Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Chapter 215 – Time Accelerated
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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Author :Fuse
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Chapter 215 – Time Accelerated

Time Accelerated

Inside the stopped time, three people were facing each other in a three-way standoff.
Guy’s sword flickered but was repelled by Chloe’s katana.
Chloe then sent out a slash with a flowing movement which was repelled by the ice wall that appeared in front of Velzard.
The ice wall broke and burst, becoming bullets of ice which poured over Guy and Chloe, but the two people ward all of them off with the weapons they hold in their hands without difficulty.
Neither strategy nor psychological warfare had any meaning, it’s a world ruled by absolute power.
In that situation, the three demonstrated their power, no one conceded even for one step.
It was a contest of equal balance.

‘Well, what should I do?’
Guy thought.
Even in the world where the time stopped, Chloe could move calmly.
In a world where normal eyesight didn’t have any meaning as even the light particles have stopped.
In this world where time stopped, the reactions from the energy released is used to perceive the situation.
Whether it’s Heroes or Devils, since they were bound by the world’s rule, it’s impossible for them to act.
However, Chloe had transcended that restriction.
In other words ――

(This person, was a spiritual lifeform too, that’s it)

It meant this.
Even in the lowest level, she should had become a Demi God.
A person who reached the domain of God while being in a mortal body.
But, in this case, it’s convenient. As even Guy would withdraw from fighting against Velzard while protecting Chloe who couldn’t move.
Afterall, inside the world where time stopped, even defensive power became zero.
Explaining it easily, all of the connections between the inherent energy that a substance has became cut off.
In other words, the motion of all substances stops. Everything even the link between substances and molecular motion.
Because it was stopped, when an external force is applied, it will collapse easily.
Even if it’s a lump of steel, even if it’s the worlds hardest material, it can be destroyed even by the impact of a gentle breeze.
Of course, the same applied even to superior arms. If it’s lower than Legend class, they have no meaning.
Defending a target in such a state, the difficulty is too high even for Guy.
Fortunately, Chloe doesn’t seem to have any problem in the stopped world. It’s dangerous to think so even though she’s an enemy, but in this case he appreciated it.
He put his worry for Chloe aside for the time being.
The current problem was what he should do in this situation.
Stopping Velzard’s rampage, and defeating Velda. Those became his ultimate goal.
His fight with Chloe is an act, Guy’s main purpose is to get out from this place. But it’s impossible for Chloe to ignore Guy due to the effect of the curse.
A very troublesome situation.
Even so, for Guy fighting against two people at the same time is not impossible.

After all, Guy’s ability that is Ultimate Skill『Prideful Lord Lucider』is the strongest ability.
The essence of this ability is complete replication of ability that he saw once.
It’s one of the reasons why Guy was expecting that birth of the other Demon Lords’ skill.
In order for him to be the strongest being, he observe various Ultimate Skill and taking them as his.
In order words, as Guy is analyzing Chloe and Velzard’s ability, it’s not impossible for him to nullify them.
However, for that――
(First of all, they didn’t use their ability.
I know Velzard’s『Patience Lord Gabriel』, but what kind of ability is『Envious Lord Leviathan』?
Beside, that Chloe girl―― Rimuru gave a high praise for her, yet she has only shown her swordsmanship till now......)
――that’s right, it’s important for him to see the ability of the two to analyze it.
Even so Guy believed in his own strength.
He faced the two while getting fed up without being careless.

