Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Chapter 196 – Lion King vs The Four Fiends of the Heaven Commanders’ Vega
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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Author :Fuse
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Chapter 196 – Lion King vs The Four Fiends of the Heaven Commanders’ Vega

Lion King vs The Four Fiends of the Heaven Commanders’ Vega

If you think about it, a strategy where all of the Demon Lords gather in one place and fight the enemy together would never work.
This is because it would be a decision that would disregard the people who have faith in their Demon Lords.
It would be a reliable way if all we wanted was to win the Great war, but if this plan went badly then it could lead to a worse result where the majority of the population would be lost.
If the goal is just defeating Velda, this plan could be considered as the best plan, but it seems that the Octagram cannot ignore one of the Four Fiends who introduced himself as Vega and those who have the same rank as him.
No, it might be difficult even for the Octagram.
If we take on this monster along with all the members, it would end quickly without any problem, but the domain we rule would very likely be ruined if we did so.
That is the reason why Ciel-san said that the Demon Lords won’t give their consent.
Oh well, it isn’t even guaranteed, that if the Octagram stayed together, that the victory would be certain.
Because once we defeated all of them and went around the places that got attacked, with the gate, one by one, the last country would probably be destroyed.
The part that we misread is the mass of the enemy forces.
That is because Ciel made her predictions based on Vega and Kagali from before they absorbed and mastered the power of the seraphim.
The ability of Vega of the Four Fiends of the Heaven Commanders has exceeded Ciel’s expectations.
It is expected that his ability will break through his limit if he continues his rampage on the surface as he is.
In addition, as the number of the Seraphim is unknown, it would be fatal if we can’t predict the force of an enemy who has the strength of awakened Demon Lord class.
Oh well, I expected that there would be at most 10 of them, but currently they still can’t be considered as a threat.
I think that those of my Guardian Lord class, would be able to deal with them perfectly.
The problem is the Four Fiends of the Heaven Commanders.
Because he said four, there is probably four of them.
Of course they wouldn’t mention Four Fiends if their members are more than four.
That would be great.
By the prediction, Vega and Kagali is confirmed. Another one seems to be Dino, the problem is the last person.
I believe that the last one is probably Dagruel.
Dagruel who is one of the Octagram as well as Ruminas.
I think both of them are equal. But they only became equal because Ruminas had obtained an Ultimate Skill.
Dagruel is a Demon Lord who has an abnormal power. The scale of his powers cannot be understood completely.
If in contest of strength, it is certain that he would overpower Ruminas.
Guessing from Vega’s power, I’m able to expect that Ruminas won’t be able to win against Dagruel.
That’s why I sent over Shion and Adalman, two of the Guardian Lords, but......

I still have this bad feeling that I can’t shake off.
I think that forcing me to fight Milim is not to buy time.
I’m relieved that Benimaru and Zegion will remain in Tempest, but I should not be careless.
In the worst case, I need to prepare to make a move but a slight uneasiness passed through my mind.

The next is that there is a question about Leon’s confidence.
I’m certain that Kagali of the Four Fiends of the Heaven Commanders went towards Leon’s place.
Kagali and Leon also have a connection and I think that Kagali bears a grudge against Leon.
The problem is the extent of Kagali’s power.
Vega’s power exceeds Ruminas’.
When compared to Leon, depending on the situation, I think that Leon would be defeated by Vega too.
Vega has become abnormally strong to such a degree.
If I assume that Kagali, who is on the same rank as Vega, became equally strong as him, Leon’s victory will become questionable.
Before the reinforcement request comes, thinking about some kind of countermeasures sounds good.

