Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Chapter 101 – Smooth Plan
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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Author :Fuse
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Chapter 101 – Smooth Plan

Translator: Shuu
Editor: Clown

Founding Demon Capital Arc

Chapter 101. Smooth Plan

We went to the last floor where Veldora will live and arranged the interior.
I take out all of the furniture out from my stomach and set them in room cordoned off by blocks.
Atmosphere is really important, so I can’t let the public see it.
I copied and prepared some items that Veldora likes.
And after we finished decorating the room, we proceeded to the center of the 100 floor and had Veldora release his aura.

Veldora released his aura carefully and managed to do so without an accident.
The inner walls of the room were created out of ore.
It going to turn into demonic steel soon after getting bathed with magic power after all, so it’s a simple mod wall.
This way, we can save a bit on costs.
By the way, the first floor of this dungeon is a square room 250m wide.
It’s the same size as 4 Tokyo Domes, but as you continued further down, the size got smaller.
The dungeon was created this way so the aura could spread well.
Veldora’s room is 100m2 wide.
It’s seems quite big, but if Veldora get into his real form, it actually quite small.
It was created so it can be expanded if it’s ever inconvenient.
The dungeon is under Ramiris control, so it can be customized freely to some degree.
The aura is seeping up to each floor as planned.
Since there’s no wall to block the way, it fills the room without disturbance.
All we have to do now is to wait until the monsters spawned.

After Veldora turned back into his human form, we moved on to the next step.
First, about traps

Poisoned Arrow ●●● Arrows smeared with poison come flying out of nowhere
Poison Swamp ●●● Swamp that is really poisonous. If you fall into one, you’ll get poison damage and abnormal status
Turning Tile/Mat ●●● Driving your sense of direction mad. Feel the importance of mapping!
Moving Tile/Mat ●●● A floor that moves all by it own. Really scary.
Cutting Thread ●●● Pass by it without realizing, your head comes off. Combined with Moving Floor for brutal results
Pitfall ●●● Rather than the damage dealt by falling down, what’s awaiting you when you fall is scarier.
False Treasure Box(Mimic) ●●● Great, a treasure box..? Too bad, it’s ME!
Laughing Treasure Box ●●● Great, a treasure box! Die laughing.
Monster Room ●●● Hi there! Finally, a feast.
Sealing Room ●●● Turn a fire on and…..
Darkness Floor ●●● It’s a common sense to bring a torch you know. If you don’t have one, we could sell one for a high price, how about it?
Low Ceiling Floor ●●● I don’t want to meet monster while crawling~
Terrain Effect Floor ●●● What the hell is this?! Why there’s a volcano in a dungeon!

I listed all of the trap I could think of.
Almost all of them are possible.
It’s just the Terrain Effect Floor is too difficult. Well, volcano is impossible as expected.

I was imaging having blazing floor, freezing floor, or blizzard floor that makes traps from natural disasters, but…….

「Impossible. I don’t have the energy to maintain something like that!」

As expected, it’s impossible.
Well, I might’ve asked for something really absurd.
And when I was going to give up on that plan,

「Do you want me to tame a fire dragon or ice dragon from somewhere?」

I hear the voice of someone that shouldn’t be there.
As I turn around I could see silver haired twintail.

「Eh…..? Why are you here? Milim….」

100 floors underground.
In the other word, in the last floor of the newly-built dungeon, a beautiful young demon lord is smiling with a complacent smile.

「Fufun. Somehow I feel that you’re doing something fun. To think you were courageous enough to exclude me」

She said while getting arrogant and arching her back to emphasize her pitiful chest.
As usual, she’s dressed all in black with dragon knuckles–that are emitting a dim light and hardly fit–on her hands.
Still, as expected. She’s really sensitive to this kind of conspiracy.
No doubt, it’s impossible to hide things from Milim.
In the first place, it’s impossible to reason with Milim.
Just because she appeared here, there’s no need to be surprised.
Milim and Veldora glared at each other, but afterwards shaked hands and seemed friendly.
If the two of them fight with each other, it’ll be a serious matter.
Thank goodness they have become friends.

