Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Chapter 219 – Vs Dagruel Part 8 –Conclusion-
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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Author :Fuse
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Chapter 219 – Vs Dagruel Part 8 –Conclusion-

Vs Dagruel Part 8 –Conclusion-

The fight between Veldora and Dagruel brought tremendous destruction to their surroundings.
There’s a person who thought of this as something unpleasant.
That person is Ruminas.
(Damn! That lizard! He’s really, really urgh!! Why he does take things this far――)
She was raging so much, that her body was shaking and trembling little by little.
While having a hard time of restraining it, Ruminas pondered.
The ground was flooded with pillars of lightning, anyone unfortunate enough to be hit by it would immediately carbonize.
Anyone can see clearly that it just a matter of time before damage befalls the inner city area.

The threefold barrier that protected the Holy City has already unable to perform its task.
The large-scale magic essence warding barrier in the border had vanished due to the shock wave created when Dagruel and Veldora clashed.
It was unable to endure it even for a moment and was blown away, but it had valiantly tried to resist.
The anti-monster attack defense barrier which protected the daily lives around the holy capital was in the similar condition.
After all, as the barrier was set with the purpose of preventing monster attack of a certain level and below, it’d rather harsh to expect it to be able to withstand the attacks of “True Dragon” or “Titan” that can be called super life form.
This also was blown away so quickly.
The only one left was just the Evil Purification barrier.
The people who maintain the barrier raised their angry complaints while crying tears of blood.
If one of them lost their focus, it was certain that the barrier would collapse immediately.
That is without exception the “Seven Celestial Sages” who commanded the barrier maintenance.
In adherence to Ruminas’ order, they risked their lives, doing their best to maintain the barrier.
Luckily they changed the barrier to anti-holy attribute using Holy Demonic Inversion, in order to prevent the angel’s invasion.
Veldora aside, Dagruel’s attribute is『Holy』.
Therefore, they managed to succeed in maintaining the barrier.
In the first place, the barrier purpose was to be anti-Veldora, but it had become useless…..

Ruminas let out a sigh sharply as she was watching the battle unfolding in the sky.
A battle of transcendent ability that exceeded even Ruminas’ imagination.
Of course, even if Ruminas attempted to participate in the battle, it would be suicidal.
Even if she wants to complain, there’s no way to voice it.
Therefore, unable to do anything but watching was her current situation.
And so, the battle grew more intense……
Next to Ruminas is Shion who was enthralled by the battle with intense concentration.
That’s natural so Ruminas thought. After all, such battle of myths like this was something that won’t happen even once in 1000 years.
The battle between strong people, it’s an experience where other people could only do nothing but to see it.

Not to mention, such a battle between transcendents, no one has ever seen.
One more thing, the lump of plasma of Thunderstorm that was repelled by Dagruel, came flying and created a crater as it directly hit the inner city area.
(That damn lizard! Did he intend to destroy my country once more!? He really needs to pay attention to his surroundings!!)
Ruminas thinking about such unreasonable thing.
Although she fully aware that it’s an impossible thing, she couldn’t help but to think so.

And so, in the battle between Veldora and Dagruel, they changed into close combat fight by changing to their human form.
No one able to take their eyes off.
The super-class fight will soon approach its end.
At the same time, Veldora mutters something in a small voice, prismatic darkness was created.
(What is this!?)
It spread at a terrific speed and wrapped up the surroundings――
When Ruminas sensed the danger it’s already too late.
Her panic increased, Ruminas’ defensive barrier has no meaning.
Resistance is meaningless, Ruminas’ thought was swallowed by the prismatic darkness.

One of the seven great nobles that served Ruminas, Archduke Gunther Strauss who is the head, confronted a considerable threat.
He was fighting against one of the Executioners.
Furuki Mai who using the Crescent Bow.
Mai’s outward appearance was of a 16 years old high school student, but her fighting power was beyond description.
Gunther is a True Ancestor Vampire who lived since the ancient times who is called archduke.
He’s a strong person who surpassed a simple Demon Lord.
His ability is equaled to Karion who is a former Demon Lord.
And yet, in front of Mai, all he can do is defend.
The seven great nobles and the subordinates under them were assigned with the role to assault Dagruel’s army from the flank as a mobile army.
However, that strategy was prevented by Mai alone.
Because people other than Gunther had been annihilated by Mai’s Stardust Rain.
The vampire’s super regeneration can’t catch up due to the terrifying meteor arrows.
The only one who barely alive was the other great nobles who was always quarreling with him.
While managing to somehow cooperate, they defended against Mai’s attacks but……
That’s a story from a little while ago.
People who receive the direct hit from the arrow become unable to regenerate, they lost the ability to continue fighting.
Currently, the only one who able to move in this place was only Gunther.

