Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Chapter 190 – Ultimate Skill
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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Author :Fuse
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Chapter 190 – Ultimate Skill

Ultimate Skill

I can’t return to Tempest until Krishna’s arrival.
But, I didn’t just rest leisurely while waiting for Krishna’s arrival.
Just like Emperor Rudra’s wish, I’ll take his place to maintain the peace and order of the Imperial Capital.
I conferred with the nobles who had requested a meeting, patrolled the Imperial Capital or that was what I claimed as I went sightseeing the Imperial Capital. I was very busy.
Because the sightseeing serves as an inspection of the city structure, I’m not playing around. Well, it turned into recreation nonetheless.
For the reconstruction, there’s no need to do anything special right now.
After all, there was no damage to the buildings, the main damage was on the human population.
However, as their relatives were robbed by the angels it might be necessary for us to perform mental care so as to cope with the fear of the citizens who will be ruled by a Demon Lord.
Don’t you think that such matters would not be suitable tasks for the demons? However, unexpectedly, this is not true.
The demons who eat emotions were helpful, because they reduced the burden on the mind by eating the emotions such as the fear and anxiety of the citizens.
Although there would be negative effects to the citizens if all of their emotions were eaten, I ordered them to adjust the citizens’ emotions with moderation. It doesn’t mean all of the citizens’ sadness disappeared, but it could prevent them from performing a rebellion or organize a resistance, so it might be best for them.
Though the demons would probably erase them the moment such signs are seen.
I predict that they wouldn’t report small matters like that at all.
Before the game, Yuuki or rather Angra Mainyu made certain to pluck up all the sprouts of worrying elements...... I intend to overlook such things as it can’t be helped when it happens.
I don’t intend to interfere with the civilians, but I won’t hesitate to destroy them if they raise an armed uprising.
As I didn’t want such a thing to happen if possible, I feel relieved when the Demon style mental care succeeded.

Dino seemed to show his true colors in Tempest, as if he was waiting for the timing when we would be in the middle of combat with the Empire’s army (or rather, we might be the one who chose the time).
I confirmed the damage immediately, Gerudo had received serious injuries while Shion and Souei seemed to be lightly injured.
Shion’s injury was only to the degree that it will be healed immediately, while Souei could hardly be called wounded, as such I felt relieved.
On the other hand, Gerudo’s injuries seem to be considerably bad. It didn’t endanger his life, however, he seems to have fallen into a situation of needing a complete bed rest.
Because of my worry, I came back to check on his condition with the transfer gate during the break.

「Hey, Gerudo. Are you alright?」

I asked his condition as soon as I enter the treatment room

I saw Gerudo’s miserable appearance.
For Gerudo, who has a high recovery rate, to still be in this state, it is probably the influence of the enemy’s abilities.
As I hear about his condition, I see it while referring to the archive[1]….. the fight, where Shion and Souei used Gerudo as a living shield, is projected clearly.
“How cruel!” were my feelings that make me want to console Gerudo from the very bottom of my heart.
No… As far as I can see, they had repulsed two fallen angels which are of higher rank and as a strategy this might be the most optimal choice.
It’s a secret, that I thought, that I am a bit scared of this lack of mercy.
I’m certain that this action is exactly just like an action in a strategy that is drafted by Raphael-san.

「Oh Rimuru-sama!
I, Gerudo am truly ashamed, due to my own uselessness, this one has caused worry for you.
This one shall devote myself more from now on, and acquire a tougher body that wouldn’t be injured to this degree!」

Don’t you think that you’re already tough enough by now?
After all, he amazed me by how he received the attacks of two awakened Demon Lord class enemies so many times, yet didn’t get any fatal injuries.
Although, it might be the result of his self-recovery ability aided by Shion’s skills.

「――Is that so. Then I shall anticipate it.
In which case, I will help you only a bit.」

After I say as such, I execute Gerudo’s evolution.

《Notification. Would you like to carry out the evolution of Individual: Gerudo? YES/NO》

I answer with YES, and send 100.000 souls to Gerudo.
In this way, Gerudo has evolved into an awakened Demon Lord as well.

「It’s just a perfect opportunity, while you are imagining the appearance that you desire for yourself, you should take a break.」
「Understood! I’m very grateful for the blessings you have conferred to me!」

Leaving Gerudo who was thanking me, I entrusted the rest to the treatment personnel, and left the room.
Because I was deeply moved and about to cry out, it could be said that I had made my escape. Since I expect that being half-baked will be no good, when it comes to the Great War. Evolving Gerudo had just the right timing, however I don’t think I was very happy. The ceremony was finished without problems as he hadn’t declined this time.