‘Ara, it’s a bother.’
Velzard felt unpleasantness as Chloe was able to move in the stopped time like it’s natural.
She intended to stop the time, get rid of Chloe and enjoy a fight with Guy in this world with just the two of them.
And yet, Chloe whom she looked down upon as an inferior human was able to act in the stopped world where only those who had transcend as supreme being can exist in it, it’s an unexpected event for Velzard.
Moreover, Chloe was able to fight her and Guy evenly, it became a very unpleasant situation.
(Despite being an awakened Hero, she’s more than I expected.)
Velzard stopped looking down on Chloe.
She recognized her as an enemy which she should defeat.
In the first place, Guy was strong.
Even if Velzard tried to defeat him seriously, she knew that victory would be extremely difficult.
Guy could understand the essence of an ability from just a glimpse with his gifted observation eyes.
Therefore, all of Velzard’s abilities were naturally exposed, it would be impossible to win if she only depends on Ultimate Skill『Patience Lord Gabriel』.
But ――
Right now, she had obtained Ultimate Skill『Envious Lord Leviathan』, she able to see the victory.
In that case, she concluded that she need to postpone the elimination of the obstacle that’s Chloe.
If she exposed her skills poorly, her chance for victory might disappear.
She postponed the elimination, but, it’s troublesome if she’s disturbed.
She thought so, and released an ability towards Chloe.
It’s necessary to use『Envious Lord Leviathan』 to deal the finishing blow without it being known by Guy. Therefore, she was using『Patience Lord Gabriel』 right now.
『Patience Lord Gabriel』’s ability is absolute defense power. Its essence is『Fixation』.
With inherent ability to stop things, it was a very compatible ability with her.
Freezing the moisture in the atmosphere, creating an ice wall is also its ability.
It was possible even if she didn’t freeze only the water molecules particularly and with other molecules mixed, but the result of her valuing the beautiful appearance was only a wall of ice.
Thus ――

「You are a hindrance. Please be obedient and stay there! Air Wall (Atmospheric Prison Wall)l!!」

Velzard just solidified the atmosphere around Chloe and formed a prison which couldn’t be destroyed instantly.
Naturally, for those who could move in this stopped time, they didn’t need to breath anymore. Chloe didn’t die because of this attack, but Velzard had no problem whether she could break free from the prison or not.
Velzard only wanted her combat with Guy not be disturbed.
‘Kiiiiiiiiin!’ such clear sound could be heard, the atmospheric prison was cut opened.
The atmosphere in the stopped world shook, with the sound of impact accompanying a slash attack.
It was already beyond the level of a sword technique.
Velzard was astonished in the truest meaning.
(That’s right―― Hero Chloe, you are also standing in the same dimension as me and Guy, you couldn’t be underestimated.)
A powerful person who’s supported with experiences and didn’t rely on her ability.
And like herself, she realized that Chloe hadn’t yet shown all of her cards.
Velzard glared at Chloe with hatred.
(Then, like with Guy, I will seriously fight against her seriously.)
An enemy whom she should defeat. Also, an equal like her too.
Velzard accepted the fact and finally became serious.

Chloe perceived Velzard’s attack and shown a hesitation for a moment.
Should I withdraw from the current combat and fight the winner? So she thought.
But, unfortunately it was not permitted. Her body spontaneously reacted without being able to go against the order to fight Guy.
With her ability, the Absolute Severance of Ultimate Skill『Hope Lord Sariel』.
Velzard’s ability of absolute fixation was offset by Chloe’s Absolute Severance, its shape is cut by Chloe’s sword technique.
In this case, Chloe’s power seemed to surpass it, but it was equal in ability.
Rather for Chloe, it’s an undesirable development because she would expose her skills.
“Always hold a trump card!” such was Rimuru’s teaching that she follow.
It’s a dependable ability, but it’s preferable to use it at the decisive moment. She was warned strictly that when she showed it too many times, countermeasures would be made.
In fact, even in the stopped world where she had an absolute confidence, Rimuru shown her his quick adaptation.
If it was real combat, there might be a possibility that she would lose some of her mind composure.
And, she wasn’t surprised at people on the level like Guy and Velzard to be able to exist in the stopped world like it was natural because of that experience.
As for Velzard, she possess energy incomparable to Chloe, as she could stop time for a long time.
The duration of time that Chloe could stop is only around several seconds. However, Velzard can easily stop time for more than several minutes without a problem.
(Obviously, she’s a higher existence than me――)
Chloe recognized the difference in ability clearly.
Thus, she prudently waited for the chance.
Because she believed that Rimuru would defeat Velda as long as she bought time here.
But, a small doubt appeared inside Chloe.
(It’s strange, why did Velzard start by confining me?
My action can’t go against the order to fight against Guy. If her aim is to defeat Guy, it should be natural to cooperate together......
She have a connection with Velda, is she not informed about me? Is it something like that?
I don’t think that Velzard ignores Velda’s words either.
If that’s so...... Velda didn’t tell anything about me? Such a thing......?)
She thought that Velda’s action was too unnatural based on what she guessed from Velzard’s action.
(――Right now I must concentrate on the fight!)
Chloe forgot the thought.
She thought about focusing herself to her katana and sharpened her senses.
Guy and Velzard.
In front of those two overwhelming higher existences, worrying about something would lead her directly to death.
Since the『Memory Retrieval』of her Ultimate Skill『Space-Time Lord Yog-Sothoth』had been sealed off, she needed to face them with other abilities.
Time stop didn’t have a meaning either.
Because in the stopped world, you couldn’t stop time any further.
Even if you added a stopped world inside a stopped world, there’s no effect. It would only lengthen the duration of the stopped time.
Since her trump card was sealed off, she couldn’t say that she going easy anymore.
Chloe made up her mind to stand in this place with all of her power.

