The hypnotizer
80 Start of an amazing day
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The hypnotizer
Author :Claen
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80 Start of an amazing day

"H-hi Kayla," Jennifer said shyly, her face blushing red.

Jake really enjoyed looking at Julia's and Kayla's shocked faces. They did know he had gotten another slave, but never would they have thought it to be a teacher.

And not just a teacher, but one of the most attractive ones at the school.

Kayla had the biggest shock on her face as she knew Jennifer the best. After all, she had spent a whole year with her as her English teacher as well as homeroom teacher, just like Jake had now.

Because of this, Kayla knew exactly who Jennifer was and the embarrassed woman with a blush on her face didn't look a thing like her.

Kayla knew Jennifer was a strong confident woman who would speak her mind always. In class, she took everything seriously and if you didn't pay attention she would be sure to reprimand them.

Because Kayla wasn't a very good student and had the habit of slacking off, Jennifer often reprimanded her and made her go to detention made than once.

So naturally, their relationship was a bit rocky, to say the least. Kayla knew the confident self of Jennifer so seeing her act so meekly in front of Jake surprised her a lot.

Jake was groping her breast and ass and she moaned softly feeling his hands. Jennifer's face was already coloring red and she started to get in the mood for sex.

Jake gave her tit a good squeeze as he said: "That's right my slaves, my teacher Ms. Harper has decided to become a slave as well, and together you'll serve me lots."

Julia immediately said: "Yes master," but Kayla looked at Jake with a complicated expression. There was no way she wanted to live in the same house as the teacher who had been constantly nagging at her.

Jake saw Kayla's face thinking and released Jennifer of his grasp, walking towards Kayla.

"Oh, do you have something to say about this Kayla?"

Kayla looked at Jake and got a bit scared knowing she had displeased him.

"N-no, I'm sorry master, it's just that Ms. Harper and I didn't get along very well."

Jake smiled gently groping Kayla's naked breasts, "That doesn't matter anymore, the two of you will spend lots of time naked in the same bed after all, so you will come to like each other a lot."

"Y-yes master," Kayla knew there was no way she could even think of trying to go against Jake so she just accepted it.

Jake smiled and said to Jennifer: "All right you take off your clothes and let's go to the living room, Julia how about you prepare some breakfast."

"Yes master," the three women said in unison. Jake then went into the living room, with Kayla and Jennifer following behind him.

Jennifer immediately took off her clothes, causing Kayla to get a bit more jealous as she looked at Jennifer's big tits standing up proudly into the sky. She had to be honest to herself and say that Jennifer had a hotter body than she had, but Kayla knew she would still have some time to fully mature.

She knew that in time her body would get even sexier and Jake wouldn't be able to separate from her. Realizing this a confident smile appeared on her face and she followed Jake.

Jake sat down on the couch and both women took place beside him.

Jake threw his arms around them and naturally he grabbed a tit in each, playing with them softly.

"Now then, tell me why you two don't like each other."

"Ah, that," Kayla got a bit nervous to speak up, yet Jennifer did, "Kayla never paid attention in class and just did whatever she liked and when I tried to help her she just scoffed me off."

Jake turned to Kayla, squeezing her breast, "Oh so you've been a bad student huh."

Kayla knew this would and said: "That, Ms. Harper is too uptight, whenever I stopped paying attention for a second she immediately came at me."

Jake chuckled: "Isn't it the idea for you to not slack off in class though."

"I know, but it was just too boring and I wasn't the only one, yet she always picked on me."

Jake then turned to Jennifer giving her tit a nice squeeze as well, "Oh you picked on my sister I hear."

"I reprimanded the others as well, but Kayla was just too much. she never paid attention to what I told her, that's why I send her to detention."

Jake already guessed what had been the problem the entire year, Kayla didn't care that much about school, whereas Jennifer was the opposite, wanting every student to take it very seriously.

"I see, so you were the reason she had to stay at school after a lot."

Kayla thought Jake would now defend her but hearing his next words she gulped hard.

