Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Chapter 225 – Intersected Checkmate
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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Author :Fuse
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Chapter 225 – Intersected Checkmate

Intersected Checkmate

Velda surveyed the situation of the war in various places expressionlessly.
The results are unsatisfactory.
Or rather, it was so disastrous that it may be said to be a total defeat.

In the battle in Milim’s territory, the angels are being expelled as Vega was defeated.
Although it was a large army numbered 200.000 angels, it was a disastrous scene as there were only 10.000 or so remaining as the result of being absorbed by Vega or annihilated by Karion.
Overwhelmed to the point of annihilated.
Victory on this battlefield couldn’t be expected anymore.

Looking at “El Dorado”, the place ruled by Leon, the stalemate continues as there’s no one commanding the angels and the city barrier can’t be broken.
Although he couldn’t see the situation inside the isolated castle by a barrier which disconnected it from the space, Velda knew that Kagali was already defeated.
He gave『Evil Dragon Lord Azi Dahaka』to Kagali’s subordinate called Footman, but it would aim both sides that are inside the place.
The fact that the barrier remains standing means the fight still continues…… but Velda felt an uncomfortable feeling.

The decisive one was Dagruel’s defeat who attacking Holy Empire Ruberios where Ruminas lives in hiding.
Dagruel who is the strongest among the Four Fiends of Heavenly Commanders, his defeat as one who boasts combat capability next to him is something that Velda couldn’t ignore.
The giants of the Chain of Restrain Titan army seemed to stop moving and accept defeat.
(It can’t be, for Veldora to win against Dagruel……
Even when I check the combat data with Velgrind, I can’t find any winning factors――)
It’s vexing, but it was outside his imagination that Veldora won against Dagruel.

「I’m very sorry. In my calculation, for the Four Fiends of Heavenly Commanders, that’s Vega, Kagali and even Dagruel to be defeated is――」

Velda raises his hand to stop Lucia who starts apologizing.

「Oh well. Even in my calculation too, Dagruel’s defeat was not expected.
The question is how to do the next move.」

Dino who’s attacking Demon Lord Rimuru’s headquarters is still alive.
Most of the war potentials were concentrated on this place, but it was because Dino is the one with the most passive combat capability.
As for Milim’s territory, there’s no problem to leave it alone.
Because Demon Lord Milim who was the most important issue had been obtained.
He can ignore Leon’s “El Dorado” too.
As for the reason of the attack in the first place was because he allowed Kazarim’s selfishness who showed an obsession towards Leon, it doesn’t mean that it’s an important place.
As for protecting the Heaven Gate and also cutting the source of the people’s faith, it was important to destroy Holy Empire Ruberios……
The hope of the Western Countries’ people was lost by telling them the annihilation of Demon Lord Rimuru.

In addition to this, if he destroys the headquarters of the Western Holy Church, the people who are resisting would give up in despair.
But ――
(The presences of Veldora and resistance forces in various places keep giving hop to the people.)
That was Velda’s analysis
Even for the Holy Church, it’s only one of them.
It seems that the network between the countries is beyond what he imagined and can’t be looked down.
Velda felt ironic as it was Kagurazaka Yuuki, his host, who created the organization specialized even in information transmission, that’s Freedom Association.
(It won’t be interesting if it’s not like this. Everything would end immediately once I go out, let’s have them resist as much as they want.)
It was more fun than he thought, Velda was satisfied. Next, “Well then, what would they do?” he thought.
In front of him is Lucia.
On her right side is Milim.
Kneeling down below him were the last two of the Executioners, Zero and Mai.
They are his remaining war potentials.
He intends to defeat every one of the Demon Lords and in reverse blame it on Demon Lord Rimuru’s subordinates.
In territorial strategy, it could be said to be his complete defeat. However, the enemy’s “King” that is Demon Lord Rimuru has already been destroyed.
There’s no need to panic so Velda thought.
Above everything else, his true and important goal is to defeat Guy Crimson and Chloe O’Bell who have the possibility to be equal to him.
In fact, if he destroys the strongest people in this world, it would be easy to purge the remaining forces.
Currently, Guy is fighting against Chloe. Also, Velgrind is fighting against Velzard.
Chloe would be free once she defeats Guy, but she wouldn’t be able to point her sword at Velda due to the restriction. However, just in case, he ought to kill her together with Guy.
As long those two perish, it might be possible to persuade Velgrind.
Thinking so, Velda makes Lucia states her opinion.

