Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Chapter 232 – Labyrinth’s Encroachment Part 7
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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Author :Fuse
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Chapter 232 – Labyrinth’s Encroachment Part 7

Labyrinth’s Encroachment Part 7

Dino and Zegion. Those two were squaring off against the “Berserk Evil Dragon” Zero and repelled his attacks.
Their aim was to get outside the labyrinth, in other words to escape from Zero’s body.

「Oh man, this is going on forever……」

Dino grumbled while annihilating the attacking Zero’s clones with Deep Bullet[1].
Zero seemed to be able to make his clones endlessly with the acquired power he had as he fused completely with the isolated labyrinth.
As each of the clones had the same strength as Zero before he evolved, and they could regenerate numerous times.
Even if the clones were killed, it was meaningless as their corpses could revive.
After all, since Zero’s main body was the labyrinth itself, he could absorb all the energy used inside the labyrinth.

「Any emission type techniques are meaningless. You should know that such actions benefit the enemy more.」

Zegion warned Dino while he minced Zero’s clones with his shining wings.
Zegion pulverized his enemy with his new ability “Crumbling Wings, Kuzuha[2]” by vibrating his wings. By generating directional high frequency waves which cut everything that they came in contact with.
Moreover, by combining it with Zegion’s magic power, it was possible to change its property depending on the enemy’s wave.
In addition to All Heaven Sight, Zegion had acquired the means to attack in all directions, it could be said that his blind spot had disappeared.
Even with all of that, Zegion had never used any emission type abilities ever since he joined forces with Dino.
He handled the incoming enemies with direct blows and slashes of his wings.
The reason was the aforementioned labyrinth’s power.
Zegion was familiar with its nature as he was its strongest guardian.

Dino’s energy was enormous, his total energy surpassed Zegion’s.
However, that didn’t mean it was inexhaustible.
It wasn’t a problem for Dino to shoot tens of thousands of magic bullets, but it would be a different story as all of the energy was absorbed by the enemy.

「Seriously? Then, does that mean Zero is applying Ramiris’ labyrinth power on himself?」

Zegion answered Dino’s question by silently nodding.
Looking at Zegion, Dino immediately depressed.
Zero’s clones could regenerate until the labyrinth’s energy ran out. The clones’ ability was equally the same as if Multiple Existence was used.
All of the Zeros were moving under the same drive.
The only saving grace was that they couldn’t use techniques since Zero’s ego had collapsed.
However, a “True Dragon” is still a true dragon class.
Looking at only his energy, it was a terrifying thing to be felt as he easily surpassed Dino’s.

「Hey, Ramiris! Does the labyrinth have any weakness? They keep reviving no matter how many times we kill them, you know!?」
『Don’t be stupid! My labyrinth has no such thing as a weakness!

Inside the Infinite Floors, communication to the outside is sealed. Such a thing as escaping would be impossible!』
「Idiot! Don’t brag!! Then, how can you communicate with us right now? 」
『Ahh, that’s because――』

According to Ramiris’ explanation, the inside of the “Berserk Evil Dragon” Zero, the labyrinth itself, was a completely isolated space.
It became a subspace where communication was impossible, whether it was with『Telepathy』or『Thought Transmission』.
However, by following Rimuru’s instructions as he had predicted this predicament, the countermeasures were perfect.
This time, it was possible to communicate through Zegion.
Exchanging information became possible through the “Soul Corridor” between Zegion and Rimuru.
And so, the connection of this “Soul Corridor” became the key to escape from the ”Berserk Evil Dragon” Zero’s body.

「In other words, we weren’t walking around aimlessly……」

Dino was relieved hearing Ramiris’ explanation as he was tired of continuing to walk through seemingly endless passages without any sign of an exit.

