Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Chapter 195 – Chaos and Counter-moves
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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Author :Fuse
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Chapter 195 – Chaos and Counter-moves

Chaos and Counter-moves

This is bad....
Really bad.
From the video that was being projected on the big screen, Milim was enraged, and looked as though she has lost all reasoning.
If Milim seriously ran amok now, just who would stop her.
By some freak chance, Ramiris had managed to calm her down when she clashed with Guy in the distant past.... It doesn't look like we can depend on Ramiris this time.

「Oi, Ramiris....
Just asking, if I were to hold Milim down, would you be able to bring her back to her senses?」
「Wha-! Are you trying to get me killed!?」

As I thought.
Though I didn't expect anything in the first place, for the midget that Ramiris is now, this is too big of an undertaking for her.

「Well, I kinda expected your answer. But, to think their strategy would involve angering Milim....」

As I murmured, I started thinking.
Honestly, this was unexpected.
Here, I was thinking, the being that calls itself Velda would be the only one using『Justice King Michael』.
That said, I was negligent to think only Velda would be able to defeat Milim.
If Velda were to be on the frontlines himself, the plan was to teleport and confront him immediately. You can't really call this underhanded, leaving just enough to maintain our defense lines, the idea to go at him with everything we have is a good idea.
That beauty who I have never seen before, protected by『Justice King Michael』's "Castle Guard", was taunting Milim.
Though having no offensive power whatsoever, she was protected by the absolute defense of "Castle Guard". Even with Milim's nonsensical destructive power, that defense couldn't be penetrated.
In fact, she was making use of that destructive energy to cause damage to the surroundings. Having it turn out like this, Milim's rage would only intensify, and that would be just what the enemy wants.
Distributing abilities, Ultimate Skills which were like trump cards, to his subordinates; this was unexpected.
Yuuki was someone who had the tendency to hoard everything, thus, this was a thought process totally different from the original. What a troublesome opponent.

「That looks bad. If we don't stop Milim, her actions are gonna end up overshadowing those who are destroying the world.」
「Looks that way.... What should we do, Rimuru?」

Ramiris agreed, and looked at me.
Shit happened right after the war began.
So, what should our choice be....
While we contemplate our choices, the situation isn't going to wait for us.
Before I could make my decision, more problems began.

Diablo by himself would have a hard time as Milim's opponent.
At the very least, I would need to send 3 of my followers of Guardian Level or the odds would be bad.
I already need to send that many to handle Milim alone. Then there's the rampaging Vega and that mysterious silver haired female, plus another 4 seraphim class opponents; I'm going to need to send a big portion of my forces already.

The 4 angels who are standing by behind the silver haired female don't look like those mass produced weaklings.

Looking at the present situation, the destruction of Tempest seems to be unavoidable.
From the very start defense of the city was given up, with the aim to rebuild it. All important facilities were moved into the labyrinth, along with all of our guests.
It's sad but all the buildings that have been constructed will be discarded. Thanks to that, there’s no need to defend the city, so it’s possible to maintain our stance of total resistance.
Using the buildings as shields, the 300 thousand ex-empire soldiers were out in the field as our defense force.
Split into 3 combat teams, they’ll coordinate with each other, and confront enemy attacks.
There was a 4th combat team, comprised of combat specialised elites that were summoned previously, still standing by; in actual fact it was a big defense force of 400 thousand strong.
But, there were 400 thousand on the angel side too, so we’re even on numbers.
The remaining 100 thousand ex-empire soldiers, were employed as a peacekeeping force in the Great Jura Forest. They ensure the villages and settlements don't get attacked by angels that were scattered from the frontlines or rouge/deviant angels; they coordinate their efforts and maintain our *other* defenses.
Finally, the volunteer forces which comprised of roughly 30 thousand adventurers, was led by Masayuki, and have headed out to the defense of the western countries.
It was an all out confrontation.
"Drag Lord" Gabil and "Barrier Lord" Gerudo are at the frontlines taking command.
Oh, let's not be forgetting about Gobuta. Though he himself isn't on the level of the other Guardians, he's also working hard at the frontlines.
The battle is at a stalemate.
Of the angel army that's invading Tempest, while they have the numbers they lack capable officers.
They have Dino as the Highest Command for the invasion, but because of his promise with me, he himself won't be taking to the field.
The two fallen angels that tagged along with him, are now in one on one battles against Gabil and Gerudo. Previously Gerudo got pretty beaten up against the two of them, now's the time for his revenge match.
Both of them looked even in terms of power, but since neither are serious yet, the result of their match can't be predicted yet.
Gabil was holding his own against the other, locked in an aerial battle. This side looks even too. I figured it was okay to leave this to them.
Though I wanted to send reinforcements to help them, as we still have no idea how much remained of their invasion force, it wasn't a good idea to show so much of our hand just yet.
I would take action if it looks bad, but I'll have to hold back for now.
With the situation at Tempest currently a stalemate, I shall turn my attention elsewhere.
The problems, were in the other countries.