「It’s about time for Demon Lord Guy Crimson and even the True Hero Chloe O’Bell to be exhausted.
We should send all of our war potential and kill both of them.」

Lucia answered so without hesitation.
Satisfied with her answer, Velda stands up.

「Good! Then, I will give new power to Zero. With this, go to Guy’s place――」

Before he finishes talking, Velda stopped moving.
(Wait…… isn’t they are too easy to be read?
The calculation derived by Lucia is also worrisome as everything ended up with failure.
――Although Demon Lord Rimuru was killed, why there’s no hesitation in that guy’s subordinates’ movement?
Also, Veldora’s action is……
No way, he’s still alive?
If that’s the case, he knew that I’ll be aiming at Guy and the other.
Then…... what I should target at, is Tempest?)
It’s completely unexpected from Lucia who is the strongest Manas.
Although she doesn’t possess Ultimate Skill『Wisdom Lord Raphael』, Lucia’s intellect is very high.
And yet, the result was too unnatural.

「A change of plan. Attack the Monster Country Tempest. Zero, assemble all remaining troops and join Dino.
I’ll give you this, Ultimate Skill『Evil Dragon Lord Azi Dahaka』, it’s almost approaching its completion, accumulated more combat experience.
Master it. Even Ramiris’『Labyrinth Creation』can be broken if you use it.
Go! Trample that place and realize the birth of the new worlddestruction of this world!」
「As your will!」

Receiving Velda’s command, Zero stoop up and went away.
Mai too follows Zero and left the place.
Only Lucia and Milim remain.
Velda calmly sat on his throne and laughed a little.
(If Demon Lord Rimuru is alive, there’s no way he won’t move when Ramiris is in danger.
He will guess that I was going to aim for Guy and ChloeRook and Bishop, but he’s wrong.
Instead, I’ll lure him out and get the checkmate in one go.)
Velda was convinced that Rimuru had survived.
However, as he didn’t show himself, Velda predicted that he might not in perfect condition.
Or maybe, he thought that Velda will move in order to end both Guy and Chloe and awaiting the opportunity to strike at such opening?
Either way, Velda has seen his plan.
(As long I’m in this Sky Castle, I won’t lose. On the contrary, I’ll lure Rimuru out and put an end to him.)
That was Velda’s thought.

「It’s a checkmate, Rimuru! Well, how will you move next?」

The Sky Castle with only Lucia and Milim left was filled with emptiness.
In this place, Velda’s laughter echoed a bit.
His laughter became a small signal announcing the war entered its final phase.


Too damn strongーーーーー!!
That Giant Ossan is so absurdly strong!!
I didn’t think that Dagruel has so much power and I’d see Veldora-san fighting with full power.

「Kufufufufu, as expected from Veldora-sama. Even I wouldn’t be able to win against Demon Lord Dagruel with my body intact.」

I’m nodding in admiration as Diablo has the same opinion as me.
As I can feel his confidence from his words, I don’t think that he would lose one-sidedly.
However, for him competing against Veldora in strength is abnormal in the first place. Dagruel is too strong.
I didn’t notice anything that indicated Dagruel would be this strong when I met him before.
Even in the fight just now, Veldora would have lost if he made a mistake.

《Indeed. Without the combat experience from fighting Velgrind, Veldora might have been defeated.》

Ciel-sensei calmly said so, but she seems have not doubted that Veldora would win.
She was probably confident as Veldora’s ability was strengthened by her own hands.
Oh well, that confidence is justified.
Veldrora’s Fertile Paradox has transformed the barren desert into a great forest.
Didn’t he strengthen it too much?
It was refreshing seeing his usual magic experiment.
This ability is too haphazard.
Sacrificing the angel army who was attacking Ruminas’ capital, the land which was poured with excessive energy has splendidly revived.
Absurdly, it seems the angels were not allowed to resist it.
The probability of success was manipulated and it seemed that resisting became impossible.
Indeed, so Veldora-like. What a terrifying guy.