I floated in the sky after I teleported and decided to watch the battle on the ground.
Vega is fighting against Karion, but the situation is that Vega is overwhelmingly superior to Karion.
I think there is a need to greatly revise the ability analysis result of the so called Four Fiends of the Heaven Commanders, Vega and Kagali.
As I expected, there is a difference in obtaining information by seeing the fight directly versus from seeing it on the screen.
For caution’s sake, I contacted Guy with telepathy.
I told him the current situation. Next I let him decide what he wants to do, let’s believe that he will move appropriately.
The time when Chloe and Guy meet is soon, let’s have him do what he can currently.
Just like that, when I finished all of the preparations, I calmly began to descend.
It might be making me uneasy by letting other people handle everything, but I should believe in my subordinates.
Using all of the cards I can use, even Ciel says that there is no other better strategies besides that.
Under the present situation, there is nothing else that I can do.
Then I’ll do my work.
The most important task in this place is to eliminate the person who is trying to manipulate Milim.


At the moment when Rimuru arrived in the sky and gazed down with his eyes.
Karion was in a hopeless battle.

「Guhaahhahahahaha!! Is the power of the Lion King only this much?
It is so weak that I’m speechless!
You don’t even reach my, this Vega-sama’s feet, the true Beast King!
How is it? I might make you a subordinate of mine if you kneel down and beg for your life.」
「Hha! Don’t make fun of me! This Karion has dedicated his loyalty to Milim-sama.
I need not lower my head to be your petty underling!」
「How cheeky.
Just like Milim, you’re just a fang-less pet dog!
Although I would spare your life if you served this great me, Vega-sama…...
You better regret the stupidity of your decision in the next world!」

Vega shouted such.
And a compressed aura bullet of a 50 cm diameter surged up.
‘I can’t receive that’. Karion’s instincts, which could be called super instincts, perceived the danger of the destructive power that aura bullet has.
Even if he promptly evaded it, Vega seems like he will not allow him to do so.
Aiming at Karion, Vega continuously shoots the aura bullets.

「Damn itーーー!!」

As he shouts, Karion put all of his magic power into the deployed Aura Shield in front of him.
Of course, he understands that he would die if it hit him directly. He adds some angle on the Aura Shield with repelling the aura bullets in mind.
Because of Milim’s intensive training, the means of dealing with an enemy who has more destructive and stronger power than him had been hammered into him more than needed.
Rather, he doesn’t have any memories of it stopping no matter how much he shouted for it to stop.
Milim laughed, but she didn’t stop……
The result of that special training saves Karion now.
His magic power is depleted greatly but he has somehow managed to survive. The repelled aura bullets, transforming the surroundings’ terrain with their destructive power.
Karion believes that just the fact that he was able to endure them somehow, is praiseworthy.
Under the cover of the smoke caused by the explosions, he slipped into a newly created crater. He hid himself in the shadow and suppressed his breath.
(Good grief, what the heck is with that power……
If Milim was not my opponent during the combat training, I might already be done for right now ――)
He thought about such things.
At the same time, he remembered his friend who trained together with him.

(Wait! You’ll die-ssu! If you take more than this, you’ll seriously die-ssu!!)

That guy had always been next to him and had yelled that.
And even though that guy said ‘I’m at my limit, it’s impossible’, he kept Karion company until the end of the training while being lively.
(Damn! I’m still okay. I will get laughed at by that guy if I admit my defeat here!)
Karion grinned widely and laughed.
Karion’s power, which had risen greatly as a result of Milim’s training, is clearly shown during the fight.
He remembered Milim’s words, “The most important thing is, don’t die!”.
Just like that, he is now able to understand what Milim said.
When fighting against a stronger opponent, first ascertain the enemy’s strength, then prioritize survival over everything else.
Fortunately, his subordinates seem to have left the vicinity of this area in accordance with his aide’s orders. Afraid of getting involved in the battle, the angels also didn’t approach this area.
Vega didn’t manage the angels in a skillful manner, if he was smart, he would make them surround and annihilate Karion and he would be dead by now.
But Vega hasn’t given any orders to his subordinates because he is confident with his own strength.
(There might be a chance for victory. Anyways, I need to endure. And then, wait for my chanceーー)
Karion doesn’t give up.
He need to draw out the enemy’s forces and expose their power, giving Milim the advantage.
He will leave the rest to Milim, who is the leader.
He was anxious because of what Frey said, but he needs to do what he can do right now with all of his effort.