I now know who the traitor is.
It's Dagruel.
Even though there was no word from Ruminas, he is mobilizing his army.
Along with 200 thousand of the angel army[estimated B rank], plus 100 thousand of Dagruel's Chain Giant army[estimated B+ rank], Ruminas' forces definitely can't hold against them.
Looks like their main target is Ruminas.
Their aim is to crush one pillar of the Demon Lords first, "Queen of Nightmare" Ruminas Valentine.
Ruberios was, in fact, the lynchpin in the defenses of the western countries.
If it were to fall, the enemy would gain a foothold over the western countries, and would probably get their momentum going.
As the angel army was flight capable, if they used the extra large transit gate they would be able to spread their forces rapidly.
It was easily predicted that the inhabitants of the western countries would be unable to fend off a pincer attack, and would get ravaged by the giant army advancing from their west, let alone the angel army coming down from the skies.
Ruminas' personal forces, comprised of:

300 Holy Knights and 400 Bloody Knights [Both estimated at A rank].
As the commanding officers, the 7 greater nobles.
Plus, a handful of Holy Knights led by Arno.
The main force consisted of 100 thousand members of the Holy Scripture Knights[estimated B+ rank], the Saint Church's believers, Lesser Vampires and other similar Majin under Ruminas comprised most of these units.
In addition, was 100 thousand knights[estimated C+ rank], that were sent from the remaining western countries.
That was all.

It was a great force of over 200 thousand, but they were already struggling against the angel army.
Among the elites who were directly under Dagruel, there are A rank Majin class Giants, this meant Ruminas would be outnumbered and outclassed.
Ruminas and Dagruel house the two largest factions among the Demon Lords, their forces were equal. But, counting in the number of reinforcements, and their quality, there’ll be a distinct gap now.

If at this point in time, Ruminas were to fall, the collapse of the western countries would take but an instant.
In less than a month, the western countries would be totally ravaged. This must definitely be prevented.
That means, I'm going to have to send in reinforcements.
Dagruel's strength is still unknown to me. It is said he has the beef to back up getting into fights with Veldora in the past, so it's a bad idea to underestimate him.
Even if he gets into a 1 on 1 fight with Ruminas, it was difficult to predict who would have the upper hand.
As Ruminas wields an Ultimate Skill of the Sin series, i don't think she'll be defeated that easily....
In any case, there's a need for me to send reinforcements.

There are problems elsewhere too.
Against the forces of Leon's Magic City Country, the 200 thousand strong angel army is too much for them to handle.
Currently, with the use of a Defensive Emplacement, and focusing on city defense, his forces are still holding on. But, the moment the defenses are broken through, the flow of the battle is likely to shift.
Leon's forces, was comprised of only 10 thousand Magic Knights[estimated A rank].
They were an elite band of capable knights, which I caught a glimpse of during my visit.
But, the difference in power is too vast for them to be able to cover their handicap in numbers.
Although the angels are estimated to be B rank in combat prowess, the abilities differ for those who are reincarnators. In other words, it's different depending on their willpower.
The mass produced angels are not a threat, but the angels who have a will of their own show obvious increases in strength.
As the race that mirrors the demons, it is better to assume that they too, become stronger the longer they exist.
Additionally, there are reincarnators who were formerly from Yuuki's hybrid forces, it is predicted that there are other hidden commander types and the like.
Then there is also the placement of the upper tier angels, the details are still unconfirmed as of now. They seem to be hiding their true abilities, and blending into the horde of regular angels.
Though there were a few who stood out, there's simply too few in number at this point.
There should be roughly 100 thousand reincarnators from the ex-hybrid forces. There's a need to be wary of them.
With just Leon's forces, he's not going to hold out against 200 thousand angels.
A massive reading has been confirmed in "El Dorado's” airspace.
With Souei's Tsukuyomi, that was analyzed and confirmed using "Eye of the Moon".
It was a reading similar to Vega who was currently attacking Milim's forces.
I think she called herself one of the "Four Fiends of the Heaven Commanders".
That would mean, the one who's going to confront Leon is likely Four Fiends of the Heaven Commanders Kagali/Kazaream.
The strength of an Awakened Demon Lord. No, if we aren't careful, she might have powered up even more than that.
Leon's plenty strong sure, but since we have no idea just how powerful Four Fiends of the Heaven Commanders Kagali is now, being overconfident is a bad idea.
She still seems to be observing, meaning the stalemate will hold, but the situation will change the moment she makes her move.
Until then, I'll need to make my move too.

For now, that's what the overall situation looks like for the other fronts.
Such a bad outlook shortly after the battle began.
Ciel's all fine and dandy as she has completed her predictions and whatnot, it's just a boatload of headaches for me.

