Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Chapter 83 – Eight-star demon lords
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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Author :Fuse
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Chapter 83 – Eight-star demon lords

083. Eight-star demon lords

The red haired demon lord stood up right after I devoured Clayman.

「Excellent, then from today onwards you will be acknowledged and known as a demon lord. Is there anyone who oppose of this? 」

Naturally, there were no objections as apparently, I had already been accepted as a demon lord long before this.
I was relieved. To be honest, when I antagonized another demon lord and had a quarrel I thought I would be a goner; It was a suicidal act!

「I believed that Rimuru was a guy that could get things done when needed to! If you like, I could allow you to be my follower. 」
「Ah, I’m good. Go find someone else to follow you.」
「What’s with that!! What’s wrong with following me?!!」

Begged Ramiris.
On the other hand,

「Fufun! You want to get along with Rimuru because he’s my friend right? 」
「Eh!? Lies! *Chokes*! Rimuru it’s a lie right? 」
「Wahahahaha! You’re so unpopular Ramiris! 」
「What was that ー?! Hiya! 」

Saying those words Ramiris performed a splendid flying kick towards Milim’s face but Milim deftly avoided it.
I stared at the two, amazed.

「Fun. I don’t want to admit, but there’s no other way. This mistress will not forget her grudge against the evil dragon over there.
But oh well, I’ll admit it today. If you survive the next Great War, I’ll play with you! 」

That’s what Ruminas said.
Since I was glared at with blood-thirsty eyes, I thought this bishojo was going to be a tough one, but it seems like everything’s fine.

「We approve of this, don’t we Old man (Dagruel)? 」
「Umu, yes we do indeed. I have nothing to oppose of this.」

TN Note: it’s like “hm…”, but Japanese variant.

Dino and Dagruel have also given their approval.
The issue the two talked about must be something major. It seemed that they were trying to protect me a while ago, they’re good guys.

「Fu, I have no interest in regards to who being a demon lord or whatever. Do as you like. 」

Leon said that, cold as usual.
Now then, there’s two individuals left.
Thinking of this, I stared at Frey and Karion. Frey noticed my gaze and stared back at me as if she were sizing me up.

「Is it fine? We’re in the middle of the feast, and I’d like to make a request rather than a suggestion but is it ok? 」

And such words were spoken.

Ruminas’ butler had set the round table I kicked back in its original position.
There was a large piece of table that broke, but I didn’t look at it. If you pay attention to it you lose.
It seems compensating for this round table is going to be pricy… I’m sorry.
The demon lords sat around the round table.
During the meeting, two maids came in to prepare tea.
Frey began to talk after everyone had calmed down.

「First of all, there are no objections to accept the slime(Rimuru) as a demon lord.
My proposal is another matter differing from the topic.

…no, it’s not necessarily irrelevant.
After watching the battle earlier, I was convinced-As a demon lord, I am too weak.
Even when I was fighting Clayman, we’re just neck to neck.
If it were an aerial battle, I would have the advantage…but this isn’t an excuse for a demon lord.
I have decided to become a subordinate of Milim.
Milim is also very dangerous, not someone that should be left alone.
I may be inferior as a demon lord, however my abilities in combat are decent.
What do you think, will you accept my proposal? 」

Saying this, Frey alternate gazes at Milim and Guy.
It’s not about her being weak…
Rather, Clayman is the impulsive type, like a tactician. To think Frey would rely on tactics made them have a weird feeling in their gut.
Well, I wonder is it because she’s the scary female type that makes this even weirder.
Just before Milim was able to respond to the proposal,
“Wait a second. If that’s the case, there are things I want to say as well.
I too, had lost to Mirim due to my inflated ego.
I intended to step down as the general.
What if there is an emergency, or maybe the Hero appears? Giving this loser the name of a demon lord is presumptuous isn’t it?
That is why, starting from today I will be the subordinate of Milim.
Pleased to meet you, General Milim!”
At the moment, they don’t even bother to check the other party’s intentions.
Milim doesn’t have any subordinates in the first place. That’s why, there isn’t anything stopping Milim getting subordinates…
This then makes me wonder, what will happen to the subordinates of the two Demon Lords?

「Wait a minute, Karion! It was Claytard who was bad due to his negligence!
I was controlled by him so I know about such things! 」
That’s probably unreasonable.
While that excuse still wasn’t accepted, I thought about Milim.
The other demon lords have a surprised look on their face in response to that recklessness.

「You bastards, don’t feign ignorance and lecture others. A little while ago you were,
『It’s probably impossible for him to dominate me』
『I’m good at breaking free from such things. 』
Or something like that isn’t it right? 」

A good imitation of Milim’s voice was used to re-deliver her lines.
Guy is surprisingly skillful.