「Tch! How sly!! You’re just a coward who only has hiding in your brain.
What is with the title ‘Lion King’? Rat is a more appropriate title for a coward like you!!」
「Shut up!
It’s a strategy, strategy. You who are dumb may not be able to understand it!」

Karion shouted back to Vega’s provocation.
He won’t get provoked.
Making use of the echo, Karion used tricks so Vega can’t know where he is.
Baited by the voice, Vega shot a series of magic bullets at the places that had nothing.
Compared to the simple aura bullet from a while ago, the power was higher. The surrounding terrain wasn’t just altered, but hollowed and annihilated.
It seems very unlikely for Karion to be able to endure many of them if he received them directly, because of the power they have.
Vega just threw them without accumulating them, yet they have the power to alter the landscape.
It was more than the kneaded magic bullets. If he face it upright, his magic power will be run out in a moment.
If it goes badly, he fears that he will receive an attack which won’t leave him any chance to recover.
He could feel the pressure in the hand which wield the Byakko-Seiryuu Lance. Because it seemed the situation will become worse if he lost his composure here.
He’s considering using his trump card,『Beastification[1]』.
At the same time of this ability activation, all the damage he received from before that would be completely restored, and all of his energy would also be restored.
Then with the large rise of his fighting power, it’s possible for him to raise the limit of his abilities.
During Milim’s special training, Karion acquired the Unique Skill 『Lion Heart』.
This ability increases his power against a person stronger than him and gives his attacks penetration effect.
And using it together with『Beastification』, results as an Original Skill『Dragon Body[2]』.
An indomitable heart and an unyielding body.
He had acquired a strong and unparalleled power.
(In order to win against this guy, I have no other choice than to use Original Skill『Dragon Body』, but it’s time limit is a mere 10 minutes......)
That’s right.
It is an incomparable ability that can be thought to be an invincible power, but after 10 minutes passes and all of the magic power runs out, the transformation would come undone.
In the current situation, he would be defeated overwhelmingly if he only using Unique Skill『Lion Heart』. Karion wants to refrain from using『Beastification』until he receives a big damage, but once he uses it, he won’t be able to use the Unique Skill『Lion Heart』.
He would be defeated in the case that he doesn’t defeat Vega during the 10 minutes of him using it.
Because without the correction effect against a stronger opponent of Unique Skill『Lion Heart』 he might not be able to fight back with only the strengthening of『Beastification』.
He has confirmed that Vega has a super-regeneration ability.
Is he sure he can win? So long as he doesn’t see Vega’s weakness, he can’t use his trump card. However, losing without fighting back, he judged that he must dodge for it to happen.

「Strategy, strategy you said? Fuhahahahaha, you make me laugh.
A small fry like you should know your place and stop thinking for nothing!!
Well…… It’s easy to kill you, but should I teach you what despair is?
This yours truly hasn’t used any abilities yet. Do you understand what that means?
Because you may not be able to understand it, I will show you.」

Saying as much, Vega put one of his hands to the front.
The corpses which had fallen down to the ground began gathering and uniting, as they transformed into a decaying wicked life-form.
Then, it easily shot down the angels who are flying in the sky, as they became the prey to the life-form which was just born.
This is the moment where a horrifying creature was born into this world.
The wings of raptors[3] grew on the wriggling wicked humanoid form.
However, it lacks the light of intellect in its eyes. Because, in the first place, it has no head. But, it seems to possess『Magic Power Perception』and be able to grasp the surroundings accurately.
If it was named, it should be called an Evil Dragon Beast.
Vega activated the ultimate power that he himself got, the Ultimate Skill『Evil Dragon Lord Azi Dahaka』.

「Guhaahhahahahaha!! How is it, this lovely pet of mine!!
It’s a waste to use this kind of fighting power against small fries like you all. All of you should fully enjoy it!!」

Vega laughed loudly.
In total, there were four evil dragon beasts that were born.
They ate the angels and took their power, although they are distorted creatures, their combat ability is high.

