Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Chapter 105 – Preliminary Round
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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Author :Fuse
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Chapter 105 – Preliminary Round

In the process of being checked by the Clown.

(White) “Hey Black, any ideas for a pre-story?”
(Black) “I’m trying to think of one, but you decided not to sleep much last night, so there’s serious sleep deprivation going on here…”
(White) “But… I had to get up at 9am to see if I could make Bear steaks for breakfast!”
(Black) “And you were the same one who stayed up until 4am, did you even get to make those steaks in the end?”
(White) “No… he listened to my message and didn’t go back to the hotsprings again. Honestly… asking for an extension to go to the hotsprings, if I ever told the leechers, they’d eat him alive.”
(Black) “You’re too cruel sometimes White, are you sure you aren’t more deserving of the Black armor than me?”
(White) “We both know that’s not true… There’s a good reason you’re the one in the Black armor.”
(Black) *Evil aura* “Never forget that White.”
(White) “Oh quiet you. Now go get Gray, we’ll need him to sit and edit this chapter for us.”
(Black) “We haven’t let Silver stretch his legs in a while…”
(Gray) “I know, isn’t it great?”
(White) “Seriously, I hate having to do the paperwork whenever he gets out. Well, go do Chapter 105 Gray, the people are waiting for your faster paced editing. I don’t have the time for full edits right now with what’s going on tomorrow.”
(Gray) “Last exam?”
(White) “Last exam.”
(Gray) “Got it White, i’ll do it.” *The Colored samurai leave the room, leaving a lone samurai at a desk with a quill, for hours, alone. The duty of the diligent Gray*
(White) “Hey Gray, don’t write anything to glorify yourself either in the pre-story piece alright?” *His epic and rapid handcraft allowed this untold hero to quickly complete any task. His humble nature knowing no equal under the heavens. While the battlefields raged upon the soils of foreign lands, one Samurai knew his purpose to lead the nation to greater prosperi-*
(White) “I knew you were going to do that Gray, just work!”
– – – – – – – – – – – –

Chapter 105: Preliminary Round

Following up after the audience of the monsters living in Jura Forest, the greetings with the emissaries of the neighboring countries were carried out smoothly. Even though the emissaries were gathered in unfamiliar garb, the banquet was held without issue. And that’s good. The truth of the matter is, I received no more than a greeting from the emissaries. Matters of negotiation and demand were conducted mostly by Myormiles and Rigurdo, who then filled me on the details. Seems like they’ve got a tacit agreement not to let people bother me with these matters directly. They really live up to my expectations. Frankly, even if someone did ask for my backing, I could only respond with a “Ah… is that so?” type of statement. Personally, I think that for the sake of future relations we should support anyone who asks, but those guys probably figured that this is my position and prevented it from becoming public. “Don’t go around making thoughtless promises!” Or something like that. Truly, whether it’s something we can or cannot do aside, we simply don’t have the manpower to apply such regulatory policy. Thoughtlessly increasing the workload would probably make it unmanageable even for me. I mean, it always seems – to me – that things are going so well, that I might have been getting naive lately. Since speaking to me was forbidden for most emissaries, the only ones I actually got to have a conversation with were the Hero King of the Dwarves and the King of Burmund. Yesterday, when the King of Burmund came for the meeting proposal, he also apologized about the Elven incident. It wasn’t anything formal though–just a simple apology. Promising to strengthen future management, making sure that our agreements are held up is his form of indirectly apologizing. Despite being a small kingdom, the king himself came dependent on the invitation. This would have probably been enough as an apology.

The Dwarf King arrived yesterday around noon. It seems he arrived during the day to look around at the development of our town. He’s been rather enthusiastically observing the sewage and drainage systems we have in place. In addition, while the facilities under construction were mentioned, he was eager about the prospect of the railway system. Since he was constantly running about observing our various technological advancements, we ended up losing out on a majority of the time we had to talk. However, last night when I acted as the ornament at the feast, he decided to speak to me.

“It’s been awhile Slime Rimuru… no, Rimuru Dono. This beer is great by the way. By all means I must have you teach me how to brew this, ahahaha!”

I was more or less expecting him to talk to me at some point, but for alcohol to be the way he broke the ice.. I suppose it fits a Dwarf, however, liquor isn’t his purpose. He drank a lot, but he certainly didn’t have the eyes of the drunkard. Since there are other countries present, he couldn’t say it in public. He’ll probably bring it up later so I didn’t press for it or anything. Whether the other emissaries were avoiding talking to me or what not, no one else approached, so I thoroughly enjoyed talking with the Dwarf King.

