Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Chapter 194 – World Rumbling
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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Author :Fuse
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Chapter 194 – World Rumbling

World Rumbling

On that day, the declaration of war was announced to all people who lived in the world.
A huge image was projected in the sky.
The boy with blue eyes in the projection opened his mouth dignifiedly.

『My name is Velda. The one who brings destruction to this world.
Today, on this day and at this time, I declare a war to the residents of the entire world.
Life or death.
All of you should fight as hard as possible. Well then, shall we begin? Armageddon (The Final War)!』

Those words became the signal of the start.
From the huge gate that appeared in the sky, armies of angels spring out in succession.
The world was immediately wrapped in chaos.

Oh dear, we received a preemptive strike.
By the oath from Velda, the former Angra Mainyu, thus the game begins.
However, Velda huh.
Angra Mainyu having that name means that there is no trace of Yuuki’s personality anymore.
Though I don’t know what kind of effect it had, I did comprehend that a completely different plan was put into motion.

「I don’t care whether it is Velda or something else, I will beat him speechless!」
「Yeah that’s right. There is no reason to trouble Rimuru-sama.」
「Yes. Considering that I want to go out and see places I never seen, wishing for world destruction is unacceptable.」

Ul, Testa and Carrera are talking as they please.
If it’s me, I would be more careful of Yuuki, though I feel this is not an easy task.
I wonder from where did these three’s confidence come from.

The situation of each country is projected by my surveillance magic on several large screens which I installed in the control room, which is in the Joint Operations Headquarters.
The situation is not good, yet it is not the worst either. Due to prior communications, the governing body of each country were able to expect this situation.
Though with limited time, the arrangements for the evacuation instructions to the people were put in order. The problem is the chaos that will occur due to the prolonged war and food shortage.
Hinata is also cooperating in leading the people, so the evacuation was finished by yesterday. The people who were doubting it before, are now quiet.
I wonder till when this status will keep.
Right now, people who were confused by fear and people who complained because of their anxiety are few. However, such people will increase as time passes.
The people in the capital cities, where the evacuation is completed, only have enough food for about a week.
Because the help hasn’t reached the people of the rural areas, only a warning was conveyed. Later, under the command of the local government, in the current situation, each of them will cope with it by themselves.
I think that a considerable amount of effort will be needed just to maintain the current state.

Because The Great War has occurred every 500 years, only the shelters are prepared.

In each country’s capital, the shelter for the citizens is prepared inside a cavern in the nearby mountains or underground.
Although some, more or less, preserved food is stored, it is unable to satisfy all of the citizens whom exceed tens of thousands.
According to the record of the Great Wars up til now, the number of angels seemed to increase in a single week. As such, it is unclear what will happen this time.
Although preparation was greater than in the past, I expect that riots will occur in the case that The Great War is prolonged.
It only depends on the circumstances, but it was depressing to think that, in the worst case, I might need to use soldiers to suppress the riots.

How will the angels move? That’s the main problem.
Different from what has happened in the past, now that the angels have a will of their own, what will be the main focus of their armies’ attacks?
Will they focus on us, the opposing forces? Or, in order to bring us together, will they focus their attacks at the human nations?
My surveillance magic is effective in verifying that.
And so, I could observe all of the important locations by projecting images of them.
The preparation was complete, I can instantly grasp the angels’ movements.

The “Palace of White Ice” on the ice continent where Guy resides.
The magic city that Leon rules, “El Dorado”.
The Holy Empire Ruberios where Ruminas has concealed herself.
The Palace Reaching Heaven[1], the castle of the giants’ kingdom which Dagruel rules.
Every capital city and major city of the western countries.
Every big city that exists as important locations as well as the East Empire’s capital.
And near the center of the land with the vast abundant harvests that spreads through the south of Great Jura Forest, a castle with white walls, built by the people who admired Milim, stood there elegantly, it was the castle of Milim, the “Destroyer”.

Every place was projected clearly on the large screens.
Immediately after the war declaration was done, the army of angels sprung forth from the huge gate that appeared in the sky.
However, it was primarily a bluff.
Their focus was concentrated on four points.
First of all, Guy was excluded because Chloe was sent to deal with him instead.
With this, as expected, there was no need for additional forces.
Then, the problem are the 4 places in question……
First of all is “El Dorado”. An army of 200.000 angels of different sizes and qualities had invaded it.
The next is Holy Empire Ruberios. An army of 200.000 is also attacking this place.
The third place is Milim’s castle, the White Wall Castle. An army of 200.000 also appeared there.
And the last place is right overhead, the outside of the Labyrinth.
In other words, our country, an army of 400.000 angels are attacking here.
Hey, why is it that only my place got twice the number?
I wish that the forces went to Dagruel-ossan’s place too. In that case, we could crush them with a swift attack.
I thought about such a naïve thing, but the situation doesn’t seem like it will be so convenient.

