Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Chapter 144 – Underground Labyrinth Capture –Enforcer Scout Platoon-
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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Author :Fuse
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Chapter 144 – Underground Labyrinth Capture –Enforcer Scout Platoon-

Underground Labyrinth Capture –Enforcer Scout Platoon-

Three people stood in a luxurious room with tense expressions.
Standing upright, they were waiting for the master of the room.
The master of the room was named Kagurazaka Yuuki.
The man who recently came to the Empire, who had, with surprising swiftness, reached the position of Corps Commander.
But to them, they thought it was natural.
After all, Yuuki was...

「Yo, I’ve kept you guys waiting! Though it was okay for you guys to take a seat while waiting for me...」

Yuuki entered the room while saying that.
Following behind him was Kagali, who was like his secretary.

「No, no, Yuuki-sama. We are your servants. There is no need for you to worry about us.」

One man answered as the representative.
The man’s name was Damrada.
One of the Bosses[1] of Cerberus[2], a secret society.
The three people here were the bosses of Cerberus.

「Hahaha, Damrada is stiff as usual.」

Yuuki urged these three people to sit down while warding off laughter.
When they sat down in their seats as urged, Yuuki cut to the chase.

「So, Damrada. What is the situation in the Monster’s Country Tempest?
How is the transition of the forces and the progress of technological development going?」
「Ha! Their forces are increasing day by day.
That country is already capable of supporting 200.000 people, it’s likely that their internal development is complete.
The formation on each corps is also progressing, and there is a relationship with the committee, which is the council, and the new organization.
It could be said that the foundation of the Monster’s Country Tempest has been stretched to include the other side of the Jura Great Forest.
The current number of organized forces is not below 50.000.
Their number is not a threat to the Empire, but their individual force is high, and their cooperation is good as well. It’s not possible to make light of it.
In addition, the still increasing number of mercenaries and other forces should be factored in.
Their total number seems to reach 120.000~150.000.

Regarding their technological development, that is――
Currently, it seems it’s not developed inside Tempest.
As for the barrier that protects the city, its purpose is to protect the citizens, and not to prevent a technology leakage.
But, the thing called “Magic Train[3]” that began operating so suddenly has broken the common sense of transportation capacity.
It is most likely that its development might have been continued somewhere else.
Unfortunately, even me,as a merchant was unable to gather information about further technological development.」
「I see, even you as merchant.Were you able to determine the structure of their forces?」
「Yes. It seems they don’t intend to conceal their forces.
It’s greatly distributed and seems to have become two corps.
The First Corps is lead by General Gobuta, while the Second Corps is lead by General Gerudo.

Their official main force seems to be the Second Corps. However, this corps seems to be skilled in a certain aspect, and is called the construction corps.
As expected their main force was the First Corps.
It’s a high-speed task force that is a gathering of many people with the high firepower flame ability.
While the Second Corps maintains the front, I believe they plan to have the First Corps trample the enemy. 」
「High-speed movement? Do they move by using horses or something else?」
「No, I only observed the military exercise by using a magic tool from a distance...
From the starting position where they were facing each other, the whole force moved at an impossible speed the moment the starting signal was given.
From a distance, their speed seems to be beyond a horse’s speed.」
「Hee... You were interrupted by interference magic when you used magic for observation, right?
It seems like it’s going to be difficult to grasp the situation in Tempest from now.
The information that you have brought back is valuable.
But, I don’t believe that is all there is to their forces...」
「Ah, that reminds me...
Regarding that country’s satellite town, the Labyrinth city.
There is a complicated building called a Dungeon, and the city built surrounding it.
There is a rumor circulating that says there is a city inside the Dungeon.」
「A city inside the Dungeon...」
「Yes. There might be a technological development base inside that city.」
「―― Indeed. Possibly, no......it’s certain when I think about it.」

Yuuki thought as much when he heard Damrada’s report.
Their number of forces might really be that amount.
However, some doubt still remained in the details. Judging from the thought process of a Demon Lord like Rimuru, he felt that having just two corps was too few.
Besides, in that country, several abnormally strong devils existed.
Benimaru, Diablo, Shion, Gobuta.
These people were called the Shitennou (Four Heavenly Kings).
A corps being left under General Gobuta, who was assumed to be the weakest among the Shitennou, was suspicious.
No, if you said it was suspicious, all the devils of that country were suspicious too...
It was suspicious how people with strength equal to the members of the former Ten Great Demon Lords were under the rule of a single Demon Lord.
(Ah, as expected having failed to kill Rimuru-san is painful)
There was no use even in regretting it.
Yuuki suppressed a sigh and kept thinking.
There was no threat from the knights and volunteer soldiers gathering from the countries around the Jura Great Forest.
The number wasn’t significant, and there was no threat even if they gathered.
But, the monsters that assembled from Jura Great Forest were dangerous.
Normally you could ignore such a disorderly crowd, but he thought that they would move more fiercely than expected if they were under the Demon Lord Rimuru.
In addition to that group, if they were strengthened by some kind of technology they developed, it was possible for the empire to receive an unexpected blow.
For Yuuki, it wasn’t like he saw harm befalling his own subordinates a problem, but there was no reason that he should be unwilling to try to understand his opponents' forces.