Most of the emissaries are of Ministers social class. To interrupt a King of a major power, is something they are unlikely do. Moreover, some are just terrified to talk to me. The exterminations of the Farmas Kingdom army has long since become an international fact. My power is no longer subject to any doubt and is well known to be something no nation could readily deal with. Since that’s the case, I would suppose it would take some serious courage to attempt a conversation. As for the merchants–they are mere commoners. Even if there are nobles among them, they lack the social standing to speak. Certainly not in front of the whole delegations. In the end, the only person that can call out to me, without my initiative, is the dwarf king. Thus, we chatted on the most pointless topics until finally ending the conversation. The Dwarf King intended to show the other emissaries that our two nations are on friendly terms no doubt. As a result, shrewd opportunists would find value in conducting business in me rather than just another demon lord. This is the support of the dwarf king. Well, he probably also calculated the amount of wealth that will flow into the Dwarf Kingdom once Tempest is developed, but I am still thankful nevertheless. We weren’t able to discuss any important matters yesterday, but I was able to have a good time.

Unchecked past this points

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Now, the night has passed and the sky has grown clear and blue. The rain clouds of yesterday have blown away to form this wonder of weather we are having.

The arena for the fighting tournament is complete. Ten thousand spectators from all corners of the continent to watch the battles.

Overhanging roof mechanisms for the purpose of blocking sunlight are installed at the spectator areas. The roofs at the spectator areas are semi-circular skeletal frames with a thin film stretched over them.

Fancy elaborate ideas are used to form a eerie atmosphere if I do say so myself. Nobody will think that the purpose of this is actually just to block sunlight. Surprised cries are raised unanimously, it’s probably due to this eerie sight.

It seems amongst them are some weirdoes who were excited instead.

The spectator venues have all been filled, the seats packed. Myormiles handled the arrangements, I invited the audiences, there are no blunders or oversights.

If the battles were to end too early, a tour of the dungeon has also been planned as a side attraction. Guiding ten thousand people is a worrying task, but this can be distributed amongst the citizens of Tempest.

Leave it to me.

Behind the scenes, I’m working earnestly in various ways.

Stores are opening outside the arena, classic menus such as skewered meat and yakisoba are on sale. There’s even shaved ice on sale in some of the shops. I was surprised and amazed by how much has been prepared.

Aah, I want to eat Yakisoba. I began to recall memories, but I wonder what it is.

Well, that’s how it is I suppose. During my various conversations with various cooks and people, I was able to convey my memories of the various foods due to thought transmission, but reproduction of taste is rather difficult. No, if I make full use of my analysis skills, I should be able to reproduce its spirit. Since wheat can be grinded into powder, reproducing it was unexpectedly easy

Even sushi was successfully reproduced, there’s nothing to fear.

The audience surrounded the ground level section of the arena. At the entrance there were large stone tiles that were used to pave the ground. Processing the two meter squares was a rather tasking challenge, but they were carefully laid in a pattern similar to a checkerboard. The gaps are filled with an impact-absorbent material with additional adhesive properties, giving it the appearance of a large slab of rock.

Since I spread a soft film of magic over it, its durability was increased. Even if it’s ordinary solid rock, it’s 300 harder than concrete. The material spread over this layer is 10,000 times harder than concrete. It’s 2m thick. I was surprised at how its durability is comparable to nuclear shelters.

There’s no need to even test it, I’m confident that it would be able to take a direct hit from a nuclear strike, especially after a certain bad cook had a try at breaking it. There’s no difference between the two in my mind anymore…

Since it’s physically durable, with the aid of magic, we’ll be able to construct structures that are hard to destroy.

A magic formation is inscribed onto the floor, and a battlefield is formed. Since it would also be used for combat training in the future, it covers a considerably large area.

The magic formation extends to the audience venue, it’s a large scale magic. In the inside of the circle, a smaller circle with a diameter of 500 meter is drawn. This is the stage of the fighting tournament.

Inside the visible double barrier, there’s actually far more though, is where the fighting tournament will be held. This time, we asked for the cooperation of the holy knights, and a holy barrier has also been erected.

Making sure that the audience didn’t end up getting splattered by the contestants is something I thought of early on.

Through a prevention barrier, power limitation has not been activated. Since Magical energy has not been sealed, there’s the risk of disturbance caused by a high magic output, but that’s been suppressed by one of my personal barriers.

My ultimate skill, the Covenant King Uriel, the absolute barrier.

In reality this alone would have suffice, but since I didn’t want to show it thus I decided to invoke the holy barrier to disguise it.

I think those present didn’t notice it.

