Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Chapter 227 – Labyrinth’s Encroachment Part 2
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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Author :Fuse
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Chapter 227 – Labyrinth’s Encroachment Part 2

Labyrinth’s Encroachment Part 2

A control room was located on the lowest floor of the labyrinth.
The room, which could be called as the center of the labyrinth, was made to manage everything inside the labyrinth.
A big monitor was installed at the center of the room, showing the appearances of Zero and co in combat inside the labyrinth.
The inside of the control room had been remodeled with decorations that have no particular meaning and there were also devices and such that kept blinking.

「It started heh.」
「Yeah. Everything is going as planned――」

Ramiris nods to Benimaru’s mutters.
Ramiris is sitting on a luxurious chair which made exclusively for her personal use, taking a contemplative pose of putting her clasped hands in front of her chin.[1]
Benimaru stands on her right side, looking at the screen keenly.
Although the two people are conversing as if their atmosphere is serious……

「Don’t fool around, do your work!」

Shuna hits Benimaru’s head with a folded fan in her hand.

「Ouch! Hey, it’s hurts if it’s folded! Don’t you have any gentleness for your beloved older brother!?」
「There’s none. That kind of thing is unimportant, please do your job seriously!」

Shuna cut him down in single hit.
There’s another person who supporting Shuna with their words.
That person is Beretta.

「Why are you fooling around, Ramiris-sama…… If you don’t stop, I will report this to Rimuru-sama, you know?」
「Wai! You, what are you talking about! I’m being serious~!」

Ramiris panicking after hearing Beretta’s tsukkomi.
She stops doing her competitive behavior and starting to explain in panic.

「You too, Benimaru. It’s not time for playing around, a very serious crisis is approaching, be more conscious……」

Scolded by Souei, Benimaru meekly nods.
Although he and Ramiris are enjoying themselves with the atmosphere…… it seems to be taken negatively by the serious people.
(This is because these guys are not playful……)
(Hey. I only playing around a bit, I wish Rimuru wasn’t mad at me……)
Their gaze intersect, Benimaru and Ramiris are communicating their inner feelings.
However, they can read the mood and so they decided to stop playing anymore.
In fact, the situation is unsatisfactory.
The floors that have been invaded so far by the enemy are displayed on the big screen.
According to the display, the enemy is fighting the boss of the 50th floor currently.
With a terrifying speed, the enemy broke all of the past records.
In such critical situation, Benimaru and Ramiris still have time for their behavior.
Which isn’t surprising……
A little while ago, an order from Rimuru had reached Benimaru.
Rimuru conveyed the enemy’s predicted goal and the countermeasures.
As for defending the labyrinth, Benimaru and the others[2] are not needed.
To this matter, Ramiris and Zegion agreed, intercepting the intruder by themselves is decided unanimously.

Benimaru presents everybody’s intentions to Rimuru who still anxious about the labyrinth war potentials.
And then, from Rimuru, ‘Defend the labyrinth till the end!’ such order was received.
Benimaru still hasn’t recovered from the exhaustion after his fight with Kazaream, but there’s no worry about that.
After all, it’s due to the thick density of the magic essence inside the labyrinth which beyond comparison from the outside. Noticeably, he can feel that his energy is recovering.
Moreover, probably because he released magic essences to the limit once, he has a hunch that he can take in the energy of『Turn Null』while becoming more used to it.
Filling and mixing it while emptying the container little by little, in a sense replenishing magic essence at the same time.
(Huff! Like this, I think I can considerably control this energy!)
The top group of the defense war potential of the labyrinth is still alive, in the worst case; Benimaru might also need to go too.
Prediction of the enemy’s action can be made, and the war potentials are alive.
There’s no factor to be uneasy of.

「Well. Then, should we work seriously now?
Ramiris-sama, what is the percentage of the labyrinth that has been eroded by that guy currently?」
「That’s right…… right now, it’s 15% I think. There’s still more to spare!」
「Understood. So, when Gozurl and Mezurl on the 50th floor are defeated, do we commence the strategy?」
「Well. As my preparations will be done with just a bit more, it’ll be the right time.」
「Then, we will start.」

After such exchange, Benimaru began to issue instructions regarding the specific strategy.
Ramiris also resumes her work.

Gozurl and Mezurl who were defeated easily are revived on the lowest floor.
And then they come to the control room ashamed.