「Vega, what do you think?」

Yuuki was just crossing his arms while listening to the report, and then he questioned one of the bosses of Cerberus.
Vega, the boss that symbolized the “Power” of Cerberus.
Vega nodded solemnly,

「We should just smash it. No need to worry at all! All the problems will fix themselves.」

He answered full of confidence while smiling broadly.
(This guy, his power is great, but his head is bad――or rather it’s too bad―― you see.)
Yuuki released a sigh in his mind, but he judged that idea to be acceptable as well.
Certainly, if he wanted to conquer the troublesome Dungeon, he should check its current state.

「Miranda, your idea?」

The last boss of Cerberus, the “Woman”, Miranda who governed over beauty.
She looked like a young girl, but also like a mature woman. She was a woman who emitted a bewitching charm.

「Is that so...
If the enemy Demon Lord has a gender, we don’t need to worry about such a troublesome thing...
A plan to gather information on the technological development cannot be made since the place where it is being developed is unknown.
There is no one in charge who seems weak to a woman or a technician with loose-lips.
It’s very unlikely that it will be useful to you in the war, although it’s okay if you leave it to me to investigate...」
「No, I will investigate it sequentially.
That Demon Lord appears to be full of gaps, but he’s unexpectedly cautious. He will not neglect to be cautious towards a stranger.
You stand out too much Miranda.」
「Ah, is that so?」
「Yes, then I’m going to rely on you, Miranda, about the Commander of the Armored Corps.」
「Will I do the same as always, infiltrate the Magic Beast Corps and wait for orders?」
「I ask you, Vega. Do not kill the Corps Commander since it’s no good, ok?」
「I understood. I will put a great effort not to.
「Yuuki-sama, if allowed, how many people under you control may I borrow?」
「Ah, it’s okay. Then, how about you choose at your own discretion from the 100 people?」
「Yes, I would be my pleasure.」

The talks about capturing the Dungeon was settled, and the three leaders retired from their seats.
The only ones remaining were Yuuki and Kagali
Actually, the preparation for war were already complete, the only thing left to do was to investigate the enemy’s movement.
Yuuki had more freedom compared to the other generals, since he had the duty of information gathering.

「Nee, Yuuki-sama. Will they dance well?[4]」
「Who knows, they might.
Though If the incitement goes well, we should be able to spread the ravages of war as planned.」
「But, we came here at last. The war will begin soon.」
「Ah, is that so. We need to reap death wonderfully.」

And then the two laughed wickedly.
Their objective was not the victory of the Empire.
Yuuki’s intention and the Empire’s interest matched, but their relationship was only that.
It shouldn’t be misunderstood, but Yuuki felt that he didn’t hold any responsibility towards the Empire’s victory.
It was just that he thought that an investigation of the inside the dungeon was necessary.
It was certain that there were traps and devices in there, but running into them in the labyrinth was an insignificant issue when it came to the destruction of the world.
An investigation should be done to find an opening for conquest, though it was only a simple idea...
In the end, because of that idea, the underground labyrinth capture group would bring back an unexpected report, but that wasn’t something that Yuki knew.


When Yuuki had decided on the underground labyrinth’s capture, similar information was given about the Monster’s Country Tempest to the Empire’s Intelligence Bureau.
Yuuki’s subordinates had begun to move towards Tempest as well.
First Lieutenant[5] Kondou, who received the information, was a taciturn person.

「Is that so? Good work.」

Those were only words that came from his mouth to one who reported the information to him. He didn’t make any further remarks.
He was not a man that expressed his thoughts to others.
With his trimmed short black hair, he emitted a tense atmosphere.
His expressionless eyes gleamed with a sharp light, like they could see through everything, and pierced the other party.
He was a young man. His youthfulness could be seen as he still in his early 20s.
However, there was no gentle light in his eyes, and a cunning intellect could be felt from him.
It was no wonder.
Kondou Tatsuya, also known as First Lieutenant Kondou’s, age did not match his appearance.

