Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Chapter 113 – Tournament – Finals Part 8
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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Author :Fuse
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Chapter 113 – Tournament – Finals Part 8

Tournament – Finals Part 8

The Tournament only had two days left.
Today is the last climax, all that is left is tomorrow’s final match.
The final match will be held in the morning, while a showing of the inside of the Dungeon is planned for the afternoon.
However, even though this Coloseum was built to be as strong as possible. Traces of destruction can still be seen in some parts of the arena.
Although they didn’t conduct any temporary repairs for the match effect, to reach this degree of damage in just a few days, the matches were fiercer than expected.
Oh well, as long as it doesn’t affect the spectator’s seats it’s good.
It‘s unexpected, but in case of a big problem occuring, we thoroughly set up a barrier.

Well, another unexpected thing is the overwhelming popularity of Souka and Milim.
Especially Milim.
Though she only took the position of anouncer for one day, it seems she has acquired a deeply rooted fan base.
Amongst the nobles and the adventurers, and even the influential monsters of the Jura Great Forest, she acquired tremendous popularity.
Oh well, it’s simply because they don’t know her true nature, they cheerfully shouted things like『Milim-Cha~n!!』or『MI・LI・M・SAMA~~!!』.
It’s interesting that for some reason they called Souka without any honorific, while there’s no one that called Milim without an honorific.
Is it because of the AuraHaki that she exudes? Is that the cause?
Oh well, it’s Milim after all.
It wouldn’t be a surprise even if it was.

Today two matches will be held in the morning, while in the afternoon there will be a match to decide 3rd place.
Concerning the fatigue, the first match is more advantageous, but that isn’t a good excuse.
I’m looking forward to the battles from today’s matches, so do your best everyone.
Well, it’s almost time for today’s first match to begin.

The thirteenth match....... Benimaru vs Gobuta

In contrast to the nervous Gobuta, Benimaru is calm.
By the way, I conveyed a message to Gobuta that he can only summon Ranga in a fight.
That, Gobuta is being recognized as the superior of Ranga, makes me concerned about the match.
In this match, Gobuta is the leading actor till the end.

『Begin!!』(Souka & Milim)

With the harmonious shouts of Milim and Souka.
Today’s first match began.

「Uooooo, I will do it-ssu!」(Gobuta)

So, Gobuta charged like yesterday.
I thought that it was useless, and just like I thought, Benimaru dodged it and sent a kick.

「Umu! As expected, Gobuta is no match for Benimaru!
You better quick summon the Doggy[1] (Ranga)!」(Milim)

Without hiding anything, Milim gave out her adviceorder.

「Otto, as expected the difference in their face is too great!?
Contestant Gobuta cannot do anything to Contestant Benimaru~!」(Souka)

Souka’s subjective live coverage greatly perturbed the heart and mind.

Against this announcement, people without confidence in their face will cry.

「Hehe, as expected-ssu........
I tried to see how far I could go with my current ability-ssu.
However, I’m unable to land any hit-ssu.
Please let me use it.
Unique Skill『Become my power (Demon Wolf Summon)[2]』 also! “Transform (Demon Wolf Unification)[3]”!!」(Gobuta)

Though Gobuta was on the verge of death because of Benimaru’s kick, his injury recovered quickly now.
A distortion occurred in the air, and Ranga was summoned.
And then....
Ranga wraps Gobuta’s body, and the unification between Ranga and Gobuta is done.
Gobuta’s body seems to have grown larger, with Ranga transforming himself into a Wolf’s fur-like armor that covers Gobuta’s entire body.
Should I say it a humanoid version of Ranga?
If I voiced my honest thoughts, it’s too good for Gobuta, it’s too cool.
I thought something like “Damn it! You’re just a Gobuta, and yet you can Transform!?”.

「O, oohhhhhh!! It’s cool!! What is that? It’s too cool!!」(Milim)

The highly excited Milim forgets her role.
I know. I understand what Milim feels.
Damn it, Gobuta. It’s a much more wonderful ability than I thought.

