Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Epilogue Regarding Reincarnated――
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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Author :Fuse
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Epilogue Regarding Reincarnated――

A year has passed since my fight with Yuuki.
A lot of things happened after that.
Yep, whole lotta things happened.
It was very hard to recall everything.

Velda’s defeat by my hands was broadcasted all over the world.
My figure was projected over the skies of each country with Optical Magic which was the application of Observation Magic.[1]
Then, the global crisis was declared over in my name.
The world was filled with great joy and the unprecedented chaos gradually ceased.
Needless to say, the one who helped with that were the citizens of Tempest.
Anyway, with that, the world finally regained its former peace.


After I defeated Yuuki, I released Veldora.
When freed, he went,

「Kuaaaah, I slept so well. It’s finally my turn, right?!」

And blurted out something like that.
Even though he had been isolated from the outside world inside the『Imaginary Space』, it could be said that his statement came about because he couldn’t really read the situation.
The price he had to pay for that was very high.
It can’t be helped that he got caught by his two older sisters and was being punished appropriately.
Nonetheless, his two sisters――Velzard and Velgrind—— their interest quickly changed towards Velgaia, the new “True Dragon” on Milim’s shoulder.
It could be said that he was saved by that, but since he got neglected by his sisters because of that, Veldora totally got what he deserved.

「Grrrr…… That Gaia……」

So, it was my job to cheer up Veldora who was jealous of his little brother (?). Just between you and me, it was very troublesome.[2]
Oh well, with all that said, Veldora was still the same as he always was.
Our relationship of him spreading nuisances everywhere and me dealing with them somehow would continue, even after this.
The thought made me feel happy, but that was kept as a secret from Veldora.
Why, you ask?
Well, it’s obvious that he would get cocky if I ended up saying that.
Just like how our relationship wouldn’t change from now on, that much goes without saying.


Speaking of Veldora’s sisters, Velgrind had left on a journey immediately.
She probably went to search for Rudra’s reincarnation.

「Rimuru, do you have a clue or anything about it?」
「Ehh!? No-nope... I don’t know anything!?」

She suddenly asked me before she left, but I splendidly brushed it off.
I didn’t stutter a little because her appearance of tormenting Veldora was scary or anything.
I just got a little bit nervous because the impactful face of a beautiful woman got closer to mine.
……No, it’s true.
Actually, I had a suspect in mind.
However, if I gave out his name here, it would appear as if I yielded to Velgrind.
Besides, I felt a bit bad about selling him out.
We finally got our peace, so I thought that it was okay for him to enjoy his happy time for a bit longer.

……But, my considerations aside, he seems to have been found by Velgrind quickly later.
I prayed for him to have good fortune while thinking, “You have my condolences”.

――After that, the tale of a Hero who carried a talking sword, and was accompanied by a Dragon and a Demon raises its curtain, but it’s a story that has no connection to me.


Velzard returned along with Guy to the northern continent.
It seemed they built a paradise of demons in the coldest land, where people couldn’t interfere.
Their castle had completely collapsed, but Velzard said they recreated it with Guy’s ability.
Based on the experience of the final decisive battle, it seemed Guy had acquired Ultimate Skill『Abyss God Nodens[3]』by evolving Ultimate Skill『Prideful Lord Lucifer』.
This skill seemed to even include Gaia’s『All Creation Embodiment』and became a truly almighty skill.
It seems Guy attempted Skill Evolution while trying to process Rudra’s rampaging energy.
He appeared to be dissatisfied about the last battle since he couldn’t use this skill due to my well-timed appearance.
He didn’t try to hide his dissatisfaction, so I asked him directly about it.

「I don’t plan to fight with you. My principle is ‘don’t start a fight that you can’t win,’ after all.」

Those were the words that he said then.
I didn’t know whether it was his true feelings or not, but since I didn’t want to fight with Guy either, it was just what I was hoping for.
At least, I felt the indication that if Guy was serious, he might be able to fight against Yuuki on equal terms or more.
I didn’t think that I would lose with how I am now, but I would rather not get myself injured because of such pride.
Since there was no reason to fight, so it would be best if we could get along with each other.
Guy was also a battle freak to some extent, so let’s just assume that he wouldn’t challenge me unnecessarily.