And, there’s another job for me.
I go to the labyrinth groups’ posts.
Inside the labyrinth, Dino seemed to have aimed at Ramiris, so there was a necessity to deal with it for the future.
I listen to the story, as it’s necessary for the future.
Dino had defeated Beretta, he also overwhelmed Adalman and Albert, it seems he had been on the verge of laying his hands on Ramiris.
Oh well, in the end, Ramiris is safe because Zegion protected her, it was a smart decision to keep an eye on him from the start, as I had predicted Dino’s betrayal.
But, it doesn’t mean that Beretta and Adalman are weak.
They are plenty strong, however Dino was a more powerful enemy than we had expected.

Also, I was surprised by Zegion’s splendid performance.
He’s an out of the norm existence. Among my subordinates, he and Diablo form a pair of unrivaled strong individuals.
His strength was clearly on a different level from the other floor guardians.
When I saw the archive, Zegion seemed to have defeated Dino easily, while still hiding his ability.
What a terrifying child.
Honestly, I think it’s a really good thing that he is my ally.

I don’t mean that Adalman and the others’ performance was poor, rather I want to praise them, for splendidly buying time.
However, I’m afraid that they, who were very earnest, might blame themselves again.
And, just as I thought,

「I deeply apologize, Rimuru-sama. I have exposed Ramiris-sama to danger――」

When I called for Beretta, Adalman and co were bowing their heads and apologizing to me.
As expected. I thought that they will feel some sort of responsibility, like this.

「No, didn’t you guys succeed in stalling Dino, in accordance to the plan, right? It is a superb achievement.」
「However, I am the central figure in the defense.
Although I was appointed by Rimuru-sama as Ramiris-sama’s guardian, in this crisis――」

Beretta still argued vehemently.
He must be quite frustrated, however I believe that he was not the only one to have noticed whether he could win or not, in addition he took the most appropriate action.
He seemed to settle down at last, when I praised him that it was a splendid work.
Beretta and Adalman have already earned enough achievements, not just from doing a reckless attack knowing that it was impossible to win against Dino.
Concerning the results, Ramiris is safe so there is no problems whatsoever.

「Oh well, I understand your feelings that lament for your lack of power.
If that is so, then I shall give you all more power!」

So, I took a pose as if showing “What a Great Demon Lord!”, and held my hand over Adalman’s head.

《Notification。Would you like to conduct the evolution of Individual: Adalman? YES/NO 》

I reply with YES and Adalman’s awakening evolution completes.
The next is Beretta.
Fortunately, I acquired a large amount of souls during the battle with the Empire Army, therefore I am able to evolve Beretta.
Although I had changed the master and servant relation to Ramiris as the master rather than me, Beretta is still one of the devils that I created. Even now, I own the authority as the sub-master, and there’s also the important duty of protecting Ramiris.
Because I can strengthen him, I want to awake him. The power that will be necessary to accompany the four dragon kings.

「You too, Beretta. From now on, continue to protect Ramiris!」

I end Beretta’s awakening evolution as I order him so.

「Yes! I will put this life on the line!」

Beretta strongly nodded to my words and seemed to accept the evolution.
Then I told him to recuperate at ease and had him return to his job.
Oh well, it’s because they’re strong to the degree that even if the enemy was rather powerful, the labyrinth defense will be alright. However, there is also the possibility that the guardians will need to rally forth to face the enemy.
If Beretta becomes the person in charge of Ramiris’s protection and the labyrinth management, then I will feel more assured.
And with this, one of my tasks came to an end.
When I visited Ramiris who was sleeping innocently on the couch, she seemed to be sleeping in bliss.
It’s quite the relief that she’s safe.

「Munya munya…… Dino you bastard!
I will test all of my 48 special moves on you……」

Is she sleep-talking?
This fellow, and she’s even confident in her dreams……

「I am so glad that you’re safe.」

I said, in a small voice so as to not wake her up, and then left the room.
I had entrusted Shuna to care for Ramiris. Since she’s only sleeping, it will be alright.

I believe that the labyrinth will be alright so long as Zegion protects it, but for the time being I asked about it from Zegion as well.

