Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Chapter 175 – Veldora Released
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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Author :Fuse
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Chapter 175 – Veldora Released

Now then, as soon as I saw a ray of hope, I regained my calm.
Entrusting my anger to the situation would endanger Veldora’s main body, the “Storm Dragon (energy)”.
It’s not that my anger had disappeared, but rather I had to calmly deal with the situation.
This anger was something I needed to vent out on the Emperor later.
I had to first prioritize my objectives.

In order to free Veldora, defeating the main body before me would suffice.
However that alone wouldn’t be enough, and I hat to first retrieve Veldora’s Nucleic Heart, and reconstruct the “Soul Corridor”.
Well, I should manage somehow.
Wisdom Lord Raphael had already bought some time.
So we could focus on dealing with the “Storm Dragon”.
However, Investigation King Faust’s “Probability Manipulation” seemed troublesome.
Rather than worrying about which attacks were manipulated, thinking of every attack as something with additional uncertainties was sufficient.
After all, the “Storm Dragon’s” Energy was immense.
I still felt an energy supplementation from it, but compared to the flow of “power” from Veldora when the “Soul Corridor” was intact, this was nothing.
However, there was no need for worry.
I had Gluttony King Belzebuth, as well as Wisdom Lord Raphael with me after all.

I would have “Storm Dragon’s” “Storm Blast” predated on by Gluttony King Beelzebub.
Then, disassembled.
This wasn’t going to be easy. Because, if the predation failed, and I took a direct hit, my body would be destroyed with that one shot.
I feared that the destruction speed would be quicker than my ability to escape via clone.
Having a clone ready from the start, similar to my first battle against Hinata, would be pointless.
After all, if I couldn’t grant Ultimate Abilities onto the clone, it would be immediately destroyed.
In the end, the seemingly all-powerful clone couldn’t be used for anything other than as a decoy against weaker foes.
Well it depended on the opponent, and, with retreat being a priority, if victory wasn’t necessary, then there were several uses for it.
Under circumstances where defeat wasn’t an option, it would be useless.
Therefore, I had to defeat the “Storm Dragon” head-on.
Attacks other than “Storm Blast” would be dodged if possible, and otherwise offset with another attack.
With Raphael’s calculations assisting my instincts, it had gotten much easier since a while ago.
However, it was true that the abilities of the Ultimate Skill 『Storm King Veldora』 were left behind really helped.
If they weren’t there, there were high chances of defeat due to the not being able to offset the oncoming attacks.
The fact that the abilities were able to remain was probably due to Veldora’s timing.
You’ve done all this, so I’ve got to answer to those expectations.

And so I attempted to find the timing.
Since I didn’t know the location of Veldora’s Nucleic Heart, I couldn’t initiate any attacks.

Or rather, there were ways for me to attack, however it would be difficult to inflict any fatal damage.
Using various Nuclear Strike magics overlapped by Ultimate Skills would definitely inflict some damage.
I could also use 『Holy Demonic Inversion』, and release a holy attribute Ultimate Magic “Disintegration”.
However, this kind of magic wouldn’t be fatal with just one or two shots.
This was, without a doubt, due to the greatest trait of the “True Dragons” that even surpassed that of Demon Lords, their heightened durability.
Even so, if I wanted to take down the Heart-less “Storm Dragon”, I’d only have to assemble a multi-layered magic formation, and strike with the compressed synergetic magic.
After all, without the Heart, its attacks had become patterned, and through her calculations, Wisdom Lord Raphael could perceive the next attack.
Having analyzed many attack patterns, she used the knowledge to make her predictions.
This was something I didn’t understand, but analyzing algorithms was indeed very useful.
Though I thought it was enough to just randomize our attacks since their results would get their “probability manipulated”……
After all, it was at a Heart-less, rampaging state.
One could call this the sorrow of the dominated.
Frankly speaking, the reason I could also evade was thanks to this.
And now, with Wisdom Lord Raphael, it was like having a child as an opponent.
Wisdom Lord Raphael-san who was brimming with confidence for some reason could easily come up with a plan to kill.
And thus, simply defeating it was not an issue.
There were two problems.
The time limit, and the location of the Nucleic Heart.
If by chance, the Heart got destroyed then it was all over.
Complete operation failure.
The main body of the “Storm Dragon” would be under the complete dominion of the Emperor, and the “Soul Corridor” needed for Veldora’s resurrection would no longer be reconstructible.
Then it would all be meaningless.
That’s why I had to be careful.
I was looking for the right timing since a while ago.
The reason I got close to the rampaging “Storm Dragon”, and initiated a close combat, was for this timing.