When the three people determined their resolution to fight ――
A crimson meteor pierced “White Ice Palace” which was Guy’s castle.
Inside the stopped world, with an abnormal speed, the castle was destroyed in front of the three people.
The person who destroyed the castle which was reinforced by Velzard’s Concept Fixation, stands calmly.
With messy azure colored hair and Cardinal Aura clad to its body.
The ruler of beautiful scarlet manifested in the stopped world.
“Scorch Dragon” Velgrind joined the fight.

「Long time no see, Nee-san. By the way, the guy who killed my partner seems to meddle with Nee-san too.」
「Ah, Velgrind. You seem to be very lively.
It’s regrettable about Rudra. But, he’s human after all. You don’t need to care about it forever.
It seems you’re worrying about me, but I’m all right.
Because I’m sure that Velda is the reincarnation of Nii-san ――」

Both of their eyes intersected.
Colors of anger appeared in Velgrind’s eyes as Rudra was spoken ill of, aura surged out increasingly from her body

「Guy, I shall take Nee-san as my opponent.
You Chloe, Demon Lord Rimuru seemed to be worried about you, do your best to survive.
If you die, that Demon Lord would go on a rampage, you see. If it’s Guy, he would become a great opponent.
Also Nee-san, for your mind to be caught by that imposter, how pathetic.
I will make you come to your senses.」

Velzard’s presence was dyed with anger too.
The mind of both dragon sisters swelled and both moved at the same time.
Both of them clashed.
By the shock wave of the rising destruction, a part of the “White Ice Palace” scattered into pieces.
Two beautiful dragons emerged in that place.
White and red.
The stopped world was dyed in color by the vivid hue.
And the essence of the red dragon’s ability was――『Acceleration』――!!
Both of the ability to stop and ability to accelerate clashed and neutralized each other’s power.
When Velzard’s ability was offset, the stopped time regained its flow once again.
The world which was stopped had begun to move again.
At the center of the north continent, the fight between the strongest species raised its curtain.


For now, I transferred from Leon’s castle to the hidden subspace.
As planned, Benimaru and the other would play their roles.
In order to deceive Velda’s eyes, the barrier was left active.
He would think that the battle is still continuing on the inside. Well, there’dl be no problem even if it’s exposed.
As long as he didn’t notice my existence, all would be fine.

Leon and co will be all right for a while, I restarted the observation of the other places.
The situation in the capital of Ingrassia Kingdom became quite serious, but it’s not critical enough for me to get involved.
However, a problem is still a problem, I ordered Diablo’s subordinates to move and resolve the problem.

