Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Chapter 184 – The Faceoff
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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Author :Fuse
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Chapter 184 – The Faceoff

Having absorbed Velgrynd, the reconstruction began.
And then, leaving a busily working on something Raphael-san alone, I teleported onto the lone floating Airship.
It had already reached it’s maximum speed, cruising at speeds beyond that of sound.
Although I could catch up, there’s also the issue with the “Rat”.
I thought it best to deal with problems swiftly.

Considering the fierce battle that had just taken place aboard this vessel, it’s a miracle it could still fly in its sorry state.
The Demons who had made it in before me had knelt down, welcoming me.
Any remnants of battle couldn’t be seen at a glance. The damages sustained had been beautifully healed, showing their usual, beautiful splendor.
However, looking through a highly proficient appraising eye, Their Power(Existance level) had undergone great change.
Perhaps an after-effect of completing a forced evolution, the slight magic turbulence they had was now in perfect control.
It would seem that they understood something from this battle. This is a good thing.
Above all everyone’s all right, I felt relieved.

「Good work! It’s great that everyone’s all right.」
「My word! We’re unworthy of such words.
We, as commanded by Rimuru sama, have survived and acquired strength!」

The demons that brought up these words bowed their heads in unison.
Eh? Although I did say don’t die, I didn’t tell them to survive to the very edge though?
To survive and become stronger, what are they, some battle race?!
I was shocked that they thought of me as a master who would give that kind of ridiculous command.

「Ah, Yeah. In any case, above all, I’m glad you’re all safe……」

The Demons looked happy from receiving my compliments.
Oh well, whatever.
I should probably pay more attention from here on out, but we were in fact currently in an emergency situation. I decided to reflect on it later.
I changed my mindset, and proceeded to confirmed the situation.

「What’s the current situation of the “Rat”?」
「Kufufufufu. It seems the “Rat” has just arrived at the transfer device.」

If I wanted to stop it, now would be the time.

I considered killing the “Rat” then and there, and extracting his memory.
However, individuals surpassing A rank have high resistances, and taking memories protected by the soul seemed difficult.
And as for those in possession of Ultimate Skills, it’d fail without a doubt.
The “Rat” had only been sneaking around, but according to Diablo a strong power was sensed from it.
This was evident from the fact he managed to steal a portion of Military Uniform’s abilities. (EN: refers to Kondo. Rimuru refers to him as this.)
If you wanted to steal an ability (Skill) in the truest sense of the word, the other party’s soul would be essential. Without that, if you only stole it from devouring a portion of the flesh, only be an inferior variant could be deconstructed……

Even so to be able to break through a section of the Spatial Interference Barrier set up by the 600 Greater Demons, he, without a doubt, wielded some sort of troublesome ability.

As initially planned, the strategy was to lure out the puppeteer behind the scenes with the Emperor as bait.
Thus uproot the evil at its roots.
The promise to release Emperor Rudra must, of course, definitely be achieved.

「I shouldn’t have to worry about him escaping right?」
「Kufufufu. There is no problem!」

I’ve established my objective, and gave the command.
Let’s clean this mess up quickly.


The “Rat”, taking the form of the man Gradim, Vega, pretended to protect Emperor Rudra while he activated the transfer device.
Nodding towards the small number of Elite Mages and Major General Xam’d staying behind to guard,

「I’ll be going on ahead. You guys quickly make your escape too!」

Leaving behind these insincere words, Vega transferred, and escaped.
Naturally, He brought along Emperor Rudra.
After arriving at the transfer facility room within the deepest part of the Imperial palace of the Capital, Vega destroyed the transfer device.
The thin, shining and mysterious magic formation was blown to pieces from the shockwaves from Vega’s power.
With this, connection between the Airships’ transfer devices and the Imperial Capital had been severed. The demons would no longer be able to pursue Vega.
Those who stayed behind would be massacred, but that was something Vega wouldn’t know to care about.
Vega took a breath, and a fearless, broad grin surfaced.

Vega had immense self-confidence in his powers.
However, he considered the Demons from earlier. The one who insta-killed Beast King Gradim, and the ones who fought with Kondo and Damrada; They were genuine monsters.
Beast King Gradim was a strong individual who surpassed the average Demon Lords.
However, Vega didn’t think he’d lose to him, and if they actually fought, he was confident in his chances of winning.
However, those monsters easily surpassed Vega who had reached the upper limits of human strength as a Sage.
(Fuck ‘em! Just fuck ‘em to to bits. Your’s truly will get much stronger. Just you watch!)
Although his head was fuming to the point he felt welled up with seething wrath, having suppressed his anger, he had brought the Emperor to the designated location as initially commanded.

「You sure took your time, Vega. Is Emperor Rudra alright? 」

On the throne;
A chair that only the Emperor was permitted to sit on, a young boy sat on it with a relaxed look.
He called out to Vega, who had just arrived, with a light-hearted tone.
Black hair and Black eyes, a native Japanese look……
He was someone who should have been exterminated by Kondo, Kagurazaka Yuuki. (TN: That’s one F***er I didn’t miss.) (EN: I don’t get the Yuuki hate, he’s an awesome villain~)
And standing behind him was a stoic faced beauty.
But contrary to her appearance, she was the strongest Hero, Chloe O’bell.
Chloe was probably unwilling, as she unresponsively stood there with an uninterested look.
Acting per her contract, she left an impression of indifference.