「Sorry about that. I had no intention to leave you behind. I was going to invite you after it was done」
「Really? But it’s more fun to participate from the get-go when doing something like this」
「Well, that might be true. By the way, is your country all right?」

She’s also a demon lord.
Moreover after merging her territory with the former demon lords Frey and Karion’s territory, it should have gotten rather big.
Is it ok for her to play and walk around like me? (Hmm, me? I’m good. Everyone is really excellent, so it’s better that I don’t disturb them)
Upon hearing my question, she averted her gaze.

「Well, it’s fine. See, I’m really excellent after all…….
By no means have I come here by running away because I hate studying!」

I see.
Frey or the other examined and summarize the country state of affair and tried to teach it to Milim.
She hated it and ran away to this place. That’s probably the real situation.

「No way! I’m going join no matter what!」

Before I say anything, she refused.
As expected. Her intuition is sharp as usual.
Well, whatever. I’m not the one that’s going to get scolded anyway.
Rather than that,

「Alright, I’m not the one that’s going to get yelled at, so let’s put that matter aside.
What you said before, taming a dragon? Is that possible?」
「Ugh…. I really will get scolded…? No, but….
It can’t be helped. There’s bound to be some danger when you venture out.
It’s possible to tame a dragon. If you want, should I tame one for you?」
「Ooh, can I rely on you? In that case what species are there?」

Milim fears getting scolded, just like a kid that skip her homework to go play.
Well, it can’t be helped. It’s the path she took.
After overcoming her worried expression, Milim’s mood changed easily as she teach us about dragons.
Seems like Veldora had no interest in it at all.
Ramiris is saying something like 「What are you doing coming to this place!」 just to get glared at by Milim and caught..
From Milim’s explanation, there are 4 types of dragons.
Fire dragon, ice dragon, wind dragon, and earth dragon.
There are some that gained special evolution or unique, but these are the only four types.
As expected it’s impossible to tame a dragon lord, but as long it’s not a lord, it’s possible to tame an adult one.
With this, having an effect similar to terrain effect is possible.
And so we’ll have the dragons live on the lower floors.
I don’t really know just how strong a dragon is, but practically every dragon is at least an A rank.
It’s the level that could be defeated by 6 Holy Knights.
An elemental dragon is bound to increase the difficulty. Thus – while being carefree, of course – I arrange the dragon floors.
In order of strength, fire>ice>wind>earth.
Or so it would be if the dragon is young. The order might get changed it it’s an old one. That is, the dragon that is able to exercise all of its power will arise victorious.
If it’s the order from strength only and it became like that.
And so,
99th floor is Flame Hell Floor Being covered in high temperature flame, the last gateway. Heat-resistant equipment is needed. The one that waiting before it is!?
98th floor is Ice Hell Floor. If you stop, you die. Can you endure it with cold-resistant equipment?
97th floor is Lighting Floor. The thread of lighting falling down from the sky. Whether you can break through this floor or not depend on your luck!
96th floor is Tremor Floor. As to ridicule the one that managed to come this far, a fiendish earthquake will befall you. Feel the wrath of the dragon!
And so the super hard terrain floors have been created.
The dragons could use the aura that Veldora released as food, so they could live here with no problem .
There’s no need to tamper with these floors. Just let the dragons that Milim tamed make a nest here and it’ll be fine.
Next, create a safe zone every 10 floors.
Well, there’s a boss room before each, so they could only access it after they defeated the boss.
There, they would be able to purchase magic stones, sell drops, and buy potions at very high prices.
Building a tavern or a restaurant might be a good idea, but wouldn’t they just exit the dungeon if they wanted a break?
Well, I’ll decide on that as things go.
The first floor difficulties is for testing only. So any beginner could finish it.
The roads are wide, so getting lost is unlikely.
Nevertheless, 250m in width is considerable. It’s going to be a floor that makes you walk a lot without any result/income.
From then on, starting with the 2nd floor it’s not that easy.
It’s time for the traps.
Even though I say it won’t be easy, in reality there isn’t a single brutal trap up until the tenth floor, so I’m sure they’ll proceed without any major difficulties.
Immediately facing a death trap would dissuade people from continuing, so it’s out of the question.
In this manner, while arguing about this and that, the four of us proceeded to arrange every floor.
And thus, after three days, we are almost done fine-tuning it.
We nod to each other with smiles on our faces, leaving the dungeon with a feeling of accomplishment.

