Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Chapter 191 – Ciel-Sensei’s Skill Synthesis
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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Author :Fuse
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Chapter 191 – Ciel-Sensei’s Skill Synthesis

Ciel-Sensei’s Skill Synthesis

At my thoughtless whim, Ciel, the intelligent interface, had separated herself from Wisdom Lord Raphael.
Her official title seems to be Manas (Divine Wisdom Core); An intelligent core, she can be thought of as that sort of thing.
Similar to a Spiritual Life Form, she is incapable of materializing by her will alone.
An entity that only "thinks"; She has become that sort of existence.
Existing as a part of my soul, one can think of it like having a second "heart" (Strictly speaking that's not the case, cognition being ‘sense of self’ = heart).
Now then, what has become of Wisdom Lord Raphael?
Just as I was thinking Raphael had become a simple high speed calculator,

《Master, about synthesizing the remaining Skills that are on hold, what should be done?》

I’d forgotten.
Stuff happened, and I ended up not starting the process.
If I remember correctly, we’d be using『Covenant King Uriel』and『Storm King Veldora』to produce『Stellar Wind King Hastur』.
By the way, after the recent events, AKA absorbing "Scorch Dragon" Velgrynd, I had also obtained the Ultimate Skill『Scorch King Velgrynd』.
Velgrynd, who had seen off Emperor Rudra, was now in a released state, via my Scorch Dragon Release.
Though I didn't ask about it, 『Charity King Raguel』has most likely been analyzed already.
In the end, it seems I now wielded 5~6 Ultimate Skills.
Plus, by activating『Food Chain』, the abilities of my underlings undergoing evolution, excluding some abilities, had also been collected.
It's not like I can fully make use of so many, synthesizing them should be fine. There's no battle now anyway, so no problems there.
But, would using skills on the level of『Scorch King Velgrynd』or『Gluttony King Beelzebuth』to synthesize be able to create something else?
Back then, during our tea party with Guy, he said something about "Sin" skills being part of a "Series", I vaguely remembered him saying something like that......

(Right, I should start synthesizing. But, aren't the Sin Series and Virtue(Angel) Series Skills kinda important?)
《There are no problems. As higher tier abilities, collecting all 7 would grant a bonus that releases racial limits.
The Sin Series would be the Demon race, and the Virtue Series would be the Angel race.
That is why, to prevent the enemy from collecting the abilities, Guy・Crimson decided to take in Leon, which would be my speculation.》

This talk about releasing racial limits, does that mean it comes after completing evolution, via souls?

《That is correct.
Currently, the Demon race has their evolution tree sealed.
But, via Master's "Naming", and the offering of souls, that limit has been released for a handful of individuals.
For the Angels, their evolution tree is not sealed, but their "Free Will" has been sealed instead.
But unfortunately, Angra・Mainyu has most likely released that seal by other means.

For example, dominating the mind of a person, incarnated with an Angel's body, and using the abilities of said Angel that way, or with other similar means――》

Ah, so that's it.
Because the Angels had their "Free Will" sealed, that's why they're so weak. No wonder it felt odd.
Compared to the Demons who had free will, the Angels lacking it was unnatural no matter how you looked at it.
Speaking of unnatural, the rules of evolving for the Demons was weird too.
If they had matured naturally, the highest they could reach was only ever up to Arc Demon tier.
Even the Demons, who had lived a really long time, why were they unable to evolve to the Demon Noble tier?, I thought.
Through this, both sides were balanced out.
A fight would result from just the two races meeting. This looks like the work of someone, as a means to balance them.
My bet’s on Veldanava.

In the underworld, there was most likely only 1 Demon Noble that existed, who had been tasked with the role of administrator.
Arc Demons that were recently born, and veteran Arc Demons like Diablo and Testarossa were existences of incomparable charisma.
That is obvious, as they had no power to evolve naturally.
It isn’t known since when, but it was thought that further evolution was impossible, without collecting all the 7 Sin Series Skills.
If you think about it this way, that time when Guy suddenly showed up right when there was an influx of Demon Nobles under me, I can now comprehend his actions.
The Angels were all "enslaved" under『Justice King Michael』 with their wills sealed.
By collecting all 7 of the Virtue Series Skills, the wills of the affected Angels would be released.
But, rather than incarnating as an Angel, it would be akin to obtaining control of an Angel with free will.