Despite saying something like that, I would fight against Guy several times after this, but let’s talk about that another time.


The Heaven was decided to be Milim’s territory.
With Gaia’s『All Creation Embodiment』, the castle and the Heaven Gate that were broken in our fight were restored.
The citizens from the former demon lord territories that Milim ruled were migrating to it one after another.
The Harpies led by Frey and the Lycanthropes led by Karion were a part of that.
Not only that, but the Heavenly Demons[4] who were following Dino now were also included.
Regarding the Heavenly Demons, is it really okay for me to say they are a new race born from the incarnated Angels being altered?
In the first place, it’s said that the Harpies and the Tengus are derived from angels who fell down to demonic attribute, so it can’t be taken as the only rule.
Even Dino’s race is called a Fallen[5] as he fell when he was an Angel.
Since Angels in the truest sense didn’t have a physical body, they could only act in Heaven. And so, Milim’s main force consisted of the three races: Heavenly Demons, Harpies and Lycanthropes.

It had been decided that there would be cultural exchanges with Heaven, as it was in secret relationship with the Monster Country Tempest, so the trial tests for new technologies were arranged to be conducted there.
It was obvious that the development of science here would be different from my former world since magic essence existed in this world, which could be converted directly into energy.
The research and development would be conducted inside the labyrinth as usual, but Heaven would be the first to implement the finished technology.
Then, the technology would be perfected based on the obtained data and planned to be utilized in Tempest.
Naturally, things based on physical technology and magical technology would be sent back to the Dwargon Kingdom and Sorcery Dynasty Sarion first, respectively.
In this way, while upholding each country’s uniqueness, we would be leaking the older technology to the Western Countries.
It goes without saying that the high technical fees[6] will enter my pocket.

Speaking of Milim, she was the same as usual…… She frequently came to my place to play behind Frey’s back.
Oh well, I also played together with her――No, no, I was taking a breather, so I didn’t have any complaint.
Dino also came along under the pretext as Milim’s escort, but I had no doubt that his intention was to slack off and eating confections.
Anyway, as Frey appeared at the moment our play was over, both Milim and Dino’s faces turned pale as if they were in sync.
Seemed to me that both master and servant had no motivation to work, but is Heaven going to be alright?
Well, as long as the worrywart Frey there, Heaven would manage somehow.


Speaking about Milim made me remember something. There’s one problem...
Recently, it seems that Shuna, Shion, and Milim are competing intensely against one another while I’m away.
Souei implicitly reported it to me, that they are in a holy war (Jihad)[7] concerning who gets to be my legal wife.
What the hell? I was amazed by this, but it also gave me a headache.[8]
To begin with, I don’t have a “son”, and marriage is unnecessary since I don’t have a lifespan.
How should I put it, I only have a hunch of what caused the fight.
Chloe was emotionally attached to me and said「Sensei is (my only) Sensei!」, so I thought she was genuinely cute.

「It’s not fair! I’m Rimuru’s bestie, so I’m the number one!」
「You’re just deceiving yourself with that! If you say it that way, then I am the only secretary of Rimuru-sama!」
「Chloe――She seems to be quite the tactician. Even better than I expected…... She is the opponent that I should be most wary against, not meatheads like Milim-sama and Shion……」

The three people came rushing while I was relaxing and having a cup of tea with Chloe.
Then, the noisy time began, just as usual.
Since this has also gradually become an everyday affair, it might be better for me to think about the solution for this soon.
Besides, once I acknowledge a legal wife, I feel they will start proposing themselves as concubines, right? No, no, let’s stop thinking about such a thing.
It’s something too troublesome for me after all.

《Fufufu, Master’s partner (Legal Wife) is me[9]――》

I felt I heard something, but it seems I better stop thinking about it too deeply.
Just as usual, I promptly decided to postpone the problem.


