Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Chapter 115 – Underground Labyrinth Exploration Party
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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Author :Fuse
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Chapter 115 – Underground Labyrinth Exploration Party

Underground Labyrinth Exploration Party

The final match ended, with Benimaru as the champion.
With this the rankings from 1st to 4th are decided.
Come to think of it, it will be necessary to decide the official positions and titles.
For the time being, the Four Heavenly Kings (Shitennou) might be good.
Speaking about the Four Heavenly Kings, it’s Gobuta.

『Kukuku, that fellow is the weakest of the Four Heavenly Kings. He’s the disgrace of the Four Heavenly Kings!』

Will something like that be said?
It fits so much that it’s scary.
If Gobuta is not in unification state with Ranga, there seems to be a plausible chance of victory against a high ranking party of adventurers.
Oh well, it might be difficult to win against a prepared Gobuta.
Aside from that, the organization seems to have expanded. Looks like I have to think about the official position.
I note it down in my mind.

Because the victory ceremony ended, it is now time for the Labyrinth Exploration Party.
It’s only for applicants, but I hope there are a lot of participants if possible.
Today Ramiris is also energetic, she sits on my shoulder. Her face brimming with confidence.
Veldora who stands beside me also has a somewhat proud expression.

「Oi, is it safe? Because today is the exploration party, it’s not good to be reckless you know?」
「Fuffufu. It’s Aluright~![1] Please leave it to me! I will operated the safety device today.」
「Kukukku. However, after tomorrow, it might become the awakening day of an atrocious labyrinth!」

Looking at each other’s faces, Ramiris and Veldora laughed wickedly.
Is that okay? For some reason, I become uneasy.
Leaving the final touches to someone else might be an unwise thing to do.

After the lunch break ended, the spectators returned to their seat in the Colosseum.
The purpose is to display the Dungeon, but if 10,000 people go to the Dungeon at once it will get too crowded, and it also wouldn’t become a decent tour.
Having thought about that, I requested one party to represent the conquering of the dungeon.
Fortunately, it seems there’s nobody who went home after the lunch break.
It’s possible to advertise it fully with this.
Myormiles proceeds to the center of the Colosseum, he greets the spectators with the mike in his hand.
And then,

「Well then without any delay, are there any brave people who want to conquer our country’s famous Dungeon?」

He shouted.
While he shouts, we too head to the center of the Colosseum.
Ramiris who is still sitting on my shoulder, summons the Underground Labyrinth’s temporary gate in the middle of the Colosseum.


A commotion is heard, and a quiet excitement spreads to the spectators.
By the way, if there are no applicants, it would be Masayuki-kun’s turn.
I’m able to arrange it perfectly. He is waiting on standby for his turn.

As for the live broadcast position, Souka is the cameraman, Hakusou and Nansou will be her helpers.
So! The challenger’s looks will be projected onto the large monitor, it’s a plan to let spectators observe the Dungeon safely.
It would be a big problem if by any chance the big shots got hurt. Therefore, I adopted a plan to let only the representatives personally experience it.
Again, if there are no people interested in entering the Dungeon, its Masayuki’s turn.
The problem is to plan the experience of death.
However, if the first step into the first floor ends up unreasonable with an instant death, then there will be no challengers in the future.
Because of that, I want you to do your best reasonably.
Because the area is considerably wide, I don’t think they can clear the first floor, but..... This time, I let the helpers (Souka and co) that will accompany them to hold [Group Return] items.
If there is a problem, it’s possible for them to return immediately.
For about 2 hours, Souka will capture the best moments inside so that the spectators can enjoy it.
Of course, as a souvenir, I also prepared treasure boxes with weapons and other things here and there.
Did Ramiris,Veldora, and Milim set an unreasonable trap or not? It’s the only worry I’ve had since a while ago.