There is no doubt that the side that releases their ‘seal’ first would gain the upper hand.
Thinking as such, Guy prioritized collecting the Sin Series Skills. At the same time, he brought over someone(Leon) who had an Angel Series skill, thus impeding the Angel’s side.
With that train of thought, it is possible that there is a group that was collecting the Skills to release the Angel’s side too.
Hmm, wait a sec....
It should have been a good choice for Rudra to be the one leading the Angels that had lost their will.
But that would imply that only because of the seal on the Angels' wills, the seal on the demons was implemented to balance it out.
While granting Rudra『Justice King Michael』, it was thrown in as a bonus of sorts?
Well, it's pointless to think about such things right now anyways.
This underlying mechanism between the Sin Series and Virtue Series isn't really relevant to me.
The evolution of Demons has not been a problem for me anyway.

(Doesn't look like there's any problems. Alright, I'll leave it to you! Ah, wai....)
《Understood! Beginning the process right away!!》

Looking back, I was a man who repeated his mistakes.
It's never a good idea to say "leave it to you", haven't I regretted this countless times! Why, did I do it again....
Before I could even stop her, Ciel, who was fully prepared, began the synthesizing of my abilities.
It is possible that me giving the green light accidentally, then frantically trying to stop the process, was all within range of her predictions.
With fearsome speed, the synthesis began immediately after I had consented.
As though having waited forever in a "Stay!" position, she worked at a furious pace...... (EN: stay! as in like a pet dog)
Ahh, she's definitely doing something unbelievably amazing, I thought, having kind of given up trying to stop her.

Now then.
The synthesis felt pleasant this time, as it ended without me going into Sleep Mode.
That was expected though.
Since I was asked for consent in the middle of a battle, if the process caused me to go into Sleep Mode, even I would get pissed.
It took more than 48 hours to complete the process; During that time, I had no problems with everyday activities.

(So, how's it looking this time?)

Taking my question as a chance, Ciel happily began to explain the results.

《First, using『Wisdom Lord Raphael』and『Gluttony King Beelzebuth』I synthes――》
(Ooooi!! Wait wait wait wait――)

What did she say just now!?
This fella, what did she just let slip? 『Wisdom Lord Raphael』, which was her original "body" of sorts, was used as a part of synthesis!?
Is there a problem? was the impression that Ciel gave, but I calmed down and started a Q&A with her.
But, looks like I wasn't mistaken about what I heard. I do know it's kinda impossible to be mistaken about such things though......
Although I kind of expected it, it's still shocking nonetheless.
After that, I continued my Q&A with Ciel-sensei, and confirmed the results of my ability synthesis.
I definitely should have confirmed the contents before beginning the process.
My abilities after the synthesis, looked nothing like what it was before.
More like, it felt horrifying to merely call it synthesis. Well, it is what it is.

Name: Rimuru Tempest
Species: Ultimate Slime
Divine Blessing: Great Demon Lord's Blessing
Title: "Great Demon Lord"
Magic: 〈True Dragon species Magic〉〈Upper tier Spirit Summoning〉
〈Upper tier Demon Summoning〉, etc
Skills: Manas: Ciel
    ・ Thought Acceleration・Appraisal・Parallel Processing
・Fusion・Separation・Chant Annulment
・All of Creation・Food Chain・etc

Ultimate Skill(s)
『Void God Azathoth』
・ Soul Consumption・Turn Null[1]・Imaginary Room
・Space Time Control・Multi-Dimensional Barrier
・True Dragon Release・True Dragon Core Transformation

『Harvest Lord Shub Niggurath』
    ・ Skill Creation・Skill Duplication
・Skill Gifting・Skill Bank

Normal Skills...『Universal Perception』『Great Demon Lord's Haki』
『Universal Body Transformation』

Combat Skills...『Law Manipulation』『Element Alteration』
『Telepathy Control』『Clairvoyance』

Resistances: Physical Attack Nullification, Natural Elements Nullification,
Abnormal Status Nullification, Mental Attack Nullification,
Hybrid Attack Resistance

The results looked like this.
This isn't on the level of just "refreshing".
Though it was shocking how nonchalantly she expended『Wisdom Lord Raphael』, which was her original "body", it kind of became an empty husk.
For Ciel, there were no deep emotions, she just went on with her work without any hint of sentimentality.
Her thoroughness was to the point that she had been sacking any and all unneeded skills.
Also, my title had somehow become "Great Demon Lord"; I lost Divine Protection and instead have Divine Blessing.
From the one being protected, to the one giving protection it seems.
While I was still a Demon Lord, I shared both protection and blessing with Veldora, but now, that's not possible any more.[2]
Having the title "Great Demon Lord" means that I have multiple Demon Lord level followers; there is clear difference in our positions.
It was kind of concealed, but I was notified of the change in title by the "Voice of the World".
Next, about my abilities, it really became some out-of-this-world stuff.