The Monster Country Tempest also changed dramatically.
After the executives led by Benimaru and the hobgoblins under Rigurdo were commended for their deeds, we began the reconstruction of the city.
The town was rebuilt in the blink of an eye by the combat engineers under Gerudo.
The re-establishment of the city which surround the Labyrinth was easily finished by Ramiris.
The adventurers also cooperated and the Empire’s soldiers were mobilized.
What about their salaries? That was not my concern.
Myormille-kun came clinging onto me and said「Rimuru-sama~~~」in a crying voice, but I warmly cheered him up with「Do your best! You can do it!!」so he would be fine .
It seemed that he was being consoled by Rigurdo, who patted his shoulder, but more than anything they were getting along with each other.
However, thanks to his hard work, Tempest was reborn as an unparalleled super-futuristic city.
I came up with ideas without restraint and Gerudo made them all real.
The new inventions under his research were put to practical use and implemented freely.
Some of them were adopted without even waiting for the trial run in Heaven.
The futuristic remodeling had been completed splendidly while leaving the tourist destination areas like Onsen District aside.
To be honest, I suspected that they wouldn’t intentionally empty the above-ground areas.
Multiple Defensive Barriers were actualized by a large-scale magic circles.
The distribution channels inside the city were connected together by Transfer Devices.
Because Transfer magic circles were set up at each area, traveling inside the city became smooth.
The skyscrapers crowding around the city center were efficiently positioned so that the sunlight hit the ground below.
In the vicinity, the citizens’ residential spaces spread out in harmony with the forest.
It was the completion of a fantastic city that even have a soothing area.
Because magic harmonized with science, it was possible to achieve high-convenience technology that was centuries ahead of the world’s time.

Naturally, work for the exchanges with the other countries was also piling up.
The installation of the Transit Gates was urgent, but the railway networks needed to be established for usage in conjunction with the gates.
With that in mind, we decided to deploy magic essence-powered trains as transportation networks to each city.
By putting together various refined magic techniques, the train could now be operated at the speed of exceeding 300 km/h[10] without leaking any shock or noise to the surrounding areas.
The laying of the railway tracks was done by the Empire’s soldiers.
From the Western Countries, Dwarf Kingdom, Sorcery Dynasty Sarion to the former demon lords’ territories, the transportation network with the countries around Tempest was also advancing at a rapid pace.
Between the Dwarf Kingdom and the Empire, it was decided for the railway tracks to be created and set up by the dwarves.
By the way, the former demon lords’ territories were still untouched after Milim faction left.
The territories were rich lands and had abundant resources.
Regarding the future management, I think I will decide after consulting with the rulers of each country.

These developments would be achieved over ten years as a national project.
Nobody opposed it.
Just by proposing the project in my name, all countries willingly offered their cooperation.
As expected, the title of the Great Demon Lord who saved the world was not just for show.
Due to the introduction of new technologies, it was predicted that a large amount of unemployed people would appear. There would not be any reason to call it bad since it would also give those people new jobs.
Instead, for those who had foreseen the future, they might realize that the establishment of these transportation networks would give nothing but merits.
In the future, those who hold information hold all the cards.
I decided to not hold back, and any obstructing people were gone too.
Then, the speed at which the implementation of the new technology derived from the Monster Country Tempest would surely become a card to be ahead of the other countries.
Economic warfare was very difficult that even made me consider something like a honest and straight war looked ridiculously easy in comparison.
Information and citizens’ efforts were what supported a country.
If each person didn’t do their part, the level of that country’s living standards would remain low, and the disparity would widen tremendously――That was what shown from Ciel-san’s future prospects.
How should I put it, it can be interpreted that I’m trying to effectively rule the world with economic and technological strength...
No, no, I might be just overthinking it.
Although I said that I won’t hold back, I didn’t say anything such as ‘I want to take over the world!’ or something alike.
It would be good if everyone worked hard and made the world a better place from now on.