Dino’s swords cut the approaching Zero’s clones and tentacles that grew from the ground and wall.
His twin swords, the Holy Sword and the Demonic Sword, were shining and clad in white and black aura respectively.
In order to suppress the release of energy, Dino changed his fighting style to cladding his swords with fighting spirit.
Dino appeared to repel the enemy easily, but that was because his sword skills were excellent.
Although Zero lost his ego, there was no doubt that Zero was dangerous as he was attacking out of instinct.
Because Dino was abnormally strong, as if he went through an uninhabited plain, the enemies couldn’t get close to Dino.
There was needless to say about his companion, Zegion.
Dino and Zegion walked side by side and disposed of any hindrances.
Pico was walking in the center while carrying Gaia, Garasha was responsible for being vigilant and protecting their rear.
Saving their energy as much as possible and dealing with everything with just swords was much harder than they had thought.
It didn’t mean they got tired physically, but it was more of a mental fatigue.
Although Dino thought that it would be better to stay put in one place which was easy to defend without moving around, as it was useless even if they defeated the enemies……

According to Ramiris, such an action wasn’t futile, but it would be best for them to head towards the nearest outer wall.
In the first place, it wasn’t a good idea to stay in one place because they were inside the enemy’s playing field where the area itself could be rearranged freely by the enemy.

『Well, that’s the reason, so can you guys go towards the designated point?』
「Got it. So, what do we do when we get there?」
『Let loose. Use your strongest attacks, and escape through the wall with full power!』
「……we can do that?」
『Whether you can or can’t doesn’t matter, just do it. Besides, there’s no other way to escape, you know?』
「Ah, okay.」

Dino judged that it was useless to ask any further.
Since Ramiris said there was no other way, he guessed he had no other choice but to do it.
What left was whether it was possible or not.

Because it was their strongest attack, they probably didn’t need to consider the energy consumption.
Because there was no need to worry about a little consumption as long as they passed through the wall.
Now, it was about how much power was needed for it.
Dino pondered about his abilities.
First of all was the Ultimate Skill『Slothful Lord Belphegor』, which he had acquired without his permission even though he had no intention to gain it.
It was a skill specialized in mental attacks.
By incorporating the Perception Obstruction of the Ultimate Skill『Slothful Lord Belphegor』, Dino strengthened the unfamiliar great sword he used into a phantasmagoric sword which he could transform freely.
Its affinity with Dino’s current dual swords needed no mention.
However, its effect was weak against someone in a rampage state like Zero. It was very unfortunate that『Slothful Lord Belphegor』wasn’t useful.
He also thought of unleashing the full power of his abilities, but if that failed he won’t have another chance. Dino deemed it would be better to reserve it as his trump card.
Then what should he do?
(Guess I have no other choice but to use it…...)
Dino sighed as he gave up and decided to use his last resort which he wanted to keep hidden.


Inside the control room, Ramiris and the others were also very busy dealing with the situation.
As it was unclear whether Dino deemed Velda as an enemy or not, they were preparing the countermeasures for both situations.
If Dino teamed up with Zero and let himself be eaten, they had planned to release the isolated part into the『Infinite Corridor』.
But, if Dino became an ally, they had to help him escape from inside of Zero safely.
If it was just Zegion, the plan was to forcibly do space transfer based on his location information via “Soul Corridor” and escape.
Using an attack to punch a hole through the wall momentarily, it would be possible to transfer to the outside through that gap.
However, in order to escape together with Dino’s group, they had to make a big hole in the wall.
To transfer in an unstable state was dangerous.
It would be fine if it was just Dino, but as Pico and Garasha were weaker when compared to Zegion and Dino, it was doubtful whether they would be able to endure the transfer through the subspace outside the labyrinth.
Therefore, it was necessary for the preparation to be in a perfect situation.
Besides, there was another problem.
Zero had evolved into a “True Dragon”.
Although Rimuru had informed them about the possibility, because Rimuru’s words were vague like『Hmm, it would be alright, probably.』, they thought it wasn’t an important matter.
In the unlikely event that such a situation became reality, they were to contact him immediately.
So, while Ramiris became Zegion and co’s navigation[3], Benimaru was contacting Rimuru.
And so, the operators inside the control room accomplished their works following the manual provided beforehand.