So, first up.
Synthesizing『Wisdom Lord Raphael』and『Gluttony King Beelzebuth』,『Void God Azathoth』was born.
It seems『Storm King Veldora』and『Scorch King Velgrynd』were expended too, with only certain abilities being inherited.
Although the summoning abilities were lost, I didn't really make use of them as they had time limitations, so it isn't a big deal. Instead, the Release abilities got improved.
True Dragon Core Transformation is, word for word, an ability that manifests a Blade Core. I still need to get consent from the actual person(dragon), but this is way too powerful for normal use anyway.
Instead, I can now create Pseudo-cores too, which are watered down and expendable. At roughly 5% of the original output, even that is pretty amazing, and it makes them more conventionally usable.
Also, I can produce Velgrynd's Pseudo-Scorch cores too, but....
It is also possible to manifest Velgrynd as a Blade Core, but getting her consent is most likely impossible, so getting her Pseudo-cores is also kinda difficult.[3]
The most important point, is that the Pseudo-cores don't affect True Dragon Release. I can make them at any time without the need for consent, this makes it a very attractive ability.
But, the True Dragon related abilities aren’t the problem.
The really nasty ones, are the main abilities that were synthesized for Void God Azathoth.

Soul Consumption... The upgraded version of Predate. Consumes everything, including the target's soul.
Turn Null...An immensely destructive Energy produced from a chaotic, nuclear dimension. Controllable via Manas.
Imaginary Room... A dimension made to isolate any and all targets. The upgraded version of『Stomach』+『Isolate』.
Space Time Control... Instantaneous travel is possible with my will alone.
Multi-Dimensional Barrier... An always active, multi-layered barrier. An absolute defense that makes use of dimensional gaps.

That, was what Ciel-sensei explained them as.
Frankly, I wasn't expecting upgrades of this level....
Where’d that Stellar Wind Lord Hastur go off to! I didn't even have the spirit to make that "jab".
As long as I had Void God Azathoth, the other abilities weren't needed, I thought.

Secondly, what looked like the pot that received the remaining skills, was『Harvest Lord Shub Niggurath』.
This was simply, a skill made for my followers.

Skill Creation... Information that has been gathered by『Food Chain』and『Analysis』, are used to create new skills.
Skill Duplication... The ability to make copies of obtained skills.
Skill Gifting... The ability to grant the copied skills onto the target. Can also remove the granted skills.
Skill Bank... Turns skills that have been obtained into information and stores them, able to reproduce the skills at any time.

Turning the hefty amount of skills that have been consumed into information, it's now all stored nicely.
Plus, they can be reproduced whenever. Now that is one absurd ability.
Granting a Gift to my followers, has also become possible. But regarding that, there was compatibility of the follower etc. to consider.
It's not as if anyone can use those overpowered abilities.
Those kinds of details, I can let Ciel handle. Her habit of "Remodelling" is still around, but she can't do the impossible.

These 2 skills were what was obtained this time.
Whatever the case, this looks way too powered up compared to before the synthesis.
I did think this was overdoing it at first, however, thinking of the future confrontation with Angra Mainyu got me to re-evaluate my thoughts.
I want to properly conclude this mess, and get on with fully enjoying my life here.
And so, my ability synthesis, courtesy of Ciel-sensei, concludes.

At the same time as my ability synthesis completed, the evolution of the Executives also concluded.
All of them had their compatibilities guided by Ciel-sensei, and their abilities optimized.
Well that much was kind of expected, it looks like Gifting effects also had some impact there.
It looks like Shion is the only one who has yet to ascend for some reason, everyone else has safely ascended.
How have they all turned out....

Up first, Benimaru.

