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The Secret of the Blood Moon
Author :Otaku_anime
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2 Hungry?

Ezlynn frowned. She had been quite thorough with the fact that all the last Werewolves were in her gang. Collin's parents, who were the previous leaders of the gang, had ensured that all the last Werewolves joined their gang, searching around the world for more than a decade.

The 11th text read,

"His name's Kieran. 19 years old. He asked to be in our gang this morning."

Ezylnn's eyes focused on the letters of his name. Kieran. Kieran. Kieran. It seemed to reiterate in Ezlynn's head. She shook it off, but could not avoid the feeling of plummeting into a dark, inescapable abyss--beautiful but somehow dark and foreboding. Ezlynn tried to ignore such predilection and scrolled down to Embry's texts.

The 12th text read,

"He's unbelievably perfect, Boss. Our girls r already in love with him;)"





Ezlynn quickly scrolled through all of Embry's desperate calls for her. Ezlynn sighed deeply, and texted,

"I would like u 2 make sure that he isn't one of those filthy Venandis that disguise themselves as Werewolves to attack us."

Embry rejoined, almost automatically,

"Where were u, Boss?! And ofc I made sure! U weren't there to test his abilities and identity so I tested them myself! That's what I was trying to tell you."

Ezlynn texted impatiently,

"My clear orders were to notify and attend for my orders before you make such a significant decision, Embry. Anyway, don't allow him in our gang yet. I am going to officially see him 4 myself 2morrow. TTYL."

She was abruptly reminded of the steamed shower that now was heated to the point it fogged the whole bathroom. Ezlynn gently laid her phone on the marble floor next to the shower wall and entered the shower. It welcomed her, as the blood from the Venandi was drained from her slim, diaphanous figure and her snowy hair that undulated with the water. She eradicated all her fatigue away, releasing a soft sigh and proceeded to wash. The previous dignified, perspicacious version of herself was replaced by an average 18-year old as she pondered about her new member.

Ezlynn was in perfect peace until her phone sent incessant notifications. Ezlynn had tried to ignore it, but with her Werewolf senses, the alerts of her phone sounded like a fire alarm. Finally, she sighed as she cleansed her hair and skin for the last time, turned off the water, and exited out of the shower, slightly dripping water over the marble floor as she reached for her phone.

"6 more messages from Embry." it read.

"Boss, u don't need 2 be so skeptical of me. I even asked him to transform into his complete Werewolf form, and he did, perfectly."


"R u gone again???"

Werewolves could transmute their figures to counterpart humans, but their complete form was their original figure; the graceful creatures that looked like wolves, however in enormity compared to them.

Ezlynn's long, wet fingers glided across the screen,

"I still want 2 meet him. There's something about him. Tell him to come to our headquarters tomorrow."

Embry immediately replied,

"What r u gonna do, Boss?"

"See him 4 myself. He might be a Werewolf, but there's still strange about him. I'll have to kill him if he isn't completely honest with us."

"Do you mean that he might be hired by the Venandis?"

"He's been hiding out for 10 years. It's a possible explanation that they kidnapped him or something, raised him to be loyal to them, and made him enter our gang to kill us."

Ezlynn grabbed a bathrobe from a hanger and garbed herself with it. She began to dry her hair, waiting for Embry's response. The moisture from her extensive, silky hair shook off as Embry finally replied,

"Fine. He said "okay" and that he'll come to our headquarters at 9 tomorrow night."

Werewolves were prone to sunlight, just like Vampires. It was one of the reasons why Ezlynn and her gang never worked during the daytime. Werewolves and Vampires were pretty similar, except for the fact that Vampires went fully extinct during the Great War. The human government had never realized that Werewolves were as prone to sunlight as the Vampires. Soldiers from the government had assailed Vampires by using artificial sunlight, but never realized that Werewolves were also the same. However, they were killed off anyway, outnumbered to the humans.

Ezlynn clicked off her dryer, and nimbled to her closet, grabbing a casual t-shirt and shorts. She took off the bathrobe and clad herself with it, relieved to be in fresh clothing again. Collins was already downstairs, cooking, for they were both famished. The smell of food wafted up the air to Ezlynn as she rushed downstairs. Her hunger had erased any concerns about the new member.


Suddenly, Ezlynn let out a tiny shriek as she averted her eyes with her hands. Collins was half-naked, wearing only his shorts. His dense muscles were unveiled by the lack of clothing, with his broad shoulders and muscular figure He was a miraculous sight and Ezylnn couldn't help but slightly peek through her fingers, discerning his brawny chest and abdomen.

"Go get some clothes on!" she screamed.

Collins turned around and beamed at her, divulging his shiny teeth and strong jawline.

"Ah, you're here." he walked up to her. He had to bend down to match Ezlynn's height. Though she was quite tall, she was no match for him when it came to height. Collins slowly lifted Ezlynn's hands off her face, and whispered too innocently to her ear, "Why? I thought you were hungry."

Ezlynn blushed deeply and argued,

"I meant that I was hungry for FOOD! Don't take it the wrong way."

Collins chuckled and brought out the beef that he was cooking.

"I really can't imagine that you're the same person that murdered that Venandi so ruthlessly back there," he said, giving her a fork to eat with.

Ezlynn was silent for a few seconds, then answered,

"Do you want me to prove it?" she said, approaching Collins. Her tone of voice had changed.

"Go ahead then-"

Ezlynn fiercely connected their lips together by dragging his neck down with her hand to kiss her cherry lips. She had to be on her tiptoes in order to kiss him properly. It was a few seconds of pure silence. Collins, indeed astounded by her abruptness, stood still as her grip on his neck loosened and she finally let go of him.

"Does this seem different then what it was back in the alley?" her pompous countenance had returned in her silver eyes. She smiled with dignity as she slowly let go of his neck.

Collins gazed at her and smiled. Ezlynn's ambivalence had always attracted him.

"Gosh, you really are hungry," he whispered.

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