「Ah, you’re so tenacious. It would be better if you fall down quickly, you know?」
「Shut up, you lowly human! I will dig my fangs on your neck, and suck your blood dry!!」

Gunther sustained a decrease in vital activity, which stimulated his survival instinct.
Originally, he has no need to suck blood.
In the old times, vampire act to absorbs mana (vitality) through blood, but after evolved, he able to absorbs mana directly from the prana (spirit)
However, right now, his eye color changed, as he perceived Mai as his prey.
Like a cornered beast, Gunther released all restrictions on his body.
To his pride as an Archduke.
He thought that he must not be defeated by a mere lass, Gunther released the taboo.
Commanding his old blood, Gunther returns to his original appearance.
Magic power runs through his whole body, transforming his body, to regain his form as the Emperor of the Night.
To his past form as a Demon Lord before being a subordinate to Demon Lord Ruminas.
However, even so ――

「So you said? That it would be better if I fall down quickly, and so」

It didn’t reach Mai.
Mai acquired Ultimate Skill『Master Weapon』after obtaining the power of Seraphim, and so she possesses combat power of an Awakened Demon Lord (Million Class)[1].
Even among the Executioners, particularly―― Sword, Shield, and Bow, those three people were the highest among all Yuuki’s subordinates.
Arios who mastered the Bastard Sword.
Zero who is an impregnable wall with his Star Shield.
And, Mai who mastered the Crescent Bow.
Those three people were an exception.
Arios was once defeated by Damrada.
That bitter experience seems to have promoted his growth.
He threw away his self-conceit and became able to proceed through fights calmly without looking down on the enemy.
The current Arios is like a different person.
Zero in a few words was a silent man.
However, he will certainly fulfill his given duties.
From the start, he was a person worthy of special mention of his defensive power with his Unique Skill『Unmovable One』, but after awakened with Star Shield, Zero’s defense was a perfect impregnable wall.
And the last Mai is――
With a flowing movement, she nocks her bow and shot her arrow.
From a single arrow of a shot, it splits into many becoming like meteors.
She is a One-man Army.
Exactly, that title was appropriate for her.
Gunther ungracefully lying on the ground with both of his hands and feet pierced by arrows.

「You lowly human――!!」

An arrow lodged into Gunther’s throat, silencing his shout.
It’s done without any technique.
Mai’s strength was too overwhelming.

「Well now. I need to keep it easy and slowly. I won’t leave anyone who obstructs Yuuki-kun alive.」

Mai indifferently nocks an arrow on her bow.
In order to deal the final blow on Gunther――

「We’ll withdraw, this place is dangerous.」

A gigantic figure appeared and stopped Mai’s movement.
Even while Mai is surprised, she’s relieved as she realizes that she knew the person well.

「Zero, what do you mean?」
「There’s no time to explain it in detail. I felt it was dangerous. Will you understand if I say that?」

Only saying that much, Zero started teleportation magic formula without waiting for Mai’s answer.

「Wai, wait a moment!? Aren’t you the commander in this area? Why you――
Impossible….. you intend to leave behind the angels!?」

To Mai’s astonished voice, Zero didn’t answer.
And then――


Zero teleported, bringing Mai along forcibly.
Gunther’s luck is strong, he had narrowly escaped death.
Thanks due to his loss of consciousness, he didn’t notice anything.
Immediately after that, the surroundings were swallowed by prismatic darkness……

Arnaud who was just fighting with the enemy’s commander was left with surprise.

At first, Arnaud leads the holy knight order to intercept the angel army.
At the same time, the Blood Knight led by the nobles also went to intercept the main force of the angel army.
Although they lose in number, due the attribute inversion of the Evil Purification Barrier, the angel’s invasion was prevented.
If it was to intercept the invasion coming from the barrier’s tear, then their disadvantage in number will be gone.
However, when the commander of the angel army went to the front line, the angel’s movement became quite different.
The angels faithfully obey the commander’s order.
They attack like willing to sacrifice themselves and the tearing of the barrier accelerated.
Among them, there also angel who does suicide bomb attack, so the progress of the battle has deteriorated in an instant.