Name: Benimaru
Species: Flame Spirit Oni (Upper tier Divine Monster Spirit[4])
Divine Protection: Great Demon Lord's Blessing
Title: "Flare Lord (King of Vermillion Rage)"
Magic: 〈Flame spirit magic〉
Skills: Ultimate Skill
『Blazing Sun Lord Amaterasu』
     ... Thought Acceleration・Unifying Command
・Light & Heat Control・Space Manipulation
・Multi-Layered Barrier

Regular Skills... 『Universal Perception』『Demon Lord's Haki』

Battle Skills... 『Law Manipulation (Heat)』

Resistances: Physical Attack Immunity, Natural Elements Immunity,
Abnormal Status Immunity, Mental Attack Resistance,
Hybrid Attack Resistance

Looks like he managed to get along with Momiji, and has safely ascended.[5]
Discarding his physical body, he had fully evolved into a Spiritual Life Form. Albeit lower than the True Dragons, he is still an Elemental Divine Spirit nonetheless.
Obviously, his stats improved drastically, saying his strength was greater than an awakened demon lord wouldn't be an understatement.
As Zegion still has a physical body, just comparing that alone would make Benimaru the victor in a battle between the two.
Fact is, Benimaru, Diablo, and Zegion, has secured the top 3 positions from what it looks like.

Moving on, Souei.

Name: Souei
Species: Dark Spirit Oni (Middle tier Divine Monster Spirit)
Divine Protection: The Flare Lord's Shadow
Title: "Darkness (Master of the Dark)"
Magic: 〈Dark Spirit Magic〉
Skills: Ultimate Gift
『Shadow Moon Lord Tsukuyomi』
     ... Thought Acceleration・Eye of the Moon
・One Hit Kill・Ultra Speed Movement
・Parallel Existence・Space Manipulation
・Multi-Layered Barrier

Regular Skills... 『Universal Perception』『Stealth』

Battle Skills... 『Law Manipulation (Shadow)』『Nerve Strings』

Resistances: Physical Attack Immunity, Natural Elements Immunity,
Abnormal Status Immunity, Mental Attack Immunity

As Benimaru's shadow, it seems the two of them started their ascension at the same time.
Turning into something different from his unique race, he has become an existence that rivals Benimaru.
If you only look at total Energy Levels he would pale in comparison with Benimaru, but his strength is still top notch.
Though he only became a Half Spiritual Life Form, he should end up being the same as Benimaru after settling down.[6]
I think, he's most likely being treated(by the system) as Benimaru's follower.
Well, his attitude hasn't really change anyway, so it's not a big deal.
Of the abilities he obtained, most notable is "Eye of the Moon", which is an ability that specializes in gathering information.
It seems it was obtained with influence from Benimaru's abilities, and some help from Ciel-sensei.
The ability, is similar to high tier Observation Magic. It is capable of observing anywhere in the world with the option to add sound too, and the information can be processed and turned into a video.
As expected, for being fully specialized in spying activities, he’s turned into a pretty dependable guy.
As the one who grasps all information in Tempest, he was granted the title of "Darkness(Master of the Dark)".


Name: Ranga
Species: Wind Spirit Wolf (Upper tier Divine Monster Spirit)
Divine Protection: Great Demon Lord's Blessing
Title: "Star Lord (Stellar Wolf King)"
Magic: 〈Wind Spirit Magic〉
Skills: Ultimate Skill
『Stellar Wind Lord Hastur』
     ... Thought Acceleration・Weather Control
・Space Control・Multi-Layered Barrier

Regular Skills... 『Universal Perception』『Demon Lord's Haki』

Battle Skills... 『Law Manipulation (Wind)』

Resistances: Physical Attack Immunity, Natural Elements Immunity,
Abnormal Status Immunity, Mental Attack Resistance,
Hybrid Attack Resistance

Ah, I was wondering where it went,『Stellar Wind Lord Hastur』was passed onto Ranga.
A superb skill that has the power to control the weather. It really fits Ranga to a T.
Released from the shackles of the fang wolf race, he has ascended to a Half Spiritual Life Form of the Upper tier, a Wind Spirit type.
Hmm, doesn't this mean, that he’s become really powerful?
Will Gobuta be able to work well with him now? It's slightly worrying.