I decided to establish two new cities in the Great Jura Forest.
Both were currently under construction of the critically acclaimed construction forces.
One was a mining city where the High Orcs resided, and the other was a city on the water where the Lizardmen resided.
High-quality ores were yielded from the mining city.
The produced ores would then be transported to the central city of Tempest.[11]
The city on the water would be a metropolis floating in the middle of Lake Shisu[12] and was planned to serve as a maintenance dockyard for the airships.
There was a workshop in Tempest, but there was no space to store large quantities of ships there.
Since Lake Shisu was vast, we could float as many ships as we wanted on the lake.
Tempest was governed by Rigurdo as the Prime Minister.
The mining city would be run by Gerudo and the city on water would be run by Gabil. The two of them would become kings and govern each tribe respectively.
I was a bit worried about Gabil, but he had grown up ever since he reconciled with Abil.
He was no longer the Gabil from the past, so there would be no problem.
Thus, a system that runs without my involvement will be smoothly built.


As for “Otherworlders” discovered around the world, they safely came under my protection now.
Those who chose to live in this world were sent to the “Academy” in the Ingrassia Kingdom, and would be educated with this world’s common sense, combat techniques, and other stuff.
After graduation, they would be free, and they were also provided with options to work at important institutions in many countries if they desired to do so.
For those who wished to go back, they would join the “Otherworld Dealings Research Department[13]” with Mai who took the initiative in the research.
Actually, I could return them back to their original world.
However, I felt it was somewhat wrong to send everyone back to their hometowns like doing a philanthropic work.
Moreover, I could confirm that there were several other worlds so I couldn’t group them all together with “Otherworlders”.
Some of them might come from a different otherworld than mine.
I would provide them with information. Basically, I want them to work hard themselves to discover the method to transfer across dimension―― Inter-Dimensional Navigation[14].
For that reason, their strong wills of wanting to go back would become the largest motivation, stronger than anything else.
I think that I should send them back secretly if their hard work seems to be useless after several years, but…… that may be unnecessary since I have a hunch that they will accomplish their goal.

Their effort eventually bore fruit and the Inter-Dimensional Navigation was developed.
With interactions across dimensions, a new story begins.


Ramiris was angry.

「Even though I was planning to do a great achievement, I’ll have to stay as a kid for thousands of years again, won’t I!!」

She complained to me.
Even if she said something like that, my honest impression would be “I dunno”.
Trainee-san and the others looked full of regret since they couldn’t witness Ramiris’ glorious appearance.
But, just for a few years in every several thousands of years? It's weird that she can only assume her adult form for such a short period of time.
She said that she was awakened forcibly this time, so she needs to start over from the scratch again or something like that.

「Oh well, isn’t this good? A kid can play freely and you won’t want to be assigned with unpleasant works like Milim, right?」
「Well, I suppose so. My favorite research turns into my work and this place is the best so……」
「Right? In the first place, you don’t have anything you wanted to do after becoming an adult, right?」
「Hmm, now that you mention it…...」

Oh well, there was such a conversation, but after that, she went back to her usual cheerful self.
It seemed Ramiris just wanted to show me her adult form, so her anger dissipated quickly.
As for the labyrinth, its difficulty had risen so high that, without a doubt, it would be impossible for humans to capture it.
It would be difficult for them even if they armed themselves with cutting-edge combat weapons such as Mobile Weapons[15] or Magitek Weapons[16].
The lower floors were starting to become testing sites for new weapons.
So, I decided to issue a passport to the City of Elves for those who managed to pass through the 50th floor.
Otherwise, the high-class soothing area would become completely pointless.
We and the royalty from other countries were using the city as VIP facilities, but it would feel secluded if the city was only used for that.

Apart from that, the labyrinth group led by Ramiris and Zegion would increase their power more and more from now.


Oh well, it was such a hectic year.
Looking back at it, it’s a very meaningful time.
However, as things here gradually calmed down, I guess I’ll go to deal with one of my regrets.


Skyscrapers are lining in a row.
The surroundings are filled with clamors of shrieks and shouts.
The sounds of the siren coming from the police car can be heard in the distance.
It was nostalgic scenery that made me feel dizzy.

「Senpai, Senpai!? Please hang in there, Senpaiーーーー!!」

A young man is crying and screaming at the nice guy who collapses after getting stabbed in his arms with a woman looking at them sadly.
They are Tamura and Sawatari-san.
These guys, they really haven’t changed――oh well, they haven’t changed is not surprising.
I approached Tamura and tapped his shoulder.