‘Then, the only way is to defeat the commander!’
The holy knight captains thought so and assault the enemy, but the strategy failed.
That man who calls himself Zero was overwhelmingly strong.
He never attacks at all, but he defended against all of Arnaud’s attack with his huge shield.
Arnaud with his result of training in the labyrinth, his strength is almost one step to Saint class now.
Zero defended against all of Arnaud’s attack as if he can completely see everything.
No, it’s like he can read one or two steps without a doubt.
He was clearly an opponent on a different level.
Zero is fighting against Arnaud while commanding the angels.
Arnaud was enraged as he was being looked down upon, but in the end, he has no choice but to admit Zero’s ability.
Zero resisted all of magics and warded off all sword strikes with his shield.
He was like an immovable mountain.
Even the flash sword Arnaud learned directly from Albert didn’t hit Zero as it was prevented by Zero’s big shield.
Moreover, the shield seems to has effects of『Weapon Destruction』and『Attack Reflection』, Arnaud who one-sidedly attacking would be the one who receives damage.
Just as much as he strengthened the aura cladding his sword, the damage would become larger.
It was still good as the sword itself was okay.
With the way things are going, he would be defeated without being able to do anything ―― Arnaud judged so, he decided for a temporary withdrawal.
When he put out the order, Zero ceased commanding the angels.
Zero leave behind the angels and went somewhere, such sudden action left Arnaud bewildered.
As the commander disappears, the angels stopped moving.
Although they carried out an automatic attack, the angel who lost their commander was just a disorderly crowd.
While being confused unable read Zero’s intention, Arnaud issue order to intercept the angel ――
Arnaud also swallowed by the prismatic darkness.
Without being able to understood what happened, Arno parted with his consciousness.

Veldora standing in the center of the prismatic darkness sphere.
In front of him is Dagruel.

「――you, did you change the world with me as the seedbed?」
「Hmph. Rather than changing, the correct answer would be I return it to its origin.
Because Fertile Paradox actually isn’t an attack.
I gave this land my divine protection. Using the corpses as the nourishment, I quicken the growth of nature.
I restored this land where the magic disaster happened before to normal, in order to restore it to soil with good harvests.
By the way, your body will be the core.
It’s impossible to cancel this effect―― After all, it’s because this is a restoration ability.」
「I aware of it. Such a cunning thing and also provoking, you know――」
「Kuaahhahhahha! I’ll accept it as a compliment.
What? You don’t need to worry. Your holy aura will be restored after hundreds of years at the quickest, or at the latest after a thousand years.
Your current state would be restored completely and naturally reborn.
At that time, the normalization of this land might also be completed.」
「Kukukuku. Did you realize the current situation of my country?」
「Hmm. The current situation where the water will be dried up in about several hundreds of years and it will become a land that impossible even for the giants to survive, right?」
「As I expected, you have realized it. Even the true reason of why I mobilized the Chain of Restrain Titan army to invaded Ruminas’ territory――」
「Nope…… I don’t know such a thing. It doesn’t matter to me.
Anyway, I don’t really care whether there’re only dead soldiers and you don’t have young soldier, woman, and children among your subordinates.」
「Fu, fuhahahaha! Do you pretend not knowing?
Veldanava-sama’s order is to protect the heaven gate in this land.
We, the giants had faithfully obeyed that order.
And so, I understood that we would perish in accordance with the order as it is.
Even so, that’s okay. If it’s only me.
But, I couldn’t bear to impose the same fate to those who were born after that Person died.
I’m sorry for Ruminas, but I thought that I have the chance――」
「Hmm. After all, this world is survival of the fittest. No one will blame you.」
「――Why, why did you want to restored this land? Did you do it to save us?」
「Kuahahahaha! Don’t misunderstand it! I just want to prove that I’m stronger than you.
And at the same time, I thought I would enrich this land to mend the mood of Ruminas.
I never think that the range of the effect would also include the death desert area―― It was a miscalculation!」
「Fufu, fuhahahahaha! Even to the end you still pretending like that heh.
Very well, I will not think this as a debt, Veldora!」
「Of course. There’s no lending and borrowing[2] between friends! Let’s fight again. Oh well, I will also win next time though!」
「Shut up, I’m not eager enough to lose to a lizard for that many times!」

Veldora and Dagruel laugh loudly looking at each other faces.
There wasn’t any ill feeling, both of them had a fresh expression.

