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When Immortal and Anime System Found Same Host
Author :Ozzt
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15 15. Summon

Riz who practiced on his own without being helped by others, anbu hiding always lurked and sent reports to Hokage.

When Hokage read the report he acted modestly maybe he was too paranoid but also he decided to keep an eye on Uzumaki Riz.

Riz read a scroll he borrowed from the Konoha library, he read the scroll about taijutsu practice, he was very interested in taijutsu techniques because his body could not use chakra for year. He can only focus on strengthening his body, endurance, stamina and defence.

He practiced according to the training menu from system, when in the morning he saw a ninja with a green colored outfit walking with his hands.

He saw it quite strangely, why didn't he use his legs properly. When he approached he asked the ninja in green.

"What are you doing? What are you footing your pain" man in green shock sees a small child carrying a scroll in his hand mount two headed black wolf.

"This is youth, by walking using hands around the village can strengthen your body and soul" the strange person spoke.

"You lie"

"What do you mean by lying" the person is full of question marks.

"I can feel someone's feelings when he lies" Riz answered innocently.

"Sigh ... I lost duel to my true rival. And for memory of defeat, I made myself train even harder."

"Wow you're a pretty cool ninja" Riz saw it with a smile. (note: Riz was not impressed with his appearance but he was amazed by his determination)

"Hahaha ... my name is Guy the Green leaf monster Mighty Guy. What's your name kid?"

"Riz and this is my pet Hui Tai Lang" "Gukk ... Gukkk ... gukkk ..." Guy was amazed to see Hui Tai Lang.

"What is your dream boy"

"I want to be the greatest ninja"

'Ninja ??' Guy looks at Riz carefully 'I can't feel the chakra in his body and the two head dog, it looks like this child is the talk of the people in the village.

Children with blood red and snow white hair, beautiful faces for boys, bright brown luster skin. Does he want to be a ninja by relying on his dog?' Guy looks at two headed wolf.

"Oh, I'm late with my training, see thick brow nii-san" Riz patted Hui Tai Lang, and ran towards the outside of the village.

"He trained to go outside the village, interesting child"

Hoopp ... "I will continue to surround the village" Guy said with burning spirit.


Riz headed towards the middle of a forest filled with large rocks, here people rarely saw him passing by.

Riz held a long wood as a sword, he swung the movement up and down, right left from shoulder to toe. He follows the movements as he fights in his memory, all stored in memory and Riz always follows his steps.

"My system doesn't have protective techniques, I can't always rely on Hui Tai Lang to guard me"

"System i want choose a beast that has a high quality evolution or a very powerful monster that can hold on to my element"

[Yes host] {Yes host}

Riz saw a list of monsters that the Systems gave, the list also included a monster image and its description.

He saw some monsters that were quite frightening, cute, cool and he was very interested in seeing them.

"System buy me Eruzerion, Valstrax, Zinogre, Stone Monkey, Nine Life Fox"

[Eruzerion (Elder Dragon) -are creature with immense power that lives in ancient time, makes them like phenomenom than they are animal; disaster, cataclysim, living force of nature. He has fire and ice elements that are able to freeze and burn the area around him - 5000 AP]

{Stone Monkey (Normal) - the first generation of, is the initial form of the creation of the earth, out of the rock from the sky which destroyed the earth when the goddess Nuwa patched the sky with seven colors-500 IP}

[Valstrax (Elder Dragon) - a rare creature with immense power that lives in ancient time, makes them like phenomenom than they are animal; disaster, cataclysim, living force of nature. He has a very high speed, the speed is almost equivalent to the jet speed - 4000 AP]

{Holy Life Nine Tails Fox (Holy) - A fox that has the secret of life and death, every death it experiences has increased its tail by one. She doesn't like to fight and always avoids fighting but if she decides to fight her enemies will be dragged towards nine long and painful deaths -15000 IP}

[Zinogre (Fanged Wyvern) - Zinogre has the appearance of a large wolf with the power of electricity from the Thunderbug. When angry, the hair on Zinogre's back will stand and his whole body will be surrounded by electricity. Although large, Zinogre is one of the most agile monsters that can even do a backflip-2000 AP]

[Total 11000 AP] {Total 15500 IP}

[Confirm Y/ N] {Confirm Y/ N}


Black hole comes out in front of Riz, Hui Tai Lang reflexively stands in front of Riz because he feels the danger coming out from inside the blackhole and Zinogre comes out with lightning enveloping his body, Valstrax with his black scales and his wings emit embers, then Eruzerion comes out with the ice in right side and the fire's left side, every time made the ground freeze and burned. Everyone roars as a sign of greeting Riz.

Then there came a large stone the size of a house from the ground, when it came out then the stone cracked and a beast roar was heard that made the bird fly in fear, from inside the stone came a large gray monkey the size of a roaring two-story house. Riz felt something moving fast approaching him, but what Riz saw was only a warm white light when approaching Riz. Exiting the snow white fox with nine tails, she approached Riz and rubbed his body at Riz's feet, Riz squatted and stroked his soft and warm body, he amazed when he saw her red eyes like ruby, he awake when white fox biting Riz's hand and licking his blood. Riz felt himself and the fox connected, the white fox apparently contracted him with her own will, big monkey and the dragon also approached him.

"What about their system, they are too big to live with me in the village"

{Host You can put them in your subconscious}

"Okey Zinogre, Valstrax and Eruzerion you entered my body, you also stone monkey com...e in too " stone monkey from three stories in size to a small size and perched on Riz's shoulder. He looks cute different from the actual size that is very scary.

It seems like he doesn't want to go in and wants to stay with Riz.
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