※Needless to say, the dungeon is filled with monster by the next time we went there.

Milim went out to tame the dragons.
I don’t particularly mind the monsters getting destroyed, but that’s a no-no for the dragons.
We assigned all the tamed dragons as Ramiris’ subordinates.
Get this, inside Ramiris’ 『Dungeon Creation』her subordinates are immortal.
If Ramiris got killed, she’ll disappear, but the subordinates could respawn at the recorded spot.
This is the reason why she wanted Beretta so much.
Even if Ramiris doesn’t have any power, inside the dungeon, Ramiris troops are undefeatable.
For Ramiris who doesn’t have any subordinates, it just a meaningless invincible skill.
Beretta himself serves us tea without any complaint busily fulfills a maid’s function.
Since it seems that Beretta consents, working for Ramiris might not be so bad.

「With this, I finally gain real subordinates…..!」

Said Ramiris clearly emotional.
She might be really lonely. So while looking at Beretta,

「Oi, Beretta. Do you want to be Ramiris permanent servant?」

I ask Beretta.
I’ve been thinking of this for a while. If Beretta wants it, I’ll let him change it’s loyalty.
If Beretta didn’t want to, I’ll prepare new subordinate for Ramiris.
Beretta answered,

「Is it all right? Then I’ll swear my allegiance to Ramiris-sama, as her servant」

He said without any hesitation.
Isn’t it good, Ramiris. You’re unexpectedly loved.
I nodded,

「Fine. Well, then Beretta. From now on, you shall work under Ramiris!」

I declared, lifting the master lock and transferring it to Ramiris.
Who’s of course clearly dumbfounded by what has just occurred.

「Ay! Thank you very much for everything up until now. I won’t forget the favour of letting me be born into this world」
「Don’t worry about me. From now on, work hard and protect Ramiris」
「Ay! Even at the cost of my life!」

Let’s believe him. If it’s Beretta, I don’t have to worry.
The transfer concluded without any problem. From now on, I’ll only be the sub-master.
As long as nothing happens to Ramiris, Beretta will only listen to Ramiris command.
Ramiris who finally managed to understand the situation pranced around in delight.
She might be really delighted.
But, it’s fine.
Controlling the dragons inside the dungeon all by herself might be too difficult.
So if Beretta is there when she needs him, there will be no problem.
It also seems like Beretta doesn’t want to hand over the position as the first servant since Beretta has been serving her for a while.
Veldora and I start to get fed up while look at the prancing Ramiris.
Being a formal master-servant relationship, Beretta became an immortal inside this dungeon.
Servant can only revive at a previously set location, but there are no revival limits.
With a sufficient number of troops, Ramiris’ ability is terrifying.
And it’s because she’s the owner, that this ability has yet to see the light of day.
I’m not going to tell her, but depending on it’s use it could easily sway any battle.
Even now, having Beretta with unlimited rebirths is too overpowered.
Now, we’re also adding Milim’s dragons.
There’s a chance that this kid will soon have an unbelievably potent power in her hands.
But, it’s Ramiris after all. There won’t be any problem.
This lovable fairy is just a small lonely kid.

The revival item called bracelet of revival is also recognized by Ramiris, so anyone who wears it will not die.
But, it’ll have no effect outside this dungeon.
If this thing isn’t explained completely, there’s a possibilities of misunderstandings.
And then while confirming various things, the dungeon is getting shaped steadily.

「What’s this airtight room for? is this also a trap?」

To that question,

「If you suddenly enter into a room without air, you’ll fall from not being able to breath. At worst–die.
You have to be careful in front of any room. This is an ironclad rule.
Examine the poison inside the room, measure the concentration of air. If you can’t do at least this much, you won’t be able to last long.
At worst, you have to use wind magic for ventilation」

I answered, seems like she didn’t understand.