“Let’s gather all of the Demon Lords in one place, everyone can defeat them, right!” so I insisted, but the scene of me being looked at by everyone with cold eyes, is still fresh in my memory.
The reason for it is because it is against the aesthetics! Or something like that.
I don’t care about aesthetics, I only want to settle the problem quickly……
Somehow, the only thing that they consented to was aid during emergencies.
I had prepared the transfer magic formation, with much effort, for the plan I had in mind, however I failed in the persuasion.
I consulted with Ciel and agreed that there’s a margin of flexibility in it, unfortunately this plan was still rejected.
If we had executed that plan, we could have been predominantly advantageous when the angel army dispersed…… sadly it can’t be helped.
Oh well, the Demon Lords are not my subordinates, and not colleagues that can be trusted either.
It’s something like a miracle that they can cooperate with each other. So, I’m okay with such a result.

The progress of the war is hardly satisfactory, the enemy is good enough to divide the forces that could deal with our side.
If they had spared some of their forces towards Dagruel, then it is likely that the angels will still have an even force against us though.
The angel forces seem to be moving into a slightly advantageous situation. It’s as if they had counted our forces……

《As expected, I concluded that there is a betrayer among the Demon Lords》

Suddenly, Ciel give me a warning.
Although Ciel had pointed it out some time ago, I said that I disagree with the timing when Dino showed his true nature.
I didn’t think about Dino to that extent, so I laughed it off……
In any case, since the war has begun now, it is unnatural if they don’t attack when there is an opportunity to do so, or so Ciel insisted.
However, there’s no definite evidence, and each Demon Lord doesn’t have any motive for it either.
They spent the trump card that is Chloe to block the intervention of Guy, therefore Guy is out of question.
I can exclude Leon and Ruminas because of their ties to Chloe too.
Ramiris and Milim are out of question.
That only leaves Dagruel, however, his upright character as a soldier makes him the number one unlikeliest to be the betrayer.
It is certain that he was close to Dino, but he has continued to fight against the angels since the ancient times and didn’t seem to betray in those times.
Also, his three sons are being worked hard by Shion, and are training here. If he intended to betray us, surely he wouldn’t entrust his sons to the enemy.
This side didn’t suggest it either, it was a request from him.
As such I had rejected the opinion, and believed that Ciel was just thinking too much.

(Dagruel is the betrayer?)
《Dagruel has the highest probability of being the betrayer.
Yet I cannot throw away the possibility that Ruminas is the one either.
If Dagruel moves, his betrayal will be confirmed.
If Ruminas asks for help without moving, Ruminas is the betrayer.》

There seems to be a possibility that Dagruel is not the betrayer.
Is that so? Currently, An army of 200.000 angels are against Ruminas. Additionally, Ruminas has her own troops. If reinforcements went there, without a doubt they would be annihilated, huh?
Even if there were no reinforcements, at least in the current situation, Ruminas would have a hard fight, yet surely she wouldn’t defeated.
The battle might be hanging in the balance, but it won’t be one-sided. In that case, the proud-hearted vampire princess would not request for help.
But even so, in the case that Dagruel moves to aid Ruminas even when she doesn’t request for help……
Dagruel’s troops would turn their fangs towards Ruminas.
I see.
Certainly, in that case the betrayer would become known.
They not only divided their forces, they allocated it in a way that could deal with us, with the intention to crush each and every Demon Lord.
Each Demon Lord does not have much in the way of surplus troops and it might have been anticipated that there are not enough spare troops to be sent as reinforcements.
And it will be uncertain which one is telling the truth if I check the situation with only telepathic communication.
Distrust will rise among us and our cooperation will collapse as well. After I saw through this plan, I realized that it is a cunning strategy.
They had Dino betray us once so as get our guards down, in the expectation that we would deem that there would be no further betrayals. To be honest, if Ciel-sensei was not here, I’m certain that I would have gotten caught in that plan.
That would only be in the case that she was not here, as that plan has already been completely seen through.
With surveillance magic, I can perfectly grasp the placement of the enemy forces. It is the enemy’s miscalculation, the chances of victory seems to be in our favor.
Although I made the transfer magic formation with much effort, it is not a thing which can be activated by every army.
So, I will not need to be so afraid even if someone defects. As it is not possible to transfer to inside the labyrinth with the magic formation.
I only would only tell each Demon Lord to seal the power of the transfer formation once the matter of the betrayer is settled.