「Kuaahaaahahaa! Actually, I used the magic essence completely! I want a refill.」

Although if he didn’t come back and then demanding like this, I would think that he was such an amazing guy……
I let out a sigh like saying ‘Good grief’, and began transferring my energy to Veldora.

「Hey, the other thing is fine, but Velda won’t know this place right?」
「Of course. Do I look like someone who will make such blunder?」

Veldora-san is so confident.
It’s visible when I asked him, oh well. Let’s think about it when we get exposed.
Besides, Veldora-san’s activity this time is a wonderful work worthy of praise.
He restored the out of order ley line and corrected the distortion of that land.
Thanks to that, there are more cards that this side could play.
He also acted skillfully not to raise Velda’s suspicion.
Therefore, I thought that I will let him taking a large amount of magic essence from me.

Well then, it can be said that the war has completed its first stage.
In Milim’s place, the army lead by Karion had exterminated the angels.
Gobuta was participating in the meeting in Tempest, but it seems that he return back and cooperates with Karion again.
There seems to be some injured soldier from Gobuta’s subordinate, but they recover immediately as a large amount of High Potion seems to be prepared beforehand.
This place will be fine I guess.
Even in Leon’s “El Dorado”, it was a real victory.
While maintaining the barrier, orders were issued on the battlefield.
There’s no problem in here either.
With this, victory in various places except in Tempest is confirmed.
However, Ciel’s strategy is amazing……
What I’m really anxious about is just Gobuta’s fight.
But, there was insurance even for that fight. Because it included the cleaning up afterward as the Devil Lords defeated the Seraphim.
In the worst case, Diablo would go and support them, but I just worried too much.
As for the reinforcement request coming from Mizari, there would be danger for anyone who went there.

《Benimaru is the one who go there. Because Kazarim is related to Gelmudo’s matter.》

Ciel said so, asserting that there was no need for me to issue orders.
There were various things that make me want to go, but it can be said that everything is going as Ciel’s prediction.
From the moment of predicting Dagruel’s betrayal, she prepared Veldora to be lurking in preparation just in case of the worst.
If Veldora didn’t wait for his turn, Shion and the others might not have a hard fight though……
I suspected that this might be a part of Ciel’s strategy so Shion would show some growth.
Well, I don’t think that it’s like that.
Although I was the one who sent Masayuki to various places, it might be just a coincidence that he happened to be there when Hinata facing her crisis.
But, it seems it was Ciel’s intention for the children to go to Ingrassia Kingdom. It’s not surprising as Ciel knows Alice’s Crisis Perception ability and incorporated it into her strategy.
The proof was Kumara going together with the children as their bodyguard.
What caught my eyes next is Masayuki.
That guy’s grasp over people’s hearts seemed to be strengthened to a level that can’t be taken lightly.
I sincerely thought that I’m glad Masayuki is my ally.
However, he helped to wipe out people’s anxiety in various places.
The result is beyond what I intended.
Regarding Masayuki, Ciel didn’t modify his ability, but taking a memo of the acting coaching is Ciel’s idea.
As expected, Ciel had a part even in this matter too.
Seen in this light, it’s terrifying because I see everything is playing right above Ciel’s palm.
Oh well, it’s convenient for me as I want to end this war quickly.
For Velda, I give you my condolences.
There was nothing to say other than he has a bad opponent.

Well now, how will he play his move next?

「Well, the battle in various places has ended with our victory, but how do you think Velda will move next?
I don’t think that he will give up in destroying the world, where will be his target next?」
「That’s, it will be the place where Guy, Miss Chloe, Veldora-sama’s sisters are fighting right?」

When I ask him, Diablo answered so.
Yes, the same opinion as me.
Initially, my reason for neglecting the battle in that place is to lure out Velda.
Then, we also moved and waiting for Velda’s arrival or so I thought at first.

《Please wait. Currently, everything is advancing just as planned. As a result, I anticipated a change in enemy’s thought.
Velda has doubted master’s annihilation and convinced that master is alive.
In other words, Velda’s next plan is attacking this city.》

Ciel stated her opinion.
I see, as expected he would feel suspicious.
Because even though I should have ‘died’, my subordinates are still playing an active part in this war.
If you thinking about this, even I will feel something is suspicious too. Oh well, it would be weird if you don’t feel anything suspicious about it.
To predict that it would be like this…… As expected from Ciel-san.
Normally, if I’m the one who came up with the idea and executing it, the differences would be like heaven and earth……

「Then, Velda is aiming at Tempest right?」
《That’s certain.》
「And, his aim is to lure out me who panicked?」
《That’s right. And perhaps, he will send his strongest forces including even anti-labyrinth.》

Anti-Labyrinth ability?
That seems impossible.
That labyrinth is an invincible area, granted with absolute immortality by Ramiris.
As long as we fighting inside it, there’s no way we will lose.
As for the method of capturing the labyrinth, there’s no other way than to destroy the creator that’s Ramiris.

