Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Chapter 148 – A decision made too late.
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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Author :Fuse
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Chapter 148 – A decision made too late.

A decision made too late.
A big thanks to Guro San and Co For editing my work 🙂

In a spacious and well lit, comfortable room.

An old man ――Gadra the Imperial Court Mage invited his 3 guests to the room ――he showed them the chair

Whilst feeling obliged, the three sat on the chair as suggested by the strict mage.

Gadra watched the three, and chuckled.

Although he have became a full-fledged soldier, his disciple’s nervousness towards him was still amusing.

He knew that his disciple Shinji and his friends will come visiting him from a prior contact.

And, the investigation on the equipments that entrusted to him has also ended.

However, he’s still pondering whether he should inform them honestly or not…

The equipment’s astounding performance was something that he should be astonished.

Anyway, first of all he decided to return the bardiche and the bracelet which in his hand to Shinji and held it out.

Shinji receive the equipments which Gadra held out, and hand over the bardiche to his friend with large build (Mark).

Then, he tucked away the bracelet into his pocket.

At the same time after it’s over,

“So, Shisho……this bracelet, do you have any ideas what this bracelet is?”

Out of curiosity, he asked the main question.

The effect of its automatic revival after the wearer died is only possible in a specific place. You wouldn’t found a magic item like this that possess such ability, no matter how many records were checked.

However, It’s not like there’s nothing that comes to mind

“Hmm. Impatient as usual I see. Well, I can’t criticize others either.

I will say the conclusion, it can’t be appraised with magic. I let the Technology Department to examine the other two.

But, I’m afraid that the mystery of this bracelet will not be solved.

Even so, It’s not like there’s nothing that comes to mind.

So, the question is……

You lot, where was this bracelet obtained from? What is the place called?”

And so, in order to ascertain that, Gadra ask a question in return.

Gadra didn’t hear about the origins of this bracelet. He only received a request saying to examine the effects of the bracelet.

Three bracelets were handed to him and he was asked to check what kind of ability it has.

He only heard a bit detail of it at the time, 『The effect of automatic revival is possible only in a specific limited location』 or some unthinkable thing like that.

When Shinji handed the bracelet, he said that he wanted Gadra to examine it without having any strange prejudice, but Gadra didn’t heard the story in detail…

The result, it’s impossible to be analyzed by magic.

Due to its indefinite change of the spirit’s wave, every interferences by magic were obstructed.

Because the wave of all attributes was intermingled with each other complicatedly, it’s in a state which the specific pattern couldn’t be calculated. Therefore, Gadra gave up and end up asking the Technology Department to deal with it.

Asking the Technology Department is like admitting he lost and it hurt his pride, but Gadra’s personality was to prioritized gain over pride.

While feeling frustrated too, he handed the remaining 2 bracelets over requesting an investigation. The results aren’t out yet.

“I’ve tried appraised it myself with magic, but I failed… I couldn’t find any clues.

I thought the failure was due to my lack of ability, but even Shisho too…….

The place is the west side ―― of the empire, it’s the opposite end, the “other side” of the Jura Great Forest, or referred to as “West Side”―― of the forest,

It’s the satellite city of the emerging country governed by the Demon Lord, called Monster’s Country Tempest.

In that city, or at the underground dungeon, the bracelet is an item that can be purchased upon entry into the multi-layered underground structure.

Then, as they sold it to us, they’ve also given us explanation about the labyrinth…

We were skeptical at first, but we personally experienced it with our body.

Without a doubt, it has effect to revive even if we died.

“Hohou……labyrinth, is it? Then, Can this bracelet be used multiple times?”

“No, once you die it will become light particles and disappears.”

Well in this case, you will be outside the labyrinth, and you need to enter again.

When you paid the fee, it seems you have to buy it again.”

“……So this dungeon, collects admission fees?

Or rather, anyone can enter?”
“Yeah, that’s right. Apparently, the Demon Lord Rimuru seems to run it as a tourist attraction.”

“What……Demon Lord, huh……”

Gadra was rendered speechless by Shinji’s explanation.

If you think about it, this is too terrible a conversation.

A Demon Lord is referred as an enemy of humanity.

The Demon lord is an absolute existence, and it’s wise to go on basis of mutual non-aggression.

The reason why the Demon Lord rule over an affluent territory is to nullify a Demon Lord’s reason and ambition for the territories of other countries

Due to this, Gadra is on the opposition position regarding the empire’s ambition to expand towards the west side.

One year ago, the Farmas Kingdom perished for incurring the Demon Lord’s wrath.

While the people weren’t directly harmed, but the king suffered a gruesome end, and the country perished too.

With this incident as the cue, there seemed to be some kind of movements among the Demon Lords.

As for the newly created Eight Star Demon Lords (Octogram), notification was sent to humanity.

There are 4Demon Lords whom name is known widely.

Guy, Mirim, Leon, and the one in the topic Rimuru.

Gadra didn’t know what are the western nation thought about this, but he believe that it was dangerous move to angered Rimuru as he’s a Demon Lord.

His name was known because he takes too many intensive actions.

And the important thing is, even though Clayman who was one of the former 10 Great Demon Lords is gone, the newcomer Rimuru has left quite the impression.

As indicated by that, the west side has an existence that more frightening than Clayman, so is the point.

Besides, it’s to the point where there’s no survivor amongst the 10 thousand people that partook in Farmas’s military campaign.

In the case of an ordinary war, when the casualties were over 30%, it would mean this campaign is a failure.

At that point, they would need to surrender.

They thought that their life will not be taken if they surrendered because of the rumored personality of the Demon Lord, but the result was a massacre.

Were they were annihilated without chance to surrender? Or was it because of the subordinates’ reckless action?

But, the most frightening thing above all might be his ability of impregnable defense that enclosed them and gave them no chance to escape.

The army well over 10000, if there’s no one survived……it’s not an event that common sense can be applied to.

It might be possible if a large-scale spell was invoked.

Enclosing the whole army, with a speed that didn’t allow them to escape, if it’s nuclear strike magic……

When using that large-scale magic, it would be a miracle if the opponent haven’t deploy any defense barriers while the magic power for casting such great magic was being gathered.

If such element cleared all the requirement, it might not be impossible for Gadra either.

Though, this is all very unlikely.

Above all, the effects on the natural environment due to terra-forming via nuclear strike magic has not been confirmed.

He wouldn’t kill the runaway enemies by some kind of unknown attack nor command a large number of subordinates to lock down the enemy and annihilated them.

It’s frightening, that’s how he honestly feel.

To especially wage war against such opponent …… truth to be told, the higher ups of the military wouldn’t be able to avoid incompetent criticism.

(I should probably remonstrate to the emperor about this, huh……)

With such a thought, he let out a depressed sigh.

After a change of mood, he decide to answer his disciple, Shinji’s question.

“Well, it’s about the Demon Lords. Do you guys know how many Demon Lords there are?”

“Yes, is it 8 people right?”

“Eh? Isn’t it 10 people? No, shouldn’t it be 11 people now?”

“――Mark…… they made some changes last year……”

Gadra sighed, and began his explanation.

“Those idiots civilian employee’s bad habit, they can’t even do an intelligence gathering, I can see them be the first to die.

There are 8 demon lords. They refer to themselves as the Eight Star Demon Lords.

―― It may mean that they have ability that compared to a star.

In fact, it’s said that the ‘Newbie’, Rimuru alone has the strength to match an army.

The higher ups of the military seem to think this remark about Rimuru is just boasting……but I personally think it’s the truth.

But, this time let’s put this aside.

Among them, one of the Demon Lords is called ‘The Fairy of the Labyrinth’.

What do you think about this?”

These words made the three held their breaths.

Timidly, Shinji state his thought.

“Labyrinth …… as in dungeons?[1]”

So he said.

Nodding gravely, Gadra took out a copy of a book, and showed it to the trio.

In the Ulgrasia Republic on the west side, there’s a dungeon known as “Dwelling of the Spirits”.

It’s said that the labyrinth expands in underground or in the air in this world, but the truth is different.

In a sense this is correct, yet also wrong.

According to the books, the “Dwelling of the Spirits” not only houses spirits, but it’s also the resident of their queen whose body changed from a spirit into a fairy.

“This queen, is one of the Demon Lords, the one known as ‘ The Fairy of the Labyrinth’.”

Gadra’s words weighted heavily on the trio.

In addition,

“The entrance to the labyrinth seems to be only located in the Ulg National Park, but has now vanished.

Not long after that, the Demon Lord Rimuru has identified himself.

Then, an underground labyrinth (dungeon) was opened to the public after a few months later.”

So he continued

By now, he’s convince there’s no mistake.

As for Shinji and his friends, they can’t utter a denial.

“Shisho……did you realize that?”

He barely had a reply.

Gadra laughed maliciously,

“Naturally! You idiot……collecting information is the fundamental of everything you know!

For War, and also Economy. If a person aspire to pursuit magic, it’s all the more.

Diligence is not enough!!

And also, one more thing.

You lot were defeated by such opponent, it’s as expected.”

“Eh?! Shi, Shisho, why it’s like that?”

“I’ve asked Yuuki-dono. About where and what you lot doing.

At that point when the answer come, it’s good as naught to decide anything.”

“Haha, I’m very sorry…”

Shinji was ashamed, His face dyed red.

As a magician, his master had told him many times how inadequate was his information collecting, he felt ashamed that he wasn’t able to realize it till someone pointed it out.

But, it’s certainly a bit harsh to compare the crafty Gadra who already lived for many years in this world with Shinji whose lacking in sense of tension due to being raised in Japan.

Anyways, Shinji and co using this opportunity for some serious reflection as well, the information about the 60th floor Guardian was obtained.

There’s a story of a noble-minded Priest accompanied by a great Holy Knight from a long time ago.[2]

Such people were turned into devil, it’s story that was agreeable even if it’s said that their threat can be compared to Arc Demon.

“I don’t know whether this the truth or a lie, in this book,

『The blade of the Holy Knight Albert, could cut even an Arc Demon』

So it was written. I’m afraid he was a master of formidable sword.”

Hearing his master words, Shinji is fed up.

(If that so, I can’t possibly win!)

That was his state of mind. Since he was uncertain, it can’t be helped, if he couldn’t revive he would definitely be dead.

In the future, in order to avoid exposing his comrades to unexpected dangers, he would definitely collect more detailed information, sworn Shinji.

However, this decision was made a bit too late.

That’s because, they, have already been caught up in a new crisis……

The door of Gadra, the Imperial Court Magician’s room opened, and several soldiers entered.

The sudden turn of events shocked Shinji and co.

But, the situation has begun to proceed, and due to Shinji and co’s late decision, they have lost the chance to escape from the empire.


[1] First labyrinth in katakana ラビリンス then labyrinth in kanji 迷宮. This Line is lost in translation.

[2] The kanji say千年前 which can mean 1000 years ago or a long time ago.
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