「Move aside for a bit, Tamura」
「!? Who… are you……? How did you know my name――」
「Don’t sweat it. You are being a meticulous guy as usual.」

He turned around to complain towards me, but he was speechless due to my excessively pretty face. Right?
I thought “Sawatari-san would get angry, you know.”, but I held back from saying that.
I pushed Tamura aside and held the pseudo core I took out from my pocket up over the corpse of the nice guy.
Well then...
Since the corpse and the pseudo core fused smoothly, all that’s left to do is to transfer my『Multiple Parallel Existence[17]』into it and I’m done.
Oh, I forgot.
Human body feels pain so I’ll need to heal it properly.
With that in mind, I took out a healing potion from my pocket and poured down its content on the corpse.
I saw the wound healed instantly and was convinced that the effect of potion was working even on this side.
If the potion didn’t heal the corpse, I thought that it was a bit troublesome since I had to heal the corpse by swallowing it first.
The fact that the healing potion was working really saved me.
The preparations are complete with this.
I focused my consciousness and transferred my『Multiple Parallel Existence』to the pseudo core.

《Successful. It seems skills can be activated without any problem even on this side.》

Hmmm, thank goodness.
It seems I have succeeded in transferring my split consciousness to the nice guy――in other words, my body in my original world.
Well then, let’s leave this place immediately before I――Mikami Satoru――wake up.

「Who on earth are you…..」
「Ah, Tamura. From now on, respect your Senpai properly and don’t think of trying to show off, okay? Also, I will take care of the PC myself so that request is cancelled!」

I smiled to Tamura whose expression is mixed with confusion and shock, and then I leave the place.
There’s no need for me to say more than that.
I――Mikami Satoru――would explains the rest to him.


I woke up
On a hospital bed in my nostalgic original world.
Inside a very familiar male body that had been together with me for 37 years.
I gently confirmed the presence of my “son” which was in good health.
‘Thank goodness!’ I think so from the bottom of my heart.
However, I was a bit worried about whether I could still use it or not.
“Eh, it’s not like you gonna ever use it anyway?” You bastard, I will beat you to death!!
To make sure it’s usable at any time, that’s the proper manners.
After all, preparation is important.
Oh well, leaving those aside.
Things that happened till now were not a dream, right?
“I saw a dream because the shock of getting stabbed” or something like that, please spare me from the “It was all a dream” ending[18]……
If every hardship I felt was a mere daydream, I couldn’t laugh even if I want to.
However, seeing how peaceful the dream is, I may actually believe that if I were told that it was a dream and not a joke.

「Ah, Senpai! You woke up?」
「…… Tamura, is that you? Is this the hospital?」
「Yes. The police came until a while ago, but it seems they have returned after the doctor told them that you should be resting just in case.」
「Police……? Why……」
「Please calm down. Senpai, do you remember you almost got stabbed by a Slasher[19]? The police came to ask you for eyewitness testimony about that Slasher.」
「Oh, I see…… Then, I really didn’t get stabbed?」

Huh? Was all of it seriously just a dream?
If I only fainted without getting stabbed, the possibility that everything was really a daydream is ――

「――Actually, you see, I don’t think you will believe me, but…... A mysterious woman――also, she was a spectacular and beautiful woman who can easily beat any model or celebrity――had brought Senpai back to life. Well, I guess it can’t be helped even if you laugh and say ‘What are you talking about’ at me, but what I’m saying is true! As the proof, please look at that!」

Tamura answered my question.
Looking at what he pointed, I see my suit which was hanging on the wall with a small tear in the back and stained with the dark red color of blood around it.
It seems for sure that I have bled out quite a bit..
So that means, as I expected, everything was not a dream and I could understand that I got pranked by the mischievous me――Rimuru.
That bastard――even though I say that, he’s me though――He went and make even me a target of his prank……

「I knew it, it’s unbelievable, right?」
「No, I believe you, Tamura. Also, it seems the police are going on a fool’s errand. After all――」
「No, it’s nothing.」

He would not believe me even if I say it.
I can forgive the culprit who killed me, but Diablo can’t.
By now, the culprit should be regretting that he was even born due to Diablo’s Endless Pains[20].
Since it’s pointless even if I say it, I decided to dodge the question with a smile.

「By the way, Tamura――Would you believe me If I told you that I went to another world after I died?」

Tamura had a puzzled expression for a moment due to my whisper.
He probably thought something like “What are you talking about, Senpai?”
“I guess that the normal reaction.” so I thought, but――

「I would believe you, Senpai. I had seen something unbelievable and I felt that woman was strangely Senpai-like. Now that I think about it, “That person was Senpai, isn’t she?” or things like that. I even thought of such silly stuff like that, you see.」
「I see. Then, I can talk about it to you, but do you want to hear it?」

I asked him while smiling slightly and Tamura replied while also smiling.

「Yes, please.」

So was his answer.

I see……
Well then, let’s talk about it.
――About my『Regarding Reincarnated to Slime[21]』――


Author’s Note:
Thank you very much for your support in such a long time!
It would be great if everyone kept reading either the Extra Chapters or the book/LN version after this.

[1] I personally think this like in Realist Hero, TV-like screen floating on the sky. It can be 3d appearance of Rimuru too.
[2] Sierra: Just give him a special manga or something.
Xbox: Either that or a new game.
[3] 深淵之神(ノーデンス) Shin'en no Kami (Nōdensu). A Celtic Deity which also a fictional character in the Cthulhu Mythos (Based on the Celtic Deity).
[4] 天魔族(エンジェル) Tenmazoku (Enjeru). Heavenly/Sky/Celestial Demon/Monster/Demonic Race with the reading of Angel. They still angel in a sense, just with their race and status changed.
[5] 堕天族(フォールン) Datenzoku (Fōrun). Fallen Race. I think when this first appear I just translate it as Fallen Angel.
[7] 聖戦(ジハード) Seisen (Jihado).
[8] Sierra: After dying a virgin, he has girls fighting each other to be with him. Can I die too?
Xbox: Only if you are willing to accept a knife to the back...
[9] Sierra: YESSSS!!! Ciel is best waifu (after Rimuru)!
Xbox: ...Are you saying Rimuru is his own wife?
Sierra: Yes?
Guro: Well Ciel is a separate individual from Rimuru, I don’t see the problem here... lol.
[10] About 186 mph.
[11] In the WN, Rimuru rejected the name Rimuru City (which in the LN, ppl just keeps calling the city with Rimuru so he yielded and accepted it) and insisted the name Tempest, so both Rimuru’s country and the first city both share the same name.
[12] シス湖 Shisuko. Alternative names are Lake Sith/Cis/Sis/Seis/Saez. I think Shisu is how Clown-san translated it before.
[13] 異世界交流調査部門 Isekai Kōryū Chōsa Bumon. Kōryū means Exchange/Relations/Interaction/Dealings, Chōsa means Investigation/Inquiry/Research, Bumon means Division/Section/Group/Department. Isekai is… everyone already know very well about it.
[14] 次元間航法 Jigen-kan Kōhō. Kōhō can also mean sailing.
[15] 機動兵器 Kidō Heiki. I almost want to call this Mobile Suit kek. It’s a term used in Gundam Series, this term includes Tank, Aircraft, Mobile Suit, Mobile Armor etc. Any moving vehicle with guns and stuff I guess.
[16] 魔導兵器 Madō Heiki. The term Madō would mean Sorcery, but in Final Fantasy Series, Madō is translated as Magitek. Alt for Madō is magical technology. Technology powered by magic XD. Magitek Armour in FF is called with this too.
[17] 多重並列存在 Tajuu Heiretsu Sonzai. Combined version of Multiple and Parallel, now Rimuru can be anywhere and in anyworld.
[18] https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/AllJustADream
[19] 通り魔 Toorima. A random attacker (Someone who attacks people on the street) Slasher (Someone who wantonly attacks/kills people with any blade i.e. knife, razor and etc.).
[20] 無限の責苦 Mugen no Semeku. Infinite Torture, Eternal Pains, Neverending Torture.
[21] Title Drop.
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