Kondou Tatsuya was an “Otherworlder”.
In this Empire, “Otherworlders” were not unusual. One big reason for this is that the Empire had a policy called the Protection of the “Otherworlder”.
Tatsuya was one of the people saved by that policy.
There was magic in this world, therefore it could be said that his life was saved.
Because he had gambled with death and made a suicide attack towards the enemy army when he arrived in this world, he had received innumerable bullets and was the verge of death.
He was lucky.
By chance, he had landed in the Empire’s capital, and happened to pass nearby the Empire’s Magician Leader.
Tatsuya life was saved by that good fortune. Then he swore to devote the life he had once thrown away to the Emperor.
So around 70 years had passed, but he had not aged.
He had decided not to appear on the front stage, and lurked in the Empire’s shadow. Inside the Information Generalization Headquarters, since his figure remained eternally young.
The magician who had saved him was dead.
He took Tatsuya as his disciple, taught him all his magic, and then he departed from this world. Now Tatsuya was managing the people.
Thus, only several of his trusted subordinates and the Emperor knew of his existence.

The Mysterious man obsessed with information.
A Lurker in the Empire’s shadow.
A human, subduer of demons.

He knew that he was feared and had received various names, but it had no effect on him since he didn’t associate with others.
His rank as First Lieutenant was not actually accurate.
In reality, he was given a high-ranking position by His Majesty the Emperor.
But, he was the “First Lieutenant”.
Because he doesn’t want to forget the memories of his subordinates that fell together with him in his previous life――or rather, in his former world――so he remained a First Lieutenant.
The existence of First Lieutenant Kondou, who was the director of the Empire’s Intelligence Bureau, couldn’t be disregarded, even by the Corps Commanders.
However, as his true character was unknown, he was a feared person.

Well, there was another reason why there were many “Otherworlders” in the Empire.
That was because there were many people who had been summoned.
The person who defected to the Empire, the former leader of Freedom Association (Guild Master), Kagurazaka Yuuki.
The reason his defection was so easily accepted was because he had sent the “Otherworlders“ which he had sheltered before to the Empire.
They numbered 100 people.
There were many who possessed Unique Skills in that group of 100 people, and many of them belonged to the Imperial Guard’s Army.
Yuuki had said that he had found them by chance and had protected them, but according to the investigation, that was a lie.
Though his appearance was that of a young boy, his action were like those of a veteran.
Like First Lieutenant Kondou, you could deem him a dangerous person by his appearance.
Kondou concluded that the reason why Yuuki was able to prepare so many “Otherworlders” was through Summoning.
To summon people using magic was inefficient, though it depended on the individual’s ability. But, making the summoned pledge their loyalty was possible if the summoner was capable of etch it on the summoned’s soul at the time of summoning.
Summoning was the most suitable way to get loyal subordinates.
In reality, there was no error in First Lieutenant Kondou’s anxiety.
It wasn’t on all of the members, but surely an order had been given to some of them at the time of summoning.
There might also be a person among them that had a different intent, like the Hero Masayuki, a summoned person that couldn’t be controlled completely by the order.
Because he had a strong power, Yuuki didn’t even mind that he couldn’t control him completely, and just sent him to the Empire as he was.
However, a case likes Masayuki’s was unthinkable.
He was not very useful, and it was expected that he would not obey orders, so some measures were given to put him in line.
Although First Lieutenant Kondou didn’t know the circumstances, he had guessed that from Yuuki’s speech, conduct, and movement in this one year, and he realized the danger of the people that Yuuki had sent.
Such perception was too accurate, it could even be called a fearsome insight.

The investigations on the other Corps Commanders were not as interesting as Yuuki’s.
The system of the Empire is『Power is everything』.
Therefore, there is no one who criticized Yuuki openly.
There were few people who could complain about Yuuki, who had reached one of the tops of the Empire.
So the First Lieutenant Kondou thought.
(You are dangerous, Kagurazaka Yuuki. You are an existence that should be removed)
It was better if it was in another army, but it was a problem if the people who belonged to the Imperial Guard’s Army that ought to protect His Majesty, the Emperor, had already sworn their loyalty to another person.
This matter couldn’t be brought to light yet.
But, the moment Yuuki showed an unnatural movement, that was when he would die.
Because First Lieutenant Kondou, a lurker in the Empire’s shadow, never forgives a traitor.

「You should become as cocky as you could. Since your life is already in my hands.」

A ruthless light appeared in his eyes as the First Lieutenant Kondou muttered that calmly in the Empire’s shadow.