「He’s okay. Although his head had a few screws loose.
However, that Demon Lord Rimuru sure is a monster. That guy shut me down big time.
By the way, are things all right here?
The coup d’état was suppressed or something, I heard from Gradim and the others?
So you’re alright?」
「Do I look like I’m alright?
I was in some serious shit over here you know?
I’d requested Chloe here to resurrect me on the off chance I died.
Thanks to that I barely made it alive, but I actually did die.
Well, thanks to that, the remaining Wishes (Commands) left on Chloe has dropped to one……
It’s all that Kondo and Damrada’s fault.
Be it Damrada or Kondo, them hiding their true strength was seriously annoying. 」

Yuuki explained to Vega with exaggerated gestures.
While he continued on with his tale, suddenly, he fixated his gaze on Vega,

「Ah~man, Vega. Dude, you’re being tracked aren’t you?」

While letting out a sigh, he lamented.
And then, holding his hand over Vega’s back,

「Eraser Shot!」

With a single hit, he eliminated Moss’s clone who was performing reconnaissance on Vega.
The tiny fist-sized demon, forcefully split in half, was destroyed without being able to resist.

「That was a close one. A little more and they would have arrived at this place in hot pursuit.
Or rather, It seems Rimuru-san’s subordinates are all horrifyingly excellent for no apparent reason.
We got careless for a bit there didn’t we? Vega, get your act together. 」
「Y-yeah. I got careless there, my bad……」

Yuuki shrugged his shoulders.
Vega also looked as if he was scowling. However, in reality he wasn’t reflecting at all.
In fact, he didn’t notice it at the time since he was so wrapped up, but he felt his pride was trampled all over, he was furious to his very core. There was no room for reflecting.
Quite the annoyance, it seems one must not be careless with Rimuru’s subordinates.

Yuuki moved to a different location.
Bringing Vega and Chloe along, he moved with transfer magic.
At the Capital’s outskirts, this was where corpses were organized.
The location where Velgrynd entrapped and delivered pain to the Mixed Corps in the “Crimson Purge”, this was where the corpses of the elites directly under Yuuki lay.
The fires of purgatory that wouldn’t clear up no matter what, after some time, had began to weaken, and had just finally extinguished.
Naturally, they looked like how they were moments before death, it looked as if they hardly managed to perform their duty……
The royal knights No.11 and below that remained in the imperial capital, had been prepared as the raw materials for Armageddon (summoning the Angel Army).
If it is merely summoned, an Angel isn’t a threat. Their average combat potential was only around a “B+” rank.
Although, generally since summoned greater demons were “A-“ rank, they were sufficiently threatening to a human country.
Although they’d fall short against an elite Demon Lord, a force of over 1,000,000 “B+” ranks would be more than sufficient.
But, that’s only considering the case of facing a human nation.
While there was no problem against an older Demon Lord class, the current members of Octogram were on a completely different scale in terms of quality.
Therefore this time, for the first time, Yuuki decided to try and incarnate the Angels using Emperor Rudra.
Up until now, this execution was a taboo, but considering the fact he’d lost half his mind at this point, he could be tempted put Justice King Michael’s proposal was into action.
The living and the dead, in order to determine the difference, both have been prepared.

This place also clicked well with Yuuki’s objectives.
it served the purpose of cutting off pursuers, and as they had erased that tracking clone, now they felt safer.
Vega comprehended Yuuki’s actions, and just as he was thinking that,

「What is this place? What happened to the battle……?」

Emperor Rudra, who was in a dazed state up until now, opened his mouth.
While he was only half conscious, it seemed that he would be awaken before long.
Although a bit earlier than planned, Yuuki decided to move his plan to the next phase.

Yuuki gave Vega a wink, as he and Chloe hid themselves.
Seeing that, Vega understood Yuuki’s intentions.
This was one of several pre-determined patterns.
Understanding this he quickly kneeled, and faced the emperor.
While accidents piled up, this was still within expectations.
Without any changes they’ll be using the special Skill of Emperor Rudra’s Ultimate Skill 『Justice King Michael』, and use Armageddon.
This was Vega’s predetermined role.

Yuuki was relieved that Vega understood.
(That guy, I was anxious that he’d forget since he’s an idiot after all…… )
Contrary to his beliefs, Vega too had been equipped with the thing called “brains”.
Albeit boastful of his strength, when he thought about it he only recalled a few individuals whose strength exceeded Vega’s. (TN: I could think of a few, like Rimuru’s entire entourage. )
In any case, he heaved a sigh of seeing that the strategy was going well.