Since its activation period is an instant, it was preempted to be activated at the moment when an attack capable of destroying the holy barrier is unleashed. If this is only for precaution there shouldn’t be any problems.

We haven’t been expecting it, but we even took precautions against holy type attacks, there will be no problems.

The whole arena is filled to the brim with excitement.

That’s to be expected, it’s one of my carefully laid out plans after all.

It seems like fighting tournaments also exist in this world, but not up to the scale here. It would seem that the Ingrasia Kingdom hosts one each year, the champion is granted a various reward depending on the tier. Participants are ranked based on their adventurer status.

I had failed to notice this during my stay due to incorrect timing, however, this usually utilities the royal training ground, just a kind of revelry.

Well, the amount of seats within the arena are limited in the end. Since I haven’t come up with any form of levitating chairs or monitor systems, the general visitors can catch a glimpse by watching from rooftops, various vantage points, or actually climbing the pillars of the arena itself.

Since screens are fixated on four sides, making it possible for a live close-up view of the battle. Through the use of optics magic, expanding a projection is a simple task.

Since I’m using magic tools, it’s not troublesome. It’s also good publicity.

I’m not one to neglect such opportune business in such a place, I was determined by my nature as a true business man at heart.

Well, it’s about time.

I stood up, and spoke to the microphone at hand.

(Rimuru ‘the meek’)

“Nice to meet you all, I, am the one known as the Demon Slime Demon Lord, Rimuru Tempest.

… … …

Ah, forget it, putting on airs is too troublesome. Yo, I am of the Eight Star Demon Lords, a pleasure to be in your acquaintance.

Today, I am grateful that you would take the time to respond to the invitation of our country. In the future, I do plan on hosting a variety of events such as this one, so please do enjoy your first visit.

I wish to live in peace and harmony with you all, so please do avoid causing me any trouble in the future. Instead of humans and monsters constantly bickering with one another, I do think that a cooperation with more profitable interests is a far better future than one of destruction.

While i’m aware that there are many who are yet wary of my identity as one of the Eight Star Demon Lords, I do honestly think hard on making a good impression you see. I don’t wish to impose my desires upon any of you all. If you would do your best to end your conflicts with monsters, I would certainly be pleased.

If you don’t wish to, well, I suppose it can’t be helped. It would be your nation’s task to handle the responsibility for such matters.

I don’t see any reason to attack a nation who refuses to cooperate, though those who do are certainly held in a better light. Just as we’re monsters doesn’t hold any reason as to breaking past such mindless discrimination. There’s no difference between us on any grounds. Should a war ever be started in the name of subjugation of monsters, please do note that not a single life will be spared. The earth would be turned to glass and the rulership of the nation laid to waste upon the most devastating of torture for years until their souls would be shattered by the intense measure of their crimes.

Please do know that I am one of peace. These words might come out as threats, but they are only my honest feelings for a lasting peace. I do really detest war, it is quick and violent, but I will never hesitate when the need arises. I wish to live my eternity in peace.

These words are also my own thoughts.

From this tournament today, I do hope that you of the various nations finally come to comprehend the level of our fighting forces. I have offered up my heads of state and chiefs of staff for the sake of this tournament, the representatives of various nations and organizations have come to participate as well.

My main purpose here today to convey these words unto you.

I pray you all make a wise decision, receive it and consider them as the open remark.“

Was it too straightforward?


After all, after my rise, I must give my greetings to the nobles and royalties. However, even so… here and there in the venues, spare applauds are taking place. It isn’t just my subordinates, there are influential people, merchants, and also individuals I am not acquainted with within the mix.

Now I’m happy with it, though at first I believed it was a little too ominous. My intentions have been conveyed. How will people react to it afterwards, that’s all there is to it.

Thus, while not exactly grand, the fighting tournament was kicked off by the applause from the whole venue.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Well then, the format of this tournament is a battle royal.

Even with the recent string of dropouts amongst the applicants, there are still a total of one hundred and fifty applicants remaining.

Because 3 participants are needed for the main match, they must be selected amongst the 150 individuals. As this is the case, we’ll have it so that fifty people will participate within each division. Thus the three champions from each of the three divisions will find themselves in the final match.

The one game was planned for the morning, and two in the afternoon.

Well, even if it’s called a game, it’s still a battle royal. Luck is an important factor. I divided the registration time for the separate groups, cooperation amongst participants are possible, however only one person will have the right to advance.

Now then, what will happen.

Amidst the excitement, the first match began.

The contestants entered towards the center.

Everyone gave off the pressure of the strong.