Name: Gabil
Species: Dragonewt (Humanoid Dragon)
Divine Protection: Great Demon Lord's Blessing
Title: "Drag Lord[7] (Heavenly Dragon King)" (EN: lol)(PN: That brings up horrifying imagery.)
Skills: Ultimate Gift
『Pierrot Star (The Frivolous)』(PN: This totally speaks about his dark past.)
     ... Thought Acceleration・Mishap Manipulation・Rewrite Fate
・Space Manipulation・Multi-Layered Barrier

Regular Skills... 『Magic Perception』『Heat Perception』
『Uber Sense of Smell』『Demon Lord's Haki』

Battle Skills... 『Manifest Dragon Scale Armor』
『Flame Breath』『Thunder Breath』

Resistances: Pain Immunity, Abnormal Status Immunity,
Natural Elements Resistance,
Physical & Mental Attack Resistance, Hybrid Attack Resistance

Getting a massive boost in Energy levels, his physical abilities are incomparable to what he was before.
Through『Manifest Dragon Scale Armor』, his defenses are nothing to laugh at. But his attack power, is where he really shined.
Yet, he was unable to attain an Ultimate Skill of his own.
Well duh, if those were such easy freebies, that would be a really broken System.
But.... Pierrot Star, huh.
Just the name alone sounds a little pitiful.
Mishap Manipulation, seems to purposely cause unexpected phenomena for his opponent; Rewriting Fate is able to Cancel a "Bad happening" towards him once every day; this was a ridiculously hi-spec skill.
But hey, it's Gabil.
He probably won't be able to fully utilize it, if he could, that would mean he has the potential to obtain an Ultimate Skill.
I shall look forward to his growth.

Name: Gerudo
Species: High Orc
Divine Protection: Great Demon Lord's Blessing
Title: "Barrier Lord (King of Protection)" (will ask guro after i send the email)
Skills: Ultimate Gift
『Gourmet King Beelzebub[8]』
     ...Thought Acceleration・Devour・Stomach
・Iron Wall・Grant Defense・Cover
・Space Manipulation・Multi-Layered Barrier

Regular Skills... 『Magic Perception』『Uber Sense of Smell』
『Demon Lord's Haki』『Ultra Regeneration』

Battle Skills... 『Foul Breath』『Full Body Armor』
『Telepathy Control』

Resistances: Pain Immunity, Abnormal Status Immunity,
Natural Elements Resistance, Physical & Mental Attack Resistance,
Hybrid Attack Resistance

Looks like he obtained a downgraded version of my『Gluttony King Beelzebuth』, it also has other additional stuff added in.
Although he is mainly defensive, his offensive power, via his corrosive type attacks, is high as well.
Gerudo also received guidance from Ciel-sensei. Well, most of the abilities were synthesized anyway, if it's Gerudo, he should be able to make proper use of the abilities.
Now that he has ascended, against opponents on the level of the Fallen Angels that recently attacked us, he won't be defeated in a one on one battle. If he focuses only on defending, it would be difficult for even two Fallen Angels to take him down.
He became ever more reliable, I shall continue to depend on him.

Now Kumara,

Name: Kumara
Species: Earth Spirit Beast (Upper tier Divine Monster Spirit)
Divine Protection: Great Demon Lord's Blessing
Title: "Chimera Lord (Ruler of Mythical Beasts)"
Magic: 〈Earth Spirit Magic〉
Skills: Ultimate Skill
『Mythical Beast Lord Bahamut』
    ... Thought Acceleration・Gravity Control
・Space Control・Multi-Layered Barrier

Regular Skills... 『Universal Perception』『Demon Lord's Haki』
『Demon Beast Minion』

Battle Skills... 『Law Manipulation (Earth)』
『Minion Fusion』

Resistances: Physical Attack Immunity, Abnormal Status Resistance,
Natural Elements Resistance, Mental Attack Resistance,
Hybrid Attack Resistance

It was well worth the time taken.
Gaining powers which would allow her to interfere with the planet itself, she has become a Half Spiritual Life Form of the Upper tier Earth Spirit type.
Also, she is able to use a combination of all of her minion's powers, making her a formidable powerhouse.
By themselves, there are 12 different types of minions, but with all of them combined, she would be able to contend with the higher ups(Diablo etc).
However that, would only be possible after she gained more experience.
Just looking at her specs alone, one can see how amazing her future prospects are.
Should I be surprised or is it just expected of a rare species, she attained an Ultimate Skill with just her instincts and wit.
Even though she had help from Ciel-sensei, it is impressive that she managed to attain one by herself.

The strongest existence in the Labyrinth, Zegion.