「Zegion, you did a good job.
I already knew that Dino was suspicious, however the timing of his betrayal was at a time when we were short on hands.
I feel relieved that you were here.」
「No, someone like I still have a long way to go.
If it was Rimuru-sama, even if I hadn’t appeared, you could have killed him with one strike that crosses space-time, right?
I feel grateful for the chance you have given me to participate, whether I was able to meet――」

What is he trying to say?
A strike that crosses space-time? I might not be able to do that…… What kind of monster does this guy picture me as……

「Ah, yea. That’s right…… Perhaps, I might be able to do that, right.」
「Yes! It is a simple task if it is Rimuru-sama.」

This is far beyond mere respect, I feel like his gaze is more like someone who is revering their God.
Because Zegion has compound eyes, this might be no more than my imagination.
Pulling myself together, I spoke with Zegion for a while.
Apparently, he carved a curse onto Dino. Not the Thought Manipulation kind, but the terrifying kind that even has the power over life and death.
In a case that the target does not act according to the practitioner’s intentions, it could immediately rob the target of their life. However, it can’t make detailed limitations, like restraining the target’s actions, so it can’t really limit what the other party will do.
Though he seems to know when the target tells a lie, there’s no special limitation besides that. It is capable of making it impossible, for the target, to say anything about the curse to anyone else, as it is a cue for the activation of the ability.
Simply put, it is a curse that grasps the life and death of the target. Resisting is not possible after the curse has been carved.
In other words, it’s already impossible for Dino to lift the curse, huh. It may be possible for him to expel it, with cooperation from a high-ranking skill holder.
But at least Zegion, was able to put the inhibition on even an Ultimate Skill owner.
Certainly, he could take his life on such an occasion, since he has caused Dino’s death once before. Currently, Dino was living on with the temporary life that Zegion had given.
To be frank, Ultimate Skill『Illusion Lord Mephisto』seems to be an outrageous ability.
I have a feeling, that at least for this guy, there’s no other person with such an outstanding battle specialization and skill aptitude.
You could say they supplement each other. Zegion had acquired the skill that removes his weaknesses, while there are many people who acquire skills to increase their strengths instead.
With his skill, he can create a favorable situation for himself, he also extended his proficiency in order to use it effectively. His combat sense becomes more important from this point on, however, on this aspect I can say that he excels.
Zegion is a really frightening guy.
Afterwards, I contacted Dino through the curse, giving him a warning.
Oh well, as for that man, fighting against him may be simpler.
It is said that an incompetent friend is more frightening than an excellent enemy. In Dino’s case, you can just think that he’s contributing for this side just by being on the enemy’s side.
At most, I want him to obstruct Yuuki side.
I walk around for various other matters and after finishing my business in Tempest, I returned to the Imperial Capital.

I’m back in the Imperial Capital.
I start thinking about skills while taking command as the leader of the army.
It was the most important thing to do before Krishna arrives.
The battle between the demons and the Royal Knights and the following confrontation with Yuuki who became Angra Mainyu, as well as the fight between Zegion and Dino.
The information that I obtained from these events has cast a shadow of doubt inside me. It was pertaining to the thing that I hadn’t thought about deeply until now; about the foundation of this world.
That is the way it is, so that's how things happened, but I wasn’t able to ignore my inquiry into this flow of events.
In other words,

‘What really are Skills?’

About this matter.
I’ve possessed a Unique Skill since the time I came to this world.
Basically, it is said that only hero class individuals possess Unique Skills.
However, the ability is varied as it is called unique; that is, one of a kind.
As it is unique, there is a great difference in the strength of the ability, if it becomes an Ultimate Skill, then there would be differences of power, like heaven and earth.
The people who acquire an Ultimate Skill will come to understand the laws of the world. Therefore, they are existences that are superior in utilizing magic.
Since it is more superior than Unique Skills, I thought that the only thing that could oppose an Ultimate Skill, was another Ultimate Skill.
But, it doesn’t seem to be an absolute rule, although it is correct.
For example, Chloe’s『Infinite Prison』and『Absolute Severance』.
Although these skills are unique class, their strength, can essentially be said to belong to that of ultimate class.
Depending on the situation, it may even win against an Ultimate Skill holder.
In addition, the demons have already demonstrated this, by defeating the Royal Knights who had Ultimate Gift『Alternative』, which had been of ultimate class, with their Unique Skills.
In other words, the differences between Ultimate and Unique is not absolute.
Even if I think about it from such a standpoint, then a question appears: “What is a ‘skill’?”.

