Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Chapter 193 – To Each Preparations
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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Author :Fuse
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Chapter 193 – To Each Preparations

To Each Preparations

Through Walpurgis, I have safely secured the aid of the other Demon Lords.
Well, it's not like the Demon Lords won't be affected by the crisis.
So, to properly state, I have safely given spoken warnings about the upcoming great war; Yes, that would be the better way of putting it.
There’s little time left until the game begins.
The other Demon Lords frantically began their preparations.

I too, gave many orders to Gerudo for our preparations.
The revived empire army's reorganization was complete, 300 thousand would defend their capital while the remaining 400 thousand are being integrated into their respective positions.

After confirming our communications with the high orc villages, a massive industrial construction force was formed.
Next was a force made to communicate with all the differing villages in the Great Jura Forest.
The force will be responsible for overall circulation of goods, which was a gigantic trade hub.

With Gerudo in command, each force was given their objectives and they moved out respectively. Even if we set the rails right away, the train itself won't be completed for a while. So, what should be done now, is clearing out the relevant sections of the forest and laying down roads instead. The trees we would chop down end up as lumber anyway, which would then get transported to the other planned construction sites.
A massive project which would normally take many years to complete, was now started up.
The Great Jura Forest, was instantly filled with life.

Among all that work, the number one priority was setting up Transit Gates.
I prioritized the production and setup of such Transit Gates so I’m able to dispatch the entire troops of soldiers during emergencies,.
The longer the distance, the smaller the amount of mass could be transported. I had plans for the foreseeable future to let those who couldn't hand the usage of magic power use the gates, this would be done with magic stones to store up magic essence.
But, in terms of preparations for the coming Great War, such precision wasn't required yet. In preparation for the future, of course the gates would need to be reusable, but perfection was second fiddle for the moment.
Setting up the relevant location information would be enough to travel to a destination. Usage of the gate depletes some of user's magic essence, but that's obviously normal. Even if someone was to travel an excessively long distance, death by over usage of magic essence wasn't a thing so no fatalities there.
Regular soldiers won't be travelling around anyway, only the elites would need to travel around.
With this design focus, although it looks quite plain, one gate was set up in each major city.
Thus, with the help of the empire's veteran magicians, a strict order was given to get the gate in cities governed by the Demon Lords at least up to working standards.
Though I feel bad for Gerudo as there was much rushed work, having mutual help during emergencies was beneficial, so the gates were absolutely key.

Gerudo himself was elated simply by getting orders from me, he didn't look the least bit unhappy.
More like, he was working happily and with great zeal.
About 100 individuals directly under Gerudo had their Stomachs expanded, so there were few problems transporting materials; They worked at a pace which would make modern technologies pale in comparison.
If it was possible to observe the Great Jura Forest via satellite imaging, you would see visible changes daily. With that thought, I saved images of the progress in a Recording Orb, from a bird's POV. This would be useful for future use as research materials.
The current Status quo proved Gerudo to be a great asset.
Adalman and Gadra-roushi were helping out with Gerudo. As the two of them are specialists in the field of magic, setting up the magic formations was moving along efficiently.
At the pace they are going, it looks like we'll make it in time to set up the gates in major cities.
One point of worry though, was that Adalman was an undead and his appearance was that of a skeleton, was it ok for him to casually work outside?
Of course it looks like he's using Illusions to cover up his appearance, but is that really ok? Well, it won't help if I worry. As they are working just dandy, there shouldn't be any problems.
And so, construction efforts continued for our current crisis.

The other officers, were familiarizing themselves with their subordinates' abilities, and reorganizing their forces.
The demons were mostly standing by around me, elegant and relaxed. But, their minions were thrown into the labyrinth, to let them get combat training.
I felt their way of using the labyrinth was kinda weird, but I decided not to think too much about it.
It all started when Diablo threw Venom into the labyrinth.....
Then the other demons also started doing it. Venom was currently getting his ass handed to him by Zegion's follower, Apito.
Seems like Apito is usually the one dishing out the pain. As expected of one of the Labyrinth's Top Ten.
Well, Albert let him slip past, so he ended up reaching Apito's floor. Albert was enjoying his bout with Agera.
Agera was, despite being low on the nobility hierarchy, noticeably stronger than others of her level. Her ability to handle a blade was on an amazingly high level.
Add Hakurou into the mix, and you get an exhibit of blademasters.
Those who have interest in the way of the blade all train at that level, it has become common knowledge for all who make use of the labyrinth as training grounds.
Even I was thinking of secretly making use of it.
Back to the original topic, it seems as though the idea of holding back or letting someone win don't exist for Apito.
Frankly, she's so thorough it's scary. I could only hope the demons there work their hardest.

By the way, Apito's status look like this.

Name: Apito
Species: Insect Model Devil
Divine Protection: Great Demon Lord's Blessing
Title: "Insect Queen"
Ability: Ultimate Gift
   『Queen of Worship Valkyrie』
Thought Acceleration・Demon Insect Birthing・Demon Insect Domination・
Ultra Speed Movement・Space Control・Multi-Layered Barrier

   Regular Skills...『Magic Perception』『Heat Perception』

   Combat Skills...『Swarm Command』『Lethal Attack』

Resistances: Pain Immunity, Physical Attack Resistance, Natural Elements Resistance, Abnormal Status Resistance, Mental Attack Resistance

This looks impossible to defeat for normal adventurers.
A powerhouse who can easily defeat the old school demon lords, such is Apito.