Name: Zegion
Species: Water Spirit Insect (Upper tier Divine Monster Spirit)
Divine Protection: Great Demon Lord's Blessing
Title: "Mist Lord (Illusory King)"
Magic: 〈Water Spirit Magic〉
Skills: Ultimate Skill
『Illusion Lord Mephisto』
     ... Thought Acceleration・Space Time Control
・Multi-Layered Dimensional Barrier
・All of Creation・Mental Domination・Illusion World

Regular Skills... 『Universal Perception』『Demon Lord's Haki』

Battle Skills... 『Law Manipulation (Water)』『Domination Haki』

Resistances: Physical Attack Immunity, Abnormal Status Immunity,
Mental Attack Immunity, Natural Elements Immunity,
Hybrid Attack Resistance

Oops, seems I didn't notice until Ciel told me, but Zegion is also an Upper tier Spiritual Life Form now.
He is a splendid Water elemental Spiritual Life Form. So does that mean that his body is composed of condensed water molecules collected from the surrounding atmosphere?
Well, they do say Hihiirokane is an illusionary metal that has a lot of condensed Energy.
He is still using the Adamantite exoskeleton preciously, it seems.
If it wasn't something that I gave to him, he would probably have discarded it and became a fully fledged Spiritual Life Form.
For the CQC[9] specialized Zegion, he is plenty strong as is.
The human body is composed of 60% water.
As there is also moisture in the atmosphere, within certain limited spaces, Zegion holds a great advantage.
With Illusion World, he is able to create even more advantageous situations for himself.
So, of course he's strong.
What he has shown up till now, was but the tip of the iceberg.
Speaking of which, I guess it’s pretty underhanded of me, freely confirming the abilities of my followers.
Anyway, speaking of Mist, it was mist as in like fog. Sounds strange.
Though it was granted with relevance to how "Illusionary" he was, it also matched his element. Raphael, no, if Ciel-sensei had noticed, it would have been nice if she could have notified me.
Maybe, she thought I had noticed and gave him that title.

Speaking of which, what about Adalman?

Name: Adalman
Species: Death Spirit (Middle tier Spirit Monster)
Divine Protection: Great Demon Lord's Blessing
Title: "Gehenna Lord”
Magic: 〈Undead Magic〉〈Holy Magic〉
Skills: Ultimate Gift
『Book of Magic Necronomicon』
     ... Thought Acceleration・Chant Annulment・Seeker of Truth
・Total Analysis・All of Creation・Mental Destruction

Regular Skills...『Universal Perception』『Demon Lord's Haki』

Battle Skills...『Holy-Demonic Reversal』
『Manipulation of the Dead』『Instant Death』

Resistances: Physical Attack Immunity, Mental Attack Immunity,
Abnormal Status Immunity, Natural Elements Resistance,
Hybrid Attack Resistance

So he ascended in that direction.
The one who is the most "Demon Lord-ish", from appearance and skills, is probably Adalman.
Though he isn't suited for CQC, with『Instant Death』, he can kill his target just by looking.
Failure to resist, means instant death. Against armies, he is my most efficient follower.
Well, he himself is more of a researcher. With his best buddy Gadra-roushi, they happily do research on magic together.
Oh right, Gadra-roushi also obtained Ultimate Gift『Book of Magic Grimoire』.
The two of them are kinda maniacs on that topic, in time, they will probably unearth all the knowledge related to the field.
His adjutant and colleague, Albert, has now fully integrated himself under Adalman.
Because of that, as a special effect, he obtained an Ultimate Gift too.
What he obtained was, Ultimate Gift『The Undying Immortal』... (Thought Acceleration・Total Rebirth・Minion's Fealty).
With his soul being a part of Adalman, his physical body can never be destroyed. Well, if Adalman dies, they would end up dying together though…...
Adalman’s already dead though.
As he can now fully utilize the Gods Level equipment, it's possible that Albert can fight on par with Dino.
Dino still seems to have some tricks up his sleeves, so this isn't a good comparison, but we'll leave it at that.