"That means I have to thank you a lot, she was a nightmare at home. She always bothered me and used me as a servant, so when she wouldn't come home in the afternoon I finally had some rest."

Jennifer smiled and snuggled closer to Jake acting cutely, "I'm glad I was of help to master,"

Jake then turned to Kayla smiling as he said: "Now that I remember I never really punished you for being a bad big sister all those years, and now I hear from Jennifer you were a bad student as well. And before I forget you yesterday almost misspoke in front Stefanie."

Kayla looked at Jake with puppy eyes saying: "I'm sorry master, please don't punish me."

Jake smiled as he said to Kayla: "No, bad girls like you need to be punished, but don't worry I'll make sure you have some fun as well, for now though get on your knees and suck me off."

Kayla knew better than to talk back at Jake as this would only make him punish her more. Still his eyes gave her shivers knowing Jake would definitely do something perverted to her. Naturally, she had no qualms with sucking his dick, in fact, she couldn't wait for it and immediately went on her knees in front of Jake as she took his huge dick inside her mouth, sucking it.

Jake feeling Kayla sucking his dick with a lot of skill relaxed as he pulled Jennifer even closer towards him, fondling both her breasts.

Jennifer moaned nicely as Jake played around with her mounds.

Jake smiled as he looked at both beautiful women, who fully belonged to him, to play with as he pleased.

"Jennifer how about we share an amazing kiss?"

Jennifer didn't have to be told twice as she moved in a put her lips on top of Jake's sucking on them nicely.

Not even a few seconds after they started kissing their tongues had found each other's and started entangling with one another.

Feeling Jennifer's soft juicy lips as well as her tongue, Jake fully relaxed and enjoyed both the french kiss as well as the amazing blowjob Kayla was giving him.

He already felt Kayla was doing her best even more so than normal, probably to get him to lessen her punishment.

Because of Kayla's amazing blowjob, it didn't take long for him to climax. Naturally, everything was deposited inside Kayla's mouth, who swallowed down every last bit of it.

While Kayla was gulping down the warm semen, Julia entered the living room.

"Master, breakfast's ready."

In saying so, she saw her daughter trying her best not to leak any semen as she drank it all and the woman who had just joined them, was still deep kissing with Jake.

This made her get jealous, after all, she hadn't gotten any last night as well. She was told to go prepare breakfast while the other women got to enjoy themselves. Naturally, she wanted Jake to pleasure her as well.

So Julia immediately sat down next to Jake as she pressed her greatest assets against his side.

Jake broke the kiss with Jennifer and looked at his other side, where Julia was pouting like a little kid, as she pressed her huge chest against his arm.

"Master, don't forget about Julia," she said in a cute voice.

Jake looked at this 37-year-old housewife, who was acting like a little kid that didn't get what she wanted.

He threw an arm around her shoulder and groped a tit, while saying: "Oh, then come and give me a kiss."

Julia happily smiled as she moved in and started french kissing with Jake.

Meanwhile, Kayla had already gulped down all the semen, and seeing Jake's dick had no intention of going down, she resumed her blowjob, sucking on his dick with all her might, trying to get him to at least lower her punishment a little.

She still vividly remembered how her mother looked after Jake had put vibrators on all her sensitive places. And Julia hadn't even wronged him then, he just wanted to try it out.

So she kept blowing Jake, while he deep kissed with Julia, which in turn left out Jennifer, who pressed her breasts against his side once more.

Still, when she saw Julia's balloons and looked down at her own, she couldn't help but feel she lost. Jennifer knew she had quite some big ones and Jake seemed to like them very much, but she had to recognize Julia was superior to her in that regard, but this only made her more determined to satisfy Jake lots and lots.

After Jake released his second load inside Kayla's mouth who, just like before swallowed every single drop he said: "All right that's enough for now, let's go eat. After all, we're gonna need a lot of energy today."

All three women knew what that meant and the pussies of all three of them twitched in anticipation of what was gonna happen today.

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    《The hypnotizer》