There are two familiar faces within the group. The Gozu and the Mezu. Somehow, even when they applied on opposite sides of the arena, they still ended up in the same group. Well, these two aren’t going to be rising to glory any time soon, but they are fairly strong, let’s just use the one who wins between the two as the boss of floor thirty. If they want I’ll allow it to be a shift system.

Well, this will also depend on the strength of that individual.

The two defeated the monsters around them and are in an unparalleled state. There are several A- class monsters amongst them, but there are also the higher races. Their faces are being projected.

Then, after wiping out all the monsters around them, only the two were left. Not even 10 minutes has passed.

The audiences are very excited at the fierce competition between the monsters. After all, it’s a rare opportunity to watch monsters of our level fight so close up.

Mesu and Gozu stared at each other, and began insulting each other.


“Oh puny Mezu, we should have settled this between you and I in the first place. Finally, our long lasting fates will end today, prepare yourself!”


“Those are foolish words only capable of coming from a Gozu, the ones working under Rimuru-sama will be we, the Mezu!

You can vanish into seclusion and live a life without regrets!”

And, the two suddenly began fighting.

Just like that, the opening act has ended, and the two became the highlight of the stage.

They are both the power types, fighting a fierce battle between axe and spear, both with a shield in hand. Rather than using black arts, they are more suited with fighting with their physicality.

TN Note: The original word was Yōjutsu(妖術), magic is Majutsu/Mahō(魔術/魔法).

An axe was swing with all their might, and was repelled by a shield. With their stance destroyed, a short spear strikes within a split second with ease, and backs off. It took only 10 minute for the two to be the only remainders, yet this exchange of blows and blocks waged on another 20 minutes.

This 100 year war they fought doesn’t seem to be over anytime soon.

The audience was lost in the fascination of the fierce battle between the two. Well that’s to be expected, a battle between A ranks isn’t something you’ll normally see in a lifetime.

It was a brilliant fight, and the battle is prolonged due to their well-matched abilities.

It’s an interesting battle, but the match ended with a sudden twist.


“This is the end!”

The results are in.

Gozu threw a large axe with all his might. A strike that can shatter boulder used in order to take down his opponent

However, Mezu laughed fearlessly.

Right before his charge, he paused for just a moment. The large axe holding the large axe now danced through the air, the left arm with it.

However, Mezu dove into the chest of Goze, and readied an unavoidable lunging posture.

Sacrificing his left arm, in exchange for victory. When Mezu was certain about his victory,


“Too Naïve! Lighting Horn”

After crying this out loud, the horns atop his head suddenly head-butted the right side of Mezu’s head.

His horns doubled in length, piercing through Mezu’s right eye and arm.

This was the decisive factor of the game. Due to the attack from his right, the trajectory of the rush missed.

Furthermore, when he was attacked by the horns, he suffered additional lightning damage, boiling his blood.

Gozu is the victor.

Well, I mean, is Mezu alive still after that one? I suppose to be unwary of those overly suspicious and large horns, Mezu only has himself to blame for this.

And of course, Mezu has survived.

I’ll win next time! He yelled threateningly. He seems fine, however, the game has already been decided.

The winner of the first match is Gozu.

He is deserving as the first winner, it was a great match.

After the noon break ended, the second match began.

Above all it seems the food stalls were well received.

There are also those back in town who have been eating in horse carriages, each individual is different.

Now then, the players of the second round have entered.



I almost cried out loud. Since I understood this match will be over in an instant.

After all, I saw a certain 3 man group.

A Tall slim person, with firm muscles

A big, bulky person, with armor-like muscles

A person with a build that should be called fat rather than large.

They are the sons of Dagruel that I met during the Walpurgis Banquet once.

They had magical energy on par with the old demon lords. Though since their techniques were subpar, they were easily twisted around by Shion with ease, however in this preliminary round they’re overwhelming.

They’re even comparable to Goze and Mezu in regards to being overwhelming.

Or rather, those 3 are on the level of the main match.

Though they weren’t trained previously, I suppose I won’t be able to be too careless around them if or once they’re trained. Something like that might actually be rather dangerous.

They’ve powered up to such an extend in such a short amount of time. I suppose it has something to do with the clothes they’re wearing, but-

(Demon Trio)

“We’re Shion’s bodyguards!”

What nonsense are you saying? Because that’s what I heard letter for letter.

Somehow, are you alright? I wanted to question them thoroughly, however it seems the intellectual secretary/cool beauty Shion doesn’t know anything about this. They’ve probably been complexly deceived by her appearance. Or, perhaps they’ve just awakened to their masochistic nature after being beaten.

If that’s the case, I don’t want to know anymore.

