The Summoned Pioneer
13 chapter 13: It sure is hard to sleep
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The Summoned Pioneer
Author :marsofearth
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13 chapter 13: It sure is hard to sleep


Nobles loved peace so don't be noisy or else even I, Can't save you."

The four people immediately shut up as they realized that they are really noisy. They looked back to the young noble, afraid of what his expression has become.



Wan sat there quietly, smiling, quietly guessing what their topic is.

"Looks like someone big came. A mayor maybe? Wait, how do you call a village leader again? Anyway I'll just leave it as village elder.

He looks like one, well not that he understands me though."

Wan clasped his hands like a martial artist greeting another artist and bowed his head slightly.

The village elder that wan called so also bowed his head lower than how wan bowed his. He then took out a silver coin and offered it to Wan.

"Good, another genius, old people sure are knowledgable."

Wan took the candy and handed it to the village elder then took the silver as a compensation.

The three men saw this and reacted

"So it really is a reward"

"Its true that being smart gives you money."

Wan naturally didn't know what they said so he went and picked up the last candy and similarly produced a coin, a gold colored coin though it's not a legitimate gold, the color and texture was enough to call it gold here.

The village elder gaped at the sight of the gold coin. The other villagers almost popped their eyes out for seeing the gold.

Wan saw the scene he created by producing a gold coin, he knew that these people could not easily afford a single piece of gold.

He then kept the gold and scanned the surrounding.

He then saw a shop which sold bows, arrows and even all kinds of traps. He then folded his mat and went to the shop.

Wan scanned through the arrows and found out that they all are very sharp.

According to the articles that he have read, all the bows inside could be considered top notch too.

He then called out the mother of the child and gave her a thumbs up before pointing the arrows.

The mother of the child also put a thumbs up.

He gave the last piece of candy to the mother after picking up the arrows. The bunch of arrows could easily number up to forty. He wrapped the arrows and also picked up arround 5 pieces of metal bear traps. He then walked up to the village elder and he handed him a pocket mirror.

He pointed the mirror, then the bear trap, then the mirror again. He roamed around the village and exhanged things such as decorated fans, slippers, inflatable rubber beach ball and many things that he have brought in exchange for what he needs. In the end he bought a cart and put the things he have traded there such as animal hides, ropes, shovels, pickaxes, commoner clothes in great quantity.

He may have these in his inventory already but he didn't know when would they be worn out. He began piling them even though he have not even used them yet.

The village chief and the mother plus 3 men quartet followed closely behind him while he was shopping.

Whenever he needed a translator, the mother would easily translate for him.

He gave another piece of candy to the mother as a sign of thanks. He also told her to not follow him when he leaves.

As he was about to leave, Wan waved his hands in a goodbye wave as the villagers also waved to him back. He was happy to get along with people without even directly speaking to them.

Wan then took out his bike from the inventory and rode off.

Aa he came home, it was almost noon and the sun is about to set.

He loaded up everything from his cart inside and installed the electronics right through his solar panels.

The inside of the tree house could be considered simple. An inflatable bed on the corner filled with animal furs and bedsheets on top to make it less bouncy and more stable. On the other side of the bed was also an inflatable couch filled with the same setting.

Facing the couch on the opposite side of the wall was the tv, laptop and speakers set. Right beside the couch was a refrigerator and a water dispenser on its side. Everything would look normal if you don't count the army supply crates beside the bed and countless type of guns hung on the wooden wall of the tree.

It was dark when he finished arranging everything. He left the gasoline tanks and other flammable materials inside his inventory. As it was dark, wat set up all the traps that he bought from the village around the tree perimeter with his flashlight. Of course he could not remember them all so he drew a hazard sign with skulls and bones right beside the traps. It would be embarrassing if he was caught in by his own traps. After setting up all sorts of traps, wan decided to make a stew for himself this time. He forgot to eat before he went out earlier and ended up forgetting that he was hungry.

He decided to leave some stew for breakfast tomorrow. His kitchen was outside the tree house as he was afraid that a single flame spark could burn his entire house as it was made out of wood, literally.

As he was about to sleep, a loud howl could be heard in the forest he was in. When wan got up and picked up a loaded shotgun, the howl came again but this time it sounds like a wail of agony more than a howl.

"A wolf may have stepped on the bear trap. According to the books, wolves travel in pack. A shotgun would be a wrong choice."

Wan then returned the shotgun to the wall and grabbed an m16 automatic carbine and hung a magnum on his waist pocket.

As he went to the direction of the wail, he tiptoed carefully to not alert the wolf. The wolf sounded like a dog crying because of the pain from the trap.

"Well I'm sorry friend, its either I who get eaten or you get killed by me"

As wan was about to pull the magnum trigger, the wolf turned silent as it looked at him straight on the eyes.

"You don't look like you have companions do you?"

The wolf did not respond.

"I might really be a coward that I can't even kill a lone trapped wolf."

Wan sighed as he kept the magnum and began talking to the wolf.

"I'll release the trap so don't bite me, i think i am an idiot for talking to a big wolf like you, and do wolves have horns?"

Wan hesitated to release the wolf and considered getting the tranquilizer before releasing it.

"Forget it, one small mistake of snarling at me then I might accidentally really kill you."

Wan got near the wolf and was surprised that the wolf didn't even move. As he was about to release it, Wan took a last look at the wolf inspecting it of its reaction. Then he pulled the Wolf's feet out of the bear trap and he quickly got some distance.

"You're free now, go away! Shoo!"

Wan chased the wolf away with a shooing gesture.

The wolf looked at him again for some time before it limped away with one of its limb injured.

"Intelligent creatures sure are lovable"

Wan returned to the tree house and was about to sleep again. By the time he was in a light sleep

A low deep roar from far away was heard.


Wan shot up from bed instantly grabbing a shotgun from the wall.

"It sure is hard to sleep in a different world."
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