「Hehe, it’s my turn next-ssu!」(Gobuta with Ranga Armor)

So he shouts, and then Gobuta disappeared!
No, of course my eyes see it. But for normal people it looks like he’s vanished.

「Con, Contestant Gobuta disappeared!? Where on the earth.....?」

At that moment, Baaam!! There was an explosion on the surface of the Colosseum wall under the spectator’s seat.
To be exact, it’s right under the distinguished guest room where we are in.
I can see it clearly.
Gobuta declared it coolly, and then began to run. However, he doesn’t show any indication of stopping and as it is slammed himself into the wall, that’s all.
That idiot is still unable to control the power and speed at all.
To make an easy to understand comparison, he could run if he was aware of it, he could stop if he thought about it. Based on Gobuta’s original ability, even he could run anywhere instantaneously like Ranga, such a thing could happen.
And yet.....

「Ootto, Contestant Gobuta isn’t getting up, is he alright!?」(Souka)

Just like Souka said, Gobuta wont get up.
He unable to move not because the physical damage. But because he fainted due to the shock.
What should I say.......?
Immediately after showing such a cool appearance, he showed a pathetic condition. I have no way to express other than “It’s Gobuta”.

「Oi, you. Are you making fun of me? Shall we talk a while over there?」(Milim)

Thud Thud Thud[4] so Milim walks to Gobuta’s spot, and then lifts Gobuta with one hand.
Her face is smiling, but her eyes are not.

「The winner is Benimaru, though I never thought it would became such an unsightly match.....
Where had the anticipation and the excitement from before gone.........」 (Milim)

With such a charming voice echoing, she held Gobuta in her hand forefully.
And after those words, Gobuta was taken from the Colosseum by Milim.

「Uummm, It seems the RefereeJudge has left!
Self destruct! Contestant Gobuta loss because he self destructed, it is a victory for Contestant Benimaru!」 (Souka)

『Booooo! Boooooooo!』(Spectators)

Grand booing came.
That is justified. As Gobuta loss by self destructing at the start of the match, moreover it’s on the semifinal.
It wouldn’t be surprising if they lashed out with complaints and demanded reimbursement if they had pay money for it.
But, when they see the appearance of Gobuta being pitifully dragged out by Milim, the intention to complain disappears.
Goodbye, Gobuta. I’ll never forget your gallant figure! (TL:LOL)
Even though he coolly transformed himself with great effort, eventually the result was him pouring the fire and invoking Milim’s great anger.
Since Milim had high expectations for the match, it seems Gobuta’s body would receive the torrent of her fury.

「My master, I have returned!」

Ranga returned without any hesitation after deserting Gobuta.
That’s so, right? He doesn’t want to get dragged into it. (TL: Milim’s Lesson/Fist)
It seems that he excused himself from Milim and ran away when they left the Colosseum.
Now, let us pray for Gobuta’s happiness in the next world [5]. (TL: XD I’m crying)
The lesson from today.
When you are too lucky, the backlash is terrifying.
Gobuta used up too much luck yesterday. And this is the result.
I wish he would acquire the ability honestly without depending only on luck from now on.
So I wished, let’s expect great efforts from Gobuta in the future.
Oh well, it’s just a story if he is able to survive after the discussion with Milim.


The fourteenth match....... Shion vs Diablo

It’s a noteworthy match.
It seems that Milim was having an important discussion with Gobuta, so she didn’t return.
She seems to be really angry.
Gobuta too, had stepped on a terrible land mine.
Thanks to all of that, Souka did the announcing by herself.


So the beginning shout echoes, and the match begins.