(Okay, keep investigating the situation without stopping!)
《Yes, understood, Master!》

Saying that there is a betrayer from the very beginning of the war is not pleasant.
Truly, it is an omen that it’ll become a few nasty battles.
At the time that I was gloomily thinking such, I hardly believed my eyes when I saw a harder to believe scene.
Milim’s army is being pushed back.
Impossible! The former Demon Lords, Karion and Frey are over there, and yet……
At that moment, there was a change to Milim’s castle which was projected on the screen. In a section of the castle, an explosion occurred.
It seems the situation has become worse than I expected.


When the gate appeared in the sky, and angels had begun to pour out from it, Milim had been warming up for the war in high spirits.
A mob of angels is not a worthy foe for Milim.
She can rely on the subordinates whom she trained herself, and there’s Karion who received the position of general.

「Hmm, in that case, I’m going out for a bit.」

Saying such, lightly, Karion stands up.
‘Let’s go, all you rascals!!’ When Karion issued his command, he gets on his griffon and proceeds to intercept the enemy.
Milim watched the situation while getting excited.
But the situation changed completely with the appearance of a single man.

「Yours truly is one of the Four Fiends of the Heaven Commanders, Vega! All you small fries don’t even pass the qualifications to be food for this great me.
Stop your useless resistance and quickly be eaten by me!」

The man shouted such with a loud voice and began to slaughter Karion’s beastman subordinates.
Even the most earliest soldiers who have been following Karion since the period of the Beast Kingdom “Yuurazania”, all turned pale at the man’s dreadful power.

Milim’s currently assembled troops have been assembled through the reorganization of the forces of her area.
The command of the whole army is left to Karion who took the position of general.
Their total number is 300.000.
At the center of them was the 3.000 units titled “Flying Beast Knight Order”.
3.000 griffons of “Sky Queen” Frey’s forces and mounted on their back are the specially picked beastmen of “Beast King” Karion’s subordinates.
They’re merely 3.000 people but they are warriors who exceed A rank who are able to easily do high speed air battle as one effective body.
In this world, this is the largest force composed only of people who exceed A rank.
Even the Empire’s magic beast corps was composed of “A-“ rank, so it could be easily to comprehend that they are a significant forces.
Griffons are originally magic beasts with “B+” rank.
But, with the result of the training given by Karion, their ability was raised to “A-“ rank.
As with the A rank beastmen who rode them, their ability became equivalent to A rank.
The Flying Beast Knight Order is the strongest subordinates who were trained by Karion in both name and reality.
The rest are the devils, mercenaries and Clayman’s former subordinates. It is a combined force consisting of various people.
Even the people who usually take part in maintaining the public order were roped into the war.

Opposing the angel forces of 200.000 is Milim’s army of 300.000.
Milim’s army has the advantage in number but they are somewhat disadvantaged as their ability quality is average.
Even so, there is the effect of increasing their ability due to Karion’s courageous shout, therefore in the beginning they held the superiority in the battle, but……
Due to the appearance of the man named; Vega of the Four Fiends of the Heaven Commanders, the situation has completely changed.

「Humph! Useless, useless, utterly useless! None of you small fries can injure me!」

He shouted such as he swung around the Sky Piercing Halberd[2] that he held in his hand.
With just one swing, a mountain of corpses is made in the surroundings.
‘Grr!’ So Karion ground his teeth as he glared at the provocative Vega.
With just a glance, Karion understood that Vega is different from the other angels. Even if he fights with that man, or even if he deployed the entirety of his treasured “Flying Beast Knight Order”, they would probably get annihilated.
Along with Milim, Frey and her aides, “Harpy” are waiting.
The dirty work is for himself to deal with, the rest he may entrust to Frey.

「Hey, I’m going to fight that cocky bastard Vega.
And so, I entrust the command of the entire army to you, take care of the rest!」

Which is what he told his aide, the tiger beastman Baum.

「 Karion-sama, that guy is……
Shouldn’t I be that guy’s first opponent so that you can check his weaknesses, even if just a little?」

Karion shook his head at Baum’s idea.
In the case of the angel’s army, they have no unity, they are only attacking at random.
If it is so, although his own army is inferior on average, they are advantageous with their numbers, which exceed the number of enemies, and their united command.
In this situation, such folly like ‘the commander is not around’ cannot be permitted to happen. In case a Baum weakens Vega’s power and Karion delivers the finishing blow, that strategy would be worth consideration. Unfortunately, Baum wouldn’t even slow that man down.
His intuition from his battle experience as the Beast King told him that the man named Vega is not an ordinary person.