「Well, I know that this is an atrocious trap.
You…. I’ve been thinking this for a while, but you’re a terrifying guy.
But, reliable. I wouldn’t have been able to think of this kind of trap all by myself….」

Ramiris said while looking at the traps with admiration.
So that’s what she thinks of me. Well, I liked games in my previous world, so it’s a trap that I’ve gotten used to.
If you tell me to clear it in real life, though, I beg to differ.
There’s almost no one unaffected by poison and having no need to breathe like us.
I think it’s going to be a brutal dungeon.

The completed masterpiece can hardly be described with only “brutal”.
(Well, if you add monster to those kinds of vicious traps, of course it’s going to be fiendish)
I feel like I heard a voice, but it’s probably just my imagination.
However, I bet I’ll hear it again soon enough.

After finishing the creation of the dungeon, I return to city.
Veldora and Ramiris will probably happily finish the rest by themselves.
They were very interested in watching me set up the traps..
They also asked to allow them to set one up, but I refused–primarily due to wanting to avoid a sick joke before the tenth floor.
Otherwise the customer (adventurers) will have their hearts or minds broken and will be unable to proceed.
However, I did decide to leave the rest to them on the condition that the floor must be passable.
95th and 94th floors will probably end up being nonsensical floors, but it’s ok.
91st to 93rd floors are untouched. Milim might want to do one, so we’ll set it up later.
And so, I leave the rest to them. It’s good to see them enjoy themselves this much.

By the time I got back to the city, Myormiles had arrived.
He must have prepared himself with a great haste. His arrival is way faster then what I had planned.
I led him to the mansion I’ve prepared beforehand and leave the rest to Rigurdo.
I say my thanks to Myormiles and briefed him on the new happenings.
I explained the location of the arena and the plans for building a tavern town there.
I also told him about the plan to attract adventurer with the newly built dungeon.
Rigurdo and Myormiles were shocked to hear that and it turned into quite a discussion.
Rigurdo wanted to discuss the type of people who will come here from now on.
Myormiles discussed the opening of the arena and the dungeon.
After listening to their opinions, we proceeded to discuss the necessary resources.
They quickly became good friends.
I told Rigurdo to treat Myormiles as the official leader of the business division.
I also told him that Myormiles will get a second post as the leader of publicizing.
Rigurdo nodded, and contacted the individuals that would benefit said divisions.
Thus preparation continue.
Myormiles was accepted as the resident of Tempest easily.
I only introduced him and let the other introduce themselves.
The flow was so smooth it left me surprised.
Anyways, after seeing Myormiles’ work ethic, they can’t have any complaints left.
Myormiles evinced that he’s able to grasp the abilities of the subordinates that were assigned to him.
And, including his entourage, he assigned jobs to each member individually.
Seeing a hierarchy completed in a blink of an eye is rather refreshing.
Myormiles is really lively for being responsible for two divisions.
Now, as for the invitations to various leaders and figureheads.
Excluding the person I personally know, we send the invitation under Myormiles’ name.
Influential nobles and wealthy merchant of each town.
His progress is so quick that you’d think he had been doing this his whole life.
We also drafted up procedure and costs for the upcoming events.
Not just the planning and management, but things are producing smoothly on all fronts.
Looks like I chose the right person.
Perhaps out of all the ideas I’ve thus implemented, choosing Myormiles was the best.
If he were not here, the possibility of things going awry is high.
With just our power, we couldn’t have performed this well.
I’m really fortunate to be able to meet good people.
Myormiles also feel charmed by the food, environment, and comfort of this town.

「Impossible…. This is impossible! It’s even more comfortable compared to the royal capital!」

He kept saying until it basically became his catchphrase.
I’m glad that he liked it.
Then again, Myormiles reaction is the primary evidence that everything will be fine.
And Myormiles himself knows it.

「Rimuru-sama, there’s no way this plan is going to fail.
With everything as it is, anyone could make it succeed!」

Myormiles said. filled with excitement.
I think anyone is a bit too much, but I’m happy to hear him say that.

And as the preparations progress, unfamiliar people start coming to the town.
I feel a heated season approaching.
And it is nigh upon us!
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