The clock was ticking, but I didn’t worry.
There were 2 minutes remaining, but rather than rushing I evaded the attacks, slyly creeping in, and shortening our distance.
The more our distances shortened , the harder it became to evade the attacks…… however Raphael’s attack prediction increased dodging precision.
With my intuition and 『Future Attack Prediction』 used simultaneously, we could somehow manage to evade.
Carefully, without flustering, indifferently handling the attacks ――
―― Now!

Without overlooking the opening for an instant immediately right after the “Storm Dragon” attacked, I activated Gluttony King Belzebuth, and devoured the “Storm Dragon’s” main body.

My body changed from human to fluid form, its viscous property strongly emphasizing the irregular shape.
In accordance to my intentions to attack and devour, it changed into a shape suitable to entangle the opponent.
To bind, and devour the “Storm Dragon”.
However, naturally, the opponent was too large. Even if I stretched my body, I couldn’t pass a certain point.
However, there was no need to worry, as Gluttony King Belzebuth’s erosion had begun.
Simultaneously, the “Storm Dragon’s” destruction aura that resisted hostile existences had begun to break down my body.
Towards I who was trying to devour it, the “Storm Dragon” in turn attempted to exhaust me.
A violent attrition battle had begun.

It hurt, it burned, it was excruciating.
I was not supposed to feel pain, yet now, intense pain surged throughout my body.
Me feeling heat didn’t make any sense either, yet I felt like I was melting.
This was the first time I felt like this in this world, this intense pain.
My intuition detecting the destruction of my very existence may have stimulated my senses.
However, I will never slow down the predation.
I will win.
At this rate the “Storm Dragon (Energy)” will be devoured and absorbed.
And then, Veldora’s Heart will be separated, and the “curse” that destroyed the magic circuit will be analyzed and nullified.
For that, this amount of pain was nothing.

(Raphael, are there any problems?)

《Solution. There are absolutely no problems.》

Everything’s alright.
Obtaining the absolute answer, I further accelerated the erosion.

As as I converted what I devoured into energy, the equivalent amount of flesh was destroyed.
My flesh was reconstructed once more, and the erosion continued.
This repeatedly repeated.
Time was running out, and with the target being so large, I feared that I would not make it.
However, I believed in Wisdom Lord Raphael.
I will make it in time.

《Alert. Reporting results of Parallel Analysis.

Analysis of “Cardinal Acceleration” has concluded.
Reproduction of ability has failed.

Analysis of “Storm Blast” has concluded.
Reproduction of ability successful……it is now possible to use it.

Analysis of “Storm Dragon Energy” has concluded.
It is now possible to reconfigure the bodily composition into the same type as “Storm Dragon”.
Would you like to execute? YES/NO 》

Didn’t you just say something weird?
Even though the analysis of “Cardinal Acceleration” was a success, it’s natural I wouldn’t be able to use it.
Since I didn’t take “Scorch Dragon” Velgrynd’s abilities, replicating her Ultimate Skill merely by seeing it would be impossible.
The fact I was able to use “Storm Blast” after analyzing made sense.
My Ultimate Skill 『Storm King Veldora』 remained, and the power’s basis had already been analyzed.
Although it’s amazing I could use a powerful ability and I’m happy about it, it’s something that fell within the range of my understanding.
If it was Wisdom Lord Raphael-san, this wasn’t unusual, I got used to it.
However, that last line.
It was possible to reconfigure my body into the same type as a “Storm Dragon”?
I didn’t quite get the meaning of this.
If my understanding is correct, that would mean I would become the same as a “True Dragon” but……

《Answer. That inference is correct. 》

The wha-!?
Correct, err, hey you!?
――Are you serious?

《Inquiry. Would you like to begin reconstructing your body into a “True Dragon? YES/NO 》

Fufufu, Fuhaha, Fuhahahahaha!
Certainly, I executed a 3 part laugh, and thus commanded.

YES! (TN: “I’m now one step closer to My Veldora!” Rimuru, jk.)

