The hypnotizer
78 Jennifer“s surprise
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The hypnotizer
Author :Claen
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78 Jennifer“s surprise

After a bit, Jake said to Jennifer: "Turn on your back."

Jennnifer immediately turned and lied down on her back on the couch, with her head still resting on Jake's lap.

Jake looked at her beautiful face while his hand kept groping her breasts.

Jennifer got a bit nervous as Jake kept looking at her from above.

Jake then said: "Tell me how does a woman as hot as you, not have any boyfriend in all your years."

"That," Jennifer decided to not beat the bush and told Jake her past.

It wasn't that complicated. Jennifer wasn't as pretty as she was now when she was at high school and she was even bullied by some boys, which in turn caused her to not let any man come near her or try to court her when she started to turn hot.

Because of this her personality turned a bit colder and she became a teacher because she didn't want any other insecure girls to get pushed around as she had been.

When Jennifer herself thought about it she laughed at herself. For a long time, she had not had any interest in a relationship. Every male that even tried to get close to her was met with a cold gaze and pushed away.

Yet that all changed when she met Jake. She didn't know why or how, but the moment she met him her life turned around with it in the end resulting in her becoming Jake's slave.

Just a few weeks ago sex, was not at all important to her and she barely masturbated. Now Jake's dick was all she could think about.

As Jennifer told Jake about her past Jake didn't let go of her breasts at all and kept playing with them. He enjoyed learning more about his slaves. He definitely didn't want to just conquer women and turn them into sex slaves with no mind.

He wanted them to love serving him, just like he wanted them to enjoy him fucking their brains out.

After Jennifer had finished talking about her past Jake said: "I see, but aren't I a lucky one. Just because of some boys bullying you in high school, I can now enjoy myself plenty with your amazing body."

Jennifer smiled softly: "Of course master can have me anywhere."

Jake chuckled: "Very well, then Monday let's fuck at school. If I'm not wrong you have your own office. Let's turn that into our private sex office."

Jennifer gulped knowing she put all kinds of ideas into his head.

"T-that, I do have my office, but it's very small and the walls aren't very thick, so people can hear what goes on inside if one's too loud, so-"

Jennifer wanted to continue but she felt some sudden pain come from both her nipples as Jake pulled on them with his hands.

"Oh, did my slave just try to tell me I can't fuck her?"

Jennifer's bountiful breasts stretched upwards, as they were pulled by her nipples, which Jake pulled on.

She naturally realized her mistake and said: "I'm sorry master, of course, you can fuck me in my office. Forgive my insolence."

Jake was satisfied with her apology so he returned to softly kneading her breasts, instead of pulling on her nipples.

"Good, I can't wait to play with your slutty body at school. "It's every high school student's dream to have sex with a beautiful teacher, let alone one as hot as you."

"Y-yes master."

"And you won't be the first slave I fuck at school, so don't worry we won't get caught."

"Eh?" Jennifer was stunned by hearing his words. Not the first slave? In other words, Jake had more women like her who obeyed him.

Jake looked at the surprise on Jennifer's face, with a satisfied expression. Seeing her realize she wasn't his only slave was amazing.

"M-master has other slaves?"

Jake smiled saying: "Of course, and how about I tell you you're partly responsible for me getting one of them?"

Jennifer didn't understand. How could she have helped him in any way? Only now did she found out he even had other slaves.


"Yup, you did make the class seating chart didn't you?"

"Yes, I did, but how-"

Jennifer started to understand and Jake continued: "Of course because you made me sit next to such a cute girl in class and even had us do our homework together, I could easily conquer her. And let me tell you another secret, only a few hours ago was the moment I took her virginity. But don't misunderstand, she very much enjoyed it as well. Just like you turned into a slut because of my dick, she did as well."

Jennifer kept looking at Jake with a stunned expression. She already knew who he was talking about and she could understand someone turning crazy because of Jake's dick, she did so as well, but still, she was surprised by it.

"Well she isn't the only one you already know, I believe the other one was in your homeroom class last year, she also has some big tits, just shy of yours."

Jennifer didn't immediately understand who Jake talked about, but hearing she was a student with big tits in her now second year of high school, she immediately guessed who it was. But once again a surprised look came upon her face.

"B-but isn't she your sister?"

"Yes, well not by blood anyway, I'm adopted you see, but that doesn't matter anymore. And for the third and final one, she has bigger tits than even you and you already met with her at a teacher-parent meeting."

Jennifer didn't need to think long about it as she connected the dots. Bigger tits than she had and she already knew one of the girls living in the same house as Jake was his slave, so why wouldn't the other one as well?

She had met Julia last year when Kayla was in her class, so she naturally knew that Julia was really beautiful and her tits were two melons, so she guessed this instantly.

Jake very much enjoyed seeing Jennifer get stunned again and again as he told her about his other slaves.

Smiling softly he said: "Yes, you, Stefanie, Kayla and Julia all belong to me. Along with the others, you'll serve me plenty."

"Yes, master."

Even though Jennifer was surprised about it at first, she knew disobeying Jake was no option. So naturally, she chose to quickly accept it as she didn't want to dissatisfy Jake.

"Well now that you know that, get up and put on some clothes, the pizza will be here soon."

Jennifer did as told and put on some clothes to receive the pizza which arrived shortly.

Immediately after accepting the pizza, she lost the clothes once more and got naked again.

She sat down next to Jake on the couch and watching some television they ate.

Immediately after eating the pizza the two of them began going at it once again. Jake's dick pierced her pussy once more and pounded her like crazy.

They kept going at it the entire evening and made their way around the house. No piece of furniture or wall was saved as Jake was dedicated to screw her everywhere.

Naturally, Jennifer couldn't be happier as her womb was soaked in semen again and again. She couldn't believe that for so long in her life she had missed out on such amazing feelings.

Though she did realize that Jake's dick was special and no other could please her as he did.

By the end, it was already night and Jennifer and Jake had moved to the bedroom where they went at it once again. Both seemed to not tire as their private parts kept being connected.

Naturally, though this couldn't last forever and in the end, Jennifer and Jake lied down next to each other cuddling.

Jennifer rested her head on his chest just like she did the night before and Jake enjoyed her body pressed against him.

"It was amazing Jennifer, you're amazing at sex. We'll be doing this a lot from now on."

Jennifer couldn't be any happier saying: "Yes master, please use my slutty pussy lots of times from now on. I'll definitely do my all to satisfy my master.

"Very good my slave, now let's get some sleep. Tomorrow, you're gonna meet the other slaves you're gonna live alongside with."

Jennifer didn't understand so she said: "Live alongside with, master?"

Jake chuckled, "Yes you're gonna live in my house from now on. We'll keep this apartment from now on, but you'll live with me. Or don't you want to live in the same house as your master."

"N-no, I want to, but will Julia be okay with that."

Jake laughed softly, "Why wouldn't she be, she's a slave just like you are. If she has any back-talk I'll punish her. Now get some sleep, tomorrow we're gonna have plenty of fun."

Jennifer was happy, but also a bit nervous as she would now have to share Jake with other women. Still, she was very tired of the huge amounts of sex they had, so she quickly fell asleep.

Jake too closed his eyes, looking forward to Kayla's and Julia's reaction when they would find out the beautiful teacher at school would now be their new slave sister."

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    《The hypnotizer》