「Hey hey…... are you serious…..」

Karion’s super instincts rings an alarm.
His instincts tells him that they might be just as strong as Clayman who was a former Demon Lord just like him.
However, Vega who created such creatures didn’t seem to have his power decreased.
It’s unknown how many of them Vega can create, but they might get increased later. Just like the angels.
The adjutant had splendidly taken command so there were not many casualties and thus it only produced 4 enemies.
(These wicked fiends, I need to quickly annihilate them, how can I let my subordinates see such things!?)
Karion shuddered, their repulsiveness made him nauseous as anger filled his heart. He said something like he had room to spare, and didn’t seem too unwilling.

「Go!! Lure the rat who’s hiding and trying to run!! 」

In accordance to the order, they started acting at a terrific speed.
The ground was kicked, the air fluttered, and the surrounding smoke was blown away.
When it came to this, it was only a matter of time that they would notice Karion, who is hiding in a hollow.
‘Tch!’ so he clicked his tongue. Karion condensing his own magic power and let out a Beast Roar (Beast Magic Particle Cannon) at one of them, which was approaching him from the front.
He judged that if such fiends were mass-produced, if he tried to buy more time, even more distant he will be from his advantageous situation.
It is not the time to be asking for chance.
One of the evil dragon beasts was burnt up by the Beast Roar that Karion let out.
The terrific destructive power of the magic particle cannon didn’t lose it’s might even after burning the evil dragon beast, it continues straight on towards Vega.
It is as Karion planned. As it’s a attack from a blind spot, it will be a direct hit.
However, the distance was slightly too far.
The power was reduced by half at around 300m, so it’s better to shoot it from more of a point-blank range.
As Karion became stronger than before, the beast roar became a perfected, highly effective, special move. So, the distance he is able to shoot from increased, and he can also shorten the preparation time for it’s firing, but the range hasn’t increased.
Right now, the power doesn’t decline until 200m but the power deteriorates no matter what when it reaches the 300m mark.
Even so, there’s no complaint from him as it has improved greatly as a result of the special training but…… it’s unlikely for it to be a telling blow in the current situation.

「Guwaahhahahahaha!! How crafty! Is this your strategy?
Yours truly doesn’t even feel any particular pain or itch from such an attack!!」

While laughing, Vega provoked Karion.
However, the area which received the direct hit suffered a major burn, to say that he didn’t receive damage, it doesn’t seem like it.

「Ha! Don’t pretend to endure it! If it’s painful, you can cry you know?」

Karion dashed quickly while returning the provocation with a provocation.
Towards the second evil dragon beast who notices Karion and was coming closer, he shot a beast roar with his left hand and dealt the killing blow with the Byakko-Seiryuu Lance loaded with kneaded aura.
The evil dragon beast whose stance was broken to evade the beast roar was destroyed without being able to react.
(Next is the other two of them!)
In Karion’s field of vision, he was able to see that two of them were coming together at a run.
If Karion was the apex of a triangle. The two beasts formed the tips of the sides, and Vega was in the center of the base[4].
If he adjusted his position, his special skill would get an even line of fire.
The length of the side is around 100m, Vega is letting his guard down as he was underestimating Karion.
It’s a chance.
Karion condensed all of his magic power while thanking for the good luck, and refined his demonic fighting aura[6].
While concentrating so that the power wouldn’t leak out, Karion poured it all into his Byakko-Seiryuu Lance. He waited until the demonic fighting aura was refined to its limit, he chose to gather it to the tip of his Byakko-Seiryuu Lance and turned it into a terrific power.

「Uoooooooo!! Take this! Diffusion Roar[7]!!」

The flash divided into nine and ran through.
Each target was to be pierced by three lights. Although it’s power is equal to the single shot Beast Roar, as it was spread out, it was a sure kill attack that shoots through the target from various angles.
The convergence of the three lights slightly exceed the power of the single shot Beast Roar because of its synergy. This is the true special move that Karion created.