Then, there's Diablo

Name: Diablo
Species: Demon God (Highest tier Demonic Spirit)
Divine Protection: Great Demon Lord's Blessing
Title: "Demon Lord (Majin King)" (TN: the katakana *IS* demon lord, no way around this; there's also 魔神王 (majin ou), so yea…)
Magic: 〈Dark Magic〉, etc
Skills: Ultimate Skill
『Temptation King Azazel』
     ... Thought Acceleration・Space Time Control
・Multi-Dimensional Barrier・All of Creation
・Penalty Domination・Temptation World

Regular Skills...『Universal Perception』『Demon Lord's Haki』

Battle Skills...『Phenomenon Control』『Charm Domination』

Resistances: Physical Attack Immunity, Abnormal Status Immunity,
Mental Attack Immunity, Natural Elements Immunity,
Hybrid Attack Resistance

Well, no matter how you look at this, the strongest among my followers, is Diablo.
He wields amazing powers, which rival even my『Gluttony King Beelzebuth』.
He has massive amounts of Energy, highly "leveled", and high quality abilities.
He is a very well rounded, capable Demon.
Being a kind of a Battle Maniac is his only "flaw", but he can just have mock battles with Zegion to satiate that inclination.
It'd definitely be an interesting battle. Also, Benimaru too (as a mock battle partner).

"Killer Lord" Testarossa ―― Ultimate Skill『Hell King Belial』――
"Pain Lord" Ultima ―― Ultimate Skill『Poison King Samael』――
"Menace Lord" Carrera ―― Ultimate Skill『Extinction King Abaddon』――

These 3 manifested their abilities during the battle with the Empire, furthermore mastered them.
If my guess is correct, they expended their stock of experience that was saved up through their long lives, and strengthened themselves in one go.
Having levels and Energy of the highest grade, if they fully utilize these abilities, most enemies won’t stand a chance.
As followers under my direct command, they are a force of the utmost might.

Ah right, Veldora-san too.

Name: Veldora・Tempest
Species: True Dragon (Highest tier Divine Monster Spirit)
Divine Blessing: Storm's Blessing
Title: "Storm Dragon"
Magic: 〈True Dragon species Magic〉
Skills: Ultimate Skill
『Chaos Lord Nyarlathotep』
     ... Thought Acceleration・Appraisal
・All of Creation・Probability Manipulation
・Parallel Existence・Seeker of Truth
・Space Time Control・Multi-Dimensional Barrier

Regular Skills...『Universal Perception』『Domination Haki』
『Human Form』

Resistances: Physical Attack Immunity, Natural Elements Immunity,
Abnormal Status Immunity, Mental Attack Immunity,
Hybrid Attack Resistance

His abilities really evolved.
Parallel Existence, kind of feels the most cheat-like.
Leaving his heart(nucleic core) within my body, and creating a clone using Energy. That is now possible......
To think his training in the labyrinth, would show itself in this fashion.
Back on topic, as his clones are created using my Energy, creating 2 seems to be the limit.
If he really pushes it, I think a maximum of 4 could be created, but Velgrynd would need to be called back in, and I'd run out of usable Energy.
So, up to 2 clones is the normal limit. More like, that's enough isn't it?
He was boasting he could create even more if he dropped the specs of the clones, and I told him, just do what you want.
He's probably gonna come crying when he notices how much it weakens him, but since his main body would be inside of me anyway, Veldora-san would be safe and sound.
It's a waste of Energy, so I really hope he'd not overdo it though.

With that, the ascensions had come to an end, and Krishna had also finally arrived.
After completing the handover process, we made our return to Tempest.

Guro’s note is in blue
[1] Btw this 虚無崩壊 which mean literally Nothingness Collapse, a too chuni ability. Any suggestion is welcome.

[2] (TN: he had protection from Veldora while giving protection to his followers)

[3] (TN: this meant that Rimuru needs to have manifested the original first before he can make the pseudo ones)

[4]上位聖魔霊 Joui Hijiri Ma Rei = High-ranking Holy/Sacred Demonic/Monster Spirit
Seriously I hate 聖魔, It can be translated as Holy Demonic, which mean both attribute combined.
[5] (TN: Benimaru sure worked fast lol)(EN: Wait...does that mean they can’t do the doobie do no more?)
[6] (TN: so who's gonna be his partner? lol)(Guro: I vote for Souka(>ω<)ノ)
[7] This is either a harassment from the Author or not XD. Other alternatives for it is Drac. But most likely Author mean Drag.
[8] This is the reason why Sushi opted Beelzebuth for Rimuru. The katakana for Rimuru’s skill was using ベルゼビュート (Beruzebyuuto) Beelzebuth while the katakana for Gerudo’s skill was using ベルゼバブ (Beruzebabu) Beelzebub (remember that series with the baby? The series use this katakana). Either refer to the same entity.
[9] (EN: Close Quarters Combat)
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