After sorting out the issues,
The biggest problem is still Milim.
Next, would be that against the rampaging Vega, Karion alone doesn't have enough to clinch the victory.
Then it’s Ruminas' pinch, from Dagruel's betrayal.
Finally we’ve got to handle reinforcements for Leon.
Would be how it looks.

Also, regarding Leon's case, I won't butt in unless he calls for help.
Though I kinda feel bad for Leon, even if "El Dorado" falls, it's not going to affect the other sides. The destruction of a city in that remote a location, among the many that exist, isn't going to affect an overall victory.
The exception, is if by any chance Leon is defeated, I would want to mount a counteroffensive against Kagali. Co-op with Leon would be the ideal situation though....
Even if I don't make a move, since he's Leon's ally, Guy's forces would move in to assist, that was Ciel's prediction.
It doesn't look like the angel army is moving to attack Guy's side anyways, with Misery as the commander, his forces will move to Leon's aid.
This looks like the best choice.
Guy has his own information network. So he definitely knows that his ally is in danger.
With a powerful army comprised of thousands of Greater Demons[estimated A rank], I'd want to believe that they can close the gap in numbers.
I'll be leaving Leon's problem to Guy for now, until there's a call for help I'm going to leave him be.

「What shall be our move, Rimuru-sama? If we are to stop Milim-sama, we will need to send a large portion of our forces....」

Benimaru asked.
I cut off Thought Acceleration, and put my conclusion into words.

「Although that's also important, you've noticed haven't you?
Dagruel's betrayal――」

Benimaru and Diablo, have noticed as expected, while the remainder don't seem to have noticed.
There was a wave of unrest in the command room.
Well, this isn't surprising. Considering that our greatest asset, one pillar among the demon lords, has betrayed us, it's normal to be disturbed by such news.
Though it's important to stop Milim, this was also a problem that couldn't be left unattended to.

「Luckily, they have yet to make their move.
Therefore, we will be sending reinforcements to Ruminas via the Transit Gate, while contacting her at the same time.
The ones to be dispatched are....」

The question is, who should I be sending.
Whoever I send will be up against an army, so someone who can handle such situations. My choice should be――

「Rimuru-sama! I would like to make a selfish request――
Please, send me out to the battlefield!!」

Shion stood up, and spoke her piece while looking straight at me.
Is the responsibility of being the guardian for Dagruel's sons a part of this?

《There should be no problems》
(But, isn't there a chance the sons would betray us too?)
《The possibility is actually fairly low.
Except, it would be unwise to send only Shion. I'd suggest sending Adalman and Albert along too.》

I too, thought of sending Adalman as they'll be up against large numbers of enemies.
He seems to be research buddies with Ruminas too, they should have fairly friendly relations.
There shouldn't be any problems so long as Zegion is in the labyrinth.

「Alright, Shion. Go for it.
You're bringing your squad along with you right? Don't get complacent.」
「Hahah! Many thanks!」

Shion vacated her position in high spirits, gave me a bow and left the room.
I don't think Shion can stand up against Dagruel as she is now. But, with support from Ruminas, her Immortal properties can be put to good use.
With Ruminas' 『Day and Night Inversion』, and Adalman's 『Holy-Demonic Inversion』.
They'll be able to handle the giant army which has many different elemental specialists.

「Adalman, you're heading out too.
Though you'll be leaving the labyrinth, go forth and assist Shion and Ruminas!」
「Understood!! As one who was granted life, I feel nothing but gratitude.
I shall definitely show that I am able to meet your expectations!!」

Adalman took off, with Albert and Wenti in tow.
Using the Dead Spirit series of summoning magic, he is capable of summoning undead knights within his labyrinth territory, he can easily whip out a dependable mobile force.
Albert also looks to have gotten used to his Gods class equipment, while Wenti was all excited as it has been awhile since she had the chance to rampage in the outside world.
For now, let's see what happens with such measures.

Next, to choose who is going to be Vega's opponent.
Let's not think about getting rid of him for now, we need to send reinforcements soon, else Milim's forces are gonna take massive casualties.
It looks like Karion has been sent to face him, but it's going to be tough for him alone.

「Now then, as for who is going to help out Karion who is facing Vega....
I'm thinking of sending Gobuta.
Your thoughts, Ranga.」
「(hngh)! Master, does that mean, that it's ok for me to head out too?」
「Ahh, that's right.」
「!! Gobuta is a genius. Our synchro rate, has already reached over 80%.
If we were to gain combat experience with a superior foe, he is definitely going to grasp the knack(for their synchro) in no time!」

As expected of Gobuta.
He's getting praised a whole lot. More like, the Goblin Genius, how's that?
Ranga was wagging his tail, looks like he's looking forward to getting some of the action.
Though it looks like he's exaggerating somewhat because he wants to head out too, his words are true to a certain extent.
I shall believe him then.