「Hha! Serves you right. Because you looked down on someone, you will suffer like this!」

Karion spat those words out towards Vega.
The two evil dragon beasts seemed to be annihilated, but Vega seems to have stopped the attack.
Karion needed to step in to finish him off.
Both Vega’s arms were blown off and his whole body suffered a severe burn, there was also a large hole in both of his flanks.
Normally it would be a fatal wound, but for such a troublesome monster like him, it would be fine, so long as he still has a piece of his cell.
Thinking as much, Karion gathered up his remaining magic power and was going to shoot a Beast Roar as the finisher.
The evil dragon beast which should have been bisected drew near, unnoticed, from Karion’s rear and attacked him.
The evil dragon beast must also have a dreadful regenerative ability.
Give it a little time and it will revive even when bisected into two.
In addition,

「Guhaahhahahahaha!! Did I say it was crafty?
Someone like you are not an opponent for me but……
It was troublesome when you were sneaking and hiding.
I lured you out with me as the decoy!
How is it? This is a strategy you know!!」

Despair struck Karion.
Vega showed a supercilious smile to Karion.
And then, his injuries were restored in but a moment, the traces of the serious injury was nowhere to be found.
From the beginning, he was not hurt.
(Damn it! I was had by this guy……!)
Though it was frustrating, Karion couldn’t help but to admit that Vega’s abilities are far stronger than he expected.
At Karion, who Vega was looking down on like he was looking at trash, he shot a large magic bullet.
He intended to get rid of Karion, without minding the evil dragon beast who was pinning Karion down from behind rear.
The moment the magic bullet was shot, Karion desperately mustered his strength to take evasive action.
He managed to avoided a direct hit, but he did lose the left side of his body.

He is alive, barely.
As Karion is the king of the beastmen, he has a high vitality. He won’t die to this degree.
However, he believes it would be hard to make a comeback from this situation.
(Damn…… is this the end, huh?)
He wanted to think that he would survive till the end, but he doesn’t seem to have any other choice.
The rest he can only gamble for with his last resort.
For the remaining 10 minutes, he will perform his full offensive attack.
‘I have no choice but to fight using my Original Skill 『Dragon Body』.’
He thought so.
All of his injuries will be completely heal and his magic power will be restored too. However, all left is defeat.
But, he will die regardless as things are now, there is no choice but to do it.
Karion resolved himself.

「Don’t underestimate me! I will show you a man’s way of life!!」

So he shouted.
Vega was smirking and making an unpleasant jeer, his eyes were as if he was looking down at a defeated dog.
Such looks filled Karion with anger and he was able to forget the pain.
At the moment he was about to activate his ability,

「Wai~ttt, please wait-ssu! Hero is the one who always comes late-ssu!!」

A stupid voice was heard.
A dear friend of his, who was so out of place to the extent of the ridiculous.
What jumped out of Karion’s shadow is one Hobgoblin.
Without any mistake, it’s his dear friend, he, the genius (best friend) who Karion acknowledges.

That person’s name is Gobuta.
He is the 13th man who can dissolve this critical situation.

[1] Actually the ability is written as 獣魔人化 (Juu Majin Ka) which can be translate as Beast Majin/Devil Transformation, also 獣魔人 is the race of Karion’s aide which I left as beastman before, also about Milim being the Ultimate Dragonoid from the chapters before it used majin too (Ryuumajin) like the one from Dai no Daibouken. Well majin is a bit hard to translate actually~
Should I keep it as it now or changed them?
Any suggestions are welcome.
[2] Written as 獅子竜身, Dragonic Lion Body but was read as Dragon Body.
[3] No, it’s not the dinosaur one. It’s a term for Bird of Prey, in case someone will misunderstand this.
[4] Illustration for it:
[5] = I got this
[6] Oh kay. It’s Matouki combination of magic power and fighting spirit/aura combined.
If any of you got a better one, please comment.
[7] The Kanji for it’s 拡散獣魔粒子咆, Scattering/Spreading/Diffusion Beast Magic Particle Cannon but read as Diffusion Roar.
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