《No. If it spreads it roots in the labyrinth, it’s possible to rewrite the effect. In other words――》

Ah, that’s right.
Hearing Ciel’s explanation, I understood.
Certainly, it may be possible to nullify the labyrinth with such method.
If that comes true, it’s likely that the final decisive battle will be done inside the labyrinth.
I immediately thought about the countermeasures, also I told Benimaru who returned to Tempest about it.
I want to believe that those present there, Ramiris included, will be able to deal with it later.
And then, I converse with Ciel.

「Then, it would be impossible to lure out Velda, right?」
《Yes, I expected so. Conversely, you could say that we succeeded in confining him.》

Exactly as Ciel said, it can be said that Velda shut himself inside the Sky Castle.
Up until now, the location of the Heaven Gate was unknown.
Or rather, due to the raging magic essences in that area, 『Magic Power Perception』can’t be activated smoothly.
For a long time ago until now, the Heaven Gate has been hidden.
However, with Dagruel who is the Gate protector defeated, the disorder of the magic essence was corrected.
What left is only the defense mechanism of the Gate itself……
If it was before, if you aim at the gate, Velda would immediately guess your intention.
And then, before you break the power defending the gate, he would put some countermeasures.
But, right now.
Because of Veldora’s great efforts, the gate has become exposed.
It would be too late for Velda when he realizes our intention as we quickly destroyed the gate and get the checkmate.
An eye for an eye.
As Velda is going to attack my city in order to lure me out, on the contrary, he would also get invaded.
Now that we have shaved off Velda’s forces, we don’t need to defend all of our bases.
Far from hoping for the destruction of the world, he better realize that it was a foolish idea to send his forces gradually to various place.
For the next turn, it would be an attack from our side.
I shall teach him that it’s a mistake if he thinks that it will be his turn forever.

『Testarossa, Ultima, Carrerra――』

By calling my summons, I connected to the three Devil Lords with『Telepathy』.
It’s a secret line made by going directly through “Soul Corridor”.

『This is, Rimuru-sama! You’re safe after all――』

Testarossa answered filled with emotion.
I nodded and ordered those three.

『You three, go destroy the Heaven Gate. Furthermore, conceal the fact that I’m alive, oke?』
『Even though you said so, everyone is convinced that Rimuru-sama is alive……』
『I have asked Benimaru about it, but oh well, just in case. It’s not the time for me to appear yet, so don’t say it’s an order from me. Even if you are asked by other people, it’s fine if you refuse and don’t say my name.』
『Please rest assured in that case. Because it’s only Rimuru-sama who could order us!』

Saying so, Testarossa and co laugh happily.
Come to think about it, those three are under my direct control.
Because they won’t receive an order from other people, I guess I’m thinking too much.
As for Benimaru, it was too late as he knows I’m alive.
While I was thinking of such things to hide my own embarrassment, Testarossa and other seem to have finished their preparation.
And in order to execute my order to destroy the Heaven Gate, they began moving with glee.

Next, the remaining problem is――
There are people who are fighting and causing unnecessary environmental destruction on the northern continent.

「Well, it’s meaningless for Guy and the others to keep fighting. I think someone has to go and mediate between them.」

At the moment I said so.

「Oops, Dia――」
「I have the important duty as Rimuru-sama’s guard. This place aside, oh Veldora-sama, please go and admonish your sisters!」

The victor is Diablo
Veldora tried to push that role to Diablo but was brilliantly ignored.
It was his utter defeat.
Thus, it was decided that Veldora would go and arbitrate the quarrel between his sisters.
Veldora’s expression was overflowing with sadness, but as he had taken a large amount magic essence from me, there’s no need for me to feel any sympathy for him.
I want him to try his best.
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