Between these two people, which one is the strongest?
To say that a warm up is unnecessary, is that their intention?,

「ChaoticThe Apocalypse and Genesis of FateLife and Death of the Universe!!
「End of WorldWorld’s Collapse[6]」

At the same time, they used their special move.
Shion’s Special Move is endowed with ability of “The outcome is rewritten” by the effect of the Unique Skill『Cook』.
With the strength of strong will, it can negate the effect of the opponent’s technique[7], it can be described as a slash that brings the result that Shion wishes for.
In a sense, it was ability to manipulate the fate.
Even if the fate said that it could not be cut, it will get cut. It was a sword that brings death.
Against Diablo.
Who putting an effect that denied everything, it was an ability that would bring about destruction.
To the things that Diablo didn’t allow, the effect would bring destruction, for the people who couldn’t resist the effect they will receive despair.
Their ability can be said as an antithesis of each other, in the end, the victory or the defeat is decided by the collision of their will.
Its looks like they intend to fight with all their might from the start.

While destruction energy is condensing in both of Diablo’s hands, Shion slashes using her Ōdachi.
A clash between magic and sword is something typical that I’ve already seen.
However, those two people, because of their unbelievable concentration and fighting spirit, each had the intention to clash from the start.

How much time has passed?
It seems like an eternity, but only several seconds had passed.
However, in these several seconds, Shion and Diablo were exhausted and settled their battle.
As expected the winner is.....
An intense spark occurred in the middle of Shion and Diablo.
Then, the time of conclusion arrived.
A crack had run through Shion’s Ōdachi, and so it broke.
Simultaneously, Diablo grabbed hold and crushed the whirlpool of energy that smolders in the center. However, Diablo’s left arm flew off because he suppressed the power that was produced by their ability.
It disappeared from the palm to the shoulder.
One could see what kind of extreme power had been displayed.

「Kufufufufu. It was a great swordsmanship, you had me in a dangerous spot.」(Diablo)

Diablo praises Shion without minding his lost arm.
However, Shion cannot even stand up after being blown away by the aftermath of their techniques’s explosion.

「Fu, what was dangerous? You still have more power, right? You....」 (Shion)
「Not at all, there’s not much power left.
If I still had more power, I wouldn’t have made such blunder as to lose my left arm.」 (Diablo)
「Fufu. Didn’t you suppress the energy of the technique with one left arm......? It is my loss.」(Shion)

Shion admitted her defeat honestly.
Well, isn’t it natural?
If Diablo was late to suppress the energy of their technique, Shion would have received a direct hit from the techniques’ explosion.
Even though it just an aftermath, she seemed to receive damage that made her unable to stand, it might be dangerous for her if she had received a direct hit from it.
The one that should be praised is Diablo.
Though he lost his left arm, he conceals that injury with his robe and acts like nothing happened at all.
Or rather, how strong he is seriously?
Though he was an Arc Demon when he arrived, after I summoned him, there were still many mysteries about him.
He had become a Demon Duke now, and he was clearly stronger than Beretta.
He also won against the Demon Lord Karion, so to what extent will his strength be if he fights seriously?
Should I ask Wisdom King Raphael to tell me secretly this time?
Somehow, my subordinates, many of them had become stronger, more than I’d expected.
I can’t be careless.
Anyway, the winner of this match is Diablo.

「Winner, Diablooooo!!」(Souka)

With Souka’s announcement, the shout of joy reverberated in the Colossem.
With this the two strongest are present.
Benimaru and Diablo.
Since we are talking about Diablo, his injury might have already recovered by tomorrow, so I think there will be no problem with his condition for the Final match.
The next issue is about Shion.
If she is still in her current condition, Gobuta will become 3rd place by default.
No, it will only be if Gobuta is still alive.

The match to decide 3rd place will be held at noon. Gobuta vs Shion.
If their conditions are not alright, will they even be able to do the match?
I praised Diablo’s victory while worrying about that.


The match at noon, we somehow managed to hold it.
Milim returned just before noon, at the same time as the ending of Shion vs Diablo.
She spoke calmly and reported herself but...... it seems Gobuta came and received Full Potion at the medical care building.