It is still easy to understand a species inherent skill. Because, just like it is stated, it is a skill that specific species have.
I can also similarly understand Extra Skills and Basic Skills, like swordsmanship and sorcery.
Because such skills only generate differences between each individual based on their level of proficiency.
However, Unique Skills generate individually, and the performance is respectively distinctive as well.
There are also those which resemble closely that can be grouped together, yet there are none that are identical. Probably, even if the skills have the same name, their performance and rules may be different.
From my current experience, I am certain that it is easy to awaken an ability by having a desire or a fervent wish.
Rather than talent, it’s aptitude. No matter how much you wish for it, you can’t acquire it if your energy is insufficient. Anyways, skills aren’t something that can be acquired by wishing alone. The strength or weakness of the skill are directly influenced by the will. To manifest a more powerful effect, a strong will is necessary. In the end, I guess willpower is used as the primary power source. After ascertaining the nature of skills, the next step is to investigate its correct usage. Because I have Raphael-san with me, I had him teach me the correct usage. Even through acquiring skills by oneself, it isn’t like someone will understand how to use it. A good example might be Dino. According to Raphael-san, Dino’s skill seems to be『Slothful Lord Belphegor』of the Deadly Sin series. The Deadly Sin series are skills that are placed at the top rank among Ultimate Skills. Even so, he was completely defeated by Zegion. It was the result that Raphael-san had predicted. I had been half-convinced, however Raphael-san asserted that the labyrinth was all right if Zegion was there. The result is just as Raphael-san had said.
Whereupon I heard the reason,

《Solution. Individual Dino has made an incorrect usage of the skill.》

So, she had explained in that way, like saying it as a matter of course.
『Slothful Lord Belphegor』 that is born from a lazy mind becomes weaker as the holder moves. Therefore, the correct way to use it is to employ subordinates (or companions). It is only by granting the use of his ability to a proxy, that the skill will show its true power.
If it’s Guy, He would understand the nature of the ability and master it correctly. However, a lazybones like Dino hadn’t seemed to notice the true nature of the skill.
Rather, he might just master the skill instinctively and in an unexpected way if he always relied on other people.
His defeat was the result of him moving. That fellow has such a character, and it might be why he had survived.
Certainly, the moniker of “the more he works, the more he fails” is not just for show.
Besides, there are also other skills which are difficult to control, like Masayuki’s, although he himself didn’t wish for it, as he is naturally seen as a hero.
Isn’t it difficult to know the true nature of the skills and the ways to master them? It’s synonymous with understanding one’s heart, a complicated task.
That is why you can never draw out its true performance if you mistake that a ‘skill’ is merely a weapon or the like.

The next question.

‘Is it possible to duplicate an Ultimate Skill and give it to a subordinate?’

The true nature of Dino’s skill is the mass produced Ultimate Gift by『Justice Lord Michael』. The transfer of the skill to subordinates or companions, but can I transfer an invented ability? I can’t deny its possibility because there might be a previous example.
However, if it is possible, does that mean it is possible to create an invincible army?
I thought about it up to that extent and immediately denied my own thoughts.
If you just think about it, it would not be that convenient.
Certainly the Royal Knights who had the Ultimate Gift were strong. However, there were only two people who were truly able to master their Ultimate Gift, those were Damrada and the warrior whom was Royal Knight No.3, Graneet-san.
The other people hadn’t understood the Ultimate Gift’s nature after all, and thus were defeated by the devils whom only had Unique Skills.
In my opinion, even Damrada was only equal or slightly inferior to Hinata during her prime.
He was certainly strong, but the Ultimate Gift was weak.
It might just be the difference with the man named Kondo who had developed the ability himself.
I’m certain that that man was special. From the fact that he hadn’t wavered even while being overwhelmed by Carrera and being equal to Diablo only in case of his power.
(Hey, Is it possible for me to grant Ultimate Gift to my subordinates?)

《Solution. It is possible》

Raphael answered like it was nothing.
I seem to be able to grant a copy of my ability to a person who has the aptitude for it. However, there is no meaning to it if the person can’t master it.
Come to think of it, wouldn’t『Supply』make a good pair with『Food Chain』?
From the very beginning, Raphael-san has conferred abilities only to the people who had the aptitude and were able to handle it.
And for people who wished for it, for instance Zegion and Veldora-san’s skills, a strengthening remodeled version would be done.
Even if I only gave strong abilities, I couldn’t give the mastery for it.
Because of that, for strengthening, it is possible even if they asked for it from the beginning. Since if they didn’t ask for it, then it would be useless.
Rudra was mistaken in that point.
No, even if he noticed it, he might not have been able to help but to do so.
Even if a powerful skill is given, there’s no meaning if the person themselves doesn’t understand their own mind or a strong will to master the ability.