「Alright. If it's Gobuta, he can teleport to where Karion is.
Go forth, Ranga! Go, together with Gobuta, and kick that Vega's butt!」

At the same time he replied, Ranga disappeared into the shadows.
Ranga's all pumped up about it. What about Gobuta?
He wasn't all too enthusiastic, saying,「Wha-! Why'd you have to choose to fight that scaryasheck fella!!」.
Well, Gobuta'll be fine.
He'll put in the relevant amount of effort. Let's leave it at that for now.

Lastly, our main problem with Milim.

「As for Milim, I'll head out to deal with her.」

The moment I said that, the surroundings became silent.
Well duh. The leader himself is making a move, this is nothing but a bad move under normal circumstances.
But, rather than sending large numbers against Milim, I judged that there was a need for a more flexible response.
Ciel also agrees, as in her calculations, the death of one of my Guardian class followers is a possibility that couldn't be overlooked.
It's not like we're going to face Milim with the intent to kill, but shit can still happen even if we’re only trying to stop her.
This scenario calls for me to step in.

「Kufufufufu. Then, I shall be accompanying Rimuru-sama.
There will be the need to get rid of those annoying bugs(angels) that are flitting around when confronting Milim-sama.」(Diablo)
「And of course, we'll be going too!」(Testa)
「Un! Imma go too」(Ultima)
「Without a doubt」(Carrera)

My most powerful assets, the officers of the Black Numbers, all spoke in unison.
Oh well.
I'll leave the regular Black Numbers members behind then, since I can summon them anytime I want to.
Even if the silver-haired angel who's facing Milim has no attack power whatsoever, there's 4 other angels of the awakened demon lord class too, we can't be getting complacent.
Now that Shion has left for her battle, my "bodyguards" end up being these 4 pillars, doesn't give me much of a choice but to bring them along with me.
Though the situation looking like the enemy's plot to draw me out isn't out of the question, me not moving now is only going to invite an even bigger disaster to follow.
It is imperative to stop Milim from destroying her own country.
Our help would be in vain if she really ends up doing it.

「Also――There's that lower lifeform Vega, who stole my thunder.
If Gobuta doesn't finish him off, I'll need to be there for the finishing touches.」

Carrera declares, while showing an awfully scary smile.
Ahh, he's the one who interrupted her battle with [what was his rank again?] Kondo. I can understand that much.
Guess I can let her move in to "support" Gobuta, after the extra nuisances have been taken care of.
Thinking back, can Gobuta actually win this time?
Though I gave the order because Gobuta was able to get there almost instantly, his synchro rate with Ranga being only 80% is kinda bugging me.
It's not like it would be a definite win at 100%, even with Karion, Gobuta & Ranga, emerging victorious against Vega is going to be a real feat even in Ciel's calculations.
That "man" Vega, just how much has he grown.
He also seems to be absorbing the dead bodies around him, slowly increasing his power.
If we don't get rid of him soon, he can become a real threat to us.

「Alright, it's decided then.
Carrera, you shall head to assist Gobuta and co. after getting rid of those higher class angels.
Diablo, you'll be supporting me. I'll be counting on you all.」

With this our objectives have been laid down.

「Rimuru, I leave Milim to you!!」
「Ahh, leave it to me!」

To the uneasy Ramiris, I smiled and promised to save Milim.
Against Milim who can be said to be one of the strongest demon lords, half baked actions won't cut it.
If her anger can be suppressed, she'll probably come back to her senses.
But, it's plain suicidal, to try doing that while holding back. It'll only be possible for me to do this.
It's gonna be one heck of a task to keep that easily enraged Milim in check, but i still gotta do it.

「Benimaru, I'm entrusting the rest to you.」
「You can leave the rest to me without worries!」

Command is now passed to Benimaru.
There's also the preparations for the time when demon lord Leon requests for our aid, Benimaru understands what needs to be done.

「On the off chance, Leon comes to us seeking our aid――」
「If that time comes, I'll do something about it. Fret not!」

I'll leave it to him then.
As I hold command over the Black Numbers, I told him to contact me if there ever was the need to.
For this demon army which can move anywhere via teleportation, they need to be ready to move out at a moment's notice.
Even if we were to not take them into account, Tempest still has forces in reserve.

There's Benimaru and Souei.
Zegion and Kumara.

Along with the 4 dragon kings under Ramiris, and Beretta too.

They'll be able to handle any problems, when the need arises.
After handing over command to Benimaru, I headed out with Diablo and the others.
I need to bring Milim back to her senses posthaste.
(Wait for me, Milim! Don't go all out just yet!)
I teleported in great haste, with the objective of bringing Milim back to her senses before it's too late.
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