Vega, didn’t actually listened to Yuuki’s speculations in detail.
However, by using the Emperor’s ability, their current goals would be accomplished.
In regards to Vega’s role in the series of battles of the coup d’état, it was the actualization of their ultimate goal, making Emperor Rudra successfully use Armageddon.
Well, that was originally Yuuki’s role, but since the coup d’état plans went awry, the baton was passed onto Vega midway.
If Yuuki died, then Vega would be the one to execute it.
In the original plan, they’d finish subjugating Ruminas, and execute it before the final clash with Guy, but due to several unforeseen incidents, the plan was pushed forward.

「Your Majesty, you’re alright! This Gradim was so worried!」

While acting as Gradim, Vega explained the situation to the Emperor.
The army was wiped out, Kondo, Damrada and the other Royal Knights are expected to be annihilated as well.
While Velgrynd stalled for time, he somehow escaped with the Emperor; he recited the thought out scenario.

「What did you say!? Are you saying Damrada and Velgrynd are still fighting?」
「Yes, your Majesty! Kondo-dono as well as Damrada-dono are currently engaged in a fight to the death……」
「――Is that so. Then, before it’s too late, we must rescue them.
I’ll summon the angels. Make the preparations!!」
「But, your Majesty……!!」

Without letting it show, a smile surfaced on the face under that helmet.
Although he wondered would the Emperor would actually perform the angel summoning, it looked like things were going well.
‘Just a little more, and it’s over’ he thought, a natural smile broke through his façade.
But, that though was simply too naïve.

「Oh my? That would be troublesome. ――Besides, there’s no need to rescue them.
After all, those two are already dead.」

A beautiful voice resounded in Vega’s ears.
It can’t be! Vega thought as he tried to deny the notion that just came to mind.
But, as if ridiculing his actions,

「Hey, you. You dare ruin Your’s truly’s fun?
Your life isn’t enough to make up for this ……
So kindly cry out in pain and agony to sooth my heart.」

As if out of nowhere, somebody suddenly appeared behind his back.
And then, he notice the feeling of a muzzle thrust towards his head.
Despite there being a helmet over his head, for some reason he clearly felt it.

「Repent as you’re trapped in fear! “Resentment Fear (Cursed Prison of Resentment and Fear)”」

With even his soul devoured, he faced endless torture by the ghoul horde.
The pinnacle of anti-individual mind break magic, a synthesis of Extinction King Abaddon, and a Necrosis bullet, was shot.
The pistol, large and crude in the hands of a lady, was fired.
Being an enlarged variant of the one Kondo once held, it’s expected power would also increase.
The effects of the magic sealed within the bullets shot from the large pistol was released in the interior of Vega’s skull.
With a single hit, Vega’s flesh was corroded by the curse; His soul, becoming prisoner to endless agony.


Not given a chance to explain himself, he was shot without hesitation……
As expect of Carrera.
Another name on the ranking of individuals to never, ever, anger.
Or rather, putting the gentlemanly Diablo aside, the ones like Testarossa and Carrera are pretty scary huh.
In that aspect, I’m so glad Ultima was calm and collected.
It’s hard to believe she’s a Demon.
She’s been called 「Ojou-sama」 by her subordinates, her main aide was her butler too, she looks to have obviously been raised well.
She probably has all lot of influence.
Speaking of which, she might even be the Demon King’s daughter.
(TN: the raw also uses 魔王 here, but since this one’s obviously not referring to the Demon Nobles or the Octagram members, I translated it as demon king instead to avoid confusion.)

This is no good.
Looking at Carrera hunting the “Rat” without hesitation, I began to wander away in though.
They had requested to allow them to end the Emperor and the “Rat”, and I’d given them permission, but the result was this.
But well, the remaining one would be the one that bit the Emperor bait huh.
Ultima was fired up about killing the emperor, and came over to me, wishing to do it.
So I decided to hand it to her.
and Thus, my opponent would be the mastermind.

「Oy, stop hiding and come out. You’re there aren’t you? Yuuki!」

I asked facing the darkness,

「Good grief, was I exposed? Can’t expect less of Rimuru-san.」

Yuuki said as he came out.
Just like how he was back in the Royal Capital, with a nonchalant look, and a light-hearted feel as if he was meeting an old friend.
But I can’t leave him alone. He’s too dangerous.

「I guess. It’s good that you’re doing well.
By the way, any last words before you die?」
「Ahahahaha. Straight to the point eh, Rimuru san. But you think I die so easily?」
「No I don’t, but you’ve gone overboard.
But, if you don’t do anymore than this, we could settle with just sealing you……
So what do you say? Your freedom will be restricted, but it’s better than dying right? 」
「Naïve, still too naïve. You haven’t changed at all, still a goodie too-shoes……
But, it’s best you stop thinking you’ve won! 」

it was impossible as expected huh.
I thought it was impossible right from the start.
However, there’s the matter of freeing Chloe, and him making some strange Wish (Command) of her would only cause the situation to take a turn for the worse.
I wanted to try managing the situation in order to ensure this doesn’t happen, but I guess it was impossible.
We faced each other, and quietly prepared ourselves.
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