「It’s terrible-ssu, I might already be broken-ssu.....」(Gobuta)

So, I heard Gobuta murmuring in small voice as his body trembled and shook.
But the report that came from the Goburina of the medical care squad stated that there is no apparent problem.
Shion is lively.
After all she is immortal[8].
Her recovery ended quickly, her physical condition was also checked.
The problem is that her weapon was broken.

「Just like Gobuta, I don’t need things like a weapon!
Aside from that, what will happen to my Hercules’ Edge・Reforged[9]?」

So, she more worried about her broken sword.
Oh well, that Ōdachi was a great article that kept enduring the reckless utilization by Shion.
She seemed so attached to it that she gave it a name, I can understand about her worry.
But, we can’t do anything except leave this to Kurobee.
Though restoration is possible with my regeneration ability, in this case, the magic power that Shion poured into it until now becomes useless.
Although Shion would get used to it with much effort, it would be a waste if it return to its original state.
I entrust this to no one except the Godly Craftsman Kurobee.
Therefore, Shion will go to the match without a weapon.

Match for 3rd place...... Gobuta vs Shion

It’s starting.
Gobuta performed the “Transformation” from the start.
It seems he uses it better than before.
While he glances repeatedly towards Milim in worry, he sets out to fight with all his might.
Shion, even though she had saw Gobuta who was full of openings, she intended to conscientiously keep him company.
Or rather, did she intent to do it for 30 minutes?
Even if she receives a punch with full power, she will just recover. This happened repeatedly.
Gobuta was already in tears. Even so,

「It’s wonderful, Gobuta! Even though his attack was completely useless, his expression still show that he still has another card in his hand!」(Evil Judge)

So Milim performed her live coverage.
Her eyes was emitting a message. “Giving Up? I won’t permit it!”
Gobuta, so pitiful.
During these 30 minutes, it was like waiting for a death penalty. For Gobuta this time was like an extended trialtorture.
However, because Milim was watching, he couldn’t even escape.
Gobuta already made a blunder when he attracted Milim with his cool “Transformation” that appealed to her.
But you know, during these 30 minutes Gobuta’s movement improved remarkably.
They say that real combat is superior to mock training combat, this may surely be accurate.
To the last few minutes, Gobuta succeeded in evading several times. Has he gotten used to Ranga’s speed?
As expected, whatever has been said about Gobuta, he is a real genius.
Even so, it’s still impossible for him to win.

After 30 minutes pass, it’s only Shion that is standing.

『It’s victory for Contestant Shion!!』

So Milim and Souka declared Shion’s victory at the same time.
The 1st Tempest Tournament, the 3rd place belongs to Shion.
Gobuta did his best too.
To even reach such position was already a great feat.
Today I think I will treat Shion and Gobuta nicely.

[1] ワン子 Wanko, Wan=Woof Ko=Common name ending for a child or something that given a name. Should I use Woofy than Doggy?
[2] 『魔狼召喚(オレニチカラヲ)』 Maookamishoukan (Ore ni Chikara wo) – Clown translate this as “Bestow me thy Power” Same meaning.
[3] "魔狼合一(ヘンシン)" Maokami gouitsu (Henshin) – Gouitsu can mean Unification/Unite/Fusion.
[4] SFX, Milim is walking briskly.
[5] Alt line: Now, let’s us pray so Gobuta’s soul may rest in peace.
[6] 世界の崩壊(エンド・オブ・ワールド) Sekai no Houkai (Endo Obu Waurudo).
[7] 技 Waza can mean skill too....
[8] Fushi 不死 = Immortal. Can also mean Undead/Undying.
[9] In case you forget , Shion name her Odachi as Gouriki maru (剛力丸・改) with kai behind name can mean revised/reforged. Maru is suffix for names of swords, etc. 改 also mean Custom Like Zaku-改 that is 3 times more faster or other改 in G-Universe.
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