「Good work! Well, please rest at ease.」
「We’re very sorry, we have no excuse to offer, Benimaru-sama. We wanted to exhaust the enemy even a bit though……」
「We are not even an obstacle to that guy……」
「Don’t mind it. You guys aren’t weak, it's just those guys are strong.
Be relieved as everything is as planned.」

Gozurl and Mezurl who hanged their heads in front of Benimaru seem to have been relieved a little when they heard those words.
With meek faces, they sit on the reserved chairs.
At the same time――

「Well then. As planned, the strategy will start! Everyone, on your position!!
The strategy will be put into action now.
And then, at the time of the retrieval of the Demon Golem (Demon Lord Protector Colossus), the strategy will shift to its second stage.
Everything is as planned. Everyone, accomplish your own work without rushing! Leave the rest to the combat group!!」

Benimaru ordered so.
Tension runs through to the Ramiris’ subordinates, the Dragon Kings and the operator, the dryads with Trainee as their leader.

「Well then, Ramiris-sama. I shall depart too.」

Beretta respectfully told Ramiris.

「Ok! You can lose, but dying is not permitted!」
「Fufufu, what a joke. If I lost so many times, then I’ll be branded as a loser. I’ll surely triumph this time.」

Leaving behind those words, Beretta immediately teleport away.
Then, he already stood by Zegion’s side.
And so, the battle inside the labyrinth slowly intensifies……


The guardian of the 60th floor is the Demon Golem.
It received order to eliminate the intruder, showing its overwhelming destructive power, it’s a violence machine.
Modified by Gadra-roushi, it’s equipped with various weapons; its viciousness is nothing like before.
However, in front of Dino and co, even with its power, stalling the enemy didn’t come true.

「Geez, it’s so much trouble……this thing is stupidly strong……」
「Rather than that, why doesn’t it vanish as light particles?
Just probably though…… This golem won’t revive, right…..?」
「It won’t I guess. Oh well, even if it did, it’s not a threat anyway.
But if it’s about this thing is troublesome, I’d agree.」

To Dino’s grumble, Pico and Garasha respond respectively.
Indeed, Dino thinks that it’s absurd for Golem which is an artificial object to revive, but recalling Ramiris’ wicked smile, there was an uneasiness which makes Dino unable to deny it.
(If it’s that person, it might be possible……)
It’s not Ramiris who has the power to be a threat, but that can’t be said with the other people in the labyrinth.
Not to mention, their threat level are beyond imagination with the bestowed immortality inside Ramiris’ controlled area.
Besides, Ramiris’ ability is unreasonable, it won’t be strange if she was able to grant the effect even to an artificial being.
From Dino’s point of view, Ramiris’『Labyrinth Creation』 was such a threat.

「However, the enemy was suddenly gone. From floor 61, I’m sure that ghost type enemy would come out in swarms, right? 」
「That’s true. I sighted low-class wraiths, but they’re only small fry…… In that case, the upper floors were more troublesome, right?」

As Pico and Garasha said, they can’t see any appearance of enemies after they defeated the Demon Golem and descended a floor below.
But, Zero knew the reason why. That’s because Adalman and co went outside to intercept Dagruel, which Zero witnessed himself.
Because there’s no reason to tell it, Zero keeps his silence.

「Oh well, maybe because of that. Perhaps, they went to intercept Dagruel I guess.」

Dino carelessly said the correct answer.
Zero hears it, he thought that he needs to raise his evaluation of Dino a bit.
Zero thought that Dino is a foolish guy, but he’s surprised due to Dino’s sharpness in the situational awareness.

「Eh, did that means all monsters from here on were outside? Can you do such a thing?」
「Rather than that…… Using the monsters living inside the labyrinth as an army…… Honesty, isn’t that a foul play?」
「I dunno, don’t say it to me. Say your complains to Rimuru!」

Because enemies won’t come out, Dino and co have such free time to have such talkative quarrel.
Zero who indifferently watched them, opened his mouth.

「You guys, listen.
I’m going to return to the 60th floor, I’ll concentrate in my work to steal the authority of this labyrinth.
Even now I have eroded the labyrinth as we travelled, but only about 15% taken by me and it’s not advancing.
However, I succeeded in containing the transfer function.
Above the 60th floor has become my area.
However, it will take time to erode 61th floor and below.
As the way things are going, it won’t progress well.
I leave the rest to you guys, rampage as much as you can and earn me time.」

Zero was able to analyze mostly of the enemy’s war potential.
As he attacking with a small group of people, there’s no fear of the group being divided into parts.
It would be the suitable time soon.
With the roots of his ability stretched around since the time he entered, he succeeded in stealing a part of the authority of the labyrinth’s power.
After that he thought to concentrate himself in eroding the labyrinth and finish this mission quickly.
Shutting down the teleport means that a direct attack to Zero inside the labyrinth becomes impossible.
Then, he judged that by letting Dino and co advance and rampaging around, in that opportunity he would be able to concentrate in taking over the control of the labyrinth.

