The hypnotizer
79 Morning sex and going to Jake“s house
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The hypnotizer
Author :Claen
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79 Morning sex and going to Jake“s house

Jake slept peacefully with the naked Jennifer close to him.

He woke up Sunday morning well-rested, ready to once again have a full day filled with sex.

He had already messaged Stefanie yesterday telling her to come to his house today again and Jennifer would come with him as well.

This meant today all four of his slaves would be together and serve him. In the past, he wouldn't even bother to fantasize about four beautiful women serving him, yet now that had exactly become reality.

He looked at the beautiful face of the still sleeping Jennifer as a soft smile appeared on his face. He would enjoy life a lot with his abilities and he would make sure tons of hot women would be there to enjoy it with him.

It was like Jennifer could sense someone was looking at her while she was asleep. Her eyebrows twitched and she slowly woke up as well.

Opening her eyes she looked at Jake's handsome face and saw he was staring at her. Her cheeks flushed a bit red as she realized Jake had been watching her while she was asleep.

"G-good morning master,"

Jake smiled as he responded with squeezing her ass, saying: "Good morning, my slave. Have you slept well?"

"Yes, I did master."

"Good, now then give me a nice hot good morning kiss."

It was as if Jennifer had been waiting for this. She licked her lips and closed in on Jake as she pressed his lips on top of his.

Jake had one hand on her ass and the other on her neck as he began making out with Jennifer. Her breasts pressed onto his chest and in seconds his dick had become fully erect.

After kissing for a bit Jennifer got fully on top of Jake and aligned her pussy with his dick. When she was ready for it to penetrate her she asked Jake for permission: "May I put it in master?"

Jake smiled seeing the intoxicated expression on Jennifer's face. She had barely woken up and she was already fully in heat.

Naturally, Jake had no problem with this at all and only enjoyed it, even more, turning this hot woman into such a lewd one.

"Of course, let me enjoy that amazing pussy of yours once more."

Jennifer smiled happily as she received permission from Jake to put his dick in and immediately she descended her hips, causing Jake's dick to enter her pussy.

"Aaaaahhh," Jennifer let out a long satisfied moan as her pussy walls were being stretched by the invading big rod.

She went down fully and Jake's dick was completely inside her, filling her up.

Jennifer rested her hands on top of Jake's chest as she took in the amazing pleasure coming from her pussy.

After reveling in it for a while she moved back up only to slam down even faster. Repeating this Jennifer went up and down in the cowgirl position faster and faster.

Naturally, her balloons swayed with the same rhythm up and down giving Jake a nice show.

Jake didn't have to do anything as the lewd woman on top kept swinging her hips, taking his dick inside her.

After continuing like this for a bit Jake came and like usual filled up her womb to the brink.

Jennifer already had a few minor orgasms and now feeling the semen drench her womb climaxed hard as well, before falling forwards on top of Jake.

She was breathing a bit raggedly as she recovered from the intense orgasm.

Jake just enjoyed himself with her sweet body lying on top of him, naturally, he still groped her meaty ass while she was resting.

Jake then said: "It felt amazing once again Jennifer, you're getting better at sex every time we do it."

"T-thank you, master,"

Jake playfully slapped her butt a few times saying: "All right then let's take a shower. After that, we're gonna go to my house. Julia will prepare some breakfast."

Jennifer immediately got a bit nervous hearing they would go to Jake's house and in doing so she would meet Jake's other slaves.

Jake felt her tense up so he said: "Don't be so nervous. All four of you have the same status. After all, isn't serving me all you have to think about?"

"Yes master," still Jennifer was a bit nervous about what would happen once she went to live in Jake's house.

After that, the two of them went in the shower, and naturally, they enjoyed some sweet shower sex before getting out of it.

Drying themselves they went back to Jennifer's bedroom and Jake started to look through Jennifer's clothes.

He tossed her some sexy underwear, consisting of some black laced panties and bra. It wasn't as sexy as the stuff she wore yesterday, but she wouldn't need to wear it for long.

As for clothes Jennifer would wear over it, Jake grabbed a tight shirt, which would show lots of Jennifer's well-endowed bosom. Finishing it up with skirt reaching only above her knees, showing a lot of her sexy legs.

Meanwhile, Jennifer was blushing fiercely. Not only did she have to wear such revealing sexy clothes in public, but Jake right now was picking out what she needed to wear, which got her a bit shy.

Even though it would embarrass her a bit to wear these kinds of clothes in public, she immediately put them on not wanting to disappoint Jake.

Before Jake left her bedroom he said to Jennifer: "Also bring the clothes you're gonna wear Monday at school, I expect some spicy underwear. After all, it's gonna be the first of many days I'm gonna fuck you at school, so make it special."

Jake then left her bedroom, not wanting to now at the moment what she would wear underneath.

Jennifer gulped at the thought of Jake slamming his dick inside her while at school. She knew the moment he would enter her she would lose her mind in pleasure and if anyone were to see that, her life would be over.

Still, she knew Jake also didn't want the fact she was his slave to come out at school, so while he would definitely fuck her, he would at least try to do it discreetly. At least that was what she hoped.

Knowing Jake's pervertedness, she realized he would definitely want to have a lot of fun with her, which also kind of turned her on.

Jennifer packed her stuff and went into the living room.

"All right put on some sunglasses and a hat. It's better that people don't realize what's going on."

Jennifer understood and did as she was told. She was wearing contact lenses so wearing sunglassed wasn't a problem.

Jake very much enjoyed the different looks of Jennifer. With or without glasses, she looked very hot in both and he told her to alternate between them.

Then Jennifer and Jake left her apartment. Jake left first and Jennifer behind him. He didn't want people getting suspicious so he decided not to leave the apartment together.

Whenever he entered Jennifer's apartment complex he tried to look as indifferent as possible and always watched if someone was watching him.

Jake went down to the garage beneath the apartment complex and waited for Jennifer to arrive there as well.

Then both got into the car and Jennifer drove to Jake's house, which wasn't very far.

She parked it at the side of the road and both then walked towards the front door.

As Jennifer got closer and closer to the house, her heart pounded faster and faster. This would be the house she would live in from now and together with other women she would serve Jake.

Jake opened the door with his key and walked inside. Jennifer didn't loiter and entered straight after Jake after which she closed the door.

When Julia and Kayla heard the front door open they immediately knew it was Jake and they ran towards the hall, straight towards their master.

Once they arrived inside the hallway, they saw Jake which excited them and immediately their pussies started to twitch, wanting Jake's dick, but they also saw the figure of a woman behind him.

Because of the big sunglasses she wore they couldn't see how it was just yet, but seeing her big tits, small waist, and wide hips they knew it was the woman Jake had conquered Friday. He didn't tell them yet who it was though.

Kayla got a bit jealous as she realized the new woman had bigger assets than she did and she realized that there are now two women serving Jake with bigger curves.

Meanwhile, Julia had a smug smile knowing that her tits and ass were still bigger.

Jake walked to Julia and Kayla, giving them each a deep kiss, after which he turned to Jennifer waling towards her saying to the two women: "Meet your new slave sister."

He then squeezed Jennifer's ass with one hand and her breast with another, whispering in her ear: "Take off your glasses and hat."

Jennifer gulped from nervousness but still obeyed as she revealed her beautiful face to the two women.

Immediately after Julia's but especially Kayla's mouths dropped seeing the newest addition to Jake's slaves.

"M- Ms. Harppeerrrr?"

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