Benimaru, saying he wanted to re-evaluate his abilities, had a room made for him in the labyrinth, and seems to be sparring with Souei.
It won't be a surprise if he's undergoing enhanced intensive training, under Ciel-sensei's guidance.

Ranga looks to be working well with Gobuta. Ranga was wagging his tail, and seems to be very happy, but, is this just my imagination, or does Gobuta looks real worn out every day?
Nope, must be my imagination. I shall believe they are getting along well, and warmly watch over them.
Gobuta, may you find happiness!

Gabil was focusing on training his High Speed Flight and High Speed Movement abilities with his fellow Wyverns.
The teamwork among them has improved, plus he can now supply magic essence to them to give them a power up too.
Soon, they will show unity on a whole other level.
Now this is surprising, for the frivolous one to be so cautious. But I'll give him credit, for thinking of ways to counteract all the scenarios he could think of, and putting all of that into their training.
As our enemies are the Angels, battles in the air will definitely happen. I shall look forward to the results of Gabil's hard work.

Kumara has pushed her way into Zegion's place, and is challenging him.
Although she defends the 90th floor, her being inferior to Zegion who guards the 80th floor has her somewhat triggered.
Sadly, she isn't holding up well.
Besides that Zegion is, frankly, something more of a guardian overseer[1].
Leaving the 80th floor to Apito, his position is now to oversee the entire labyrinth.
When the great war begins, there will be a need to defend Ramiris, as the strongest piece, she should be in the most important part of the labyrinth.
With Beretta as Ramiris' adjutant, there's no worries about administration.
What's left is would be who to put in charge of the labyrinth's defenders.
There is Zegion as the guardian overseer, and Beretta as Ramiris' personal guard.
Among the 12 Guardian Lords, having multiple of them on the same floor is kind of a waste.
But well, our true "Citadel" is the labyrinth. So, being able to react to all situations flexibly is a good thing.
In light of the coming battle, all the other residents are making their own preparations.

That was what it looked like for those preparing. Me? If you were to ask what I was doing at this time.....
I was going through trial and error for some stuff.
I also accepted guidance on swordsmanship from Agera at the 70th floor.
Albert's sword techniques, make use of "hacking" attacks, with a sword and shield as his main focus.
In comparison, Hakurou and Agera are Blade users, with their focus on using a Katana. Forgoing a shield, and balancing offense and defense with just a Katana in hand. The logic was fundamentally different, when compared to what was used in martial schooling.
As my weapon of choice was a Katana, though i kinda feel bad for Albert, he isn't suitable to be my Teacher.
Taking sword strikes, and having my attacks parried, I learned the techniques with my body.
There was no other way than repetition for this. With the optimal movement, getting my body to react reflexively, I forcefully learned all of the known forms.
Sounds easy, but is bat shit crazy hard. Although, I actually enjoyed the training.

After that, while resting my body, I contemplated about『Void God Azathoth』.
This ability has it's risky parts. In my mock battle with Chloe earlier, only the activation of "Suspended World" was used.
For abilities that controlled time, it affects every being regardless of who activates the ability. If a being had the capability to move while "Suspended World" was active, that being would be able to react even if it didn't activate the ability itself.
In other words, if two beings that are able to move while time is stopped are battling, activating such an ability is kinda pointless.
Since both can move, it didn't matter if you stop time or not, the situation won't change. Now, according to Ciel's analysis, Chloe can only stop time for some seconds at most. But, there's a high chance she has an ability similar to future sight.
After experiencing an "Event" once, she can turn the clock back to any moment before said "Event", did I understand that correctly? I find it hard to understand this type of ability.
If she used this ability, I wouldn't have any way to counter it. If she uses it, that is. It's not like I intend to defeat Chloe, but the requirements to activate this ability, is "Flowing Time". Which means, if I wanted to block that ability, all I had to do was to stop time.
As long as "Suspended World" is active, Chloe's ability's requirement of "Flowing Time" is not met.
Also, though Chloe can only stop time for some seconds, I can stop time for quite a long duration; A total of roughly 30 minutes in one day.
This part I totally couldn't understand, but according to Ciel, even when within "Suspended World", activating other abilities is possible.
By incorporating the energy that is released within the law of suspension, it's possible to make said energy unrestricted by time halting effects.
Of course, none of that is possible without Ciel's support. Because it's impossible to recognize what flowing time "looks" like.
Which means, to me who wields this ability, it can be said with absolute confidence that other beings which are unable to "exist" within "Suspended World" will not be able to defeat me.

