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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Author :Fuse
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Chapter 307

Rimuru’s Elegant Escape Play – 21

The day finally came.

And we were fully prepared.

Even the poison tiger looked enthusiastic about it. If things went according to plan, victory will not be too difficult to attain.

Of course, I myself wasn’t going to fight. So I would just be cheering them on.

“Master, will we be able to win?”

I answered these anxious questions without hesitation.

“How should I know!”


Will we be able to win? Are they still thinking in such weak terms?

It’s not about questioning yourself. We’ll win! That’s the kind of intensity you needed…

“Don’t worry. We will win!”

“Yes, Julius is right. Do what you have to do and don’t think about anything else. If everyone fulfils their roles, we will surely be victorious!”

Oh, Julius and Karma. You guys do say such good things sometimes.

Yes, that was exactly right.

Just give it a try. If it doesn’t work, then we’ll think about it when the time comes.

We won’t have a chance of winning if we’ve given up before even starting.

“Exactly! It seems like Julius and Karma really understand it. Well, just give it your all. I and the other teachers will be watching!”




Perhaps those words encouraged them, because all of the hesitation and worry seemed to disappear from the students.

They would be fine if they could continue like that.

Still, Julius and Karma were two people that thought very differently, and yet they had come a lot closer than I would have expected.

One of them was a noble. And a royal heir.

The other was the son of a soldier. A beastkin, who are connected with monsters.

They stood in very different positions, but they helped each other unpretentiously.

This fact alone showed that this survival training had worked.

Create a dangerous situation and expose the true nature of people.

It was a drastic form of treatment, but it had succeeded this time.

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In this world now, beastkin were a part of humanity.

Even goblins and orcs were part of a group known as demi-humans, who were in the same group.

And yet, there was still a strong, deep-rooted prejudice there.

It would be hard to be rid of it completely, but I always thought that children could overcome this barrier known as prejudice with ease.

No, perhaps it was still difficult.

It took a lot of time to change the way people think, and it was better to do it slowly.

You can tell someone to start liking someone they hate, but they won’t come around to it so easily.

However, I did feel that if you ignored the opinions of adults, and relied only on your own eyes, ears and experience to judge others, you would have a surprisingly different way of looking at people.

You would be able to see things more honestly…but maybe I was just being idealistic.

Well, there was no point in forcing it, as irritating as it was.

When you become an adult, you are exposed to the harshness and waves of injustices in the world.

And so I wanted their time as students, at least, to be a time where they could live with fairness without being affected by birth or race.

During this time, your personal abilities and determination was everything—that was how things should be.

Equality and fairness were not the same.

People are not born equal.

It was not possible for everyone to be the same when they varied in gender or abilities. Once you add circumstances such as parents and the countries policy, things become even worse.

We should eliminate inequality as much as is possible. Adults should help children and be as fair and accurate as possible when evaluating the students.

It wasn’t about giving everyone first-prize in order to be equal. Every student should be looked at individually and treated correctly based on that.

And so, in this special school environment, I had decided that the symbol of adulthood that is the states expectations, should have no reach here…

And yet these ‘Humanity Emancipation Alliance’ people have challenged this right to my face. They must really want to die.

Even I had to make compromises instead of pushing my beliefs onto others. How could they be so selfish?

To bring in their differences in class into a space that is supposed to be fair… It was a violation that could never be forgiven.

I would have to think about how we would handle this in the future, as well as a punishment for Magnus. At the very least, something will have to be done to make them stop influencing the school.

I had hoped that the graduates of the school would become teachers to take charge of the next generation, but that made this early part all the more important.

This was something that required serious thought.

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In any case. Magnus had to be dealt with now.

I looked at Julius, Karma and the other students and smiled. Just then, the magic circle that Magnus and the others had set up began to glow.

It seemed that they had come, just like they said they would.

And since they came all the way here, they deserved the warmest welcome.

Now, how would it go down?

Well, I guess I would relax and watch this fight with the students until the end.


Julius and Karma stood in the front as they greeted Magnus and the others.

Magnus saw them and his eyes bulged.

The people he had thought that he’d killed were alive, so it was no wonder he was surprised.

“You’re alive…”
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    《Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken》