Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Chapter 241 – Final Decisive Battle Part 2
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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Author :Fuse
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Chapter 241 – Final Decisive Battle Part 2

Final Decisive Battle Part 2

Guy was the one who moved first.
He casually moved to slash Velda like a frame-by-frame from a stop-motion animation.
Damrada and Kondou moved to stop it, but Veldora and Diablo also reacted.

「Kufufufufu. Veldora-sama, I can deal with them alone if it’s these people, though?」
「Kuhahahaha, what are you saying? No need to hold back, let me help you too!」

As if he was getting impatient, Veldora insisted to Diablo who coolly smiled.
For Veldora, his true intention was that he didn’t want to be near his sister――Velgrind whose complexion changed since she saw Rudra. Therefore, he had to have an opponent by all means.

「Then, Veldora-sama――」
「Hmm. That guy in military uniform was the man who bombarded me with bullets. I shall pay him back and be his opponent here.」
「I see, in that case, I shall be the opponent of the other one.」

After the brief exchange of words, Veldora and Diablo moved simultaneously.
Damrada and Diablo exchanged blows.
With a saber[1] in his right hand and handgun in his left, Kondou attacked Veldora.
The shock waves generated by their intense clashes shook the heaven.
And then, the two pairs ascertained each other’s prey and left the place.

Looking at them with a sideways glance, Velgrind started to ponder.
Both Damrada and Kondou had served as Emperor Rudra’s trusted retainers for a long time. Therefore, Velgrind also knew the two of them very well, even their characters and abilities.
They had unprecedented power with a human body and not the type of people who would be arrogant and careless.
They were certainly a threat as the two of them had obtained power far transcending awakened demon lord.

「Veldora, I won’t have any mercy on you if you let your guard down, you know!」

So, Velgrind called out to Veldora before changing her line of sight to Rudra.
Although they certainly were powerful, their power hadn’t reached the level of a “True Dragon” yet. She believed that she didn’t need to worry if Veldora fought one of them.
(However, if he fights horribly, I’ll punish him.)
So, Velgrind moved while thinking about things that would make Veldora shudder.
At the moment when Guy tried to swing his sword down towards Velda, a sword of light came interrupting from the side and stopped the sword.
It was the deed of the man who stood in front of Velda, Rudra.
As they were, both of them shifted their position to cross their swords and swung it fluently.
Both of them didn’t carry a shield as they were in a stance of complete attack.
For them, their swords were their weapon and shield.

「Hee, interesting. It seems your skills aren’t getting duller, Guy!」
「Skip your blabbering, a fake like you won’t bother me!」

The two of them shouted and struck each other with full power blow.
That blow had power enough to deliver a deadly blow. However, both of them skillfully parried it off and were unable to deal any injury on their opponent

Astonishingly, the fake Rudra had become an embodiment of perfect strength.
The proof was that the fake Rudra had complete control of the temporary body which condensed from a tremendous amount of energy.
It was an unbelievable thing for Velgrind, but the fake Rudra’s strength rivaled Guy.

「Guy, I’ll assist you!」
「Idiot, don’t come hereーー!!」

It happened in an instant.
At the moment Velgrind tried to slash the fake Rudra with her Godspeed Saberclaw[2] to assist Guy with her claws which turned into swords.――she felt a terrible pain in her arm.
(Impossible!? I felt pain even though this body has『Pain Nullification』!?)
Astonished, Velgrind leaped back.

「Heee, My skill has gotten duller. I intended to chop off your neck though. No, I guess you have become stronger―― Right, Velgrind?」

For the first time, Velgrind stared at the fake Rudra.
That young man ought to be an imitation of Rudra in his youth.
Even Velgrind’s eyes couldn’t distinguish the fake in front of her with the real one, as it had completely reproduced his strength down to his roughness……
(Impossible. I cared for you till the end, Rudra……)

「….. You are a fake!」
「Haa! Don’t make me laugh, Velgrind. I’m the one who decides that. I’m a fake because I have no soul? I’m a fake because I got revived? I’m a fake because I’m being controlled? All wrong. I become a fake when I admit I’m a fake and my Will dies. I’m alive, you know? I’m thinking, choosing and moving on. I’m me and nobody else! You know that right, Velgrind? Okay, I will admit that it’s true I have died once. Therefore, I will start over from the beginning. I will beat you guys once so you guys will acknowledge my greatness. Then, I’ll make you guys my companion. I’m the man who will eventually conquer the world. That is my promise with “Stellar Lord Dragon” Veldanava who is also my master after all.」

He laughed off to Velgrind’s shout.
And then, Rudra erased his sword of light, the materialization of his aura and smiled fearlessly.

「It will be rude for me to fight with such a toy, right. I will show you what I’m made of.」

Saying so, he held up both of his hands and muttered『Divine Sword Summon[3]』.
At that moment, the time-space between Rudra’s hands cracked and a radiant sword manifested.
Looking at that, Guy’s red eyes kindled with joy and he smiled deeper.
In shock and confusion, Velgrind took a step back.
Then, while showing a smile to Guy, Rudra held up his sword and said.

「Let’s settle our fight for sure today, Guy!」
「Humph. That's just what I wanted, Rudra!![4]」

What is Divine Sword Summon? It’s a ritual to bring out the sword he used against his opponent only when he got serious.
For him to be able to summon the sword which chose its owner――Divine Sword “Star[5]"―― regardless whether the man in front of his eyes is a fake or a real one, he probably has a similar Will to Rudra who was Guy’s friend.
(Even after dying, you are still going to stand before me and get in my path, heh? You probably won’t let me quit when I’m ahead; you truly are a guy who hated losing.[6])
Guy was happy and couldn’t hide the smile sprouting on his mouth.
Guy already didn’t care about Velda and other things and immersed himself in his fight with Rudra.
And, Velgrind too―― she decided to watch over the two of them.
The rule agreed upon between Guy and Rudra from a very long time ago didn’t permit Velgrind and Velzard to interfere in their fight.
While Velgrind was watching, their fight grew fiercer……


Velzard also felt a similar shock like Velgrind.
However, she was Guy’s partner so it could be said the shock she felt was smaller than Velgrind.
More importantly, thanks to the bonds with Guy she felt earlier, she never got agitated when she saw Rudra.
Velzard was treating Milim’s injury indifferently without showing astonishment on her face.
She looked at Chloe who before she noticed was confronting Velda and stalling with her swordplay.
Milim’s injury was not as bad as she expected, so Velzard was relieved that Milim would recover soon at this rate.

「Sorry, I’m okay now.」

As Velzard expected, Milim recovered immediately.
Moreover, even though she was completely unable to compete with Velda just a while ago, Milim tried to rush towards Velda without learning any lessons from before.

「Milim, is there any chance of winning?」
「Huh? There’s none. But well, I might hit on some kind of idea while fighting, right?」

“Ah, it’s not good” so Velzard thought.
Just as she expected, Milim was being toyed with by Velda.

「Grrr, you agile bastard!」

While Velzard was watching, it seemed Milim was refining her fighting spirit steadily, even while she was cursing, but……Her energy didn’t increase greatly as Velzard imagined.
Although it was larger than an awakened demon lord, it was only 10% compared to a “True Dragon”.
(――That’s odd. Compared with the enormous energy she had when she fought Guy, I think Milim’s current strength is too small though…...)
Guy and Rudra were fighting equally.
If Velzard got in the way, she would obviously incur Guy’s wrath, so she couldn’t do anything but to leave them be.
It seemed her younger brother, Veldora, had become very impudent and stubborn before she noticed, but she decided that it would be alright to ignore him.
Moreover, because Guy and Rudra began immersing themselves in their fight, Velgrind could afford to pay attention to Veldora and others. Even while watching the two fight, Velgrind is preparing in case of an unforeseen situation.
Looking at that, Velzard judged that it would better to leave it to Velgrind in case anything happened.
The problem was Velda.
As one would expect of Chloe, she was cautious and devoted herself to a wait-and-see approach. Carefully and calmly, she seemed to be measuring Velda’s strength.
On the other hand, Milim was reckless as she kept repeating her suicidal attacks.
Velzard was helping Milim with defense by putting up her shield to prevent the attacks towards Milim, but she would still accumulate some damage.
Although Milim didn’t look like she was holding back, she appeared weaker compared to when she fought Guy a long time ago.
Velzard doubted it.

「Milim, you……」

When Velzard tried to say her doubt, Guy shouted as if he lost his temper.
On the other hand, Milim rebutted seemingly unamused.

「I’m going full power! I didn’t hold back, you know!?」
「Idiot. You were stronger a long time ago, you know!? You aren’t using『Wrathful Lord Satanael』, right!?」

Having been pointed out by Guy, Milim’s sight went all over the place for an instant as if to express “I forgot!”.
However, if she were to elude the question, it would hurt her dignity,

「Bu-but! I might not be able to control myself with it. Last time, you and Ramiris ――」
「Jeez! Just do it! Even I have my hands full with this guy as my opponent, you know!? Just hurry up and send that damn bastard flying!」

Guy urged Milim with partly desperate tone.
In fact, both Guy and Rudra’s strength were nearly equal and Guy didn’t have the leeway to talk with Milim.
He could only tell Milim that much and turned towards Rudra.

「Sorry to keep you waiting」
「What, it’s fine. It will be boring unless we fight seriously after all.」

Guy stated his thanks to Rudra who was holding back while Guy was advising Milim.
Rudra magnanimously nodded.
Then, they both struck their swords at the same time and scattered intense sparks.

Velzard sighed after she watched the two in amazement and felt her doubt was cleared.
It wasn’t that Milim hadn’t gotten serious; she just didn’t use her Ultimate Skill.
However, Milim’s words were also correct.
A『Magic Essence Breeder Reactor[7]』that was so strong that Milim couldn’t master it; that was『Wrathful Lord Satanael』’s true identity.
The ultimate power which increased her magic essences steadily by using her intense anger and magic essences as fuel.
The magic essences used as fuel were used and restored[8] to become even more power. It was literally multiplied.
As long as this was activated, Milim’s energy[9] would increase immediately. Furthermore, it wouldn’t decrease even if she kept using it, it was certainly the ultimate ability.
The one who controls infinite power, that is the demon lord named Milim.
Her title as the child of Veldanava was not just for show.
However, Milim had never activated『Wrathful Lord Satanael』at all.
It was only after Guy had succeeded in reproducing the ability when they fought long ago that Milim realized it.
Although Guy had succeeded in reproducing『Wrathful Lord Satanael』with his『Prideful Lord Lucifer』, he gave up in letting such an extremely powerful ability to stay active all the time. He could keep it permanently active at about 40% and using his remaining capacities to utilize other abilities. And, even if he activated the ability in full power while maintaining his ego, the limit would be about 90% from a self-analysis he had done.
However, if it is Milim――it’s an unparalleled powerful ability but if it’s Milim she can control it―― such is Guy's confidence in her.
And, Velzard too remembered the story she previously heard from Guy when she saw the current Milim.
Milim didn’t need to use Ultimate Skill because she possessed enormous energy surpassing awakened demon lord.
If Milim could activate『Wrathful Lord Satanael』, Velzard thought that she couldn’t imagine how high her strength would rise.
(Perhaps, she might be able to embody a strength exceeding even us the “True Dragons” ――)
She came to realize the threat.
However, she thought that it was necessary to defeat Velda in front of her. Besides, if it was Milim, she believed that Milim could control『Wrathful Lord Satanael』completely with her strong will.

As for Milim―― despite having intense conflicts, she understood that her current strength didn’t reach Velda’s.
Therefore, she made the decision to pour her rage into『Wrathful Lord Satanael』.
As if he sensed the sign from Milim,

「Rudra, there’s no time to play around, hurry up and finish it!」

So, Velda shouted.
However, the answer was――

「Shut up, my opponent isn’t so weak that I can win by going half-assed! You should understand that if you are my master! For you to say such foolish words, it seems you are not my master as I expected. However, I don’t care. I’m grateful that you gave me the chance to settle my fight with Guy. So, be quiet. I will do my best to thank you for that. If you understand, then don’t order me around!」

Rudra straightforwardly rebuked Velda.
There was only the matter to settle his fight with Guy in Rudra’s mind.
He was now enjoying his fight with Guy from the bottom of his heart and felt that Velda’s words were nothing more than a hindrance.
Milim’s voice echoed when Velda frowned due to Rudra’s response.

「Sorry to keep you waiting. This time, I’ll go all out for sure!」

Milim stood with bluish-white patterns that looked like dragon scales having emerged on her whole body.
――Enormous amount of aura gushed out from her body which was neatly circulated and formed a defensive membrane to cope with every kind of attacks.

The Dragon Princess[10] Milim Nava had now unleashed her true power.

[1] 軍刀 Guntou, Military Sword. Refers to sword made to be used by Japanese army and navy after the end of samurai era. Pic for references:

[2] 神速剣爪 Shinsoku Kensō. Sword Claws/Nails/Talons.
[3] 神剣召喚 Shinken Shoukan. Divine/God/Deity Sword.
[4] Bring it on, can be used here too
[5] 星王(スター) Seiou/Seioh (Sutā). Star/Stellar Ruler/King/Lord/Sovereign.
[6] 負けず嫌いな野郎 Makezugiraina yarou. Can also mean Guy calling Rudra a sore loser.
[7] 魔素増殖炉 Maso/Mamoto Zoushokuro. Magic Essence Propagation/Breeder Reactor/Furnace/Generator. A breeder reactor is a nuclear reactor that generates more fissile material (Materials for sustaining fission reaction) than it consumes. In this case, Milim’s skill is a reactor that consumes her anger and magic essences but turned into even more power/energy/magic essences. I'm not a nuclear physicist or any kind... orz
[8] Kanji used here is 還元 Kangen which refer to Reduction (Chemical reaction) can also mean Restoration.
[9] A remainder, energy and magic essence quantity/amount refer to the same thing. 魔素量(エネルギー) Masoryou (Enerugī).
[10] 竜皇女 Ryuu Koujo. Dragon Imperial Princess. 皇女 is like 王女(Oujo) just the first one use the kanji for emperor. Do you guys want to add the Imperial?
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