouldn’t complain.

「That, that really is…
That really is a bold strategy isn’t it, dwarf king. 」
Fuze glanced at him gingerly,
「Hmph. Measures I take has naught to do with you. 」

He said, as if trying to cut him off.
However, if it comes to this, just what had happened?
Our country and the Dwarven country officially have diplomatic ties now.
As a central for trading, Tempest will shine because of it.
The residents of this monster town may become a problem, but being acquainted through conversing is possible.
Rather, there’s no doubt they could get along. This is already proven.
The main problem is……

「Fufufu. The problem is the western religion right?
I was also able to report important topics back to his majesty.
He said that diplomatic relations with the new country is possible.
Even though there isn’t much distance between us, there is a disturbing forest.
Of course, regarding the development of highways and logging of trees, I can leave it to you right? 」

Duke Elalude had said such things after thorough calculations.
If a highway was developed…
It would be possible to have diplomatic ties with the Sorcerer’s Dynasty Sarion.
In addition, this path will also be connected to the Dwarf Kingdom.
For the products passing by, there’s also the merit of direct import.
However, the most important fact is, various technologies such as Magic engineering and spirit engineering will flow into tempest.
If this can become a reality, highway maintenance is but a cheap price to pay.
Thus, Calculations seem to flash right by Fuze’s brain.

「I’ve got an idea!
I’ll go back first to show them the situation, and issue a policy to make profit out of this! 」

And that’s what he said, but the king and the duke had an unconcerned look on them.
On the contrary,

「Hmpt. In any case this is just bullshit from an insect. 」
「That’s right. Diplomacy and decisions takes precedence over all others. 」
The two had scolded him.
「Well, you’re both large countries, must be nice to have authority……」

Fuze lamented that he was a man with a sad position.

「I get it, I understand!
I’ll also convince the higher ups. Man, why do I have play this role……」

That’s what he cried out while tearing up.
In other words, they acknowledged the country Tempest, and also formed diplomatic relations with us simultaneously.
However, he wasn’t the one to spearhead this. It was the dwarf king that declared this first.
Thus, the rest of the meeting was used to clarify the small details of the agreement.
The situation seems to be moving along faster than I previously anticipated.
When the meeting was about to reach its end, and each representative was about to leave for their home country,


The door flew opened and someone barged in.
Following it,

「Listen! This country (Tempest), is going to be destroyed! 」

Such a thing was said by a small girl- One of the great demon lords, the “Fairy of the labyrinth”, Ramiris-chan .


It’s just Ramiris btw.

I just thought Ramiris-chan will fit her better.
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