Up to this point, all the information and predictions that have been obtained are from the mock battle with Chloe and testing, after which I and had the information compiled. And now, I'm thinking about another matter.
Why Ciel didn't interfere in my mock battle with Chloe. Most likely, it was because she was incapable of holding back.
To explain what that meant, I would need to talk about『Void God Azathoth』, which was in essence an overwhelmingly condensed cluster of Energy.
"Turn Null" generated Energy of absolute destruction.
Channeling this Energy was exceptionally difficult even for Ciel-sensei.
This ability, it wasn't the kind which would let you hold back, it was all or nothing.
At first, activation of magic with this Energy was tested out. Basic magic which only created a simple flame, caused a massive explosion.
As the test was conducted in an experiment room in the labyrinth, it didn't cause any nasty accidents, but this led to my understanding that I couldn't take experimenting with it lightly.
Ciel is happily analyzing it currently.
That's why, though it has been awhile, I am running simulations in my mind. As of now, I have a 90% chance of victory in a battle against Chloe. Though, that's hoping she was fighting seriously in our mock battle.
But, I took her predicted movements, and increased them a fair bit more, then I did the battle simulations. The exception, was if I fought with only swordplay, chances of victory drop below 30%.
For that, I felt that I still had much training ahead of me.
As for Guy, there was a lack of information. If even once, I could have a look at him battling seriously, some predictions could be done, but....
Such chances don't just fall out of the sky.
Incidentally, if Chloe went against Diablo, Zegion and Benimaru in a 1v3, there was a 90% chance of victory for my side.
In the end, it's only the result of a simulation. If they went against her head on, it's a 100% defeat.
There's no such thing as "fair and square" or "dirty" in a fight, only by utilizing everything they had could they improve their odds to 90%.
Looking at it the other way, just how strong is Chloe?!
There was a chance that she may be even stronger than Guy.
Well, that's only assuming Guy isn't able to move within the "Suspended World".

This was what I’ve been doing, during our preparations for the upcoming battle.


Dagruel was looking over his country.
Until yesterday Demon Lord Rimuru's subordinates were setting up the magic formation of the transit gate.
They sure work hard, he thought as he admired their diligent work. Just this morning, reporting that the construction is complete, the commander by the name of Gerudo and his engineer followers all left.
Dagruel looked at the completed magic formation with far-sighted eyes, transporting soldiers on a larger scale was now possible, as he thought in amazement.
The base looked to be made from stone, if the stone lid was removed, what looked to be a empty space for further processing was set up as well.
Although they only did what was needed to complete the gate, in Dagruel's eyes, this was already plenty an amazing piece of work.
(To let anybody be able to use this was… Just how far into the future has Demon Lord Rimuru envisioned...?)
What that meant, he was honestly amazed, this Demon Lord called Rimuru thought of something he himself couldn't even have come up with.
But, a sudden voice from behind expelled Dagruel's feelings.
With no indication whatsoever, the being that suddenly appeared behind him said

「Sup, Dagruel. It's been awhile. I'm glad you seem to be fine.
Now then, I don't have much time anyways, so I'll get to the point.
But before that, I need confirmation....
Are you still one of my servants?」

Hearing that voice, Dagruel thought, "Ahh, as I have expected", and came to terms with his heart.
He had a faint inkling that this might have been the case from the moment Dino betrayed the Octagram.
That idiot Dino would never have made the decision to betray of his own volition in the first place.
Following that train of thought, if there was anyone who could order Dino around, he could only think of one such being.
That being was exalted as a god among them――

「Yes! Of course, my Master!
This Dagruel, have been patiently waiting for your return!!」

He turned, and knelt. Without facing up, Dagruel gave his respects to the being who has suddenly appeared, and was now sitting on Dagruel's throne.
That was what he truly felt. He was only slightly fond of his current position.

「Un. If it was you, I had faith that you would say that, Dagruel.」

This being, Velda, was quietly looking at Dagruel as he matter-of-factly nodded.

「Now then, I'm going to remove your seal, as I have lots of work for you to help me with.
By now you should be able to control the power more or less.
I'm looking forward to your achievements, "Titan (Tyrant Gigant)" Dagruel.」

As he was saying such, he put his hand on Dagruel's head who still looking downwards. In the past age of gods, the ferocious Gigant, had once challenged "Stellar Dragon King" Veldanava and was sealed.
An atrocious king, who spread destruction on earth. With his overwhelmingly supernatural strength, multiple countries were reduced to dust.
The feared god of destruction, who drove many ancient magic countries to the pits of despair.
Even in the present, with his abilities sealed by "Stellar Dragon King" Veldanava, the scene of his rage earned him the title "Earthquake".
Because of his great power, the devastation wrought when he loses his reasoning was unfathomable.
That was about to be released again.
(Ahh, to be of use to "Stellar Dragon King" Veldanava-sama, this is great.)
Thoughts of his 3 sons passed by in his mind.
Their absence in his country now, is it a good or a bad thing…… Can't help much thinking about it now.

「Gunuu!! I AM, "TITAN" DAGRUEL!!
With this body of mine, I am the being who disposes of all who oppose your Excellency!
I await, your orders!!」

He bellows, in a show of his atrocious might.
Velda looked at him gleefully, and gave him a multitude of orders.

(EN: This is my first time editing, so please let me know if i missed something, constructive criticism can only improve things!)

[1] Male Albedo??? XD
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