In response to Yuuki’s command, three people were selected.
From amongst Yuuki’s 100 subordinates, the chosen people were required to be from the Mixed Corps.
It was said that only coming from another world would get you a high position in the Corps, the Empire was not naïve.
But the 100 people whom Yuuki had chosen only possessed Unique Skills that excelled in combat ability.
Therefore, they hid in each corps, living while concealing their fangs.
They had all received Yuuki’s order to revolt together, and to seize each other’s corps.
Now that Yuuki had seized the Mixed Corps, everyone thought that the day was near.

Meanwhile, there were three people who couldn’t hide their bewilderment for the unexpected dungeon capture order.
Before long, the Empire was going to invade the other side of the Jura Great Forest. It was natural for them to be doubtful about capturing the Dungeon during such a time.
The coup d’état (military revolt) by Yuuki’s subordinates was planned to happen when the Empire began the invasion, and after some of the front-line had finished spreading.
As a result, the Empire would instantly fall under Yuuki’s control, and he was going to start the world conquest using its might.
They had received such an explanation from Yuuki.

The three people,
Tanimura Shinji
Mark Lauren
Zhen Liu Xing[6]
Flared up at Damrada’s unexpected order.

「Hey,hey, Ossan. We were called for the Labyrinth Capture (Athletics)....
Don’t joke around! Or rather, you are making fun of us?」
「Well just wait, Mark. Yuuki-san may have some kind of plan?
Please tell us what you know, Damrada-san.」

Calming the raging Mark, Shinji asked Damrada.
The 100 people were battle elites, each possessing a Unique Skill.
Their pride was high, and they were looking down on Cerberus.
However, they acknowledged the superiority of Vega, who was a boss symbolizing “Power”. But, there were few people who respected Damrada whose specialty seemed to be calculating money.
Among those 100 people, Shinji was relatively close to Damrada.
This time too, he had volunteered for the role in order to pacify Mark who was venting his anger on Damrada.
Zhen Liu Xing, this man was taciturn, and what he was thinking was unknown.
But, he could certainly understand what was been said. His braided black hair rested down his back, and he wore Chinese styled clothes similar to Damrada.
Various hidden weapons seemed to be concealed inside his clothes.
Shinji naturally realized that he had gathered this team.
There was unease, but these three were the members of the labyrinth capture group――their Official name was Enforcer Scout Platoon.
That’s why Shinji, as the team leader, asked Damrada that.

Damrada explained the situation.
Since the inside of the labyrinth was unknown, this investigation was in preparation for the coming war.
There was a possibility that some secrets were hidden inside the labyrinth.
It might not be a issue, even if it was ignored, but the investigation was for the sake of caution.
(No, Yuuki-sama actually seemed to have another intention.
That’s not something that should guess. I better not say something careless.)
Shinji decided that it was unnecessary to daringly ask about everything and Damrada finished his explanation.
However, the explanation of Demon Lord Rimuru’s dreadfulness and wariness was intentionally repeated many times.
The labyrinth was created, by that Demon Lord in full confidence.
As far as Damrada was concerned, he hadn’t heard any stories of it having been captured yet.
It was only a rumor, but the Hero Masayuki had broken through to the 30th floor.

「Please don’t neglect to be cautious.」
「Hey, Ossan! Are you underestimating us?」
「Now, now, Mark. Please wait.
Damrada-san, I understand the conversation. Can I ask for a guide?」
「Ah, guiding and assistance on the other side are left to me. We leave once the preparations are complete.」

The next day.
The group, guided by Damrada, went to the Transfer Magic Formation.
Could these three really capture the labyrinth?
Damrada was more worried about whether the capture was even possible, rather than what was hidden inside the labyrinth.
But, he didn’t say it.
He understood that it would only be a complaint even if he said it.
It was better to encounter some bitter experiences, so Damrada thought.

And so, the challenge to the labyrinth from the Empire by the three members of the Enforcer Scout Platoon began.

[1] It’s written as Atama 頭 but it’s read as Bosu ボス.
[2] Written in kanji as San Kyoutou三巨頭 which means Three Great Head or Three Leaders but read as ケルベロスKeruberosu/Cerberus
[3] I forgot to give the kanji before of 魔導列車Madou Ressha before, it can mean Magic/Sorcery Train.
[4] Dancing as like moving just like Yuuki want...... (Dancing in his palms or something similar like that)
[5] 中尉 Chūi, an old(historical) version of the military rank in Japan.
[6] His name is シン・リュウセイ(Shin Ryuusei) normally a Japanese name is composed by kanji. His name is written in Katakana so he’s a foreign and by the description of his introduction, it seems he’s Chinese so his name becomes the one now. Other alt: Qin Liu Xing/Shen Liu Xing.
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