「Please leave it to me, Rimuru-sama!」

Diablo bowed to me reverently and put the order into practice.
Although, he just ordered Moss to moved the subordinates. Probably it will be Venom or someone nearby.
Diablo himself didn’t seem to have any desire to move from my side. Oh well, it’s fine.
With such feeling, I continued my observation.

《The world movement has stopped. Someone seems to have invoked『Suspended World』――》

Ciel informed a warning.

「Kufufufufu. This scale of the『Suspended World』 is not just several seconds. Perhaps――」
「Is it Velda or Velzard?」

《Velda in the present situation didn’t have a reason to stop time. Most likely, it’s Velzard――》

Hmm, that might be so.
Even if Guy had the ability to stop time, it wouldn’t be strange, but he has no reason to use it.
Chloe would not stop time for a long time like this. Or rather, it’s meaningless.
Because if the opponent could move inside the stopped world, it would just wasted energy. There’s no meaning for stopping time for a long time if she couldn’t find some kind of superiority in it.

「By making that ‘it’s natural’ face, so you can move in that world too, Diablo.」
「Kufufufufu. Of course, Rimuru-sama. It might be still impossible for Benimaru, if it’s Zegion possibly――」

‘Ho, hohou……’
Even though I was able to do this just the other day.
While I didn’t realize it, my subordinates seemed to display a surprising growth.

「What shall I do? Shall I go and help Chloe-jou?」

Then, I was pondering. Even if he went there, transferring would be dangerous.
It’s also difficult to grasp the situation inside the stopped world. Because light stopped inside too, my surveillance magic was also useless.
Transferring there without understanding the situation would be suicidal.
Naturally the reports from Moss had also stopped.
Although moving inside might be possible, it was impossible to contact each other.
If it became so, flying there was the quickest way but it would take one hour.
When I was thinking so――

《Ah, there’s a movement. Velgrind seems to have entered the war.》

Ciel who observed the situation told me that.
Immediately after that, the stopped time began to flow.
Apparently, Velgrind seemed to have neutralized the stopped world.

「Rimuru-sama, it’s seems to be one of Velzard-sama’s ability after all.
Just now, a report came from Moss.」
「How’s the situation?」
「Velgrind-sama has started a combat with Velzard-sama.
Both in Dragon Mode, it seems to be a real fight.
Kufufufufu. Like this, even for someone like me, it’s a dangerous situation.」

I see, a full power battle, wasn’t it.
That’s extremely dangerous. A wise man stays away from danger.
As for Guy and Chloe, they would be able to continue their act safely while leaving the combat area skillfully.

「Alright, then continue the observation.」
「As you wished.」

《Then, let’s begins the creation of monitoring system that can be used even in『Suspended World』.》

Ah, yes. If it’s possible……
Oh well, if it’s Ciel-sensei, everything was possible.

At that time, situation of various places were once again projected by the surveillance magic, a surprising spectacle was shown.
Dagruel had shown his fangs.
Shion was knocked down by one blow.
Ruminas had recovered, but if things keep going as it is, defeat is clear.
I stood up hurriedly but,

《There’s no problem. Please do not interfere.》

I was calmed down by Ciel’s calm voice.
My friend whom I trusted the most, I remembered to turn to her for assistance.
On a closer look, she seemed to have done something secretly as I didn’t notice.

「But, will it be really all right?」

《It will be all right…… (probably) ――》

My friend whom I trusted the most.
It seems the confidence from Ciel-sensei was also tremendous. ‘Probably’, I felt that this was the first time I heard this word from her.
Even while being uneasy for some reason, I canceled my urge to go to help for a moment.
Until Velda is caught, it will be useless if I didn’t hide myself.
Besides, if it’s not in stopped world, even in the worst case, I could go to help with transfer.
I decided that I would wait here and believe in them.

「In the worst case, Diablo, you will go to help her.」
「Please leave it to me. However, I think that would be unnecessary.」

I hoped so.
While worrying, I gazed at the projected scene.
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