「No Baum, you wouldn’t even buy any time. It’d be a big loss if there isn’t someone giving orders.
While I fight that guy one on one, you defeat the angels!」

Baum realized, the enemy who calls himself Vega has an unprecedented amount of strength, from Karion’s expression.
For Karion who has an optimistic and frank character, that strained expression is similar to the expression Karion showed before his fight with Milim sometime ago.

「Of course, a person who can only talk, won’t be a threat if it’s Karion-sama.
You can leave the command of the army to me! However, please refrain from the behavior of leaving the work to Frey-sama.」
「Oh crap. If you owe a debt to Frey, it’ll be harsh when she comes to collect the debt.」

The two, both joking with each other, then part ways.
‘Don’t leave the work to Frey’, in other words, he meant ‘Please don’t die’.
Worrying about Karion, who is the strongest Beast King, is something that an aide should never do.
That strength is absolute, the name of “Beast King” is not just for show.
As the general, who is the right hand of the strongest Demon Lord Milim, Karion needs to continue his reign.
(What a thing to say, even though I lost as the Lion Mask.)
Karion recalled his defeat at the hands of Diablo during the Tournament in Tempest.
That country there, is abnormal.
Because even that Diablo who defeated him, was defeated in the finals.
It had taught him that there is always someone better, his self-conceit was finally shattered. After that he endured grueling training and obtained strength greater than he had during his Demon Lord time.
It will be a hard fight, but Karion doesn’t have any intention to be defeated whatsoever.
(That reminds me, Gobuta…… I wonder if he’s doing well ――)
The face of his friend who trained together with him came to mind.
When he remembers that genius who even Karion admits to having abnormal talent that surpasses his own race, he feels happy.
(At best, not getting laughed at by that guy might be the proof that I became strong!)
When Karion sprouted a fearless smile, he charged towards Vega.

When Karion clashed with Vega, a fierce battle began.
Frey pacified Milim who struggled to go there herself.
If Milim, who can’t go easy on anyone, is rampaging seriously, it will not only be the town around the castle that vanishes, but there’ll also be casualties among the ally troops as well.
The current situation, it seems there is a dangerous guy from the enemy side, but Frey believes that Karion can deal with it.
In the case that Karion is defeated, then, and only then, would it be Milim’s turn. Therefore, right now, she needs to watch the way Karion fights, deciding that she needs to analyze the abilities of the enemy.
As Karion’s aide, she was going to do so and have Karion work hard for Milim’s sake.
Frey is cold-hearted and calculating, but that doesn’t mean that she has never trusted Karion. Rather, because she believed that Karion might defeat Vega which would prevent Milim going out.
After all, Frey cannot imagine a battle maniac like him having a hard fight with a person whom she has never heard the name of.
Frey who is not specialized in combat was not able to see the truth of Vega’s terror.
She thought that they could win without having a hard time, even if by any chance Karion had a hard time, so long as Milim analyzed the enemy's power.
But she will immediately notice that her thinking was naïve.

If Milim, who is the leader, can defeat the enemy without a problem, a small sacrifice may be unavoidable.
That is what Frey thought, when Milim was watching Karion’s fight.
That is, until Milim turned around with a fierce expression.
This presence is not an ordinary one, of course Frey, and even the “Harpy” are alerted.
Besides Frey, the others don’t sense anything like an unidentified presence, but Milim’s intuition cannot be mistaken.

「Who are you?」

When Milim asked that, the space mutated it’s color slowly, and a woman appeared.
A woman with beautiful silver hair, similar to Milim.
A “matchless in beauty” woman who seems like an adult version of Milim.
Her white skin and the gaze of her almond-shaped eyes.
Frey gasped. The appearance is too beautiful, and reminds her of her beloved master.
There is a sign that lets you feel that the two resemble each other closely, as if there is blood connection between the two.
Four pure white angels kneel in the rear, to protect the woman.
Their aura are overwhelming and each of them has power equivalent to an awakened Demon Lord, Frey was able to feel it too.

「Nice to meet you, Milim Nava-sama.
I am the one who holds the name, “Lucia”.
This time I have visited to meet you.
Your father is waiting for you. Please, let us go together.」

The woman who introduced herself as Lucia greets and bows to Milim respectfully.
And then she let out those shocking words.
A shock ran through them.
If you are talking about Milim’s father, it would be the late “Stellar Dragon King” Veldanava.
A little while ago, the person who was shown on the image that appeared in the sky had introduced himself as Velda, it couldn’t be……
When Frey thought so,

「Don’t be silly! My father is already dead. If you keep saying this nonsense, I will end your life!」

Frey heard Milim’s enraged voice.
Of course. For Milim, the topic of her family is taboo.