「Ahh, leave it to me!」

Dino responded powerfully to Zero’s words.
Zero nods to the answer, he says「Rampage as much as you want」and then he turned his back.
Zero returns to the 60th floor’s boss room while confirming the safety of the surroundings.
And then, he unleashes the ability of the completed and evolved Ultimate Skill『Evil Dragon Lord Azi Dahaka』and begins the encroachment of the labyrinth.
In order to usurp the labyrinth complexly.
『Evil Dragon Lord Azi Dahaka』has the ability to make clones infinitely by spreading its roots to the ground, but it was originally ability of『Energy Absorption』 on the surroundings.
It assimilates into surroundings’ natural environment, and make it possible to regenerate himself infinitely as part of the nature.
That’s, the truth of Ultimate Skill『Evil Dragon Lord Azi Dahaka』 and its correct usage.
The environment that has its energy sucked up empty will be ruined and destroyed.
By assimilating to this labyrinth, he will plunder the authority of the labyrinth.
If he does so, Zero will be able to steal the power of Ramiris’『Labyrinth Creation』.
Even in case he fails, he could cancel the authority and nullify it.
Then, at his side has four strong people of awakened Demon Lord Class, they would be superior in fighting power, so was Zero’s calculation.
(In the worst case, I will suck up the energy of this labyrinth and destroy it
Then, in any case, the enemy doesn’t have refuge. They will hastily flee and rounded up by Mai’s concentrated attack. Although, if I finish assimilating with this labyrinth, I won’t let the enemy escape――)
Zero is convinced of the victory.
Zero thought that immortality inside the labyrinth is troublesome, and by manipulating the dimension and space making it impossible for an army to capture the labyrinth is invincible.
However, if ability of the labyrinth is sealed off, it’s Zero’s side’s turn to invade.
He didn’t think that it’s funny that Dino and co so abnormally wary inside the labyrinth.
Certainly, it’s a dangerous ability.
However, for Zero, the more dangerous the labyrinth is, greater the power as the reward after he deprives it.
(Velda-sama, it’s our victory!)
Zero sits with his legs crossed and concentrated his mind on eroding the labyrinth.

The three people go ahead, leaving Zero behind.
Although Dino declared his reply impressively to Zero, inside his mind is……
(Idiot. From the start, don’t expect someone else to help your work and such.
But, I can’t even run away from Velda-sama’s side……
Because there’s a thing with Rimuru too, I can’t do careless action……
Ahhhh how troublesomeーーー!!)
So, various conflicts jumbled together.
Consequently, with that gloomy Zero gone, it becomes very refreshing.
Dino and co felt uneasy due to being observed so much.
In either case, escaping was already impossible.
Dino and co give up and go to the other side.

「Hey~, isn’t that guy is super strict! Who do he think he is?」
「That’s right. Ordering us self-importantly, to be frank, I hate it. Why did you do exactly what he told you to do, Dino?」
「Right right! Dino, please beat that guy!」
「Yeah. If you kill that guy, we will cooperate so it will not be exposed Velda-sama, you know?」

‘That guy you mention, is Zero you know!?’ so Dino thought while laughing vaguely to dodge the issue.
There’s no way to not be exposed, and to be honest, it’s troublesome.
With this and that, Dino and co arrives at the 70th floor.
However, that place is naturally empty……

「As expected, Adalman has gone to the battlefield.
It would be troublesome if that guy remain here, aren’t we lucky?」

Dino thinks positively.
Pico and Garasha also agree and then they go ahead.
However, even below floor 71th, no enemies appear.

「Isn’t this strange? This place should be the paradise of the insect type monster though……」

When Dino says his doubt――

『Hoohohohoho! You came, Dino.
You had betrayed me not a long ago, I will make you regret it now!!』

Ramiris’s loud laughter echoed in the surroundings, suddenly, the structure of the floor changes.
And then 4 shadows appeared.
Gabil, Gerudo, Beretta and then Zegion.
Those 4 are the one who appear to meet Dino and Co.

「Tch. They come out as expected heh――」

Dino looked up above and saw Zegion.

『Eh? Dino, you guys are only three people?』

Ramiris asked Dino.
In Dino’s eyes who looking at Ramiris who waiting for answer, he saw Ramiris being projected with stereoscopic imaging.
(She does such elaborate action for weird stuff……)
‘Oh well whatever’ so he sighs,

「One person is late due to his business.」

So, Dino replied indifferently.
Besides,『Hmm.』 and nodding, Ramiris drops a bombshell statement.

『Well then, Dino’s opponents are Zegion and Beretta heh~』

’What did she say?’ Dino fails to understand it.
But, when her words reach his brain, he understands the meaning.

「Don’t joke around, you idiot!! Like hell I could win!!」

Dino’s scream who understands the meaning of Ramiris’ words echoed inside the labyrinth.

[1] For those who didn’t realize what Ramiris doing, she’s doing Gendo Pose.
[2] Meant for those who went outside Tempest and not present and defending Tempest from the start like Gabil and Gerudo.
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