The results are as I anticipated.

Let alone 5 minutes, they defeated everyone else in a minute. The elder was the one who won. He seems to be the strongest amongst the 3.

As such, it seemed like the second match ended with no highlight in this fashion but……

That was not the case for the audience. There was an enthusiastic, excited atmosphere in the arena. Let alone A rank, there are demon lord class fighting forces.

The merchants and emissaries from various nations were able to judge the extent of both the physical and magical power of those participating. It goes with their profession of needing to have an eye for talent. Most probably didn’t even need to use any particular skills for this either.

I shouted something from the unanimous excitement. After shouting so much, tonight’s beer is going to taste great.

After some excitement because of the tournament becoming a great success, it finally came to the final match.

I looked at the contestants.

Remarkably, there are also humans, but… they’re not holy knights, will they be alright?


“Oy, I see humans down there, will they be alright?”

I listened to Myormiles who was by my side,


“Ah, well, I suppose they must be famous adventurers. Apparently some of the A-rank adventurers from the Ingrasia Kingdom’s fighting tournaments. It was some warrior from the west with his party that was saying something about doing whatever it took to subdue a Demon Lord…”


“Hoooh, and am I to suppose this Demon Lord would be me?”


“Eh? Could that be so?

At any rate, they haven’t actually said why they must win the tournament, but simply said that they needed to join it…

I accepted them since there weren’t any rules against preventing people from participation. Each one paid the entry fee of twenty silver coins…

I don’t know if he’s the real deal, but there is mention of him being a hero and quite the strong individual. Perhaps I could compare him to the leader of the Holy Knights?”

The leader, comparable to Hinata?

That youngster? That’s impossible.

Donning an armor of shining gold, his body was white all over.

With long gold hair braided at the back, he seems really popular. 5 people surrounded him protecting him. It looks just like the party of a hero. Though it would be interesting if it was the real thing.

The match begins.

The hero was fortunate enough to be in a party, giving him overwhelming advantages as they struck with excellent attacks.

I looked towards the audience venue,

(Crowd #1)

“Hey, isn’t that the hero of the west?”

(Crowd #2)

“Oh! Masayuki sama! It’s the hero of the west, Masayuki sama!”

(Crowd #3)

“As expected, with such an elegant swordsmanship, and such a beautiful fighting style……”

Such things are heard.



That name sounds rather Japanese…

I observed him carefully and noticed something. It’s a wig… That golden hair is a wig!

This isn’t the right time…

Elegant swordsmanship, he hasn’t began fighting with his sword yet. The surrounding people have been active, but he hasn’t done anything yet.

In the meantime, the match has been decided.

The winner, is the hero who hasn’t done anything……

His friends kneeled before Masayuki, and the hero makes it to the final.

Are you okay? You aren’t a bluffing brat are you……I will not be pleased if some noble brat just scummed his way into the Final match…

There have been cheers from the crowd.

This popularity seems to be a little worrying…

If I do nothing but simply evaluate him, this battle could get dangerous. Will he be alright? I’m a little worried for the hero Masayuki.

In the end, this was how the Preliminary Rounds ended and how the final three contestants for the main tournament have been gathered.
– – – – – – – – – – – –

White’s corner:

So, here I am again, editing a slime chapter. \o/

Much faster than last time though… We’ll not talk about that…

What we can talk about is the trouble I was put through by a CERTAIN BEAR! Making me wait, pushing the deadline back several times. LEECHERS, CONSUME THE BEAR! BUT LEAVE ME A STEAK!

In all seriousness, there is only one way for redemption that I can see. The Bear must bring another chapter before us, either 107 or 108 since Guro-tan apparently did 106 already. (Exam tomorrow, not cleaning that one, at least not right now…)

Now then Smoggy, will you refrain from your hot springs, or do I need to get Silver out here?


“White, be reasonable, the poor bear’s going to go into early hibernation if you let anymore of your Demonic Heavens haki loose!”


“True, well then. To all readers, ENJOY THE CHAPTER!”






Smoggy, now mentally weakened after a night of nightmares (it involves a chase sequence featuring an army of leeches and a white katana-wielding demon), immerses in the warm waters of the hot springs, feebly humming ‘Faint Dream, inanimate dream’.

“Another one?!… Fine I’ll do 108, but not today! Give me a break!…I just wanted to share with someone about my mini hot spring trip after handing in my mini stack of papers humans call assessments (What? You think only clown san and white san have work?), and white san’s been acting like a meanie ever since…I think he’s Jealous.

To my defence, I said by the weekends, not saturday…sigh…”
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