「No! That, about that……」
「Well, it doesn’t matter what happens to that muscle brain idiot over there, you’re fine right Milim? 」
「To, to have the audacity to say such a thing! When it comes to subordinates and servants, can you not speak to me so casually? Didn’t we pull off the trick together as well!? 」

Hearing Milim’s words, his head shook,

「No, if you want to, we can work together. After all, wouldn’t it be more fun together? 」

Thus, an instigation began.
As you can see, this is a place where you can’t afford to be careless.
Well, Karion being Karion,

「Don’t worry about it, but you obliterated my country!
You too, have the obligation to take care of us! 」

Smoke began to rise from Milim as she tries to comprehend the difficult words.
He’s more of a schemer than I though.
Milim who could no longer comprehend the meaning is now inches away from losing consciousness.

「Eeeeiii!!! Whatever! Do as you like! 」

The smoke that came out of her head was akin to a volcanic eruption, and she stopped thinking.
As expected of Milim
She looks clever, but she’s no good at thinking.

「Hahaha. All right! Then today onwards, Karion and Frey are no longer demon lords.
You should have served Milim from the beginning」

Guy declares so with a laugh.
Nobody present voiced an objection. Naturally, I too, have no objection.
Thus, my Ascension as a demon lord has formally been approved.
At the same time the three demon lords were expelled, one was given eternal death, and the other two are now direct subordinates of Milim.
The Ten Great Demon Lords is currently down to The Eight Great Demon Lords.

「I see, it’s not the Ten Great Demon Lords anymore.」

In response to my murmuring, the demon lords reacted jumpily.

「Disturbing huh. For the sake of our dignity, we must think of a new name」

Dagruel had brought up such an issue.
Eh? Is this such an important issue?

「Fortunately, we’re in the middle of the Walpurgis Banquet. All the demon lords are gathered here, so there is an abundance of wisdom floating about. 」

Ruminas made a serious Aizuchi.

TN Note: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aizuchi

Oyoy, it doesn’t matter our name is.
Besides, the humans already named us without our permission in the first place.

「Didn’t the previous “Ten Great Demon Lords” took about 3 months to decide? I’m already burned out. I don’t have any more energy to think~」

No no. You probably didn’t think even before you burned out.
I’ve been thinking hard up till now! That’s not what it looks like.
Or rather, why did it take 3 months to think up such a name!
Or rather, what I really want to say is…demon lords seem to have a lot of free time……
What I heard, is that during those 3 months the name “Ten Great Demon Lords” had already taken root amongst the humans.
In the end, it was decided to go with that name, but the needed assent weren’t obtained.

「Calm down you lot. Its times like these where we need to cooperate and get over it! 」

These are the words of Guy, and

「Eh? Eight Great……」
And, he silenced his surrounding with wordless, oppressive silence.
「That’s right. Now, it’s as Guy said! Give it your all everyone! 」

Ramiris restated this.
Apparently not all eight great demon lords were convinced.
And as if cooperation and coordination were meaningless,

「Wahahahaha! I’m leaving it all to you guys! 」
「I have no interest in this matter. I leave it to you.」

Immediately, a few people had already started to interfere with the already fragmented cooperation between demon lords.
As expected of demon lords.
I thought it would be impossible to cooperate in the first place, and it seems like it really is.
Furthermore, when the atmosphere was about to get even more awkward,

「Oh, if that’s the case, then this is the specialty of my friend Rimuru! 」

Behind my back Veldora had said such a thing when he began to get bored.
Tsk, and I thought he would be fine as long as he keeps reading manga when such an event occurs.
Reading the mood, he indifferently continues reading on his own.
However, there was someone who nodded in response to Veldora’s words.

「That reminds me, it was you who named my subordinate (butler)! 」

It’s Ramiris
“It’s not even your servant” is what I wanted to say, but now’s not the time for this.
But this person… I caught a glimpse of her intentions showing, only to disappear right after.
If you don’t insert the interlocking nails, it’ll soon be too late.

TN Note: Interlocking nails are iron rods stabbed into bones to straighten them.

Well, I don’t really mind…but it’s up to Baretta’s intentions.
Looking around, the demon lord’s expectation-filled gazes are now all focused on me.
Oh no… the encircling net has already been cast.
Winking to each other, Guy said,

「Today, Rimuru has been recognized as a new Demon Lord.
I think I would like to give you a wonderful privilege.
Yes! The privilege to give us a new name!
Receiving such a great honor, you will naturally accept it, will you not? 」

This is, a wheedling voice.
And I remained silent, neither accepting nor rejecting,

「And besides, you are the reason why our numbers decreased. Take responsibility and think of a name already! 」

Suddenly out came an intimidating tone.
This is going to be seriously troublesome.
Whatever. I give up too.

「I get it already. Goodness sake, don’t complain if you don’t like the name. 」

I replied thus.
The demon lords, now at ease with their face filled with smiles.
They relax while I substitute them in a tea ceremony. Completely leaving it to others.

TN Note: I think the tea ceremony is an idiom about leaving all the hard work to others.

Well then, this guy has high standing.
There are eight demon lords, Eight Great Demon Lords is probably fine, but I have a feeling this wouldn’t do.
Earlier, Ramiris think Eight Great Demon Lords is fine right? I was about to say it, but the intimidating glares from my surroundings made me forget all about it.
Now what…,

「What about “Eight-Star Demon lords”? Even though I associated it with an Octagram? 」

[ED: I tried to think of new names for them, and ended up with these:

Octostar Demon Lord,
Starry eight Demon Lord,
Eighth starred Demon Lord,
and my personal favourite, Octo-Dimensional star Demon Lord

None made it to the end.]