「Kufufufufu. Unbelievable, for a “True Dragon” to be really born!
As expected of Rimuru-sama, it looks like he had predicted everything.」

An excited laughter echoed inside the control room.
It came from Diablo.
Rimuru had ordered him to go to the control room.
Diablo instructed the operators, who were panicking to stand up, to continue their work as they were with his hand.
To the demon operators, Diablo was terrifying as usual.

「Oh, Diablo. You’re so fast.」
「Of course. There would be no problem in ignoring Zero, if his evolution ended after he fused with the labyrinth……
However, since he has become a new “True Dragon”, we can’t leave him alone.」
「That’s for sure. However, I have heard about the possibility, yet I’m still surprised…..
As expected of Rimuru-sama, he had predicted things this far.」
「What are you saying. That goes without saying.
Leaving that aside, Benimaru-dono, it looks like your recovery is still insufficient.
Let me give you some of my energy.」
「Oh, that’ll be helpful. I thought that my recovery rate was insufficient if I want to destroy that.」

The amount Benimaru had recovered was less than half.
Therefore, Diablo transferred his energy to him.
It was an impossible method for everyone else, but it was possible for Diablo who could manipulate the energy of Rimuru’s『Nihility Collapse[4]』.
While watching those two, Ramiris said,

「The only members here who can move in that space are Diablo, Zegion and Benimaru.
Benimaru, you can use 『Space-Time Control』properly right?」
「Certainly, Ramiris-sama. Although I only just got the hang of it.」
「Okay then! With this, all of the cards have been assembled, I guess?[5]
We might need to call Master or Rimuru if Dino didn’t join our side.」
「Veldora-sama might be busy right now. He probably can’t spare any of his time for that.」
「I see~. Well then, I will have to make you guys work hard.
It would be bad if we didn’t make Dino come to his senses!」
「Kufufufufufu. That is exactly as planned.
Rimuru-sama believed that Dino-sama would join our side.」
「As expected of Rimuru. Well, I also believed that Dino will change his mind!」

Even while Ramiris was gleefully talking with Diablo, everyone was working without stopping.
And so, the preparations were finally complete.

「Well, are you guys ready? Okay then, let the final plan begin~!!」

Along with Ramiris’ command, the final plan was set into motion.


Dino and co reached the point designated by Ramiris.
All that's left for them was to act together with the signal.
Ramiris began explaining to Dino and co.

『Okay? First, you guys need to escape from there.
I want you guys to pierce the wall using medium-level power.
Then, the two people over there and Gaia will jump out with Zegion and Dino’s barrier protecting them.
After that, you guys have to return back after destroying that abominable evil dragon!』

Dino was staring in puzzlement.
He couldn’t understand the content of the words Ramiris said.

――”Medium?” Dino didn’t understand the meaning of it.
――”Destroying that abominable Evil Dragon?” He had no idea how.

What are you saying? You’re counting me as a member of the evil dragon subjugation, aren’t you!?」

He wanted to ask about the Medium-thingy, but the evil dragon subjugation was a bigger problem than it.
Dino objected in panic, he didn’t want to be made as a member without his consent.
However, such a thing won’t work on Ramiris.

『Hey you.
You could prostrate before me in order to get my forgiveness, right?
If you don’t score some good points here, I wonder what will happen……
You won’t be able to imagine it, right?」

Dino had no other choice but to submit to Ramiris’ threats.
In addition to being an opponent he couldn’t triumph against in a quarrel since the olden days, Dino was in a weak spot this time.
Dino tearfully steeled himself.