In that instant, the pain I felt vanished.
The pain, the heat, the agony.
Due to my new body, the corrosive anti-threat aura the “Storm Dragon” released was nullified.
In other words, I now simply kept on devouring, and converted everything into my energy.
Rapidly, my magic Energy replenished, and began to rise.
That was done at an accelerated pace, because if I slowed down against the “Storm Dragon”, it would be fatal.
If this was Veldora, he probably would have been able to immediately respond.
But, since the dominated being was only the “Storm Dragon”, it didn’t have the corresponding reaction speed.
In the first place, if Veldora was the opponent, I wouldn’t even be able to even get a hold of him.
This being was only able to act in accordance to its programming.
Once I understood this, it was no longer a threat.

(Now then, let’s end this!
I wouldn’t forgive you (Bastard) for calling yourself my cherished “Storm Dragon”.
Devour, Gluttony King Belzebuth!!)
(TN: This Rimuru x Veldora ship is cruising on!) (EN: cherished… 0.0)

In accordance to my order, Gluttony King Belzebuth gleefully restarted devouring “Storm Dragon (Energy)”. And that, at a terrifying speed.
Unlike previously, the power-balance was now one-sided.
The hunter, and the hunted. It was the very essence of the law of the Jungle.
And so, my body had been reconstructed into a “True Dragon”, my Energy broke through the limit, and continued to increase.
An evolution and rebirth had occurred, and blinding light flooded the surroundings.
My old body couldn’t withstand the energy used for the reconstruction into a “True Dragon”, and it was released in an explosion of light.


When the light faded, the “Storm Dragon’s” figure had disappeared.
In its place was an unknown life form.
Devouring the “Storm Dragon” which could be called its parent, its body was reborn as the 5th “True Dragon”, the Ultimate Slime (Viscous Dragonoid Demon God). (EN: haha, wtf 竜魔粘性星神体)
That figure soon took the form of a human.
It looked around the age of 15~16, with a lustrous silver hair with a visible hint of violet mixed into it.
With golden eyes that looked as if it could see all, they were sharp and beautiful.
Albeit genderless, one could call her features cute rather than beautiful.
However, clad in a divine aura (presence), her beauty was sublime.
A single sword in her hand, she lacked clothing.(TN: now THIS is an LN illustration I’d like to see~!)
With dazzling white skin, one could see the black and gold aura (magic) coated around her. (EN: well, at least it’s censored)
As if whispering something in dissatisfaction, light enveloped her whole body, and a set of divine jet-black clothes appeared.
It was different from matter creation, a part of her body was modified and turned into armor.
By using the Energy that overflowed from her body, she created that set of clothing.
Just like that, all the excessive energy was released, and suppressed.
Visibly satisfied, a grin appeared on her face.

Velgrynd saw all that whilst trapped in her prison.
One more strike was all that was needed to break out of the prison.
However, she completely forgot about that one strike as she gawked at the spectacle.
Her own brother, the “Storm Dragon” Veldora ,against the “Demon Lord” Rimuru; “Storm Dragon” Veldora should have had the overwhelming advantage.
According to investigations, Rimuru was born from the congregation of magic essence from Veldora’s leaked Aura.
Since it could be considered an inferior copy of a “True Dragon”, it would naturally be a strong monster more or less.
It would naturally be a Unique Monster.
However, it was definitely impossible for it to surpass its creator, the “True Dragon”. If it could, that would imply that it was a being of equal rank to begin with.
(A coincidence? It can’t be……by chance, and she was born just like that?!)
Concluding her thoughts, and shocked at the answer she came up with, Velgrynd needed some time to take it in.
A monster that was born near a “True Dragon” out of pure coincidence, and was born with a soul that was compatible with a dragon’s essence, something like that.
Above all it was a non-elemental, absorbing the elements it took in, she couldn’t possibly accept this so easily.
Then it could possibly even be called the 5th, another younger brother(?), but strictly speaking it wasn’t a “True Dragon”.
And if it was to be classified, it’s something with the ability of a “Dragon”.
She didn’t want to recognize this, nor would she do so.
That thing had to be eliminated immediately.
That for sure, would also to serve as vengeance for her brother.
Although things happened, he was still her cute little brother.
Although she intended to control him as a pawn, for a dragon it would only be for a few insignificant years. (TN: #BestSister2016)
She did not have the intention to kill him or the sort at all.
And so, when she finally accepted that he was devoured before her very eyes, Velgrynd’s anger blew away all reasoning.