「Well now, it’s about time the effect of Fertile Paradox spreading.」
「So? How you procured the remaining energy?
It’s unlikely for my remaining energy to be enough to cover all of it.」
「Ah, since the angels are swarming the sky, I used them.
Originally, the technique affects everyone, but I made it so it only affects the opponent with Probability Fluctuations.
Kukuku, convenient isn’t it? There’s no need to select neatly.」
「…………You’re an outrageous guy. No way, even my alive subordinates too――!?」
「Hm? Ah, I leave them alone. If they are hostile after seeing the situation then I’ll wipe them up.
As the angel has no free will, this time I make the condition for the target to be “Those who have hostile intent” and “Things without a will”. Well, I will deal with them properly later.」

“I see……” Dagruel consented so.
If it’s Veldora, he might be able to do anything.
(However, things without a will? That, isn’t that means all of the structures would get destroyed?)
Suddenly, such worry passed inside Dagruel’s mind.
As for the heaven gate, it actually has a will.
Therefore, Dagruel didn’t worry about the condition of the gate, but thinking about the scope of affected area of the prismatic darkness, he confirmed this in a moment and it is clear that all of his territories will be included in the range.
Well, they’re all included because he understood that the purpose is to restore the land.
(Oh well. Structures can be rebuild. I don’t need to worry about it――)
Dagruel renews his feelings.
But at the end,

「Veldora, is it okay if I ask you a request?」
「Hm, what is it?」
「I want to ask you to give my message to my sons and subordinates.」

So he said to Veldora.
Veldora in response,

「Kuahahahaha! You should tell them with your own mouth.
Didn’t I say there’s no lending and borrowing?
If it’s for such thing, you will manage to do it somehow.
Soon, the darkness will disperse.」

Answered so, he was smiling broadly.

The prismatic darkness cleared up.
The place that was a death desert area, a wasteland that spread as far as the eye can see.
That place is now transformed to a land where greenery spread out all over.
Vegetation grows in a terrific vigor, bring forth a fertile soil.
In a flash, a vast woodlands was formed that won’t inferior to Great Jura Forest.

「Umm, didn’t it works a bit too fast?」

Veldora mutters in small voice.
Apparently, the change was more than he intended.
Next to Veldora who grimaced uneasily is Dagruel who did his last speech.

「Hear me! I assign Dagura as my successor.
Ryura, Debra! Help Dagura, exerts your effort for the prosperity of the Giant race!
And, the warriors of the Giant race! You all shall obey Dagura as your king.
You all need to ascertain of what is correct with your own judgment together with the new king.
The fate of the giant race hanging in your judgment.
Running away is not allowed. At the dawn when I returned, if the giant race has perished ――
You guys understand?」
「Ye, yes!! Of course, Father! I’ll risk my own life to fulfilled my duty as the king!!」
「We too will help elder brother, we’ll promise that we will live up to father’s expectations!」
「Of course!」

The three brothers who watching the fight between Veldora and Dagruel to the end were awake at the same time as the darkness disappears.
And, as soon of their awakening giving no time to digest the content of the declaration, they stated the oath.
The reason is that Dagruel emitted air like “Hesitation will not be allowed”.
And so――

『We all present here, in accordance with the new king, shall devote ourselves for the country!!』

With Dagruel’s defeat, the elites of the Chain of Restrain Titan army understood Veldora’s aid, they followed it without raising any objection.
Seeing it with his own eyes, Dagruel nod satisfactorily.

「It’s regrettable that I’m unable to see the end of this great war, but it seems my time is no more.
If it’s you guys, I’ll believe that you all can choose the right way, unlike mine.
I entrust it to you all in my absence! Well then, goodbye――」

Dagruel was sucked into the ground and disappeared with that as his last words.
He falls into a long sleep in this land, in order regenerate his own body.
Thus, the invasion of Dagruel’s army failed.
The angels were sacrificed without one remaining.
The allied forces of Rimuru and Ruminas had succeeded in defending this place.

The defense of this territory succeeded, but the city was gone without any trace.
As Dagruel feared, the city that’s inorganic substance was spotlessly destroyed.
Moreover, with the birth of a new Great Forest, it seems that it wouldn’t be easy for the reconstruction of the city.
Of course, that thing is the reason why a certain person was enraged……

「Well, Veldora. What does this mean? Do you have an explanation for me?」

Ruminas asked Veldora with a clear vein popping on her brow which hidden by her beautiful silver hair.
She put a beautiful smile on her face, but her eyes are not laughing at all.
Veldora instantly
(Thi, this is impossible! My perfect plan to lose my infamy!?)
Saving Ruminas from a crisis, moreover, changing Ruminas’ territory into land with good harvests.
It should be a perfect plan.
And yet, there’s an apparent questionable mood.

「Ummmmm…… There is a reason that deeper than the ocean for this…...
I want to explain it, but I’m busy. We will talk about it later!」

Saying so, Veldora soared to the sky.
And at the speed exceeding the speed when he fought Dagruel, he left behind the surface.

「Damn it, he runs away again! I won’t forgive him, THAT IDIOT LIZARD!!」

Ruminas’ angry words didn’t reached Veldora.

[1] Forgot to mention this when it appears in past chapters, refers to those who have EP: 1m+. EP: Energy Points I think. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
[2] Can also mean, no debt between friends.
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