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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Author :Fuse
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Chapter 293

Heinrich continued to insist.

Perhaps the other teachers had said something to him while I was away.

“Well, don’t think about that. You can show me with your actions. That is all. And while I can understand if you are unable to meet my expectations, I hope you will at least refrain from betraying me.”

I added a little warning, just in case.

“All of you who are present. Rimu-, no, Lord Satoru…”

“Let’s just use Master Satoru.”

“Of course!”

Really. Old William’s slips of the tongue were scary.

I would have to constantly be warning him and covering for his mistakes.

“We would never do anything like betraying you, Master Satoru!”

I nodded at this speech by Old William while thinking about something else.

Heinrich seemed satisfied by this, and so we continued the discussion.


It was a virtual meeting of ultrafast thought, conducted through ‘Thought Acceleration’ and ‘Thought Transmission,’ both of which were quite familiar to me.

The magic cards were distributed to the teachers with the intent of deepening their understanding of their contents.

Obviously, it was virtual, so no real magic would activate.

However, with the use of Master Ciel’s ultra calculating abilities, even this virtual environment would be able to immerse you to the point where it was indiscernible from the real thing.

And it would all have a physical effect on you.

Once you understood it, and you could use the magic, you would be able to use that experience acquired in the virtual world in the real world as well.

It wouldn’t quite work with physical training, but the use of magic was all in the mind, and so it was the perfect place to practice.

However, most human brains were incapable of processing the information quick enough, and so only people who had reached a certain level were able to use it.

Even with these teachers, acceleration was limited to about three hundred times normal speed. And they could only stand it for about one hour of real time. If they did it any longer, their brains would suffer possibly fatal damage.

But well, training for an hour under these circumstances meant gaining the experience of three hundred hours. Which equaled twelve and a half days.

And that was enough for those that were talented.

It was really only me and Guy who had been capable of this, so that meant these teachers would be the first humans to have this incredibly rare experience.

When there was only a little time left, everyone was able to use the Anagram Magic.

But then again, the principals were rather simple.

Even if the combination was right, it would not activate if there was not enough magic power.

“However, this…”

“How can I say this…”

“I suppose it’s as if all common sense concerning magic has been rewritten?”

“This will make things much easier for my magic research, but it almost feels as if I am cheating.”

These were the reactions of Old Willian, Heinrich, Pyuri, and the chubby Blum.

While Pyuri was the public health doctor, she seemed to be interested in healing magic, and so had participated willingly.

“However, it took us all over ten days. How can we teach the students…”

Old William said rather sensibly.

He was right.

No matter how much we crammed into them, it would not be possible to understand a new type of magic within a few days.

It would be impossible even if you were some kind of genius.

“Don’t worry. I thought that this might happen, and so I prepared a simplified version of the magic cards in advance.”

No, that was a lie.

I only just made them.

I would alter them to fit each student’s talents and distribute them. If we did it like this, then each student should be able to easily do one or two spells that they are good at, without chanting.

However, it was a pain to have to explain all this, so I decided to persuade them with some random words.

“I see. So we will pass out cards that they are good with?”

“Yes. And once they become confident, they will be able to use the official magic cards.”

“I see. I see.”

They were satisfied, and I was grateful for that.

“Wait a moment. You said official version…does that mean you intend on revealing these cards to the general public?”

Blum looked at me with wide eyes and an expression of disbelief.

“Yes. Why?”

I answered. Blum’s mouth clamped in horror.

But he seemed to come to a decision after a momentary hesitation, and then he continued cautiously.

“But it will mean reevaluating the entirety of magical education. Not only that…”

“The very idea of magic will change greatly. Students of the Sorcerer’s Dynasty Sarion will not be silent about it.”

“Magic engineering and anything that relies on the current structures of magic will have to be greatly altered to be efficient. It’s not just about efficiency…this could cause the kind of uproar that a cultural revolution would…”

They were first-rate teachers.

And so they were quick to see what kind of chaos might be caused.

Of course, I had considered it myself as well.

“Well, don’t fret. I will publicize it, but not right away. As this has to do with the original text, I will have to make many new spells and improve upon it in order for normal people to be able to use it. In other words…”

I said, and then explained to them my ideas for this new type of magic.

The cards that I had given to Marsha were cards that could do anything.

However, those who had little power to imagine, would not be able to make much use of them. You would need something that showed you the steps, much like the instructions I had given to her.

But it would be hard to memorize all these steps, and it wouldn’t do much good to have these cards do everything.

By good, I mean profit.

To be exact, each one of these cards will have a single effect carved into them.

The amount of mana used will be the same between spells so that as long as they had the concentration, normal people would be able to use it.

–To explain it more accurately, unlike monsters, humans are incapable of turning mana into energy.

There are some with magical power. And aside from them, there are also others who have power such as spiritual power that can be changed into magical power. But they are rare.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that they can’t control mana at all.

Just as it is possible for people to use magic, it is possible for them to control mana.

This was done through chanting.
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    《Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken》