Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Chapter 172 – Clash! Storm Dragon Vs Scorch Dragon -Last Half-
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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Author :Fuse
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Chapter 172 – Clash! Storm Dragon Vs Scorch Dragon -Last Half-

The battle quietly began.
Velgrynd waited until she had confirmed that the airship fleet behind her retreated to safety.
As soon as she confirmed their retreat, she would move.

「It’s been too long, Veldora. I’ll ask just in case, will you not come to our side?
If you do, I’ll teach you how to properly use your strength, you can even rampage to your heart’s content you know?
Naturally, the location will be left up to us though. 」
「Kuhahahaha! Dearest sister, the old me is no more.
I have already perfected my strength control.
Besides, simply raging about isn’t fun anymore.
I’m an adult now, my sister! 」
「Those are some cheeky words you say……
Very well then. If that’s the case, then I’ll be testing how much you have grown! 」

The words they exchanged were few.
After all, Velgrynd knew that Veldora would not heed to any negotiations, so she prepared for battle without hard feelings.
Originally, the plan was for Rudra to Dominate and control Veldora, so persuasion was pointless.
As such, she needed to quickly weaken Veldora, and suppress him until Rudra arrived.
Thinking so, Velgrynd made a preemptive strike by releasing her Burning Breath.
It was a single thin beam of concentrated light, a super high speed Breath Attack that assaulted Veldora.
Normally, due to the effects of Veldora’s heat nullification, he would not take heat damage. However, without hesitating, Veldora avoided Velgrynd’s Breath.

「Oh? I didn’t think you’d dodge that.
This just might be my personal opinion, but have your skills improved a little perhaps? 」
「Kuahahahaha! Your breath attack probably has Accelerated Destruction effects.
If I received a direct hit, my magic would go wild, and I would weaken trying to regain control over it.
Of course I’d avoid that. 」

At that moment, Veldora’s intuition felt that the Breath Attack had an Ultimate Skill’s effect added onto it.
The analysis from Veldora’s Ultimate Skill『Investigation King Faust』had also confirmed this.

While Veldora was surprised at being able to understand his own attack so well, Velgrynd fired her next attack.
And simultaneously moving at instantaneous speed, she occupied a position above Veldora.
While evading the multiple simultaneous Breath attacks, at some point, Veldora noticed that he was now confronting Velgrynd from below.
She’s quick as always, thought Veldora. If it were the Veldora from before, he would have failed to notice her.
On the other hand, Velgrynd had already skillfully gained enough distance to deliver her knockout blow.
At this distance, she could perfectly deal with Veldora, and was confident she could maintain her advantage.

「Let’s end this, Veldora.
In the end, you weren’t able to escape from my clutches! 」

Declaring this, multiple Burning Breaths were released simultaneously from above.
Multiple columns of flame bound the heaven and earth. This was known as a Flame Cage.

But, Veldora was able to see through the attacks, and splendidly evade them.
Despite being ensnared in a Flame Cage, let alone a direct hit, he didn’t suffer a single scratch.

「Kuhahaha! If it doesn’t hit, nothing happens, and that’s how it is! 」

Veldora gleefully shouted the words he had memorized by heart.
Tch! An irritated Velgrynd clicked her tongue.
Certainly, to not be able to land a single strike at this stage was unpredicted. It was not as if she was underestimating Veldora.
(I was just warming up!)
She still possessed the absolute advantage.
Velgrynd decided to stop holding anything back, and end this in one go.

「Is that so? But you know……you’ve already fallen into my trap.
I shall seal your movements with this, Burning Embrace!! 」

There was a reason Velgrynd positioned herself above Veldora.
Below them was the ocean, the Burning Breaths Veldora had dodged would naturally come into contact with the seawater and cause a steam explosion.
Even with the force of the explosion, Veldora would never take damage.
However, the evaporated sea water would become water vapor, and surround Veldora.
Those would, infused with Velgrynd’s ability, become tiny red droplets of rain… and pour upwards.
The Cardinal Cage used for capturing Veldora was, at that very moment, complete.
The blessing of the Ultimate Skill 『Charity King Raguel』
It could exponentially increase the thermal energy within the target, in other words, it was an ability that forcefully increased kinetic momentum.
To a certain extent, it could boost physical capabilities, but going too far, would push bodily energy consumption over the limits.
And, when the ability is at its greatest, it could accelerate heat production within the body, causing the body to burn into nothingness.
In other words, it was an ability that could freely manipulate the energy composition of the target’s body.
As if to embrace Veldora who’s trapped in a cage, the scarlet rain gently generated a membrane around him.
For those held within the Burning Embrace, their right to survival lied in the hands of Velgrynd.
The result was the same even for Veldora who was “True Dragon” similar to herself.
Velgrynd, who was certain of her victory, was about to order Major General Xam’d to fire the Magic Canceller――but stopped.
The imprisoned Veldora’s presence had disappeared.
(What just happened?!)
Velgrynd felt perplexed at the rare feeling of losing her composure.
Towards that Velgrynd,

「Kuhahahaha! I told you earlier didn’t I?
If it doesn’t hit, nothing happens, and that’s how it is!」

From behind, she heard the sound of Veldora’s victorious laughter

In reality, Veldora didn’t actually have much breathing room for him to be boasting that much.
Right when the Cardinal Cage was on the verge of completion, the Ultimate Skill 『Investigation King Faust』’s Danger Precognition ability was sending a maximum danger warning.
It wasn’t something he could deal with in the spur of the moment by blowing it off with “Storm of Ruination”, that much was obvious.
The instant he thought so, Investigation King Faust’s “Investigation of Truth” had derived the optimal solution.
To only use “Storm of Ruination” as it is, the chances of escape were less than 1%.
However, by focusing the emission of “Storm of Ruination”, the result was “Storm Blast (Roar of Ruination)”. As a result, it was derived that the odds of escape would greatly increase.
But even so, the odds of escape via “Storm Blast” was merely 50%.
This was where “Probability Manipulation” was activated.
Against an enemy of the same rank, the probability would double on one’s own favor.
This escape act which was supposed to have a 50-50 chance of success, now rolled in favor to Veldora thanks to Investigation King Faust.
In this fashion, Veldora escaped from danger.

Velgrynd was awe-struck in the truest sense of the word.
Her little brother (Veldora) who she had viewed as inferior to herself, who she had looked down upon for his reliance on brute strength…… in an absolutely unescapable situation, he had splendidly made his escape.
She had no choice but to admit it.
Veldora had reached her level.
Velgrynd acknowledged Veldora as an enemy of equal standing whom she would be confronting.
This was the instant she decided to get serious.


On the large screen, a decisive Kaijuu battle was being projected.
No, this was no joke, this was the only way to describe it.
If it were only the Empire’s Airship fleet, then Veldora’s victory was nothing to be worried about, but it was quite the surprise when the Crimson Dragon suddenly appeared.
That was one of Veldora’s elder sisters, probably “Scorch Dragon” Velgrynd.
However, despite the large clash of energy, the level of control was excellent, and it had become a very complicated battle.
When Velgrynd used a bold move, and it seemed the match was about to be immediately decided, I was worried that Veldora may have lost.
Although, as it was possible to revive him even if he died, I was not that worried……
It was only to the point where I ordered Wisdom Lord Raphael to map out their spatial coordinates.
I was about to go save him with teleport, but then I remembered Veldora could be retrieved using my Skill.
Due to this recollection, I was able to spectate the battle in a relaxed manner.

The battle had reached a stalemate.
They were equal in speed.
Veldora had a high level of control, allowing him to move at high speed.
Even when against the fastest of the “True Dragons”, Velgrynd, he didn’t lag behind a single step.
The results of secretly training himself had surfaced.
I couldn’t determine this since sounds couldn’t be reproduced, but I seriously wish he didn’t start saying cool, boastful lines, and ended up in a pinch.
That said, limited to what I saw, all in all Veldora had been starting to get the advantage.
If you looked at strength alone, Veldora had the superiority.
Although he was greatly weakened at one point due to being sealed, at present, he appeared to have completely recovered.
Veldora’s magic Energy was above Velgrynd, but it felt like his magic control was inferior.
However, his Skill, Investigation King Faust, seemed to have higher performance compared to that of Velgrynd’s.
Well, it did seem like a well-rounded all purpose skill.
Frankly speaking, “Probability Manipulation”, “Investigation of the Truth” and sorts, aren’t those hard-to-understand Skills pretty broken?
To be honest, once he masters those skills, could anyone even beat him? I thought it was at that level.
Veldora’s newly created move, the converged storm attack (Storm Blast), appeared to have inflicted damage on Velgrynd.
Traveling at an unavoidable speed using waves, the effect only manifested after a delay.
In a word, they were “Invisible waves” such as electromagnetic waves, and travelling at hypersonic speeds ―― estimating to be over Mach 100 (EN: more like Mach 100,000 😛 )―― if the evasion timing was even slightly off, it was practically impossible to prevent the effects from the Storm.
After all, since you’ve already received the blow, it’s impossible to dodge or defend.
For goodness’ sake, he developed quite an unreasonable Skill.
As expected of Veldora, I thought with a bit of reverence.

If this kept up, it’d be Veldora’s victory, just as I was confident about this――
The situation quickly took a turn.
――Towards the worst direction.

Suddenly, the retreating Imperial Airship fleet of 100 had began to move.
Overlooking them was a big blunder.

Several individuals donning shining armor appeared on the bridge.
With a barrier that completely defended against the effects of the storm, they leisurely walked forward.
(Hm? What’s with those guys?)
As I was pondering this, it happened.
The only man without armor, a man wearing a former Japanese Empire military uniform, fired his small handgun.
Huh? For an instant I was at a loss for words.
A bullet shouldn’t have affected the strongest known as “True Dragons”……
However, I stiffened at that bullet’s speed.
It reached speeds on pair with Veldora’s Roar―― In other words, above Mach 100――and penetrated Veldora’s body.
Penetrating his body, the bullet released some kind of magic inside.
Veldora stopped moving, and began to lash out in pain.
Immediately after, the Cardinal Cage engulfed Veldora once more, and the 100 Airships of the Aerial Fighter Legion activated Magic Canceller at maximum strength.

All it took was a moment, for them to successfully seal Veldora’s movements.

The man donning a shining armor held up both hands towards Veldora.
Right then, sharp pain assaulted my soul.
As if they were ripping my soul out ――

《Alert. Master (Rimuru) and Individual: Veldora’s “Soul Corridor” has been destroyed. Ultimate Skill 『Storm King Veldora』’s Storm Dragon Summoning ・ Storm Dragon Release is now unusable. 》

――Suddenly, I was notified the reason for my pain.

What did you say?
Are you saying they took Veldora from me?
Veldora……from me?
(TN: Veldora x Rimuru anyone? He sounded like an NTRed girlfriend here XD. )


A feeling of vehement loss, and one of intense rage simultaneously welled up inside me.
Shion and Diablo who were by my side tried to hold me back in a rush.

「Please wait, Rimuru sama! It’s dangerous to go now!! 」

Shion’s words didn’t enter my ears.

I̟ͭ̎ͮ’̥̮͔̥̖̺̯̯̓̾L̮ͪ̅̒̔ͯ̋L͖͚̬͕̮̖ͩ̎ͧ̎ͥ̋̿ͦ ̯̻̣̦͚͓̬͐̌́̆̔̏͛͌F͓̯̲͕̖͑ͥ̊ͤͯ̂ͦ̚Ṳ͚̀͊C̰̰̪̊ͨ̊͗̃͊͂K̩̱̳͊͒̽̂̊͆ͣ͑I̫͑N̲̞̞̠̲͐G͎̼̠̪̻͉̤̣̒ ͉̮̟̜̘͈̪͗̓K͉̮ͦ̓ͮ̈͂͑Ḭ̙͇͍̙̇͋L̩̪̊ͣ̚L͎̯̙͂ͯ ̫̙͕̹͙̫͌͗̊ͮ̃̍‘̘̞̳̳̩̞̘ͤ̄͂̚ͅE̘̱͖͖͗ͮM̹͔̩̙͔͓̣̱ͧ̾́ͩͪ͗̆̉!̖͇̣ͩ!̱̱͗̅̾͊ͅ
With enraged thoughts, I shook off from their grasp, and stood up.
There did not exist a single existence within Tempest who could restrain my strength unbounded by anger.

Now you(The empire)’ve made me mad.
As you wished, I shall grant it.
The blessing named annihilation.

They had triggered my wrath.
I, in my rage, teleported to Veldora.

Editors Rant:
~ Gao! It’s on now Rudra. This marks the start of the really fun chapters of this arc. Please be patient, and maybe read the many of the other LNs and WNs being translated on other sites. Maybe pick one out from here? There’s probably something new to read every time the sun rises. Anyway. So I’ve made a release schedule to have some sense of time in the progress. As always no promises ~ gao! But, I’ll try and diligently deliver in a timely fashion as best as I can. 6 PM (-7 UTC) would probably be a good time. This is another of Anon’s TLs, but this time, Sushi has helped me a lot with the TLC and editing! Teamwork! Well then, as always, see y’all in another chapter ~ gao!
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