It comes down to the last question.

‘In the first place, what is Angra Mainyu?’

It could be something like a split personality called dissociative identity disorder.
However, Raphael-san thinks that it might be an existence that evolved from a Will that had sprouted from a skill.
I could also understand such a deep understanding towards a skill.
From the beginning, it was the same thing as when Raphael-san take over my body and I became stronger. An autonomous Will made from an ability that eliminates the emotions. A troublesome existence. Both negotiations and bargaining with it may very well be meaningless. If it’s goal is to destroy the world, then he won’t accept anything besides absolute ruin. It seems it would be meaningless to expect it to change its intent. Because if it is Raphael, she would accept any of my demands and accomplish it. As well as the angels that accompanied it. The high-rank individuals called Seraphim have a high volume of energy as to the degree of an awakened Demon Lord. And they seem to be a kind of spiritual life form. An angel’s weak point, the aspect that makes them inferior compared to a demon , is that an angel lacks a Will. A spiritual life form’s strength changes by their willpower. The angels only have high energy and as such are not really a threat. Even though they are powerful, they are like a robot that just follows their orders, I predict that they will be weak as individuals. However, they will become an existence rivaling the demons in the case they possess a Will. Unlike before, now the angels have achieved incarnation. If the will of the captured people awaken, I think that they will transform into an extremely troublesome army. It will be very likely that individuals who acquire Skills would appears among them. What will happen if Ultimate Gifts are granted to such individuals?
Besides, if I granted Ultimate Gifts......
Though it is very likely that they would be unable to master it, could I ascertain their aptitude with Raphael? As expected, in the case that Yuuki=Angra Mainyu can ascertain aptitudes and increase their number of skill holders, that would be an obvious threat. If that is so, this side will also oppose it, so, should I grant some Ultimate Gifts to the executives? If they become stronger, even if only by a little. I am troubled as to whether or not I should carry it out, even if turns out pretty much useless.

《Question. To strengthen the people who have the aptitude, would you like to promote their skills? YES/NO》

Is that so, giving help to those in the middle of the evolution, huh?
Helping with the ability promotion like what I did with Zegion? That might be good too.

I reply with YES.

The feeling of wanting to strengthen my subordinates, in order to oppose the enemy forces, seems to be transmitted, even if just a little. It can’t be helped if I’m flustered, yet it only took this much to make my heart and mind conflict with each other. However, if you think about it, Raphael-san has always been giving me help. Even now, she has taken an appropriate action and she will be carrying out the reorganization of my skills.
And yet, I still don’t have a suitable way to call her besides『Teacher』or『Raphael-san』. So, I suddenly have an unconscious thought.

(Hey, Raphael…… should I give you an official name too?
That’s right……because you always teach me about various things, how about “Ciel” ≒oshieru[2]?)

As soon as I said it whimsically,


I felt an intense Will, as if going mad, from Raphael.
At the same time, various pieces of information begins to flow into me, and became a torrent.

《Notification. Manas (God’s Wisdom Core): Ciel was born from Ultimate Skill『Wisdom Lord Raphael』.
This announcement was concealed by Manas: Ciel.》

Suddenly, the “Voice of the World” had reached my mind.
This is…… an evolution?
Raphael-sensei, no Ciel-sensei seemed to be able to hide it in concealment mode.
Ciel seemed to able to conceal even the “Voice of the World”. I’m amazed.
But, more than such a thing……
I somewhat feel like I am being greatly blessed. It seems I’ve done it again.
Well, as expected, someone who gave a name to a skill, affectionately, like a pervert, might have never existed, until now that is .

《I, I am Ciel. The one who integrates skills, Manas.
The one that will support my master, in Demon Lord Rimuru’s soul.
Master, once again, please treat me well‼》

Though she still had a robotic tone, she had became considerably fluent!?
I have a feeling that the performance of her calculation speed and other things have been improved to some degree.
Unifying my skills seems to have improved the skill.
It was just a sudden idea, but the result astonished me.

(Nice to meet you, Ciel……?)
《Yes! Please treat me well, Master!》

Thus “Ciel” was born separate from Raphael.
“Ciel” will play a further role as my sub-brain that unifies my abilities.

[1] 戦闘記録 Sentou Kiroku = Combat Record read as Archive. Basically, think this as Rimuru seeing a camera footage~
[2] Oshieru (To teach) = Shieru = Ciel in English.

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