After I spoke, silence followed.
The Demon lords closed their eyes, and examined each word carefully.
After a while, everyone opened their eyes in unison, and,

「It’s decided. A splendid name」
「Don’t think you have won yet, a new era is upon us! 」
「I thought so! If it’s Rimiru I believed he/it/she can do it! 」

ED: Rimuru you damn hermaphrodite. Making my life so hard.

「As expected indeed! Bwahahaha!」
「Hmph, I’ll acknowledge this, just a little.」
「In an instant! Wow. The last one took three months! 」

There weren’t any objections.
That’s great.
Even if anyone objects, I’m going to make that person think of a name instead.
and besides, I just heard it. What have you lot been doing in those three months…
In this fashion…from today onwards, the feared demon lords will be known as the “Eight Star Demon Lords” (Octagram)
Eight Star Demon Lords.

Demon race… The “Lord of Darkness” Guy Crimson.
Dragonoid race… The “Tyrant of Destruction” Milim Nava.
Pixie race…The “Fairy of the labyrinth” Ramiris-chan.
Giant race… The “Continent’s Wrath” Dagruel.
Vampire… The “Queen of Nightmares” Ruminas Valentine.
Fallen race… The “Sleeping Ruler” Dino.
Humanoid Demon race… The “Blonde devil” Leon Cromwell.
And I,
Slime race… The “Newbie” Rimuru Tempest.

I want a cool “Second name” too.
To make my soul tremble in excitement, they’re wonderful guys.
Well, there’s someone inside who will think whatever.
With my recognition as a demon lord, the distribution of land was also carried out.
Currently, my territory consists of the entirety of the Great Jura Forest.
It was an unprecedented treatment.
Frey’s, Karion’s, as well as Clayman’s territory will be merged and be under the rule of Milim.
In the end, her rule is nominal.
Territory management will probably be left to Karion and Frey, as well as Milim’s people.
Because there are some drifters amongst the demon lords, hiding in their territory, so I don’t know the locations of all the rulers.
However, with the demon lord’s ring, it is possible to communicate with them.
I was also given one.
The Demon lord’s ring can not only be used for communication, but also summons a spatial magic gate.
Of course, they can freely visit this place……
And that’s about it, which means I can come here without needing them to exclusively come pick me up…?
No, I can’t think about this. I have a feeling I’m only going to feel tiresome if I ask this.
Thus, the series of events involving Clayman as the mastermind has come to a close, and I was recognized as the new demon lord.
Clayman’s master, the existence of this mastermind is worrisome, but at the moment the issues from the demon side are resolved.
Furthermore, I have officially stepped up to the position as the demon lord.

* * *

Guy had a thin smile on his face as he observed the demon lords.
Now, the demon lords have received a new name as well as a slight increase in combat power.
Eight-star Demon Lords.
A symbol of the new demon lords, I think it’s a splendid name.
The distribution of forces is settled and everything has settled into a state of equilibrium.
In the Great War this time, it is certain that he has the advantage.
There’s no difference whether he wins or loses, but even so it is natural for him to desire winning.
While it lies in his degree of familiarity…
According to what Dino heard, the eastern empire is rapidly gathering forces.
The troops that was once destroyed by Veldora has begun to regroup and powerful beings are reborn once more.
And, we suspect that within the shadows of the eastern empire lies the presence of the “scorching dragon”, Velgurind.
If the empire starts making a move, the “dragon kind” may start getting active.
Things have become interesting.
The pieces have been scattered on the world as the stage, the war (game) for supremacy.
The challengers will give their all and participate in this fight.
A way to finally relieve this boredom after 500 years.
This time’s Great War is going to be something truly “great”.

My own ultimate skill, 『Prideful King Lucifer』.
Milim’s ultimate skill, 『Wrathful King Satan』
The New demon lord Rimuru’s ultimate skill, 『Gluttonous King Beelzebub』is taken into consideration.
Three major powers with the strongest abilities, the ultimate skills, are prepared.
I don’t think I am the stronger one here, but I hope it’s a happy miscalculation.
In addition,
Within Dino, “Sloth”.
Within Ruminas, “Lust”.
The priority of awakening of the two’s ultimate ability is only placed in the back.
And, to enjoy things…
About Shion… She already has combat abilities on par with the demon lords, and further growth can be expected form her.

TN Note: Except she used her blessing on cooking. Maybe she can learn to cleanly slice up enemies into meat strips?

The bud of jealousy has sprouted.
Frey, Karion, and Shion.
I confirmed what dwelled in these three at the same time.
No one can predict where the wind will blow, but when they awaken it would be a joyous event.
Hopefully, I wouldn’t be drunk in jealously and collapse.
Jealousy is hard to control, for it feels like even after I awakened from my dream I still dwell in yet another dream.
Guy thought of the future, and indulged in the rapturous feeling of his imaginations for a while.


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