「Got it. Then, what do you mean about medium?」
『You don’t even know about that?
It means to use enough of your power to make a hole in the wall but don’t use up all of your power!』
「Wait! Like hell I could understand such vague explanations……
Besides, you said to go full power before!」
『Aaah, geez! You’re so noisy about such trivial things……
Don’t mind the minor details, go open a hole in the wall and escape.
After you escape, save a portion of your power for your strongest attack to destroy that evil dragon!』

Dino was being prattled on by Ramiris one-sidedly.
In short, he could understand that what she was trying to say was to break the wall while saving enough power to attack the evil dragon.
(Good grief, she’s really irresponsible. As if I could say this, though.)
It seemed that two people who behave alike could get along surprisingly well with each other.

「Alright, let’s escape quickly!」

Dino leisurely took a stance.
He no longer thought of being stingy with using his ability.
Now, what he needed to do was to match his timing with Zegion to Pico and Garasha, and break the wall.

『Good, protect them with your barrier properly, okay?
Otherwise, they would get swallowed up by the subspace and get blown away to no one knows where!」

Dino nodded to Ramiris’ warning.
Aside from Zegion who was connected via “Soul Corridor”, Dino and co who didn’t have firm bonds, had no foothold inside the subspace.
Still, Dino could manage it somehow, but he predicted that Pico and Garasha would get swept away easily by the subspace.
If they were swallowed up by the phase fluctuation inside the subspace, it would be impossible to predict what kind of different dimension and space they would get blown into.
Because it was a different space where the flow of time could get distorted, it would be hopeless to return to the same spot once you got swept away.
Even for Pico and Garasha who were of the awakened demon lord class, it would be difficult for them to maintain their existences inside the subspace.
The minimum requirement for that was to own the『Space-Time Control』skill.
It was an ultimate ability that nobody else had apart from Diablo, Zegion and Benimaru, who finally could use it.

「Listen, you two wouldn’t be able to move inside the subspace.
Therefore, grab onto me tightly, okay? I think you can’t come back once you get swept away.」
「Understood. I probably won’t die, but I don’t know where I will end up going to.」
「Dino, can I trust you?」
「Leave it to me. Now that we’ve come this far, we just have to do it.」

The three of them were having such a conversation.
At that time, Zegion took out something from his『Space Warehouse[6]』and offered it to Dino.

「Take it.」

Dino took it as he was coerced by Zegion’s attitude that won’t let him say yes or no.
It was a small, round orb.

「Huh, this thing is the pseudo core[7] that Rimuru uses to play, right?」

Dino’s question was met with silence.
It seemed Zegion had no intention to answer it.
While Dino was grumbling quietly「Okay, whatever……」with sad eyes, he tucked the orb into his pocket.

The preparation was complete.
Things won’t end just with escaping; there would be work to do afterwards.
Dino understood this well and paid close attention so that his power distribution won’t be wrong.
And then――
At the same time with Ramiris’ signal, the four people inside Zero released their power.

[1] 濃縮魔力弾(ディープブレット) Noushuku Maryokudan (Diipu Buretto) Condensed Magic Bullet.
[2] 崩羽(クズハ) Houhane/Kuzuha. Fuse-sensei gives us the furigana for it. 羽 could mean feathers, but using (Insect) wings would be the correct one imo.
[3] 道案内(ナビゲート) Michiannai (Nabigeito). Written as Guidepost/Guide, read as Navigation.
[4] I’ll use this from now on and will change it from the past chapters later.
[5] 面子 Mentsu (Meld/Melded tiles), Ramiris used a mahjong term for combination of tiles that form a set. Think this as you get all of Ex◯◯ia cards in your hand XD.
[6] 空間倉庫 Kuukan Souko. Space/Spatial Warehouse/Storehouse.
[7] 宝珠(ギジコン) Houju (Giji Kon). Houju mean Sacred/Precious Gem/Orb, Giji mean Pseudo/Artificial, Kon is from 疑似魂 (Gijikon) which mean Artificial/Pseudo Soul/Spirit. A pseudo core for a pseudo soul. This orb is what Rimuru and co used to play with their avatars inside the labyrinth.
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