「My brother (Veldora) you…… HOW DARE YOU!!」

Breaking out her prison as she roared in anger, the “Scorch Dragon” Velgrynd rushed towards and assaulted Rimuru.


The same time as I finished devouring the “Storm Dragon”, my evolution had completed, and it appeared that I was born anew as a unique species.
Although it had the fancy name ‘Ultimate Slime (Viscous Dragonoid Demon God)’, it’s not a slime at all, I thought in secret.
This late into it, if I think too much about it I lose.

Now to check out the new body.
This body that was born without consuming Energy had a greatly increased capacity.
Thanks to that, the body that once looked around 12 years old, now looked around the age of 16.
This feeling of growth felt interesting, but for me who could freely modify my age this wasn’t anything of significance.
Well, in regard to Energy usage, as long as I’m able to move about in my relaxed state then there were no problems.
My slime form probably had an increase in mass. I might even have a diameter of 70~80cm now.
I should confirm that later.
And so, I was currently not wearing anything. In other words, I’m naked.
That’s no good.
A strange aura has leaked out, covering my body――Even though I didn’t have any reproductive organs as usual――however, from my own ethical point of view this was something unfavorable.
(TN: aka, there’s neither hole or pole down there…god this sounds so wrong….)
And so, I produced some clothes.
Using the matter creation ability from Diablo and the other demons, I used my Aura, and created clothes.
This also had some defensive capabilities to a certain extent. If the creator’s own body is used, it would have a complementary performance.
In an instant, my body felt like it was garbed in clothing. It felt very pleasant; it was a set of cool black
The performance was……God tier.
God tier? God tier was it ~ I see……wait, Huh?!
This was what it meant to be shocked stupid.
In other words, the part of my body ――the flesh of my main body――had this kind of ridiculous defensive capability.
I felt like I had evolved, I see, indeed.
One reason may be that several of my subordinates were awakening into Demon Lords, and their abilities were gather via 『Food Chain』.
Coming here, I felt like I had awakened a whole lot more.
Well, since my body was rebuilt into a “True Dragon”, it was only natural I would have this kind of defensive capability.
This was all the result of a successful operation.
In short this was all thanks to Wisdom Lord Raphael-san. This was really well done, truly befitting of Sensei.

《Alert. Not at all.》(EN: *Algorithmically blushes*)

She may have said, but I ignored it.
Well, I’ve got clothes now, but I haven’t forgotten my original objective.

(Veldora, you alright?)
How many times have I told you.
Of course I’m safe.
Or rather look at you, well done defeating my main body safely.
(It was really intense though.
But, this is wonderful, it truly is!)

Veldora and I were both glad the other was all right.
And so, as proof of Veldora’s release, I heard the voice of Wisdom Lord Raphael.

《Report. “Soul Corridor” with individual: Veldora successfully re-established.》

Wisdom Lord Raphael was always constantly working.
This time too, it was flawless work as usual.

《Report, there have been modifications to the ultimate skill 『Storm King Veldora』.

Storm Dragon Summon: Summon Veldora in his original dragon form.
※Energy required would vary corresponding to summoning delay.
Storm Dragon Release: Individual: Veldora would be granted a clone to take free action.
※Upon death, memories could be restored, and releasing once again is possible.
Storm series magic: “Death Heralding Winds” “Black Lightning” “Storm of Ruins” “Storm lightning”
※Chantless, instant activation possible.
Bladed Storm:Crystallization, Transforming into a Blade Core.

That is all. 》

The first tactical victory condition has been cleared.
Next came the second and third.
Eliminating the threat, slaughtering the Imperial soldiers.
Now that my anger had settled, I started to think like……it’s fine not to kill them all right~
but with the Black Numbers rampaging about, it was probably too late.
Oh well, it was necessary to eliminate the threat anyway.
Let’s maintain our momentum up until the end.

Steeling my determination, I faced the “Scorch dragon” Velgrynd who would attack me shortly.
Editor’s Rant:
Gao~!~! So la~te. Well It’s still friday here…. <.< ….. >.> …. ~safe~. … . Oh well. I hope to get the next chapter here tomorrow. *hopes*. I need to learn to manage my time better. Well anyway. Rimuru-tan evolved again yay! Next time, he fights! Hype hype hy~~pe!! Well let’s keep it short this time. We’ll see you in another chapter ~ gao!
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