「Hehe, oi Demon Lord-san. We will reveal your pretenses!
To show such a thing like a Tournament and grandiosely fixed matches, no matter how it impresses us, it’ll not end well!
For those kinds of things, you used some kind of illusion magic, right?
It’s okay even if you don’t answer. Also this labyrinth is just a bluff, we can see through your true colors!」

Somehow the candidate appears by himself?
It’s convenient right? Though it also seems idiotic.......
Apparently people who fought in this Colloseum were thought as some kind of illusion.
If you don’t have some ability, it’s not possible to predict what is happening.
Probably because of that, there were people who simply enjoyed it as a show and there were some like these guys that suspect it was a hallucination or an illusion.
Or rather, for people who were able to follow the matches, they looked pale and wanted to believe it isn’t true.
Although I said they were able to follow them, they just understood that the fights were on a different dimension, understanding only to such a degree. But that is fine.
My purpose was accomplished to some extent, and people who came to pick a fight with me should have disappeared once they watched the fight.
As expected, there are one or two people who can understand this among the warriors that were brought by important people from each country.
It’s fine if those people tell the truth to their employer.
It was also expected that there would be some people who wouldn’t believe their eyes.

Well, as the long-awaited candidate came out, let’s make the request immediately.
Because this just a trial, naturally the “Bracelet of Revival” is distributed for free.
By Ramiris’ ability, it is possible to revive 10 seconds after dying.
After that an improvement was added, I heard that its ability to cancel injury and pain when dead is confirmed.
If High Heal or Full Potion is used, it is possible to revive on the spot.
I give them such tips and explain it so they don’t think that it will happen outside of the labyrinth.
Assuming some idiot misunderstands that it’s possible to revive even on the outside, it’s not our responsibility.
It’s annoying that everything is considered to be the reasonability of the organizer side.
Even in my previous world, it feels like the responsibility was pressed too much on the shop side.
For the idiot who breaks the rule and acts violently. Even if they die, I think they reaped what they had sown.
However, when the explanation is insufficient the responsibility is ours. I take that as a warning; I decided to do things as carefully as I can.

「Huh there is no death inside the labyrinth? Interesting.
Then, you over there please die and show it! 」

He tests it on another person rather than on himself.
Oh well, it might be a natural request. The nominated Nansou, put on the “Bracelet” while weaning a ‘what a pain[2]’ expression and entered the Dungeon.
At the same time, the challengers also enter.
The large skinhead man[3], who let out the previous remark seems to be the leader, took out a hatchet.

「Then, please attack.」

To Souka’ words, Nansou is slashed when he about to say「Wait!」.


Or so like that, a loud scream was heard, Nansou is slashed so many times over.
Nansou didn’t counterattack, he just receive the attack just as it is.
Is the skinhead malicious? He keeps on attacking without aiming at the same place as one hit didn’t kill him.
Though Nansou’s appearance is a personified dragon, he’s not a human.
Because the other party is a monster, he torments him without any restraint.
Oh well, the attacks is blocked by Nansou’s scales, and there is a possibility that he didn’t really receive any damage.
The skinhead is covered with sweat, after he dealt a dozens of blow and he finally demanded support from his companion.
Many magic and arrows pour down on Nansou, it’s seems he finally defeated after some ten minutes pass.
I think I should apologize to Nansou later. After all he was pushed to an unpleasant role.
Nansou’s defeated body becomes light particles and disappears.
The equipment he wore in his body also changed into similar light articles and disappears.
Such spectacle is recorded and projected on the large screen in the Colosseum with the crystal ball that the helper (Souka and co) brought along.
And so, at the same moment the light particles disappearing, Nansou is revived on the side of the temporary gate in the middle of the Colosseum.


Shouts of joy arise from the spectators.
It’s troublesome if this too is doubted as a trick, but there’s no other way to make them believe other than by experiencing it themselves.
So the challenger is only this adventurer. I think I have no other choice but to wait until it spreads from mouth to mouth.
Even if there is a curious challenger, a cautious person might not try it.
Anyway, the exploration began when the skinhead and co reach an agreement.