「No, it is the truth. Milim-sama.」

Immediately after the woman said that, a thunderous roar resounded in front of the of the woman who introduced herself as Lucia.
It’s Milim’s fist that went towards Lucia’s face, yet was stopped as if it was blocked by an invisible wall.
Frey was able to tell, Milim threw her fist with all her power and she did not stop it to threaten the woman.
Seeing Lucia who remained calm, even after receiving a full power blow from Milim, it made Frey feel shivers run down her back.
Even if she’s going easy on someone, her title as the “Destroyer” is not for show.
It’s impossible to completely block it, even if using Multiple Barriers.
The reason why is because when Milim attacks, the power is dispersed and not to the extent of killing the opponent. In other words, Milim who threw out the attack with a calculated power in order to break the target’s barrier and yet not kill the target.
For her to remain calm, it’s nothing but that she had exceeded Milim’s assumptions.
Such a thing was something that couldn’t happen as far as Frey knows.
After all, Milim is the strongest Demon Lord, rivaling Guy Crimson――

「It is useless, Milim-sama. Attacks toward me will not be effective whatsoever.
What is more important is that your father is waiting.
“In the new world, let us live together!” is what he said.
Please come with me.」

Although she is beautiful, Lucia repeats the same words like a machine.
Her voice resounding coldly, without any emotion that could be felt from it, it painted Frey’s mind with uneasiness.

(Return immediately, Karion! Milim-sama may be in danger.)
(What did you say!? But, I’m sorry…… I may not be able come back――)

Unlike Frey’s expectations, the man who Karion was fighting against seems to be a more powerful person than she had expected.
For Karion who is a confident person to have no time to spare, Frey was able to understand that he is having a hard fight.
This is bad! As Frey thinks so,

「Kill her!」

She gave an order to the “Harpy” without waiting for Milim’s approval.
Frey had merely judged that it would be dangerous for Milim, if she let this woman keep on doing as she likes.
Because their beloved Master is too gentle to the extent that could be fatal.
If she really tried to kill her opponent then she wouldn’t have a hard fight regardless who the opponent is, but she didn’t fight seriously because she is trying not kill to her opponent. As far as Frey knows, the last time Milim fought seriously was a long time ago. Frey had just been born around that time, Milim destroyed a country and then clashed with Guy.
Because Milim is such a gentle master, Frey wishes to keep her away from as much danger as much as she can.


One of the kneeling angels stood up and materialized a war hammer.
And then,

「You insects who cling to Milim-sama should know your place!
Die! Lightning Bomber!!」

The angel swung down the war hammer and a destructive lightning which exhibited a tremendous amount of power struck towards Frey and the others.
Frey prepared for her death when she saw the despair-inducing, destructive electric discharge that was released from the war hammer.
The released lightning ran through Frey’s body.
At the same time, the “Harpies” who began an attack towards Lucia were also annihilated with only that single blow.
Though it was an overkill attack that struck Frey and the others, they seemed to barely avoid their deaths, somehow.
Frey mustered her strength to stay conscious in her injured body that could break any moment as she confirmed the cause.
Milim’s left arm had caught the war hammer that was swung down toward Frey and the others.
Thanks to Milim, they had barely survived.
(Ah, Milim is so kind. As I expected, you are not really cut out to kill.)
Thus she thought so.
And at the same time, she froze when she saw Milim’s expression.
It was an expression of rage.
Milim flew into a rage as Frey and the others, who are her subordinates, were injured.

「I will not forgive you. To injure my subordinates, I will never forgive this!!」

So Milim shouts.
And then, light is released from Milim’s body and wrap her in it.
She wore the God class armor on her body as she switched to Battle Mode.
She carries the power of a “True Dragon” in her body, and Milim who had become the incarnation of destruction let loose that power.

The heaven trembles, the earth shatters.

By the anger of an ancient Demon Lord, the world rumbled.
Frey was astonished as she realized the enemy’s aim.
It is good if Milim accepts the invitation. In the case where she declines it…… make her fly into a rage that deprives her of her senses.
And like now……
(Not good! Don’t do it, Milim!!)
Frey who tried to stop Milim with a soundless voice. However, her voice couldn’t reach Milim.
The world will once again be exposed to the wrath of the ultimate dragonoid.

[1] 天通閣 Tsutenkaku, there’s also a tower with the same name and it's a well-known landmark of Osaka. 閣 can mean tower or palace
[2] 方天戟 Houtengeki, the famous weapon used by warlord Lu Bu in the "Three Kingdoms" period in China.
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