The world of cards
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The world of cards
Author :ninpo
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4 Definition

'Everything has its meaning and everything has its own moral ' - this was the idea that Namaki was thinking , lots of different ideas were in his head and there were plenty of questions too. He didn't really have much to do in prison .

<10 hours earlier >

The water wizards took down the earthdealers with one shot. Namaki was still shocked when he came up with the idea that he could die.

Water wizards still were calm and ready for another attack.

They went to the Namaki and said - are you alright ?

-...(Namaki was quite)

-he seems to be still shocked - said the strange wizard.

- katamura came to them and explained everithing : we ... fire team...

When water group heard them they were first amazed and then grinned.

Those losers, Ha ! - sad the third one .

They are the weakest team from us the servants.

- Servants? Said katamura

- little kid let me explain it to you - sad the one with long blue hair, yellow eyes and smile on her face, she was talking swiftly - you see in the land of namakisharume there are different players, transistors, and illusions . We are are knights(players), all knights have their different powers, which means there are only few people who can use certain power. Maximum powers available are 2 main and four dengezis. There are 4 top teams in namakisharume

4. Fire

3. Water

2. Earth

1. Wind

And which user are you? She said after a little pause between her sentences.

- I don't know - said katamura

Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!! I will not give up! I will defeat all of my enemies . I will go from this game !

- haha! easier said then done - sad their leader. The men with big brown beard And blue hoodie.

Your name ? Said Namaki

Manaki - he answered.

Manaki super strong senpai - sama can u teach me how to use my power -said Namaki.

-Well then you have to go through some challenges,thats the only way you can persuade me!

-ok. Whats first?

-You have to go to prison as a robber for 24 hours.

-what should i steel ?

- My weapon.

My weapon was stolen by the monster it lives on the matako mountain.

The roar Shriveled all around the sky

To be continued...
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