『Now, let the exploration of the Dungeon begin!
An unknown world ahead. Just what is waiting beyond this......]

Souka’s face is projected onto the large screen, and the inside situation is relayed.
It’s made in documentary style.
And so, they advance through the first floor madecoherently of stone.
I thought that someone would normallydraw a map while advancing, but it seems there is no one preparing a map.
Will they be okay? Though I thought there were cave explorations or something like that even in this world.......

「Tch, it’s only leading to the same path!
What, isn’t this just a crossroad!]
「Danna, didn’t we already go through this path before?」
「Basson, this bad! It seems like this labyrinth is wider than we thought.」

I immediately lost my worry for those people.
I had already explained about the size, but it seems they didn’t listen.
Oh well, it maybe that.
The worst thing that could happen to them is to return by dying, also an SOS function has already included in the bracelet.
If you use the function, Trainee-san and the other dryad will appear to save you.
Oh well, though the only thing they do is sent you back forcibly to the surface.

The Skinhead man, his name was Basson, he and his companion’s anxiety had increased, their expressions suggest that they didn’t find this situation amusing.
Not good, it’s not the issue with the level of difficulty.
The challenger was too foolish.
In case of this, I should have prepared a shill[4].
While I lamenting about it,

「Basson-san! There is a room in this way!?」

One of his companion notices a door.

「Oi, Ramiris. What’s inside that room?
There is no monster room in the first floor right? Didn’t we advertised it properly?」
「It, it’s alright. That challenger is slightly beyond awful....
No matter what I’ve said, their recklessness until now was beyond my expectations.
But, there is a treasure chest and one monster inside that room. There’s no problem!」

Okay, if that so it’s alright,
I feel uneasy. Never did I think that our plan will become out of order like this......
That adventurer was equal to a “B-” rank.
That party was composed of 6 people, for they to fail the first floor of this labyrinth, was something beyond our expectation.
Oh well, it’s not a dungeon you can conquer under 2 hours, but total party annihilation was something bad for the publicity.
I look at the image while excited.
One person put his hand on the door and opened it carefully.
Inside it is one Giant Bear.
It’s alright. Because it’s just a monster of C rank, it’s on level they can defeat.

「It’s a monster! A Giant Bear, I’ll become the decoy, you all watch for a chance!」

Basson leaped into the room and confronted the Giant Bear from the front.
And so, the battle begins.
His companions covering from his back were launching their attacks one after another, and after minutes they finally defeated the Giant Bear.
It’s seems nobody is injured. However...............

「Oi, did they actually need five minutes to defeat one Giant Bear with six people?
If they do poorly like this, it could take about three days for them, only to conquer the first floor.」
「It is, isn’t......? We need to arrange for the monsters to also drop food ingredients......」

Perhaps the difficulty of the labyrinth is higher than we think?
No, I only want to think that those guys are low level.
Oh well, the upper floor is a huge map, only the lowest floor closely resembles it in size.
Because there were many traps, the map size was gradually narrowed.
I made it so that they only would be able to clear 10 floors in one week, so it was good that the estimation was higher than the reasonable level I’d thought of.

『Otto, the desperate struggle with the Giant Bear finally ended!
It seems there is a treasure chest in this room.
What the heck is inside of it......?』

Because of Souka’s voice, I turned my eyes to the large screen.
One of Basson’s companions opened the box casually.
Oioi, don’t they take any precautions against traps? I have seen better skills in Ellen’s professional group before.
They are too low level, seeing them made me cringe.
About them, in front of my eyes that had been accustomed to game, I can’t think of them as anything other than amateurs.
Perhaps in this world they aren’t familiar with the concept of a treasure box inside a labyrinth? That’s why they could still calmlydo something as reckless like that?
No, if it was Guido, he would be more vigilant, maybe they don’t have anyone with Thief-class skills.
Since they are convoy of bodyguards, maybe they are only not skilled in this.
In any case,

「O, ooo!! Basson-san, it’s a sword!」

It seems they pulled a great success.

「Nay, I set it so that today all the events would be a success with my ability, you know?」

Oooh, Veldora! Did you read the situation?

「It’s a good decision. If they don’t have a great experience today, people who want to come to the labyrinth will decrease.」

We nod together.
Basson and his companions look at the sword in turn and whistle.
It seems he likes the sword.

「All right, everybody! Let’s keep going with this pace!」

Basson put away his hatchet and changed it to a sword.
Three kobolds appear, their quick disposal helped confirm the performance of the sword.
Though it’s just the lowest grade of Kurobee’ works, it might be an excellent sword in their hands. They indiscriminately slay any monster that comes out, and began to advance smoothly.
And, it seems they acquired a tremendous amount of Magic Crystals[5] from the monster’s drop.

「This is good! It seems we can earn a lot in here.」

So he says to his companion with an overjoyed face.
They advance with such a pace steadily.
And, that situation is covered by Souka.
The eyes of the spectators are glued on Basson and his companion’s activity. Or rather, they were too immersed with feeling that they were also participating in the exploration by the immensely appealing battle scene that was playing on the big screen.
A scream is heard every time a monster appears. The splendid reaction is interesting.
It’s a mood similar to that when watching a horror movie.
At the moment it has been exactly two hours,


One of Basson’s companions falls down.
It seems he had been attacked by the monster inside the room.
The monster inside the room is a single Skeleton. It prepared its bow and sniped at the person who entered the room.
The defeated person became light particles and disappeared after his forehead was pierced by an arrow.
Above all they were able to experience death at just the right time.
The Skeleton is immediately defeated by the 5 remaining people.
It might be the right time. They got enough experience. As it is there was enough tension, so they were just the right challengers.

『Soon the experience time will end! A victim also appeared, let’s return from here!』

Souka who notices the signal from my thought declared so.
They collect the treasure chest in the room and return.
They activate the bracelet’s ability. Because this was a trial they wouldn’t be able to bring the bracelets back.
Their rewards were the various articles they got from the treasure chest.
They appear beside the temporary gate in the center of the Colosseum,

「Unbelievableee!! Did you really revive!?」
「Ah, I thought it was the end for me, but instantly the pain disappeared and I was safe too!」
「Really?? Then, you don’t have any headache?」

No no, from the beginning you guys already gave me headache.
You guys completely didn’t take any precautions for the traps, so it would be impossible for you guys to go beyond the second floor where traps have been set down.
I wanted to tsukomi like that, but I stopped myself firmly from doing it.

「How’s that? Were you able to enjoy it?
The Dungeon will be formally open tomorrow.
If you are interested, I want you to challenge it by all means!」

I gave my final speech, and the Underground Labyrinth Exploration Party also ended safely.
The best part of this was the feelings of the spectators.
The results from the tournament were very exciting but they were able to receive a close impression of a personal experience inside of the labyrinth from the images.
Thus in this way my inauguration as the Demon Lord and the unveiling of the Monster Country Tempest that lasted for several days has finally reached its conclusion peacefully.
The night of the same day, once again, we held a grand banquet for our sponsor.
The purpose is to maintain a good impression.
Thus, to hold the event without any problems was a great success, I can’t wait for the responses they would give from tomorrow on.
I pray it keeps going just as planned.
And so the night grew old while I thought about tomorrow.

[1] Ramiris use だいじょーぶい daijo~bui
[2] やれやれyareyare - Good grief, geez etc. She feels reluctant to do it.
[3] スキンヘッドの大男sukinheddo no oootoko – a large man with skinhead/shaved head.
[4] Shill is someone who is secretly employed by the person or organization of an event to publicly helps them promoting by encouraging other onlookers or audience members to try the product or the service without disclosing his/er relation with the employer.
[5] 魔晶石mashouseki – Magic Crystal Stone/Mana Crystal in some game.
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